October 19, 2011

Quick Takes: October 20, 2011

NOTE: This will be the final regular Thursday posting of "Quick Takes" here at CY. It has been grand!

ITEM: Talk About Fast And Furious! Well, it had to happen eventually, didn't it? I'm speaking—of course—about a couple having sex while skydiving. And of course, they had to film and post it on the Net. Yes, I could make the obvious, cheap jokes about "augering in," "premature release," "delayed opening," "blossoming canopies," "high speed, low drag," "terminal velocity," etc., but this blog is far, far too classy for that sort of thing. Is there a Guinness category for this? There probably is now.

ITEM: Well, That Makes Sense… The NFL has picked Arizona to host the Super Bowl in 2015, so of course, someone is ticked off about it. This time, according to Fox News "some Hispanic activists who had organized a boycott of the state after a controversial immigration law passed last year." OK, so let's see if I understand this. Illegal immigrants flock to places like Arizona because its economy provides a far better life than they can ever have in their home countries, which by and large, do not have the rule of law. So it only makes sense that they would oppose the rule of law and try to stop anything that would help the economy of their chosen home—and congressional Dems would, of course, be on their side. Strange times.

ITEM: They did WHAT?! There are some stories that make me ashamed to be an educator, or would, if most people didn't instinctively realize that principals like the subject of this story are complete ninnies. Why? She plans to ban Halloween and Thanksgiving in her school. I'm always amazed when I find "educators" that don't realize they're teaching—you know—children. Ninny. Discuss.

ITEM: The Glories of Socialized Medicine: Wouldn't be nice if we didn't have to wander off into the abyssal wilderness of ObamaCare with nothing to guide us? Wouldn't be grand if somewhere, somehow, another nation had, you know—experience—at that sort of thing? What's that? Who does? For how long? You're kidding! You're not? England does? Go here to the good folks at Powerline for a look into your immediate ObamaCare future. Yes, we will do it as badly and probably worse than the British.

ITEM: What Is This "Honor, Duty, Valor and Integrity" About Which You Speak? William Bennett, in this interesting article, asserts: "When the older generation fails to properly teach the younger males (and females) coming behind them, trouble surely follows." I agree with him. See what you think.

ITEM: And This Guy Could Be The Republican Nominee? Mitt Romney has always been an Anthropogenic Global Warming Kool-Aid drinker, and he has not backed off that stance despite being, arguably, the Republican front-runner. We now know that AGW is a hoax, supported by false, manipulated and ([purposely) "lost" data. We know it is one of the biggest and most expensive scams ever foisted on America, and that it has made the execrable Al Gore very wealthy. Are Republicans really going to make this guy their nominee? Go here for a very good reminder why that might just be a very, very bad idea.

ITEM: They Did WHAT II?! An essential component of ObamaCare was CLASS, a grandmother of all debacles wrapped up in the mother of all debacles. Now we discover that ObamaCare's backers knew it was a fiscal suicide pact even as they forced it down the throats of Americans. We also know that HHS secretary, the disgusting Kathleen Sibelius, has actually pulled the plug on this substantial part of the ObamaCare house of cards. In order for a true Marxist believer like Sibelius to do that, CLASS must have been a fiscal nuke in imminent danger of blowing up in Obama's face during the run up to the election. What remains to be seen is whether any of the Republicans will have the testicular fortitude necessary to make ObamaCare the issue it should be. And if Romney gets the nomination---well, we can probably forget that. Discuss.

ITEM: They Did WHAT III?! You aren't going to believe this one, gentle readers—oh. Actually, you are, and without a second thought. Even though his HHS underlings agree that CLASS cannot possibly work, even though it is indisputably impossible —mathematically—to make it work, Barack Obama is against abandoning it! They're trying to keep it from blowing up in his electoral face, and he keeps relighting the fuse! If there was a clearer indication that Mr. Obama is motivated entirely by Marxist ideology regardless of reality, I'll be pleased to hold the line while anyone provides it…

ITEM: Oh Man. Military Adventures In Africa Never End Well. And we're getting into one. With Iran's attempt to murder a foreign diplomat and hundreds of Americans in NYC still hot on the burner, Mr. Obama is taking bold, manly and forthright military action. That's right: he's sending our troops to Uganda on a vague, ill-considered, sure-to-result-in-tragedy-pseudo-mission. But hey, it's Barack Obama; what could go wrong?

ITEM: It's Unexpected, Completely Unexpected! So let's see if I have this straight: You're a formerly wealthy, beautiful, and resource rich state. You enact idiotic, ruinous taxes, regulations and rules that chase businesses, jobs and citizens to other states as fast as they can rent the transportation, while simultaneously attracting millions of parasite class immigrants. You enact still more idiotic, ruinous taxes, regulations and rules, and when your tax revenues come up $705 million short for the first three months of the fiscal year, it's unexpected? Wasn't, at one time in the distant past, $705 million a lot of money? And what the hell is wrong with those pinheads in California anyway? Discuss.

ITEM: The Ideal Breast Shape: This is something Man, or more appropriately, untold numbers of individual men, have been diligently searching out for millennia. It has been a long and arduous task, dark, sweaty, squalid rooms, high humidity, frantic struggles, screams and moans of anguish, and what has been accomplished? Squat. At least until now, for now a British Plastic surgeon has applied not only his educated hands but science to the task and has actually discovered the perfect breast shape! Well---darn! That kind of limits the old "we have to do it for science—no really—it's an experiment!" excuse, doesn't it? Oh well. Go here for the interesting story, but sorry, no graphic photos.

ITEM: Meow. How would your house cat do in a confrontation with a mountain lion? Zeus, the Maine Coon was one cool kitty. Go here to Fox News for a brief video.

ITEM: He's What? Vice President? Of The United States? You're Kidding! As most of you probably know, Mr. Biden is trying to sell the latest mini-stimulus masquerading as a "jobs" bill by actually saying that if Republicans don't pass it, rape and murder rates will rise. No, this isn't a parody, he's actually saying that, over and over. The logic, such as it is, seems to be that because Mr. Biden is claiming some few paltry billions of the half trillion will go to police salaries—well, you can figure out the rest. Of course, this is only a one time, temporary measure, so won't Mr. Biden be responsible for all those rapes and murders in another year? Sheesh. Go here for a bonus video demonstrating the superior temperament—for which they are justly famous--of the highest levels of the Obama Administration.

ITEM: Is There Anything ObamaCare Can't Do? In this case, it's going to price lower waged, unskilled workers right out of the job market. You know, the lower wage people Mr. Obama and the Dems love so much, "the people?" You've heard of them? As with so many associated with The One, if ObamaCare is ever fully implemented, the wheels of the black Darth Vader, Canadian made bus will once again go "thumpity thump."

ITEM: Well, Of Course! Who said: “I guarantee it’s going to be a close election [in 2012] because the economy is not where it wants to be and, even though I believe all the choices we’ve made have been the right ones, we’re still going through difficult circumstances." That's right. His reign has been absolutely flawless, without a single error. He has made all the right choices. Lord only knows how bad things would be if Mr. Obama wasn't the epitome of perfection. "Armageddon" comes to mind…

ITEM: Talk About Playing Right Into Male Fantasies: This one is just about too good to be true. A study has apparently found that in a sampling of heterosexual women, "…60% were sexually attracted to other women, 45 percent had kissed a woman, and 50 percent had fantasies about the same sex." Thought provoking, to say the least. To say the most, it's other—things—provoking too. Discuss.

And with that stimulating thought, it's time once again to bid you all a fond farewell and encourage you to drop by Stately McDaniel Manor where I'll carry on these little blurbs on a more or less daily basis. Thanks so much for all of your previous visits and I'll hope to see you there!

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October 12, 2011

Quick Takes, October 13, 2011

ITEM: Technology Waits For No Man: The rotary (Wankel) engine always held great promise. Small and lightweight for it's power output, for a time it seemed a viable alternative to its more conventional brethren. Mazda, alone among the automakers, exploited the engine, most famously in its sports cars, most recently the RX-8. That's apparently now coming to an end. Fox News has the story.

ITEM: Ah! So That's What A Real Supreme Court Justice Is Like! Leftists, of course, excoriate Antonin Scalia for the crime of interpreting the Constitution rather than imposing the "progressive" policy preferences of the moment. In this fascinating story via Hot Air, we have the pleasure of his own words and his opinion that legislative gridlock inside the Beltway isn't such a bad thing after all. When hearing of the horror of gridlock from a Beltway denizen, I've often found myself thinking: "And Congress not being able to enact new laws is a bad thing because…?" See what you think.

ITEM: And In The "Oh Goody" Department: we learn that the EPA, those never-resting saviors of bait fish and obscure flora and fauna are going to implement new regulations in January 2012 that could almost immediately shut down from 8.9% to 25% of American electrical generating capacity. Uh, don't they know that people are going to die? Of course they do, but Barack Obama's pre-election promise to destroy the American coal industry is far more important than the deaths of people who use coal! Take your blood pressure medication before reading this one.

ITEM: Who Knew It Could Stop Rapes And Murders? Vice President Biden is at it again. At an October 12 speech in Flint Michigan, Mr. Biden said that if Mr. Obama's so-called "jobs" bill is not passed. Flint would experience far more rapes and murders. Mr. Biden tied his prophetic increase to lower police staffing. Michigan, whose major cities have long been under Democrat control, has had horrendous economic problems for a very long time. But who knew that not only would Mr. Obama's bill—which was voted down in the Senate—solve our unemployment problem, but our crime problem too! Maybe Mr. Obama really is the smartest human alive--nah.

ITEM: Joe "The Sheriff" Biden II: Speaking to CBS, Mr. Biden observed that the Obama Administration plans to continue its policy of sanctions and engagement which has been so successful in moderating the behavior of a nation run by lunatic Islamist murderers in the first place. No wonder Mr. Obama picked him as a running mate. What could possibly go wrong?

ITEM: A Hot Friend Cooling: An observation by Brutus in the final act of Julius Caesar. Shakespeare knew human nature well. So does Victor Davis Hanson, who well explains Mr. Obama's current woes. Not long and worth your time.

ITEM: Why Do Women Have Prominent Breasts? Uh, you're kidding, right? I mean, who doesn't like them so much the question is irrelevant? I know I'm pretty fond of them. After all, I admire beauty of all kinds. Several gay chaps of my acquaintance are fond of them too. In any case, "The Chronicle of Higher Education (?)" posits several theories. Read it and see what pops up, er, out, er…

ITEM: Well, It Is Italian Food…And in the "they did WHAT?!" category, we discover that an Olive Garden restaurant in Oxford, Alabama refused to allow a banquet meeting of the local Kiwanis Club to display their Kiwanis banner and the American flag. Apparently the reason given was an attempt to avoid "disrupt[ing] the dining experience" for other customers. Uh-huh. Go here for the story. I've never been overly fond of the cuisine at the OG, so my continued lack of patronage likely won't be missed. How about yours?

ITEM: Louis Renault Award, Flip Flop Division: DNC chair, Debbie Wasserman Shultz recently observed that the American people don't elect Washington pols to create jobs. I'm shocked, shocked! What about those billions and billions of jobs the Obama administration has been "saving and creating" for the last several years? What's that? They haven't actually done that? Oh. I'm shocked, shocked! Does Barack Obama know about this? Oh. It was his idea, then? Right.

ITEM: Forgive Me Father, For I'm Going To Sue Your Vestments Off! It had to happen sooner or later. The Supreme Court has granted cert in a case that will directly pit religious liberty against the Americans with Disability Act. Guess which side the Obama Administration is on? The ADA? Darn! How'd you know? Hot Air has a good, brief explication of the case and the issues.

ITEM: Kicking Traitors In The—You Know What—Department. Over at The Mellow Jihadi, Navy One, an active duty Naval officer, engages in some delightful and satisfying fantasy. By all means, stop by and read a literate and humane voice in our armed forces. We really are the good guys. Well, except for the present Administration, I mean.

ITEM: …But Why Would Chris Christie Endorse Mitt Romney? You're joking, right? Christie is no conservative (No, I have no idea why Ann Coulter is so enamored either). He's at best a centrist, which in a state like New Jersey makes him virtually a charter member of the John Birch Society, at least to the average denizen of that state. For genuine conservatives seeking a genuinely conservative Republican, Mitt Romney is far from a desirable candidate. But he's certainly of a kind with Governor Christie. Allahpundit has it out at Hot Air. You'll particularly like Mr. Christie's tirade in support of RomneyCare. I mean "like" as in "find disgusting, sniveling, false and self-serving," of course.

ITEM: Baby Rhinos? Miniature Burros? A Carrot-Red Baby Monkey? Zoo Borns has them all and more. If you haven't had your weekly quota of "Awwwwwwwwwww," here's your passport. The baby Wallaby is particularly cute.

ITEM: Zombie Youth Department: Mark Steyn has a way with words. Most recently, he discourses on the precious, entitled twits defecating—literally--all over Wall Street and other places. If you've not read Steyn, this will be a worthy introduction. By all means, make his acquaintance.

