December 01, 2009

The Real Climate Change Deniers

Claims of pending catastrophic destruction caused by man's influence on the climate is far older that the technology you a reading this blog on.

Long before Macs and PCs were commonplace and decades before the World Wide Web, there were the equivalent of pseudo-scientific madmen screaming to anyone who would listen that a massive, sudden ice age was about to descend and snuff out humanity if we didn't dramatically change our ways.

And yet, the planet survived the decade of disco and the AMC Pacer without either destruction or investing heavily in snow boots, and the crazies were mercifully ignored. They retreated back to their dusty hovels to lick their wounds and find another sky that was about to fall. The better part of a generation later, the faithful reemerged, convinced that it wasn't massive cooling that was going to kill us all, but massive warming. They were off by 180-degrees, that's all.

And so in the 90s and up until recently the cult has grown louder and more insistent, braying that the science is "settled" and if we didn't do something immediately, they would fail to get rich on their investments in unproven alternative energy sources and Denver would be awash with whales.

Of course, those of us who have even a minimal amount of exposure to science or computers know that the "settled science" is anything but, and recent disclosures have proven that both the data and the computer models have been fudged to the point of completely invalidating them as legitimate evidence of anything other than fraud. As it was before with global cooling, global warming (now called climate change since the warming, uh, failed to happen) has been exposed as a matter of faith among some, funding among others, and opportunism by nearly all of it's adherents.

President Barack Obama likes to style himself as an intellectual—even as he refuses to let anyone see his transcripts—and tries to cultivate an aura of Vulcan sobriety and reason as he stumbles from gaffe to gaffe. Next week he will attend a summit in Copehagen Denmark with many other world leaders, and they will do what politicians always do, and attempt to arrogantly insert themselves into matter they lack the education or experience to understand.

If Obama is actually the intellectual he pretends to be, he'll use his time on the world stage to discuss the recent disturbing revelations about the leading proponents of the climate change theology. He will bring up their destruction of the raw data that forms the very foundation of the movement, serial manipulation of data to achieve a desired result, conspiracy to silence or stonewall critics, and the utter corruption of computer data models riddled with manual "adjustments" to create climate change on paper even as it stubbornly refused to manifest in the climate of the real world.

But we know better than that, don't we?

For some it is far more important to ignore the science undermining their ideological position, and these climate change cultists are the sad souls truly in denial.

Posted by Confederate Yankee at December 1, 2009 01:13 PM
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