October 19, 2011

Quick Takes: October 20, 2011

NOTE: This will be the final regular Thursday posting of "Quick Takes" here at CY. It has been grand!

ITEM: Talk About Fast And Furious! Well, it had to happen eventually, didn't it? I'm speaking—of course—about a couple having sex while skydiving. And of course, they had to film and post it on the Net. Yes, I could make the obvious, cheap jokes about "augering in," "premature release," "delayed opening," "blossoming canopies," "high speed, low drag," "terminal velocity," etc., but this blog is far, far too classy for that sort of thing. Is there a Guinness category for this? There probably is now.

ITEM: Well, That Makes Sense… The NFL has picked Arizona to host the Super Bowl in 2015, so of course, someone is ticked off about it. This time, according to Fox News "some Hispanic activists who had organized a boycott of the state after a controversial immigration law passed last year." OK, so let's see if I understand this. Illegal immigrants flock to places like Arizona because its economy provides a far better life than they can ever have in their home countries, which by and large, do not have the rule of law. So it only makes sense that they would oppose the rule of law and try to stop anything that would help the economy of their chosen home—and congressional Dems would, of course, be on their side. Strange times.

ITEM: They did WHAT?! There are some stories that make me ashamed to be an educator, or would, if most people didn't instinctively realize that principals like the subject of this story are complete ninnies. Why? She plans to ban Halloween and Thanksgiving in her school. I'm always amazed when I find "educators" that don't realize they're teaching—you know—children. Ninny. Discuss.

ITEM: The Glories of Socialized Medicine: Wouldn't be nice if we didn't have to wander off into the abyssal wilderness of ObamaCare with nothing to guide us? Wouldn't be grand if somewhere, somehow, another nation had, you know—experience—at that sort of thing? What's that? Who does? For how long? You're kidding! You're not? England does? Go here to the good folks at Powerline for a look into your immediate ObamaCare future. Yes, we will do it as badly and probably worse than the British.

ITEM: What Is This "Honor, Duty, Valor and Integrity" About Which You Speak? William Bennett, in this interesting article, asserts: "When the older generation fails to properly teach the younger males (and females) coming behind them, trouble surely follows." I agree with him. See what you think.

ITEM: And This Guy Could Be The Republican Nominee? Mitt Romney has always been an Anthropogenic Global Warming Kool-Aid drinker, and he has not backed off that stance despite being, arguably, the Republican front-runner. We now know that AGW is a hoax, supported by false, manipulated and ([purposely) "lost" data. We know it is one of the biggest and most expensive scams ever foisted on America, and that it has made the execrable Al Gore very wealthy. Are Republicans really going to make this guy their nominee? Go here for a very good reminder why that might just be a very, very bad idea.

ITEM: They Did WHAT II?! An essential component of ObamaCare was CLASS, a grandmother of all debacles wrapped up in the mother of all debacles. Now we discover that ObamaCare's backers knew it was a fiscal suicide pact even as they forced it down the throats of Americans. We also know that HHS secretary, the disgusting Kathleen Sibelius, has actually pulled the plug on this substantial part of the ObamaCare house of cards. In order for a true Marxist believer like Sibelius to do that, CLASS must have been a fiscal nuke in imminent danger of blowing up in Obama's face during the run up to the election. What remains to be seen is whether any of the Republicans will have the testicular fortitude necessary to make ObamaCare the issue it should be. And if Romney gets the nomination---well, we can probably forget that. Discuss.