ITEM: So Even THEY Are Admitting It? Admitting what? That "green energy" is a boondoggle and scam of truly epic proportions, a vast money pit down which we are throwing billions of dollars to create virtually no jobs at a million or so each. Only billions? Hey, in the Age of The One, that's pocket change. We can just tax millionaires like Steve Jobs—what's that? He did? Oh. Well, we can tax GE CEO Jeffrey Immelt then. He can make up the difference. What's that? He's one of Mr. Obama's cronies sucking funds out of the Treasury like a Dyson vacuum turned vampire? Oh. This article at National Review will help explain it.

ITEM: Ah, Those Tall, Willowy Young Women With Their Slender Necks (and prominent other stuff)! Are apparently prone to the horrendous affliction of "text neck." I used to think people complaining of neck problems were weenies—until I got a neck injury when attacked by a lawyer and his family at a domestic violence call. I don't harbor that delusion any more. I do harbor tall, willowy young women with slender necks-- and other stuff. Details at The Frisky.

ITEM: Our Troops Are Needlessly Dying? Yes, according to the inestimable Michael Yon. Yon, a former Special Forces troop, is perhaps our premier combat journalist, getting stories and photos no one else can. The photos shot with night vision equipment are fascinating, as fascinating as the story is infuriating. Read this one.

ITEM: "Obama's Earplugs And Blinders Prevent Job Creation." That's the headline of a story at the Washington Examiner. It’s brief but highly informative. By all means, take a few minutes to read this one. It might not be a bad idea to be sure your blood pressure meds are up to date first.

ITEM: Say, Do You Happen To Have A Music Video Of Cats Wearing Hats? You know, I'm glad you asked…

And with that bit of inspired whimsy, it's time to bid you a fond farewell and once again encourage you to return next Thursday for another edition of Quick Takes! Meow!

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September 28, 2011

Quick Takes, September 29, 2011

ITEM: Ah, The Ironic Humor Of It All! Go here to Legal Insurrection for a link review of the follies and berserkery of the last year in the People's Republic of Wisconsin.

ITEM: Oh Yeah, He's All About Job Creation: Go here for one of the most bizarre articles I've seen in a long time. It's tempting to think it an Onion satire. CEO Peter Schiff explains how he was fined and punished by the Federal Government for the vile crime of hiring too many employees. I'm not kidding. We're living in a Twilight Zone rerun, aren't we? C'mon, you can tell me! I'm pretty sure I saw Rod Serling…

ITEM: Well, I Thought It Was Kind Of Cute…for about the first 15 seconds. Then I agreed that this is indeed the worst car commercial of all time. Talk about a car only an Italian could love…sheesh. These folks own Chrysler, by the way. Admit it: It's a uniquely ugly car. Discuss.

ITEM: Gibson Update: If you're in the Nashville area, there is a rally and concert to support Gibson coming up on October 8. Gibson, as you'll recall, is the iconic guitar maker recently raided by the Feds who were apparently enforcing the laws of the nation of India. Let's hope they don't start enforcing the laws of Obama's home planet. Lord only knows what they'd be seizing then. Go here for information.

ITEM: The Newest Obama Stimulus Couldn't Be A Cynical Lie, Could It? Go here to see what Keith Hennessey thinks. Bet you can't guess what I think. Discuss. Extra credit for the most creative swearing (not in print, please, this is an "ears only" event).

ITEM: So That's Why They Do It! That's right! Women are promiscuous to prevent inbreeding! I've always been a bit surprised at the bad rap promiscuous men have received. After all, they have to be promiscuous with somebody, presumably, female somebodies. Oh well. Stop by the Mail Online to see naked feet, and to read the story,

ITEM: By 2014, All American Kids Will, By Federal Law, Be Above Average! That's the mandate of No Child Left Behind, the bizarre genetic anomaly resulting from the union of George W. Bush and Teddy "the Submariner" Kennedy. But now comes Mr. Obama offering relief from NCLB in exchange for—wait for it—overweening government control of every facet of education by Executive Branch mandate! Who could have believed such a thing possible! After all, Mr. Obama is a class warrior for the middle class. He just said so he himself, so it must be true. Then again, if my grandmother had wheels, she could be a wagon. Go here for the story.

ITEM: Oh Dear. Imagine an American President standing before the United Nations and telling them just what they are—a passel of cowardly liars. The nearest we've come in recent years was George W. Bush telling those unworthies that they needed to step up or become irrelevant. Go here to read the speech of a real statesman. A shame he can't be our president.

ITEM: Too Big To Fail? Guess which enormously wealthy and powerful organization is in big trouble these days? The United Auto Workers, part owners of General Motors and Chrysler. Can you imagine the federal government bailing out a union? Oh, that's what it did when it nationalized GM and Chrysler? Well, yeah, but let's not pick nits. I mean if the union itself goes bankrupt, can you imagine the Obama Administration using taxpayer dollars to rescue it? Yeah, so can I. Go here for the story.

ITEM: So, It's All About Fairness? According to Charles Krauthammer, that's what motivates Mr. Obama's economic policies, such as they are. Rest assured that Mr. Obama's idea of fairness is not your idea of fairness. An interesting article indeed.

ITEM: Louis Renault Award, I Can Pay Dead People Division. Yes gentle readers, our very own federal family—er, I mean the daddy part of the federal family, of course—is paying at least $120 million per year to federal retirees. Well, that doesn't sound so bad, you say. Only $120 million? In Obama terms, that's chicken feed! Normally, I'd agree with you, except the money is being paid to dead people. I'm shocked, shocked! Who could imagine the federal government being so incompetent?! Oh. You could? OK then. Anyway, go here, but take your blood pressure meds so you don't end up receiving federal payments after your demise. On the other hand, the dead always vote Democrat, so why shouldn't they get a bit of the boodle like all of the other pals of Mr. Obama and his merry thugs and thugettes?

ITEM: What?! Our Federal Officials and Scientists Lying? Never! Never! Well, OK. Pretty much always, then. Visit the Examiner for a great article about a federal judge taking such sanctimonious bureaucrats to task for lying and general poopy-facedness. You gotta love it. Maybe there still is some justice in the world after all.

ITEM: In A Rational World: Glug, Glug… Oh my. The Iranians are announcing their plans to send their naval vessels into American waters. Considering their plans to produce electromagnetic pulse weapons launched from ships—they have no missile platforms capable of otherwise reaching America—any rational president might ensure that these smarmy, uniformed jihadists sleep with the fishes. Of course, Mr. Obama will instead reach out the hand of understanding and smart diplomacy. Arrrr. Where are pirates when you really need them? Go here for the story, but take your blood pressure meds first.

ITEM: Oh Goodie! Department: Guess which country now has short range cruise missles? That's right, our good friends and perpetual negotiating partners, Iran! And of course, they're issuing the usual threats, lunatic claims, rancid rhetoric…sigh. Go here for the story.

ITEM: Australians Go Gonzo! Australia announced that it will soon allow women to serve in all front-line combat forces, including special forces. Interesting indeed. Any woman that can meet SAS standards will be OK by me. Discuss.

ITEM: Coming To An Airport Near You: Shoulder fired anti-aircraft missiles, courtesy of our friends the Russians via Libya. That's right gentle readers, some 20,00 missiles are apparently missing from Libyan warehouses, warehouses guarded by our "rebel" allies who now seem to be, well, you know, kind of…jihadists. Ooops. More smart diplomacy. Go here for the article, and reconsider those travel plans.

BACKGROUND: Under Bill Clinton, the human intelligence capabilities of the CIA were all but destroyed. It has never recovered, leaving us at a severe disadvantage around the world. Another accomplishment of your friends, the Democrats, making the world safe for anyone that hates America and Americans.

ITEM: Your Gangster Government At Work, #2897: When Barack Obama nationalized 2/3 of the car industry, I immediately rid myself of my Dodge truck and car and have been the happy, satisfied owner of a Ford Fiesta and Escape since. I wondered how long it would take for the thugs in the White House, lead by the Thug-in-Chief, to stop by Ford headquarters and say "Nice little car company youse got dere. Be a shame was anyting to happen to it." I don't have to wonder any longer. Neither do you.

I seldom waste any emotional energy on politicians and functionaries that should be in jail, but this one really, really annoys me.

ITEM: What Should You Avoid In Men/Women? The Frisky (I just love the name of that blog!) has a concise article—with pictures!

ITEM: What's Your Gripe? He Promised To Create Jobs! Uh, but these 230,000 jobs are at the EPA, will cost 21 billion or so, and will be used to essentially shut down the economy and return us all to an 1800's standard of living. No, I'm not kidding. Put the dog outside and secure breakable objects before reading this one. Bonus: Notice the look on the face of the EPA administrator in the photo that accompanies the link. Notice the kindness and concern for the common man exuding from the page? Me neither.

ITEM: Oh, This Is Good! The Telegraph tells us about Germany's response to Mr. Obama's ideas for dealing with the EU's debt problems.

"I don't understand how anyone in the European Commission can have such a stupid idea. The result would be to endanger the AAA sovereign debt ratings of other member states. It makes no sense," the German Finance Minister said.

Yet another triumph for Obamanomics and Smart Diplomacy.

ITEM: But He's The Most Brilliant Human Who Has Ever Lived! And so is everyone who works for him. OK, so they can't tell Colorado from Wyoming, but those are both sparsely populated backwaters in flyover country where the natives are all inbred and vote for Republicans, so what do they care?

ITEM: OK, So Mr. Obama Is A Marxist Weenie, but what, exactly, is wrong with his latest "jobs" bill? Richard Epstein explains in eloquent detail here. I mean, of course, what's wrong other than creating no jobs, bankrupting us even more and faster, being a steaming basket of particularly smelly lies, that sort of thing.

ITEM: So Establishing New Jobs At About $20 Million Each Isn't A Good Thing? Good grief. The Department Of Energy under Dr. Steven Chu, the man who wants Americans to pay $10 a gallon or more for gas, recently approved a billion in federal loan guarantees for two green projects, which will create a whopping 52-55 permanent jobs! Well, at least they won't be absolutely federal jobs, just mostly federal jobs. That's about the best we can expect these days. Investor's Business Daily has the dirge.

ITEM: Louis Renault Award: Lying, Cheating Federal Bureaucrats Division. According to the good folks at Hot Air, the EPA, in pushing its lunatic greenhouse gas endangerment finding, ignored science and its own procedures. I'm shocked, shocked! It also seems that even the EPA has admitted that the regulations, which would essentially destroy the economy, will have no effect on the climate. I'm doubly shocked, shocked!

ITEM: He's Kidding, Right? Because if he's not, Barack Obama is far, far more delusional than I imagined. About what am I speaking? In a recent interview, Mr. Obama, the most over-exposed President in the history of the Republic, thinks that his problem is not his policies, but that he has not read his teleprompter at us nearly enough. Go here for the lunacy, but have an air sickness bag close at hand.

ITEM: Why Doesn't Anything Like This Happen Where I Live? Yes, it's the "Undie Run!" In, of all places, Salt Lake City. Apparently some locals ran in their underwear to encourage their Mormon state to, as one participant put it "loosen up." Well, OK. I guess that's as good a reason as any. Go here for the video.

And with those lovely images (some of these people look pretty good almost naked!), I must wish you a sad goodbye and once again urge you to drop by next Thursday for another edition of Quick Takes!

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September 21, 2011

Quick Takes, September 22, 2011

ITEM: Louis Renault Award, Career Ending Division: General William Shelton, commanding officer of the Air Force Space Command testified before Congress that he was pressured by the White House to change Congressional testimony to favor an Obama Crony. Congressmen universally said that they were shocked, shocked(!) and could not possibly imagine the most ethical, transparent administration in history doing such a thing. Thereafter, they went out for a drink with Elvis and a bit of hot tubbing with Bigfoot. Go here for the story.

ITEM: NOOOOOOOO! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! According to Hot Air, Jimmy Carter said "I'm not taking a position, but I would be very pleased to see him win the Republican nomination." Romney Campaign spokesman disavowed any knowledge of anyone named "Jimmy" who may or may not have ever been President of the United States, and concluded their comment by loudly screaming "ARRGGGHHHHH!" and running from the room as if on fire. Go here for the horror, the horror…

ITEM: Patriotic Ceremony Marred By Appearance Of President Obama. Marine Sgt. Dakota Meyer, who looks as though he has yet to graduate from high school became the first living Marine in 38 years to receive the Congressional Medal Of Honor on Sept. 15. His medal citation makes Rambo look like a Democrat Congressman. He is a true American hero.

I am truly saddened to have to observe that whenever Mr. Obama utters praise for our military or nation, it brings a torrent of disgust to my face. Never in my lifetime—with the exception of Bill Clinton—did I have good reason to doubt such comments from an American President. Meyer may feel the same way. Be sure to note how he handled the call from Mr. Obama.

ITEM: The Infrastructure Is Falling; The Infrastructure Is Falling! So sayeth Mr. Obama past and present. True, there were no shovel ready jobs in the first place, and true, the Stimulus (which word may no longer be spoken!) only stimulated Democrat cronies and assorted crooks, but that's no reason not to do a second stimulus—or whatever it's being called these days. Is it? See what Investors Business Daily has to say about the reality of American infrastructure.

