June 14, 2005

Keep Up The Pressure On The IFC

From Men's News Daily:
Future visitors to the 9/11 memorial that's planned for the rebuilt World Trade Center site won't learn what we learned that day. They won't learn about terrorists murdering defenseless civilians in the name of their vicious version of Islam. They won't learn about the horror, the grief or the pain we all felt, or how we came together as a united nation... at least, until we began to fight back. They won't learn how ordinary Americans rose to the stature of heroes, or the reasons for our determination to root out terrorism wherever it is found. They won't learn what we learned at all; they won't feel what we felt. That's not politically correct, you see. Instead of a memorial honoring the dead, both the innocent victims and the brave men and women who died trying to save them, visitors will "learn" that America "deserved" what we got.
My dislike of liberal ideology is evident, pervasive, and capitalistic. I find them spineless, opportunistic, and morally bankrupt.

So it was with very little surprise that I found that the party of bloated stupidity, self-righteous hypocrisy, and gluttonous indulgence, was virtually foaming at the mouth (and out of George Soros' pockets) to blame the victims of September 11, 2001 for their own deaths.

We cannot let this stand; must not less this be ignored.

Please, go to Take Back the Memorial and use the contact information there to make your voice heard.

Your voice matters.

Do not let the memories of these people become victims of the Left's cowardly, craven attempt to turn a tragedy into grist for their attempts at ideological indoctrination.

Ground Zero should be politics free. It should be a place of reflection, reverence, and rememberance.

via Globe & Mail.

Don't let liberals play political games slandering the memories of the dead.

Take Back the Memorial. Not for me. Not for you.

Do it for them, and those they left behind.

Posted by Confederate Yankee at June 14, 2005 12:03 AM