ITEM: They Did WHAT III?! You aren't going to believe this one, gentle readers—oh. Actually, you are, and without a second thought. Even though his HHS underlings agree that CLASS cannot possibly work, even though it is indisputably impossible —mathematically—to make it work, Barack Obama is against abandoning it! They're trying to keep it from blowing up in his electoral face, and he keeps relighting the fuse! If there was a clearer indication that Mr. Obama is motivated entirely by Marxist ideology regardless of reality, I'll be pleased to hold the line while anyone provides it…

ITEM: Oh Man. Military Adventures In Africa Never End Well. And we're getting into one. With Iran's attempt to murder a foreign diplomat and hundreds of Americans in NYC still hot on the burner, Mr. Obama is taking bold, manly and forthright military action. That's right: he's sending our troops to Uganda on a vague, ill-considered, sure-to-result-in-tragedy-pseudo-mission. But hey, it's Barack Obama; what could go wrong?

ITEM: It's Unexpected, Completely Unexpected! So let's see if I have this straight: You're a formerly wealthy, beautiful, and resource rich state. You enact idiotic, ruinous taxes, regulations and rules that chase businesses, jobs and citizens to other states as fast as they can rent the transportation, while simultaneously attracting millions of parasite class immigrants. You enact still more idiotic, ruinous taxes, regulations and rules, and when your tax revenues come up $705 million short for the first three months of the fiscal year, it's unexpected? Wasn't, at one time in the distant past, $705 million a lot of money? And what the hell is wrong with those pinheads in California anyway? Discuss.

ITEM: The Ideal Breast Shape: This is something Man, or more appropriately, untold numbers of individual men, have been diligently searching out for millennia. It has been a long and arduous task, dark, sweaty, squalid rooms, high humidity, frantic struggles, screams and moans of anguish, and what has been accomplished? Squat. At least until now, for now a British Plastic surgeon has applied not only his educated hands but science to the task and has actually discovered the perfect breast shape! Well---darn! That kind of limits the old "we have to do it for science—no really—it's an experiment!" excuse, doesn't it? Oh well. Go here for the interesting story, but sorry, no graphic photos.

ITEM: Meow. How would your house cat do in a confrontation with a mountain lion? Zeus, the Maine Coon was one cool kitty. Go here to Fox News for a brief video.

ITEM: He's What? Vice President? Of The United States? You're Kidding! As most of you probably know, Mr. Biden is trying to sell the latest mini-stimulus masquerading as a "jobs" bill by actually saying that if Republicans don't pass it, rape and murder rates will rise. No, this isn't a parody, he's actually saying that, over and over. The logic, such as it is, seems to be that because Mr. Biden is claiming some few paltry billions of the half trillion will go to police salaries—well, you can figure out the rest. Of course, this is only a one time, temporary measure, so won't Mr. Biden be responsible for all those rapes and murders in another year? Sheesh. Go here for a bonus video demonstrating the superior temperament—for which they are justly famous--of the highest levels of the Obama Administration.

ITEM: Is There Anything ObamaCare Can't Do? In this case, it's going to price lower waged, unskilled workers right out of the job market. You know, the lower wage people Mr. Obama and the Dems love so much, "the people?" You've heard of them? As with so many associated with The One, if ObamaCare is ever fully implemented, the wheels of the black Darth Vader, Canadian made bus will once again go "thumpity thump."

ITEM: Well, Of Course! Who said: “I guarantee it’s going to be a close election [in 2012] because the economy is not where it wants to be and, even though I believe all the choices we’ve made have been the right ones, we’re still going through difficult circumstances." That's right. His reign has been absolutely flawless, without a single error. He has made all the right choices. Lord only knows how bad things would be if Mr. Obama wasn't the epitome of perfection. "Armageddon" comes to mind…

ITEM: Talk About Playing Right Into Male Fantasies: This one is just about too good to be true. A study has apparently found that in a sampling of heterosexual women, "…60% were sexually attracted to other women, 45 percent had kissed a woman, and 50 percent had fantasies about the same sex." Thought provoking, to say the least. To say the most, it's other—things—provoking too. Discuss.

And with that stimulating thought, it's time once again to bid you all a fond farewell and encourage you to drop by Stately McDaniel Manor where I'll carry on these little blurbs on a more or less daily basis. Thanks so much for all of your previous visits and I'll hope to see you there!

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