ITEM: Wisconsin And The Rule Of Law: As in, there is no rule of law in Wisconsin, particularly where Democrats and unions are involved. Visit Legal Insurrection to see what appears to be a less then manly leftist admitting, on camera, to assaulting a Republican legislator. William A. Jacobson asks why such people have no fear about admitting to crimes against Republicans. You'll find the answer—if you don't already know it.

ITEM: I Knew That: Does the First Amendment guarantee of freedom of the press apply even to bloggers—disreputable and annoying lot that we are? Of course it does. Go here for an interesting article on some specifics. The article mentions the Emily Good case. I wrote about that case—and a more egregious Las Vegas case—not long ago for Pajamas Media. Give both a look. Who knows? You might one day find yourself using your cell phone camera to record something to which the authorities might object.

ITEM: We Can't Condone Hacking…But…sometimes a bit of mischief is inspired, as in the hacker who placed a harmless and humorous—if barbaric—biography at Trinity College, Dublin. Take a few minutes to "crush your enemies, see them driven before you and hear the lamentation of the women." Extra credit points if you can identify the origin of that line.

ITEM: So The Union Has It's Own Union Which Is Represented By it's Own Union, Which…and so on and so on. I'm not kidding. Go here to see how ridiculous, and richly ironic, it is.

ITEM: Remember How Newsweek Announced it would become "a journal of elite liberal opinion?" Remember how it sold for a dollar shortly thereafter? Remember how it's editor called Barack Obama a god? Well, now NPR is doing the same. Anyone have a dollar? After the election, if federal funds are withdrawn, that may be all it takes. Wait a minute, why would I want to buy NPR?! Go here for the blasphemy.

ITEM: Are Republicans Dumb? Kathleen Parker at the Washington Post explores the issue and comes close to the point. What matters most to rational Americans of any political persuasion is not an Ivy League degree or cornpone populist street cred, but actual, demonstrated accomplishment and competence. Hey...could that be the problem with Mr. Obama or are we all just racists? Discuss.

ITEM: Unrelated Statistics and Unexpected Reality Department: According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, America experienced—unexpectedly of course—a 12% drop in violent crimes last year. They have no idea why. At the same time, a record number of people are carrying concealed weapons, acting on the reality of the best gun salesman of all time: Barack Obama. You don't suppose the two could be related, do you? Naaaaaaaah! Go here anyway.

ITEM: "The Vagina Is Becoming Big Business." So opens an AP article. Amalgamated Porn? Nope: Associated Press. Really. Geez. I always thought they were kind of a big deal, but I'm male, so what do I know? Did you know that pubic hair dye—in hot pink—is now available? It's $14.99. Live long enough and you learn amazing things. Go here to learn more.

ITEM: Third In Line: Why is it only the man third in line is able to tell America's friends from her enemies? Why can't #1 and #2 support Israel? Go here for the recent comments of Speaker John Boehner. Support for Israel is not only rational, practical and in America's interest, but if you believe in the Bible, it's never wise to be on the side of the enemies of Israel. God takes that one kind of personally.

ITEM: Louis Renault Award, Nuclear Proliferation Division: In a revelation that surely must have left intelligence analysts shocked, shocked (!), it was reported that Pakistan has been selling nuclear weapon technology to just about everyone except Kellogg's which reportedly wanted to include nucs as prizes in various breakfast cereals. OK, OK, so the bit about Kellogg's wasn’t exactly true, but go here to see what those merry Pakistani pranksters have been up to. They're our allies, you know.

ITEM: Feel Good Video Of The Week: Whenever I can combine a bit of patriotism with good old honest American emotion, I am one happy camper. Watch this. You'll be a happy camper too.

ITEM: Integrity In The Department of Justice: Ah yes, the Inspector General of the DOJ is conducting their own investigation into the Gunwalker debacle. Except that they're giving damning evidence to the actual suspects in the case, warning them before Congress can get to them! Surely this couldn't be happening in the most ethical, transparent administration in history? Yes it is, and don't call me Shirley. Go here for the story. We're being led by thugs and criminals. We elected them.

ITEM: Triumphs Of Smart Diplomacy, #2987: Mr. Obama spoke to the UN today and did the absolute minimum: he said the UN should not declare statehood for the Palestinians and that America will stand by Israel. Unfortunately, he continued his usual theme of moral equivalence, essentially equating our democratic ally Israel and a completely dysfunctional terrorist state bent on Israel's destruction. As usual, Mr. Obama stopped far short of demanding that the Palestinians recognize Israel's right to exist, saying only that Israelis must be assured of their security. I seriously doubt that the Israelis take comfort in such weak diplomatic tea, not only because such an assurance from the Palestinians would be worth approximately a bucket of warm spit, and particularly since Mr. Obama suggested that the Israelis and Palestinians "walk in each other's shoes."

Now there's a brilliant idea! Is he hoping that when the Israelis walk in the shoes of people who teach their children to hate and murder, who force women and the mentally retarded to blow themselves up to kill Jews, who live for genocide and who murder each other just for fun, they'll act like Palestinians? Boy wouldn't that middle East be fun then?!

Mr. Obama also issued what, for him, must have been the most aggressive of threats: "'This has been a remarkable year,' Obama said. 'Something's happening in our world. The way things have been is not the way they will be. ... Dictators are on notice.'" Yes, if they misbehave, we'll dither for months, just like we did in Libya and lead from behind. I'm sure the Iranians, Syrians and North Koreans are quaking with fear—or is that laughter?

Anyway, go here for the mess.

ITEM: "We Don't Need A President Who Apologizes For America." Indeed. Go here for Rick Perry's first TV ad.

ITEM: OH, So That's Why He Passed ObamaCare! Why? Because Mr. Obama is a class warrior—for the middle class! Oh yeah, he's absolutely watching out for me. Hey, was that a flying pig?! Go here to see truly galaxy class mendacity and lack of shame.

ITEM: NO! It Can't Be! Recent claims of mistreatment and marginalization of women in the Obama White House have the usual suspects on the defensive and scrambling for cover. Go here for the story (at Time, of all places!) and an interesting photo, but I just can't believe that Mr. Obama would allow such a thing. I mean good grief! Who could imagine that the most narcissistic, vain, petty, thin-skinned, intellectually rigid, quick-tempered and grossly over-sold President in American history could possibly see women as less than his equals? Not me. No sir!

ITEM: The Evil Of Westerners and Western Medicine. Operation Smile is an organization of plastic and reconstructive surgeons that does…well, go here for a video of what they do, this time in Brazil. I cried like a baby. Remember this the next time some smug, self-righteous idiot--like our President--dumps on western civilization. Thanks to Bookworm for the idea on this one.

And with that wonderful final thought for the week, I must bid you a reluctant goodbye and encourage you, once again, to return next Thursday for another edition of Quick Takes!

Shameless Plug: Stop by next Tuesday too for a new edition of A Letter From the Teacher. The topic: Talk Like A Pirate Day and the miraculous transformative power of Arrrrrrrrr!

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September 14, 2011

Quick Takes, September 15, 2011

ITEM: Can He Pull It Off? Can Rick Perry defeat Barack Obama? Josh Kraushaar at National Journal thinks he can, and his arguments are persuasive. See what you think. Discuss.

ITEM: Rational Information On Social Security: Go here to find out some essential, little-known facts about social Security and why we should be worried if our feckless politicians won't do anything about it and soon--very worried.

ITEM: The Majesty Of The Law and Progressive Justice: Remember the much bandied-about incident between Wisconsin Supreme Court Justices Ann Walsh Bradley (Progressive) and David Prosser (Conservative)? Bradley charged Prosser in a fury and then cried "victim," claiming that Prosser choked her. Go here to read about the police investigative report. It might give one reason to be seriously concerned for Bradley's mental health, if one lived in Wisconsin, except that just about every self-identified progressive thereabouts seems to be in the same tipsy boat these days. Rational WI attorney Ann Althouse's take is here. No, I don't mean there is any such place as "Rational, WI." I think that would probably be illegal in Wisconsin. I mean that Ms. Althouse is rational. You'll see.

ITEM: Bailout! When Barack Obama took over GM and Chrysler, I traded my nearly new Dodge in on a Ford Escape, and haven't regretted it for a second, philosophically or mechanically. I've since purchased another new Ford and it's simply a fine car. As long as our government has anything to do with GM and Chrysler, I won't so much as touch one of their products. Go here for a brief video that expresses similar sentiments, as well as a bit of patriotism.

ITEM: As The Weiner Turns: Wouldn't that be a great name for a soap opera set in a predominantly Democrat, Jewish Congressional district in New York City? It would be ruled by Democrats since 1922 until…September 13 when Republican businessman and political novice Bob Turner defeated the Democrat anointed to take Anthony Weiner's seven-term seat. Go here for the story. Oh yes, the White House tells us this win—by 8 points--and another Republican landslide in Nevada are not a referendum on Barack Obama. Of course not! Who would imagine such a thing?!

ITEM: The Very Definition of Chutzpah: DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (who happens to be Jewish), blathering about the Turner upset in NY-9, claimed that Barack Obama will always receive the Jewish vote because of his strong record on Israel. Do the Israelis know about this record? Aren't those guys--you know--Jews? And NY Dem. Senator Chuck Schumer (who also happens to be Jewish) blamed the loss on the fact that NY-9, the district he once represented, is just too darned--Jewish. Perhaps he ought to have a chat with Ms. Wasserman-Schultz to see about a bit of story synching. Go here for the hilarity. There has to be a "a Jew walked into a bar…" joke in this somewhere.

ITEM: Louis Renault Award, Agriculture Division: I was shocked, shocked(!) to discover that the EPA is now regulating farmers out of business. I know the geniuses at the EPA are trying to reduce us to a medieval standard of living (living?), but they do know we need to eat—don't they? Farmers are concerned. Go here to find out why.

ITEM: Louis Renault Award, Wasting $528 Million of Taxpayer Money Division: I was shocked, shocked(!) to learn that the Obama White House pressured government budget analysts who knew that solar panel maker Solyndra was in deep financial trouble to support that $528 million loan to Solyndra in time for a Joe Biden "ain't green grand?" photo op. As readers know, Solyndra recently went belly up. Ain't no sunshine when they gone. Go here to read the sad story.

ITEM: "Everyone Knew That The Plant Wouldn't Work: So says an ex-Solyndra employee who recently told Mark Levin that the company was producing such poor quality solar panels that at least $100,000 a day had to be thrown away. You don't suppose that sort of thing could, you know, over the long term, lead to bankruptcy, do you? Go here to find out.

ITEM: Surely They're Not Going To Do It Again? Not with the FBI and just about anyone else with a badge and gun investigating Solyndra? Yes they are, and don't call me Shirley. Go here to the beautiful and bright Michelle Malkin to learn, among other things, that the Obama Administration continues to dole out megabucks for green failure. They really can't learn from history, can they? Lord Acton was right.

ITEM: You Don't Say? "With South Carolina an early presidential primary state, many expect Republican hopefuls to hammer this issue as an example of this administration’s policies hampering job creation."

I'm referring, of course, to the NLRB's attempt to prevent Boeing from opening up its multi-billion dollar South Carolina plant at the behest of union machinists in Washington State. It seems South Carolina cruelly doesn't allow union bosses and thugs to run the state, so the NLRB is playing the heavy: "nice little state youse got dere. Be a shame if anyting was to happen to it." The House of Representatives is poised to go after the NLRB. The Dem-controlled Senate seems less interested (surprise!) Go here for the story.

Just a thought: With unions an ever-shrinking portion of the public sector, is behaving like particularly vicious and spoiled little thugs the way to make friends and influence people? Discuss.

ITEM: Remember The Good Old Days of Communism? You know, when citizens on every block were paid informers for the state? When every phone was tapped, every apartment was bugged, children were encouraged to turn in their parents, and everyone betrayed everyone? Remember the starvation, the alcoholism, the brutality, the dehumanization, the crushing, state imposed poverty of mind, body, spirit and bank account? Well happy days are here again! The Obama Campaign has established "Attack Watch" where all good socialists can inform on anyone daring to disagree with the Dear Leader, The One, His Most Majestic Highness, Barack H. Obama, Defender of the Faithless, Protector of the Holy Union Halls, Bard of the Teleprompter, to the glorious worker's revolution! Honey, where's my "Che" t-shirt?

ITEM: Oh Yeah, They Deserve This! Go here for a fine parody of Attack Watch! Let the laughter at these humorless and witless twits commence and never cease!

ITEM: Uh, the Dems Are Voting Against It?! It seems Mr. Obama's glorious Stimulus II which we must pass "right away" without reading it or knowing what's in it (it's the Obama way!) is already being shot full of holes by his own party (Uh-oh! I'm using such uncivil language. I must remember to chastise myself later). Hmm. Could losing NY-9, Mr. Obama's job approval in CA(!?) dropping to record lows and his overall approval going down in flames have anything to do with it? Ed Morrissey at Hot Air thinks so. Me too. Go here. See what you think.

ITEM: Fast And Furious—Again: It keeps getting better and better, unless of course you're a Mexican citizen being killed with guns our government shipped to Mexican drug cartels. Three more F & F guns have turned up in murders and related mayhem in Mexico. Go here for details. Remind me again why a special prosecutor hasn't already been appointed?

ITEM: Lawyer Becomes Stripper! No, it's not an Onion parody; it's the real thing. Go here for the interesting story about "Carla," drowning in law school debt, who turned her financial life around when no other options were possible. It's at once sad and heartening. At least this is a woman relying on her own resources to pay her bills rather than claiming victim status and taking a ride on the public gravy train. Food for thought.

ITEM: Has Obama Learned Anything? Peter Wehner at Commentary has an interesting, brief article by that name. He concludes:

" If you dig beneath the rationalizations and the excuses, the field of strawmen, and the barrage of attacks on the motives of his opponents, one can only wonder: In his quiet moments, during times of self-reflection, has Obama –an educated and literate man — learned much of anything from all this?"

Notice Wehner's careful parsing: "an educated and literate man." Mr. Obama presumably has the credentials of higher education, though no confirmation of his educational accomplishments is available. And as a result of all that exposure to educational opportunity--substantial evidence exists to indicate that he did not avail himself of that opportunity—he has presumably gained some degree of literacy as evidenced by his ability to swivel his neck like a deranged automaton while reading a teleprompter. What may be missing is any real evidence of intelligence—other than the kind of feral cunning necessary to survive in the snake pit of Chicago machine politics—and common sense. Without them, Mr. Obama has no chance to learn anything (I know; I'm assuming he might actually be open to learning anything. Can't be cynical 100% of the time.). Discuss.

ITEM: The Post-Foreign Policy Presidency: You must go here to read Ambassador John Bolton's most recent article on Mr. Obama's foreign policy fecklessness at National Review online. It's a rare opportunity to learn from an actual foreign policy expert who is not only capable of representing America, but can accurately identify America's friends, enemies, and her national interests 100% of the time. That's why the Dems opposed him at every turn. To paraphrase Mr. Obama, you must read this article, right away! Read this article! If you love me, you'll read this article!

ITEM: The Not Ready For Prime Time Presidency: Go here to my favorite Bookworm's site for a neat bit of exposure of the undeniable fact that Mr. Obama has no class—none at all. Come to think of it, he's lacking in compassion, decency, self-restraint, honesty, courage, humility, (add your category here) _______________...

ITEM: Up For A Bit Of High-Powered Satire? Go here for a great piece on our good friends on the Left by David Kahane.

ITEM: Life Goes On: For a charming reminder that for most other species, life goes on and self-reliance is the only option, visit Zoo Borns. Loads of "awwwww!" moments (particularly the baby gorilla) and a bit of fun in the middle of our daily bustle.

And with that bit of relaxation and a gentle reminder of our place in the universe, I'll thank you for stopping by, bid you a fond farewell, and encourage you to stop by again next Thursday for another edition of Quick Takes! We'll leave the key under the mat.

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September 07, 2011

Quick Takes, September 8, 2011

ITEM: Louis Renault Award: Illegal Labor Division. Labor Secretary Hilda Solis has now extended the full protection of American labor laws to illegal immigrants. I'm shocked, shocked! Let's see if I have this right: They're in the country illegally. They're subject to immediate arrest and eventual deportation. Secretary Solis' actions violate many immigration and labor laws. Millions of Americans are unemployed and we're in serious economic trouble. Well of course! The first thing any rational person would want to do is to extend full labor protections to illegal immigrants! Go here, but be close to the bathroom in case of sudden nausea.

ITEM: Mr. Obama Has No Economic Clue? Who says so? Rep. Ron Johnson (R, WI), that's who. Go here to the Washington Times for an interesting article with what Mr. Obama always lacks: concrete, coherent proposals about what to do.

ITEM: Oh Dear! Look at this quote from an article by James Delingpole in The Telegraph:

“Green jobs” are a chimera. Though diverting taxpayers money into the renewable energy sector may indeed “create” jobs in the renewable energy sector, it will cost many more jobs in the broader economy."

When the British (the British?!) are recognizing that "green job" are unicorn horns and fairy dust, we had better get with the program. Go here for the whole article.

ITEM: The Romance And Beauty Of The Revolutionary Lifestyle. I didn't think it possible, but this article at The Mail almost—almost makes me feel a bit of pity for Jane Fonda. Why any woman could imagine that leftists care about women is beyond me.

ITEM: He Said WHAT?! I "pulled our country back from the brink." Does Mr. Obama have any idea what "brink" means? Heck, does he have any idea what "pulled" means? "Country?" I know he's on intimate terms with "I." Go here for the story.

ITEM: "Blustering, Opportunistic, Craven And Hopelessly Ineffective All At Once." Go here for the always insightful Michael Barone's commentary on Mr. Obama's recent failed attempt to force the Congress to listen to yet another "major speech" on his, rather than their, time frame.

ITEM: Louis Renault Award, Murderous Union Thug Division: On Labor Day, Teamster President Jim Hoffa fired up the faithful by encouraging them to "take these sons-of-a-bitches [the Tea Party] out." Knowing the modern labor movement, that was expected. But I was shocked, shocked(!) to discover Mr. Obama expressing his solidarity with Mr. Hoffa (here). Is this the new civility about which Mr. Obama has spoken?

ITEM: Isn't The Cold War Over? For America, it is, but in a very real sense, Israel has never had less than a hot war. And now, nuclear attack looms large. Read this brief but very informative article from the Jerusalem Post that explains the likely consequence of a nuclear attack. Does Mr. Obama care? Discuss.

ITEM: Media Backpedaling? Go here for an interesting Hot Air story about several prominent Lamestream Media reporters backing away from ObamaCare. Perhaps they have seen the handwriting on the wall for 2012 and don't want to seem to be entirely wrong when the fake Greek columns come crashing down? Discuss.

ITEM: Are Environmentalists Losing Enthusiasm For Wind Power? An interesting question being posed at the Volokh Conspiracy (here). My take: Not at all. They've never had any enthusiasm for power production of any kind and consistently practice bait and switch. We're absolutely against coal generated power, but we love windmills—until anyone actually tries to build any, and then they oppose those too, just as they oppose a solar power plant, in of all places, the Mojave Desert. Something about disturbing a lizard, I think.

ITEM: How Much Worse Can It Get? At The Truth About Guns, which, with CY has been much involved in keep the Gunwalker and related scandals alive, we discover that Federal prosecutors from California are now taking over all Gunwalker related cases in Arizona. That would be the 20 some cases of low level straw purchasers that have been the entire "catch" of the idiotically conceived and implemented debacle. By all means, scroll down a bit and take the link to Bob's latest PJM article on the topic (Gunwalking in---Indiana?). The hits just keep on comin'!

ITEM: Romney On The Ecomeney: John at Powerline has an interesting article on Mitt Romney's "day one" economic repair plan. It makes interesting reading and seems far more reasonable than anything we've seen in, well, 2.5 years, but by that measure, increasing the national debt by anything less than a trillion a year seems reasonable. I still have many reservations about Mr. Romney, with RomneyCare heading the list. Discuss.

ITEM: Louis Renault Award, Lamestream Media Division: I was shocked, shocked(!) to learn that John King of CNN interviewed Teamster President James Hoffa Labor Day evening, an interview begun with videotape of Hoffa's "let's take these sons of bitches out…" quote, yet did not so much as hint at Hoffa's lunatic rant. Considering that Hoffa was the opening act for Mr. Obama, and considering Mr. Obama's frequent hectoring about civility, one might be tempted to think that Hoffa's comments would be worth at least one question, but noooooooooo! I'm shocked, shocked!

ITEM: I Heard A Song The Reminded Me About The Way We Were. "What was it?" The Way We Were. Ah, remember those halcyon days of old when Barack Obama promised to get the federal investigation into Teamster corruption called off if he became President? Remember how that was one promise he kept? You don't suppose there's any connect…nah, of course not. Not with a Chicago machine politician in the White House. Michelle Malkin doesn't share my opinion (here). She's so smart and lovely, I'm not sure I share my opinion!

ITEM: The Redoubtable VDH Opines: "The White House is in danger not just of becoming far more polarizing than even Bush in his latter years, but of descending into such incompetence and petty spitefulness that it inhibits economic recovery at home and the very sense of American confidence abroad." I've always enjoyed Prof. Hanson's writing and has books, but I do have one small addition: To whatever degree Mr. Bush was "polarizing," it was due in large part to an incredibly hostile and activist media and Congress. With the media firmly in Mr. Obama's pocket and democrats, as always, shamelessly shilling for him, what's his excuse? Read the entire article and discuss.

ITEM: What's Noble Eagle? Go here to read about our military pilots responding to threats over America. It's good indeed to know they're there. The F-15 footage is also very cool indeed.

ITEM: "Barbarians?" Did He Actually Call Us "Barbarians?" Indeed he did. Vice President Joe "the Sheriff" Biden, speaking to an organized labor crowd on Labor Day said: "you are the only folks keeping the barbarians at the gate." So, those who oppose extortionate union contracts and lunatic, ruinous federal economic policies are "barbarians?" So be it! Honey, where's my loincloth and broadsword? Arrrrrrr!

ITEM: It's Official: Being Compared With Jimmy Carter Will Be A High Point of the Obama Administration. Go here for a brief and illuminating story about the massacre of the English language in the service of progressive policy.

ITEM: Moose Kisses! Awwwwww! If you're in the mood for cute, visit Zoo Borns for a substantial dose.

And with that calming influence, I'll thank you for visiting, and encourage you, once again, to stop by next Thursday for another edition of Quick Takes!

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August 31, 2011

Quick Takes, September 01, 2011

ITEM: I'm All For "Normalizing" Women's Breasts! Just show me how you do that, and I'll lend a hand—or two (cue Groucho eyebrows and mustache)! Sadly, like Lori Giganto at Pajamas Media, I'm not convinced that people consider breasts anything but normal—and pretty darned neat. Oh well. Check out the story anyway; there are links and pictures of, well, normal and pretty darned neat stuff, including a link to an organization called "" whose motto seems to be "FREE YOUR BREASTS." "FREE YOUR MIND." Well hey, as long as it's for freedom! Mom and apple pie, I'm not so sure about.

ITEM: Duty, Honor, Country. Go here for an uplifting and immensely sad video that clearly explains why dogs are known as "man's best friend." If this one doesn't make your heart swell with patriotic pride, you're an Obama supporter. If it doesn't make you want to hug your dog, you don't have a heart.

ITEM: The Future Of Unionism: Over the years, I've been occasionally ambivalent about George Will, but he certainly redeems himself (I'm sure that redeeming himself in my eyes is his number one priority) with this article on the self-degradation of Wisconsin unions. One can only hope that the Wisconsin trend will continue throughout the nation. More and more, Americans are realizing that we can't afford liberalism and never could. Recommended reading.

ITEM: And Ann Coulter Wants This Guy To Run for President? Chris Christie, Governor of New Jersey, has some real problems. Among them, he's far too squishy on the Second Amendment, and now, has imposed a one-year moratorium on fracking in NJ. Some might consider this a not unreasonable and perhaps necessary political maneuver in a blatantly leftist state, but it is, nonetheless, another little bit of worrisome. Go here for the story.

ITEM: Irony Overdose of The Day, but boy, does it feel good! Professional golfer Paul Azinger beautifully takes Mr. Obama to task, not only on golfing, but on job creation. This sort of zinger doesn't come along every day, gentle readers. Check it out here.

ITEM: And This Guy Is A Republican?! Big Brother in the Big Apple. It seems that lunatic anti-gun Mayor Michael Bloomberg is now planning to put traffic cameras at every NYC intersection. Has he ever seen NYC traffic? Such devices are about revenue, and actually make intersections more dangerous, which in NYC would be an accomplishment akin to Mr. Obama making the French look muscular and manly by comparison—which he did in Libya. Go here.

ITEM: Even The UN Is Afraid Of Chuck Norris! Rightfully so. At Politico, Norris takes the UN to task (here) for their latest stealth gun control scheme, ready to be served up to Mr. Obama just in time for the 2012 election. The Tatler's take on the issue is here.

ITEM: The Evils of Deficit Spending. You absolutely have to see this one, gentle readers. At least George W. Bush had to fight several wars and deal with the economic fallout of 9-11. What's Mr. Obama's excuse? See what The One has to say about it. Deliciously ironic. If the Republicans don't use this to horrific effect for 2012, the idiots deserve to lose (we don't). Discuss.

ITEM: Louis Renault Award of The Millennia: Mr. Obama is a Socialist? I'm shocked, shocked! For those not familiar with Stanley Kurtz's book on Mr. Obama's socialist upbringing, connections and orthodoxy, this Powerline link provides substantial illumination. It's definitely worth your time for the embedded video alone. The "Meeting Young Obama" link is also very revealing. You'll find yourself thinking, "well, that explains a lot."

ITEM: Sub-College English 101. Jack Cashill, for those who don't know him, is a prolific and wide-ranging author who has deconstructed Barack Obama's Dreams From My Father and has concluded that he did not write it as he has claimed. Rather, domestic terrorist Bill Ayers wrote the book. Cashill's definitive video summarizing the evidence in his book on the subject can be found here.

However the subject of this item is something nearly as rare as the Higgs Boson: A letter Barack Obama wrote, while President of the Harvard Law Review, on a matter of law. Cashill concludes that Mr. Obama's writing is far below the standard of that in the book he claims to have written. As a teacher of English, it is, at best, sub-college freshman level writing, to say nothing of the reasoning—such as it is. Go here for the article and a link to the letter itself.

ITEM: ObamaCare Mandates WHAT?! Among the many things we're now finding out is in ObamaCare now that it has been passed is that women will get free birth control, and also, breast pumps. Penny Young Nance, CEO of Concerned Women For America, thinks that a bit--inflated. She has a point (perhaps even two—heh-heh—I'm soooo ashamed of myself)—here.

ITEM: Who'da Thunk It? According to those infamous climate change denying racists at CERN, anthropogenic global warming is not all it's crackpotted up to be. What's CERN? The home of the Large Hadron Collider, the most important high-energy physical lab in the world where one or two smart folks are known to hang out from time to time. Having done real—as opposed to Al Goreish—science, they've discovered that the dominant factors influencing Earth's climate are the Sun and cosmic rays. Who could have imagined that it is the most powerful energy source in our solar system, combined with one of the most powerful energy sources in the known universe, that affects our climate? Sort of explains the Medieval Warm Period, doesn't it? If this be racism, sign me up. Go here to decide whether you want your climate racist badge and secret climate racist decoder ring.

ITEM: Firm, Unchangeable Convictions Department: Having had their collective nether regions repeatedly and soundly kicked and having shot themselves in both feet, Wisconsin Union dysfunctionaries continue to kick themselves in the private parts by vandalizing a Catholic school and via the latest: trying to ban Republicans from a Labor Day parade. The ban was hastily lifted, however, when the Mayor of Wausau made it clear that if Republicans were excluded, the Labor Council would be footing the entire bill for the parade. So much for worker solidarity. Power to the people, right off! Go here for the brave, socialist worker story.

ITEM: Our Brave, Green Future: Mr. Obama gave more than a half billion dollars in loan guarantees from the "Stimulus" to a solar technology company known as Solyndra based in Fremont, CA. At an appearance at Solyndra in May of 2010, Mr. Obama praised the company as the future of green jobs. Yeah. Not so much. The company has now gone, quite abruptly, bankrupt, no doubt in the most environmentally sensitive way. No solar goodies, no green jobs, more than half a billion of taxpayer money down the green commode. Go here to read about the real future of green jobs.

ITEM: Melson Awaaaaay! And the wheels on the Obama bus go kerthumpity thump! Acting ATF director Kenneth Melson is being reassigned to what sounds like a job without actual work or responsibilities. The lovely, charming, and charmingly lovely Michelle Malkin has the story here. As regular readers know, Bob has done most of the heavy lifting on the Gunwalker story, and has added several great posts to the CY site over the last few days. Be sure to scroll down and read them as well.

ITEM: Not Exactly Grizzly Adams. A grizzly bear and her cubs lumber into your backyard and menace your wife and children. So you, sensitive metrosexual that you are, reason with the bear and appeal to its environmental sensitivity and natural respect for inter-species diversity. The bear eats you and your entire family. Messily.

Pity poor Jeremy Hill of Idaho who, when faced with the same situation, decided not to be eaten, shot the bear, and foolishly behaving as a law-abiding citizen, called the authorities. Local authorities declined to charge him. The feds—surprise, surprise, are throwing the book at him. Anyone surprised? Go here, but take your blood pressure meds first.

ITEM: Mr. Obama Is All For Creating Jobs, Honest! Except for the fact that his Administration is promulgating thousands of regulations that will destroy far, far more jobs than any lame job creation idea he can possibly propose, he's a regular job-creatin' machine, that Obama. Go here to National Review Online where Andrew Stiles explicates the problem. Secure breakable items first.

ITEM: That Dumb Rick Perry Never Flew Jets! The Beldar Blog (here) does something liberals rarely do: correct a mistake. Apparently some have been suggesting that because Perry primarily flew the C-130—a four-engined turboprop—he never flew jets. Not so. AF pilots fly the T-38 (and other jet aircraft) as part of their training and as part of getting in required flight hours throughout their careers. It's an interesting story and look at USAF culture.

ITEM: Gibson Rocks On! If you haven't read my piece on the Feds' raid on Gibson, by all means, scroll down a bit. Bryan Preston, at the Tattler, reinforces the idea that the raid was politically motivated. No! Mr. Obama would surely never do anything like that! Not a graduate of the Chicago Political Machine? Yes he would, and don't call me Shirley.

ITEM: Gunwalker Reassignments: Why are all of those federal bureaucrats involved in Gunwalker being reassigned? The Washington Examiner suggests some reasons here.

ITEM: So If We Have Sex With Women, They'll Fall In Love With Us? Well, sort of. Go here to The Frisky (gad, I love that for the name of a website, but I could never pull that one off) for the low down on post-orgasm attraction and temporary insanity.

And while we're still contemplating the infinite ramifications of the last item, I must sincerely thank you for stopping by, and once again encourage you to drop in once again next Thursday for another edition of Quick Takes!

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August 24, 2011

Quick Takes, August 25, 2011

ITEM: "Yeah, Well Texas Isn't Doing So Great On Jobs Either!" Really? Not so much. As the sliming of Texas Gov. Rick Perry ramps up to "Ludicrous Speed" levels you might want to take a quick peek at—of all places—Reuters for a little dose of reality. Turns out this might not be such a good avenue of attack for Obamites, not that they care. After all, Texas isn't going to vote for Obama no matter what—the bastards. Amazing how the Obamites don't hesitate for a moment at attacking one of the most prosperous and populous states. Is there any precedence for this? Discuss.

ITEM: On The debt Side! Chris Muir is the talented cartoonist and conservative political commentator who pens the wonderful Day By Day strip on the net (here). His recent fundraising campaign for the coming year met and exceeded its goals in record time, an indicator of the political mood as we approach the 2012 election season. Chris stops by to read Quick Takes, and DBD should be on your daily reading list. By all means, stop in and scroll back a bit to get a sense of what insightful political and social commentary looks like.

ITEM: Haven't Had A Good Heartwarming For Awhile? Sadly, much of the news, and even much of what we report on QTs and on the CY site is discouraging, but fortunately, not all. Go here for one of the more heartwarming moments I've seen in awhile, and it involves one of our soldiers. Very cool. Get out the hankies.

ITEM: Look For The–Canadian?!--Union Label! Disgusted readers will recall that Mr. Obama was on a "jobs tour" of the Midwest, but did not think far enough ahead to actually have a jobs plan along for the ride. The best part, however, is the two mega-luxurious Darth Vader styled busses (The Debt Star?) paid for by taxpayer money he is using. What's good about that? They cost $1.1 million each, and were specially ordered and made in…wait for it…Canada! That's right, Canada. It's well known that the US has no bus manufacturing capacity… he already wiped out that industry too…? He hasn't? Oh well. Go here for the story. Take your blood pressure meds first.

PS: Oh yes, you're also paying megabucks for lodging and goodies for White House Staff, Secret Service agents, etc. for Mr. Obama's vacation on Martha's Vineyard. You know, the place where a week's lodging costs more than many American's yearly salaries. As Mel Brooks said, "It's good to be da king!"

ITEM: Look Out For The Union Ambushes: Go here to Hot Air to see how the noble guardians of the workingman actually behave. It's amazing that Unions still control even about 7% of the national work force. Interesting that Union goons only tend to attack people in places where concealed carry is prohibited or uncommon. Discuss.

ITEM: Well, If The Guy With The Tongue Said It…: Go here for the 2012 presidential prediction of Gene Simmons of Kiss. Well, he did propose to Shannon Tweed, who is major league classy and beautiful. He obviously has some brains—and the tongue.

ITEM: What Happened To The One? People everywhere are wailing this or something like it. I've often said that Mr. Obama is simply what he has always been: A Marxist. As such, he despises America and Americans. Norman Podhoretz, a man older and wiser than such as I, generally agrees. Go here. It would seem that Icarus may, once again, have flown too close to the sun.

ITEM: So, You Think You're Accurate, Eh? Go here for an interesting article, completely with photos, about what may well be the most accurate .338 Lapua sniper rifle in the world. Very cool.

ITEM: What?! Twenty Six Percent Think He's Doing A Good Job?! That's right, according to Gallup, 26% of Americans think Mr. Obama is doing a good job on the economy! I must find out what anti-reality drugs they're taking so I can avoid them. But for the up side, go here to discover why Mr. Obama will almost certainly lose—and America win—in 2012.

ITEM: Louis Renault Award, Education Division: I was shocked, shocked! to learn that Education Secretary Arne Duncan attacked Gov. Rick Perry and Texas, claiming that Texas was failing all of its students. Now it turns out that Chicago does worse than Texas and Texas doesn't do badly at all. The best part is that it was Time Magazine (here) that pointed this out. Time is not exactly known as a supporter of conservatives and conservative issues. This is known as irony. Another best part is that Duncan ran Chicago's schools before becoming Education Secretary. This too is ironic.

ITEM: Ruh-Row Shaggy! When even Canadians are saying the global warming scam is over, perhaps it's time to listen (here). Why anyone would listen to Al Gore about anything is beyond me, particularly when one considers his AGW bona fides are less than stellar. He owns a 100 foot houseboat. A 100 foot long houseboat, you know, the kind that tools around on a lake? Before you read another line, trot outside and measure the length of your house—you'll get the picture. He owns a mansion that uses more electricity in a week than most American homes use in a year. He jets around the globe to hector all about their carbon footprint. No doubt economic reality has something to do with it too. People around the world are beginning to realize that we can no longer afford liberalism, in fact, we never really could. As I mentioned in QTs last week, get over it enviro-weenies. AGW is over. You'll have to think up some other way to destroy western civilization.

ITEM: Oh, The Majesty Of The Law: For those who haven't been keeping up on the doings at the Widener Law School, this post will help to bring you up to date (take the link in the first sentence). Liberalism isn't sustainable, it never was, but that doesn't mean the leftists will go calmly in to that good night. Here's my favorite Clintonesque legal/weasel speak from the post:

"That is not accurate [that two University trustees resigned]. No trustees have resigned. A member of the Board of Overseers for the School of Law and a member of the School of Law Campaign Subcommittee have stepped down from those roles for reasons that they have personally conveyed to President Harris and Dean Ammons."

Oh, I see. They haven't resigned, they've "stepped down." Well. That makes all the difference, doesn't it? Gentle readers, people like this really do think the rest of us are morons. Time wounds all heels.

ITEM: Green Jobs Will Stop The Rise of The Oceans And Heal The Planet, and cure acne, flatulence, the common cold, and most amazingly, make Mr. Obama's economic policies look sane. Well, OK, nothing could make his policies look sane; you got me there. Go here to the invaluable Walter Russell Mead to discover the reality of the Green Jobs boondoggle. It would seem that the laws of economics and physics have something to say about this, and unlike home on the range, always is heard a discouraging word and the skies are cloudy all day.

ITEM: Rational Persuasion Can Actually Work—on all but the most committed leftists, that is. Go here for an interesting article about using logic and kindness to overcome antigun policies. Encouraging.

ITEM: OK. So the Obama Administration is Economically Incoherent, But They Make Up For It By Being Overwhelmingly Incompetent. Can you imagine throwing away a global competitive advantage that will damage every American wheat farmer? Can you imagine throwing it away for no reason at all? The Obama Administration can. Go here to read the sad tale. It's hard not to believe that Mr. Obama is actually trying to destroy America as hard as his little Marxist brain will allow. Frankly, I don't resist it anymore; there is no other logical explanation.

ITEM: "Dude, My Boss Is Just Going To Have To Get Over It If He Doesn't Like My Tats!" Go here for an interesting article about the essentials and difficulties of job hunting in the Obama economy. Any guesses on the employability of tat boy? Like, bummer Dude!

ITEM: We're Makin' It Up As We Go Along. Congress, the Courts, The Law, pshaw! The Obama Administration just imposes whatever policy it likes through executive orders and regulations. It's the rule of whim instead of the rule of law. And now, the Obamites have overturned our immigration laws and will grant legal status to whomever they please using whichever criteria—or none at all—they please. The Christian Science Moniter (here) points out a few potential pitfalls.

ITEM: The Glories Of Socialism, Continued: Go here to Steven Hayward at Powerline who links to an interview of Mikhail Gorbachev in Der Speigel. Mr. Gorbachev knew that Communism was rotten to the core and that it must be thrown out, but was so indoctrinated that he was severally hampered. Hmm. There may be something to learn there for our home-grown Communist wannabes, or at least for anyone tempted to vote for them.

ITEM: The Debt Star and the Power Of The Debt Side! The Debt Star seems a good name for Mr. Obama's Darth Vader black $1.1 million dollar Canadian bus. I was not amused by Mr. Obama's recent ostentatious display among the common folk. Neither was the invaluable Mark Steyn (here).

ITEM: People Who Live In Glass Houses…Obama Education Secretary Arne Duncan, the former head of the Chicago School system, recently slimed Texas Gov. Rick Perry, claiming that Texas students are virtually victims of child abuse, so poor is the quality of Texas schools. Duncan oozed that he felt "very very badly for the children there." Even Louis Renault would be shocked to hear the head of one of the worst school systems on the planet—Chicago—so blatantly lie. Go here for an appropriate smackdown of yet another Obama Administration liar and corruptocrat.

ITEM: The Immutable Laws of Physics: Not long ago, I did a five-part series on gun ownership. A good starting point for that series is here. In it, I explained that some of the problems with .357 revolvers are substantial recoil, violent muzzle up-flip and truly spectacular muzzle flash, and I was talking about full-sized, heavy duty revolvers with 4" barrels. Go here for a visually stunning example of what I was talking about. The donut-shaped fireball is unburned powder igniting forward of the muzzle. This is worsened in shorter barrels. You can also see the recoil effect, and note, gentle readers, that the shooter is not a 98 pound woman. Lightweight, short barreled .357 revolvers are weapons for experts, and massive experts at that. The plus side is that even if he missed, the bad guy was probably incinerated!

ITEM: If We Can Just Ram Through Another Stimulus: How's that hope and change workin' out for yuh? If you live in Baltimore, not so much. Homes are selling for less then $10,000 there. Go here for the story.

ITEM: "Breasts Make Men Stupid," said Steve Martin. Here's proof. Why doesn't anyone ever hold this sort of "gathering" in my neighborhood?

And with that double-barreled observation, I must thank you for stopping by, and urge you to drop in once again next Thursday for another stimulating--and stupefying--edition of Quick Takes!

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August 17, 2011

Quick Takes, August 18, 2011

ITEM: Old Crazy Eyes Is Back! One of the favorite, and most idiotic, of the tricks of the Lamestream media is running photographs of conservatives to make them look as unattractive, stupid, crazy or evil as possible. Remember the famous "demon eyes" photoshopping of Condoleeza Rice? One would think that such people would try to hide their bias with a bit of subtlety, but no, these folks are stuck in the middle school locker room. Go here to the invaluable Michelle Malkin to examine what passes for intellect among the self-styled elite.

ITEM: Louis Renault Award, Climate Change Division: I'm shocked, shocked! that Al Gore, the Goracle himself, would descend to obscenities and screaming. Why, it would almost seem like the self-appointed redeemer of mankind is…well…off his rocker. I guess having the election stolen from him by those dastardly Florida voters has more of an effect than we imagined, or maybe it was wearing all that hemp clothing so as to look more manly. Oh well. Go here to see the mess.

ITEM: SEALs Are So Cute, Especially The Baby Ones! Go here to The Mellow Jihadi (written by a currently serving Naval officer who began as an enlisted swabbie) for an interesting look into the lives of Navy SEALS and those who work with them.

ITEM: Yes, I Know About the Mammalian Diving Reflex, but sometimes miracles really do happen. Go here to see one.

ITEM: Just Desserts. Go here to read that the life of the subhuman animal responsible for killing 38 allied troops on a Chinook in Afghanistan was blown to atoms in an F-16 strike in Afghanistan. It's cold comfort for the survivors of the warriors killed in that attack, but I can't help but wonder whether we'd be safer if we pursued each and every terrorist demon that even thought of harming Americans with this kind of determination. If they knew that there was no doubt that America would swiftly avenge any attack on Americans, wouldn't it stand to reason that our safety would be enhanced in at least some way? And what would be the negatives costs of such a defense posture? None that I can imagine. Discuss.

ITEM: Vacation? What Vacation? Go here to see Presidential Press Secretary Jay Carney suggest that Mr. Obama's upcoming 10 day vacation on Martha's Vineyard (you know, that cheap, sleazy, cut-rate dive) isn't really a vacation at all, and that Americans won't begrudge Mr. Obama some time with his family. Hmmm. He isn't with them in DC? And in other news, after a 400 point rally on August 9, the Dow dumped more than 500 points on August 10. Perhaps the market might be in a begrudging mood even if the American people aren't.

ITEM: Louis Renault Award, Vote Fraud Edition: Yes, those Merry pranksters of ACORN were slapped with a maximum fine for voter registration fraud in Nevada (here) recently. Those who support and commit vote fraud are not treated with nearly the disdain they deserve, for their actions strike at the very heart of democracy. Oh yes, Mr. Obama was closely aligned with ACORN, teaching them their craft. He lied about it. Discuss.

ITEM: She's Smart, Witty, Well Read, Eloquent…and OK, she's beautiful too. That's still OK to say about a women, isn't it? Maybe? Go here to see what Ann Coulter has to say about the British riots. Good stuff, as always.

ITEM: I Thought They Just Bronzed Baby Shoes! OK. So other than baby shoes, what would be the most logical thing anyone would want to bronze? c'mon…think hard…that's right! Justin Bieber (I think he's a pre-pubescent rocker star) and Selena Gomez (I have no idea who she is)! Actually, they're not actually bronzed, but there is now a bronze statue of them, naked of course. And at their feet is a duck or goose and an armadillo, which as everyone knows symbolizes armored, er, quacking, which is an ancient symbol for…for…bronzing prepubescent rockers. Anyway, go here for the story and inspiring photos. Does anyone know why? Discuss.

ITEM: There's A Lot Of Them Out There In Them There Hills! Despite being in serious financial trouble, California continues to spend itself to the bottom of the Marianas Trench while simultaneously making life as difficult as possible for business owners. The result has been a mass population and business exodus from the much-tarnished golden state for a very long time now. Go here to read the farewell of yet another productive Californian on the way to—gasp!—Texas.

ITEM: Triumphs of Smart Diplomacy: Remember when the advanced, stealthy helicopter supporting the mission to eliminate Bin Laden crashed at his compound in Pakistan? How did our allies, the Pakistanis, at the behest of the administration that promised to restore our standing in the world, the foremost practitioners of "smart diplomacy," handle it? They let the Chinese photograph it and take material samples! Hope, change, betrayal. Go here for the story.

ITEM: The Rarest Words Any Politician Can Say: "I made a mistake." So said Texas Gov. Rick Perry regarding his 2007 executive order mandating HPV vaccinations for Texas girls. The vaccine would have prevented cervical cancer, but the public and Legislature overruled Perry. Now, running for President, he made what appears to be an honest admission, an admission of which Barack Obama is absolutely incapable. Go here for something exceedingly rare.

ITEM: And Speaking Of Rick Perry, the Obama Campaign will attack him with every dirty trick in the book and many that have not yet been invented, and the onslaught has already begun. What's the truth about Rick Perry? Go here to discover it. Informed reading. I suspect it will make you more likely to be supportive of Gov. Perry.

ITEM: Louis Renault Award, ObamaCare Division: Remember Rep. Joe Wilson (R. SC) who accused Mr. Obama of lying on camera when Mr. Obama claimed that ObamaCare would not cover illegal immigrants? Well, I was shocked, shocked! to learn that HHS is doing exactly what Rep. Wilson accused Mr. Obama of lying about. I'm doubly shocked, shocked! that Mr. Obama would lie about something like this, truly! Go here for Rep. Wilson's justified vindication.

ITEM: But He Has A World-Class Temperament! Go here to see how Mr. Obama actually handles one of the impertinent little people. I suspect we'll be seeing more and more of Mr. Obama's true self in the months to come. Those who have paid attention have always seen it, but more and more, he can't help himself. Go here to see how the elite deal with uncomfortable truths and troublesome villagers.

ITEM: ARRR! Can We All Be Salty Sea Dogs Now? I love salt. I can't imagine not eating it. Salt-phobics stare in absolute horror at the amount of salt I use on my food. Now it turns out that the anti-salt hysteria of, well, most of my life, may well be just that: hysteria. Go here for an article that might help take the fear out of sodium again. Oh, pass the salt, will you?

ITEM: Oh Yeah! The Eleventh circuit has found the individual mandate of ObamaCare to be unconstitutional. It was this circuit that heard the case brought by the Attorneys General of 26 states arguing that the mandate exceeded the powers of Congress under the Commerce Clause of the Constitution. The entire case is now, ripe—as they say—for the Supreme Court. This poses enormous problems for Mr. Obama who would desperately like the matter to go away before the 2012 election. If the court promptly grants cert, its decision will be handed down shortly before the election. If it strikes down ObamaCare, that will be very harmful to Mr. Obama. If it supports it, that too would be very harmful and would tend to bring out Republican votes that might not otherwise appear. It's likely a lose/lose situation for the Dems. Go here for the story.

ITEM: Global Warming Is An Inconvenient Truth! Inconvenient indeed; truth, not so much. Go here to Powerline to see a brief and compelling illustration why the AGW hoax is just that. This one is over, Greenies. Move on to destroying western civilization through other means.

ITEM: Nobody Knows The Trouble He's Seen. Go here to the invaluable Byron York to read about Mr. Obama's bad luck and his comparison of himself to Abraham Lincoln. Mr. Obama, I knew Abraham Lincoln. Abraham Lincoln was a friend of mine. You're no Abraham Lincoln. Heck, you're not even a Jimmy Carter.

ITEM: Even a Dog Knows The Difference Between Being Tripped Over and Kicked. And our military knows the difference between a Commander in Chief who truly respects and cares for the military and Barack Obama. Need proof? Go here to the New York Post for the story. A hat tip to Curtis F. for pointing me in this direction.

ITEM: ObamaCare Quicky: Go here for a brief video by Reason on why ObamaCare absolutely will bankrupt America.

ITEM: Illuminated Russians! Go here for an interesting YouTube video of what is apparently a Russian fellow shooting a fully automatic Glock 17, eventually with tracer ammunition. If language is an issue for you, he does utter one ubiquitous American obscenity. I know; you're very sensitive. The video is interesting on several levels, primarily for the slow motion frames that reveal just how quickly a pistol's slide cycles. It's fun, and women will love the guy's accent, but the shooting techniques are horrifying. Don't try this at home.

ITEM: The Cold Smack In The Face of Reality. So you're a college student who agrees with President Obama: It's best if the wealth is spread around. Make the rich pay more; give it to those who don't have as much. It's only fair, right? Maybe, as long as no one is asking you to give up something you've earned. Go here to see how reality tends to overcome liberalism, even in college.

And with that cold smack in the face, it's time once again for me to thank you for reading my wretched scrawling and to invite you to stop by again next Thursday for another edition of Quick Takes, the fastest growing Quick Takes on Confederate Yankee on Thursdays!

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August 11, 2011

Quick Takes, August 11, 2011

ITEM: Ready For Prime Time: Go here for a list of ten sci-fi predictions that actually came true. From landing on the moon to credit cards, it's an interesting reminder of how much we take for granted.

ITEM: How To Encourage Job Creation: Punish Success! That would seem to be precisely what Mr. Obama intends if one watches what he is doing rather than listen to what he is saying. The invaluable Mona Charen agrees. See what she has to say here.

ITEM: Military Thoughts: Active duty milbloggers have to be very careful about what they say. Go here to the Mellow Jihadi for thought-provoking questions and comments about our current—and future—place in the world.

ITEM: Does He Get It? Does President Obama understand the world-wide threat to the existence of western civilization? Does he have any real idea of the danger, and if he does, any idea how to respond. Everything he has said and done to date would suggest that the answer is an emphatic "no." Go here to Pajamas Media for an excellent article on the subject by the invaluable Michael Ledeen.

ITEM: They Walk—Swim?—Among Us! Go here to Fox News for a brief video showing what appears to be a UFO resembling—are you ready for this—the Millennium Falcon of Star Wars fame on the bottom of the Baltic Sea. Chewie, speak to me!

ITEM: Louis Renault Award, Obamacare Division: I'm shocked, shocked! I just can't get my mind around the idea that Obamacare not only will not save money, but will cost a very great deal more than Mr. Obama has claimed! How can this be possible? Go here to find out the latest outrage. You know, I'm almost tempted to think that Mr. Obama actually lies to us!

ITEM: I Can See It Now: The executives of a major, international automotive accessory conglomerate are sitting around a massive table in their opulent boardroom…

Chairman of the Board: "Sales of our little green pine smelling thingies and fuzzy dice are through the roof month after month—(applause and cheers)—but the question remains: What's our next accessory triumph?"

Executive #1: "Chromed silhouettes of naked, reclining women?"

Executive #2: "Nah, that only works on semis."

Executive #3: "Bobbleheads?"

Executive #4: "Nah. We tried that with Obama and got our bobbleheads handed to us."

Executive#5: "I have it! Large multi-colored testicles made of plastic! We'll hang them from the rear of pickup trucks!

All: "Brilliant! Genius! Bonuses for everyone!"

And the rest, as they say, has been history, until a woman was cited by a Bonneau, SC police chief for displaying her testicles (uh…), and now, plastic truck testicles have become a symbol of First Amendment free expression. God bless America! I mean, if your truck can't display its testicles, what's the Constitution for? Go here to the Volokh Conspiracy for the story.

ITEM: Mr. Obama's Seven Deadly Sins. We can hope that the public will think similarly in the voting booth. Go here for an interesting and informative list.

ITEM: We're Not Even Halfway There Yet! So said Mr. Obama in his momentous recent speech. Which one? Er, you know, the one where he said something about something or other…you know, the one where he talked about class warfare…what's that? He does that whenever he opens his mouth? Well, yeah, but what's your point? Anyway, Mr. Obama was blaming George W. Bush again and apparently suggesting that we're not halfway to the midpoint of an eight year term. Hmmm. Please Mr. Obama, keep saying that sort of thing, please? Go here for the take of the boys at PowerLine.

ITEM: Donuts Are Good For You! This was particularly true at a Dunkin' Donuts in Rockaway, NJ until recently. Why until recently? Well, it seems that not only could you get yummy donuts and hot coffee, an attractive employee by the name of Melissa Redmond was also selling her own special brand of sugar on the side! Some fuddy duddy called the cops, and now all you can get are donuts. Go here for yet another urban tragedy.

ITEM: Girls and Guns! In QTs last week, I wrote about the heavenly sight of Helen Mirren firing a Browning .50 machinegun in an evening gown in "RED." There is just something about a woman who knows what she's doing firing a serious firearm. Go here for another brief peek. Thanks to Eric for the heads up!

ITEM: An Abyss? We're not raising the debt ceiling, we're making a deeper debt abyss. So says the invaluable Mark Steyn in a prescient article written before the credit downgrade. Must reading: here.

ITEM: Natural Selection At Work: For those who doubt the veracity of Charles Darwin's Theory of Evolution, go here for conclusive proof. Yes, he shot himself in the pee-pee with a pink gun. How do you explain that to the emergency room doctor?

ITEM: Everything The Dems Would Like You To Know About Economics Under Bush Is Wrong. Go here to an important article by the invaluable Byron York that explains precisely why whenever Mr. Obama's lips are moving to blame George W. Bush for his own economic illiteracy he's lying. But you knew that, right?

ITEM: The Tea Party Did It! That is the newest Dem. talking point, first run up the flagpole by David Axelrod. It was the Tea Party that was responsible for the downgrade of America's bond rating, the first in history. Let me see if I have this straight: The Tea Party, a loose confederation of diverse Americans whose only real message is small government, adherence to the Constitution and low spending, is responsible for the berserk spending binge of Congress and Mr. Obama? I suppose when a man with no accomplishments of any kind can be president, why can't black be white, day be night, up be down, and the group of people primarily responsible for imposing any degree of fiscal sanity are responsible for the opposite. The Dems are absolutely out of ideas. Integrity—did they ever have any? Bonus: go here for the invaluable Jennifer Rubin's take.

ITEM: Other Than That Mrs. Lincoln, How'd You Like The Play? Once again, as if any additional evidence was necessary, we see the lunacy of Obama economic policies. Remember when Mr. Obama released 30 million barrels of oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve? Wasn't that a brilliant, stimulative policy? Not so much. In fact, a bit more than a month later, gas is 10 cents per gallon higher than it was before the release of oil. Sigh. Go here for the whole story.

ITEM: Who Knew It Was That Easy? Alfred E. Neuman of Mad Magazine, the "What, me Worry?" chap had it right after all. According to former Chairman of the Federal Reserve Alan Greenspan and every Media talking head's favorite billionaire Warren Buffett, America has no debt problem at all! Why not? Because we can print as much money as we want! We have the paper and the ink! Hmm. That didn’t work so well for the Weimar Republic, if memory serves. Go here for the lunacy.

ITEM: Brilliant! The brain is endlessly fascinating. Go here for ten things you probably didn't know about the brain.

ITEM: Common Sense. Sarah Palin is an idiot, some backwoods hick with too many children. Every sophisticated self-styled elitist knows that, right? Yeah, not so much. In fact, after reading this, you might wonder why anyone ever allows the elite to tell them anything at all.

ITEM: Louis Renault, Wisconsin Division: I'm shocked, shocked! Yes, who'da thunk it? Who could have possibly imagined that when union thugs were removed from the budgeting equation, a city or state could save millions, even billions of dollars? Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker for one. Go here to see the mayor of Milwaukee try to suggest that saving at least $11 million dollars is somehow a bad thing. I'm shocked, shocked!

ITEM: What? Is Mr. Obama actually stupid? I tend to think it's a combination of socialist fascism and stupidity, but on the other hand, wouldn't one expect stupid people to be drawn to Socialism and Marxism? Food for further thought may be found here at the Wall Street Journal.

ITEM: Yes, It's The Seminal Sexual—Er, Non-Sexual--Er, Slutty—OK, so no one really knows what it was, but it's called the "Slutwalk," and it took place in San Francisco (surprised?). It's about protesting about being called a slut while simultaneously demanding the sisterly liberation of being a slut, or something. Oh yes, and it's a protest against rape, which as we all know, everyone thinks is just the sweetest thing. Anyway, go here to Pajamas Media where Zombie provides a blow by blow account with many photographs, some of which will not provoke immediate mental trauma.

And with that bizarrely informative link, I must once again thank you for stopping by and encourage you to drop in again next Thursday for another edition of Quick Takes! Keep on slutwalkin'!

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August 04, 2011

Quick Takes, August 4, 2011

ITEM: Not Ready For Prime Time: If you're interested in aircraft as I am, you'll find this story of ten military aircraft that never made it past testing to be interesting indeed. Many of these fall into the "ingenious solutions to non-existent problems" category. Others the "well, that's not gonna work" category. Still, what America can build, yet never use, so far surpasses the capability of most other nations as to be utterly amazing. Despite what some think, we are indeed the one unique, indispensable nation. By the way, #9 scares the hell out of me. You?

ITEM: Are You A History Fan? I certainly am. In fact, when I returned to college to take my education undergraduate degree, I wanted to be a history teacher with an English minor, but the registrar would not allow me to do that because no one would hire a history teacher who wasn't also a coach! In any case, go here for a fascinating pictorial essay about the toughness of the Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress of WWII. Awe-inspiring stuff. And of course, the Obama Administration must not allow the legendary aircraft maker to manufacture an equally revolutionary aircraft.

ITEM: Is That Cool Or What? Research into black holes is yielding some surprising results, such as a more effective treatment for cancer using less, and less destructive radiation treatment. By embedding gold or platinum nanoparticles in and around tumors, a much lower dose of x-rays can be used to destroy cancerous cells. Go here for the fascinating story.

ITEM: We're In The Very Best Of Hands: At Ft. Irwin in San Bernardino County, CA, on July 15, twenty-six AK-74 assault rifles and one Dragonuv sniper rifle were stolen. The AK-74s are true, fully automatic weapons. Some have been recovered, but others are still out there. ATF spokesman Christian Hoffman said "We determined that there was a public safety issue with the guns getting out on the street." You think? Some people have no sense of irony. Go here for the story.

ITEM: But He Betrayed His Class! What could have liberals so upset? How about a Harvard-trained lawyer with impeccable academic and legal credentials who joins the Army, serving as an infantry platoon leader with the 101st Airborne in Iraq and Afghanistan? And even worse, what happens when he dares criticize the New York Times for revealing national security information to our terrorist enemies? What happened was that liberals could not believe such a person could exist. He does indeed. Go here to PowerLine for the story.

ITEM: Liberalism: A Luxury We Can't Afford, is the apt title of an article by John Hinderaker at PowerLine. I couldn't agree more except to add that even in times of plenty, Liberalism is constantly working from within as a parasitical infection. We can't afford Liberalism at all, ever.

ITEM: In Union There is…Destruction? If the unions had won the battle in Wisconsin against Governor Scott Walker, Wisconsin would be in desperate financial straits. However, because the unions lost, Wisconsin has been restored to fiscal health virtually overnight. Rather than having to lay off countless teachers, many school districts are suddenly back in the black. It is a repudiation of everything unionism and its proponents stand for. Go here to Pajamas Media and an article by Gary Wickert for the encouraging story.

ITEM: The Price Of Heroism: The price of heroism is often as high as any price can be, and Deputy Bryan Gross of the Converse Co. Sheriff's Office in Douglas, WY paid it in an attempt to rescue a 14 year old girl who jumped into a swollen and fast-moving river because she was reportedly upset about her boyfriend. She survived. His body was found after four days. Go here for the story.

ITEM: Ooops! What happened when The One, the most brilliant, tech-savvy, coolest, just most all-around wonderful human being, except he's more than a human being, to ever inhabit the Oval Office tweeted all of his followers to rally the faithful to support higher taxes and spending in the debt ceiling debate? He lost, at last count, about 37,000 followers. Apparently Mr. Obama's halo has dimmed a bit and perhaps even picked up a few dents. Go here for the tragic story.

ITEM: And Speaking of Tragic: If you pay much attention to Mr. Obama, you could not help but to have heard his claim that our economy was expanding by 2.5% a year. But on July 29—Friday—the traditional slow news/bad news dumping day, we learned that the actual number for the last year for GDP growth was only 1.6%. To put that number in layman's terms, it's bad; really, really, bad. To further put it in layman's terms, Mr. Obama is lying; he's really, really lying. Go here for the story and eye-opening charts.

ITEM: The High-Speed Railway Over The Cliff: If you are one of the constantly growing number of Americans who would like to see Mr. Obama given the opportunity to work on his golf game full time beginning on January of 2013, this article by Salena Zito will be an encouraging picker-upper.

ITEM: It's An Opportunity—For Something… Go here for an interesting story of several top Syrian generals who have defected and are forming an army to fight the Syrian Dictator Assad and his terrorist allies. What will Mr. Obama do? If his past actions are any guide, he'll do, well, something. So here are Mr. Obama's top ten responses:

(10) Threaten sanctions.
(9) Threaten really meaningful sanctions.
(8) Threaten to really mean it this time when he threatens meaningful sanctions.
(7) Extend the hand of dialogue, understanding and mutual respect.
(6) Pull back the bloody stump of dialogue, understanding and mutual respect.
(5) Bomb somebody for some reason.
(4) Think up some new nonsensical euphemism for whatever he is—or isn't—doing in bombing somebody for some reason.
(3) Tweet millions of people to convince them that paying more in taxes and spending America into oblivion will win the future.
(2) Get the ATF and DOJ to send guns to Syria.
(1) Lead from really, really, really far behind, in fact, maybe even from underground or underwater somewhere…

ITEM: But HUD Does Really Valuable Stuff…like, you know, like housing, and developing urbans and stuff like that…doesn't it? Not so much. Go here for a brief article about why HUD—along with the Department of Education, the TSA, the ATF, the EPA—might best be employed as anchors on American warships, or as low-grade crop fertilizer.

ITEM: Obama Leads From Behind; This Woman Passes The Bar Exam While In Labor! Go here for the interesting story. Some human beings are capable of amazing things. Some just lead from behind.

ITEM: A Post-American Planet? The invaluable Mark Steyn (here) thinks so, and I agree. With the debt deal—whatever it may actually eventually turn out to be—sort of maybe done, have we actually accomplished anything or merely kicked the proverbial can down the road just a bit more stealthily than usual? Read Steyn to see what the future holds.

ITEM: And Speaking Of The Future: It's fascinating to hear liberals scream about how Mr. Obama betrayed them in the debt deal. How did he betray them? Apparently he wasn't able to spend more than a measly trillion dollars or so and couldn't raise taxes to unbelievably high levels. And they think this is what American needs? I'm beginning to doubt that people who think like this are even the same species. Discuss.

ITEM: Conservatives Live To Destroy? According to Nancy Pelosi, that is. Have you read Jay Nordlinger at National Review (here)? You should. Here's a quote from a recent "Impromptus:"

"Anyway, I’m going to make a point about the Democratic party. Nancy Pelosi said the following about Republicans: 'They don’t just want to make cuts. They want to destroy. They want to destroy food safety, clean air, clean water, the Department of Education. They want to destroy your rights.'

I want to ask you: How do you do business with someone like that? How do you do business with a party like that? “They want to destroy”? (I’ll grant that we think the Department of Education a total boondoggle.) “They want to destroy your rights”?

I’m reminded of why I revolted against the Democratic party long ago: They all talked like this. They all regarded their opponents as monstrous or subhuman. And I knew it was bunk."

ITEM: Louis Renault Award, Vice Presidential Edition: I was shocked, shocked! by Mr. Biden's latest gaffe. My favorite was when, at a campaign rally, he told a supporter to stand up so the crowd could see him. The supporter was confined to a wheelchair. Well, this time, upon meeting Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, he welcomed her as a member of the "cracked head club." Multiple reporters heard Mr. Biden say it, and he bragged about it later. Rep. Giffords, you may recall, was shot in the head several months back and is still struggling to recover from her wounds. She will likely experience some significant degree of impairment for the remainder of her life, and her future in Congress is very much up in the air. Imagine, gentle readers, if that had been so much as thought by a Republican. Mr. Biden is a professional; do not attempt this at home.

ITEM: Those Darned Immigrants! You must read this article by the wonderful Mona Charen about Ying Ma, a Chinese girl who, through hard work and dedication, is living the American Dream. Her book Chinese Girl In The Ghetto is the topic of the article. I'm ordering it. You should too. Charen's article will make you proud to be an American, to welcome people like Ying Ma, and show you why the right kind of immigration is what we all must support.

ITEM: A Failed Presidency? That's what Steve McCann argues over at The American Thinker (here). McCann's logic is compelling, particularly if one is a conservative, however, considering everything Mr. Obama will have in his favor in 2012, including a media which will almost certainly still be ready and willing to lie and cover for him in unprecedented ways, that may not be enough.

ITEM: You May Already Be A Weiner! So went the text of one of my favorite cartoons ever. A hotdog was standing by his mailbox (that's funny by itself) with a surprised look on his little hotdog face as he read that text. Well, the folks at PowerLine have announced the weiner in their PowerLine Prize competition. Go here to view it. The "Hands Off My Nuts!" protest sign is priceless! You'll see what I mean.

ITEM: Chrysler Reborn? In last week's Quick Takes, I reported on the fact that Chrysler paid off its government loans six years early! True, we lost $1.3 billion in the process, but in the age of Obama, that's just pocket change, and they paid it off six years early! Perhaps I was a bit hasty. Go here to see how the government threw an additional $3.5 billion into the pot--er, toilet bowl. Take your blood pressure meds first.

ITEM: And Winning The Coveted "Body Of The Year" Award Is… Me! My wife is laughing. Why is my wife laughing? Now she can barely breath. I don't understand. Actually, it's Helen Mirren, and I wholeheartedly agree. She's 66, and one of the most gorgeous sights I have ever seen was Ms. Mirren firing a Browning .50 caliber M2 machinegun while wearing a white evening gown in "RED." Go here for the details and a cheesecakey slideshow, not that any of you would be interested in seeing such things. I mean, who wants to look at beautiful, half nekkid women when you can see so many nekkid male Democrat politicians these days?

ITEM: Movie Emotions. Which film is recognized as the saddest of all time? Which film is recognized as having the most amusing scene (Hint: "Oh God…Ooooohhh God….)? Go here for an interesting piece on the cinematic evocation of emotion.

ITEM: I Knew There Was A Reason I Loved Sarah Palin: Go here to see a recent video of Palin on Hannity's TV show. She drops one of the best pieces of irony I've seen in recent years. It's been my experience that the smartest people are the people who get humor and irony. She is and does.

ITEM: What Does Obama Want? Steven Den Beste explains here. You knew this all along, but this is a good, brief reminder. Read it and be horrified and disgusted.

ITEM: They Want to Kill Children and Old People! So goes the usual Democrat party line about any attempt by Republicans to reduce the size of government or to reign in out of control federal spending. However, the EPA under the Obama Administration is actually implementing policies that will kill just about anybody (and the economy too, of course). Go here for a rundown.

ITEM: The Government Doesn't Have The Authority? So What! As those who have been following the Gunwalker debacle know, the BATF, at the direction of the Obama/Holder Justice Department, has mandated new reporting rules for border state gun dealers. The NRA and the National Shooting Sports Foundation are filing lawsuits ,which allege that such rules exceed the authority given the BATF by Congress. AG Holder basically responds: "Yeah, so what?" Go here for the story.

ITEM: National Treasure. You know the movie plot: A daring adventurer discovers previously unknown riches and archeological treasures where no one imagined they might be. Truth is indeed stranger than fiction, and the real thing has been found in hidden vaults in a 16th century Hindu temple in India. Go here for the fascinating story.

ITEM: They're Terrorists! They're Holding America Hostage! They're Holding A Gun To America's Head! They Want To Blow Up The Country? Who is doing this (and who writes the Dem's lame talking points anyway?)? Why, you and me! Anyone who believes in such radical ideas as not spending money you don't have, and not raising taxes during a recession, and not encouraging job creation by means of creating regulations that destroy entire companies and industries, that's who. Go here to read the latest from the insightful Jennifer Rubin who laments the lack of civility by those who most lament the lack of civility.

ITEM: On The Road Again! Yes, Mr. Obama is going on a bus tour this summer (here) so he can mingle with the little people and allow them to bask in his greatness. According to the NYT, it's an opportunity for Mr. Obama to shift back to jobs and the economy, while he does everything possible to destroy jobs and the economy. Remember gentle readers, for Mr. Obama, rhetoric is reality. If he talks about intending to create jobs, if he talks about caring deeply about jobs, it is so. Reality conforms to the content of Mr. Obama's teleprompter. Didn't you know that? What's the old saying? Talk is cheap? Yes. That's the one.

ITEM: Infrastructure Bank? We Don' Need no Stinkin' Infrastructure Bank! With the debt ceiling bill signed into law, Mr. Obama is already talking about spending untold gazillions we don't have on things we don't want or need. Go here to the invaluable Michelle Malkin to see how he wants to bankrupt American now.

ITEM: A Party? I Love Parties! Since I already did a top ten list, why not one more? Go here where Michelle Malkin lists the top ten Obama birthday party games. More fun than human beings should be allowed to have. Actually, it's more fun the politicians and bureaucrats should be allowed to have. Is is proper to invite people to your birthday party and charge them nearly $40,000 to attend? Mr. Obama thinks so. Discuss.

ITEM: In The Wrong Place At The Wrong Time? Go here to read an article by the invaluable Victor Davis Hanson on what might appear to be a run of the mill killing by a run of the mill gangbanger. Lessons:

(1) Evil exists.
(2) Evil can and will strike you at any time and at any place.
(3) Evil must be confronted and destroyed; it cannot be reasoned with or appeased.
(4) You are responsible for your own safety; no one else.
(5) Prepare to confront and destroy evil.

ITEM: What The…?! Married women aren't really satisfied with sex until 25 years into the relationship? Well, that explains a lot! Actually, it's not as bad as it sounds. Go here for what is actually common sensical.

ITEM: It's A Wonderful World, sang Louis Armstrong, and so it is. Take a trip to Zoo Borns (here) this week for a visual reminder that might take your mind off our political worries for just a bit. The Giraffe baby is particularly cute. Aaawwwww!

And with that little respite from the woes of the world, I must once again thank you for stopping by our scruffy little blog and encourage you to return, same bat time, same bat channel next week for another edition of Quick Takes! Holy self-promotion Batman! Shut up Robin.

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July 28, 2011

Quick Takes, July 28, 2011

ITEM: It's Happened Again. Go here for a summary. "It" is another mass shooting by a single man, apparently a 32 year old described by the Norwegian police as a Christian fundamentalist, right-wing extremist. Of course, in a nation that is essentially Socialist, "right wing" almost certainly has different connotations than in America. But what is clear is that using a "machine-pistol" he killed approximately 90 people on an island accessible only by boat. By strict definition, a "machine-pistol" is a fully automatic weapon in pistol caliber—highly unlikely in Norway--but there are no confirmed additional details available.

At this point, one lesson is abundantly clear: This kind of murderous rampage is possible only in gun-free zones, which pretty much describes Norway. Many Norwegians own guns, but virtually no one is allowed to carry guns, and for the most part, the police don't either. From media reports, the shooter killed, unrestrained, for 60-90 minutes before the police could respond. Don't expect the media to understand this. They will almost certainly, as usual, use this as an opportunity to lobby for greater citizen disarmament. I've no doubt the Obama Administration will do the same. One capable innocent with a handgun could have stopped this. One. John at Powerline (here) concurs.

ITEM: Our National Debt in 1:24: Go here to view a very powerful video submitted for the PowerLine Prize. It says what needs to be said very well indeed. Go here for another fine effort.

ITEM: How Not To Be Unemployed: This is the title of an article by Susannah Breslin at Forbes (here). Good advice from a woman who knows. By all means, read it all.

ITEM: Don't Tax You, Don't Tax Me; Tax That Corporate Jet Behind The Tree! Hold on there, Buckaroo! That's not what you'd be saying if you were billionaire and Obama supporter Warren Buffett. Go here for a brief and informative story and video on the real issues relating to the latest iteration of Mr. Obama's never-ending class warfare.

ITEM: If I Were Him, I Wouldn't Worry About An Invitation To The Next White House Command Performance. Go here for an interesting story about Vegas gazillionaire Steve Wynn. It seems that Mr. Wynn thinks—gasp—that Mr. Obama is very bad for American business and that the economy won't improve until Mr. Obama is gone. How could anyone think this, particularly when Mr. Obama himself tells us that things are so good, 80% of Americans are just dying to have their taxes raised?

ITEM: Thirty Million Americans Live In Poverty: What, exactly, does that mean? Go here for an interesting story at PowerLine that outlines the facts. One thing is certain: The poorest Americans are certainly the envy of far, far more than 30 million of the residents of the rest of this small, blue planet. By all means, read the whole thing.

ITEM: Oh! It Blew Up In Her Face! Ka-Blooey! Go here for a brief and delicious video of MSNBC talking head Contessa Brewer interviewing Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL). Arguing economics, she arrogantly demanded to know if Rep. Brooks had a degree in economics. Turns out he actually does—with honors. Ka-Blooey!

ITEM: It Takes A Licking And Keeps On—Calling and Receiving? Go here to see what happens when you drop your iPhone 13,500 feet onto a rooftop. Amazing. NOTE: We're professionals; don't try this at home.

ITEM: How Can You Tell When Barack Obama Is Lying? Go here for Michelle Malkin's list of victims of evil insurance companies, insurance companies that will be brought to heel by the wonders of ObamaCare! Except, the people Mr. Obama awarded much-coveted victim status really aren't victims at all. But that means that the answer to the question is: His lips are moving. Indeed.

ITEM: It's That Right Wing Fox News Again! So, did News Corp., parent company of Fox new follow the lead of the rest of the media? Did the employees of News Corp. donate to Democrats by a margin of eight or nine to one over Republicans? Not so much. It's actually 51% Republicans and 49% Democrats. You'll never guess which political figure got the most boodle. Yeah, you will. Looks like "fair and balanced" isn't just hype. Go here for the story.

ITEM: The Party's Over: At 5:556 EDT, July 21, 2011 the Space Shuttle Atlantis landed, ending America's ability to fly into low orbit for the foreseeable future, and arguably ending America's manned space program. Our only means of flying men into space is now the use of Russian capsules employing 1970s technology. But cheer up! NASA Chief Charles Bolden has a new mission direct from Mr. Obama: Helping Muslims to feel good about the scientific accomplishments of their ancient ancestors. I guess if we want to boldly go where no man has gone before, we'll have to rely on Star Trek.

ITEM: Finally! Conclusive Proof of Global Warming! That's right gentle readers. Go here to Hot Air, which is reporting on the NYT's recent indisputable, settle-it-once-and-for-all proof of anthropogenic (man-caused) global warming. The proof? Oh! Sorry! It's like, you know, I mean, really hot--in July. Quit laughing! I mean reeeeallllly hot! Sweating and everything! Stop that! It's not funny! Now that they've cleared that up, I await stunning and conclusive proof that the oceans are wet and that it tends to be dark at midnight.

ITEM: Just Like The Flintstones, They'll Have a Gay Old Time! In QTs from last week, we reported on the National Institutes of Health spending hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars to study medical issues of enormous practical importance such as how the penis size of gay men relates to, well, their satisfaction (I always thought you couldn't get no satisfaction…). Now we discover (here) that the NIH has spent another $300,000 to deal with another medical conundrum that's right up there with seeking a cure for cancer: Why do gay men have sex and use drugs at professionally produced gay dance parties? I don't know. It sort of seems like the NIH is more than normally interested in gay sex. And now that you mention it, what's a "normal" interest in gay sex in the first place, particularly if you're not gay? How can we get some satisfaction about this? Discuss.

ITEM: Louis Renault Award, National Destruction Division: Go here for a brief reminder of the EPA's regulatory war on productivity, jobs, the economy, and national survival. Particularly, I was shocked, shocked! to learn that the EPA is about to put into effect rules that seem specifically targeted at destroying electric generating capacity in Texas, the most productive, free, and economically dynamic state in the union these days, and a solidly red state. Surely the Obama Administration would never engage in thuggish retribution? Surely the Obama Administration would never do anything to harm the economic viability of one of the few states helping to keep America from economic doom? Of course the Obama Administration would do that, and quit calling me Shirley!

ITEM: First Class Temperament—Not! Go here for a revealing story about the new Mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel and his less than calm response to a reasonable question by a female reporter. Remember, gentle readers, Emanuel was often touted as the sole rational, calm and reasonable voice in the Obama White House. This man is running one of America's largest cities. We're in the very best of hands.

ITEM: 2012 Election Preview: Presidential Press Secretary Jay Carney provided a look (go here) into what will almost certainly be Mr. Obama's campaign rhetoric in 2012: "The economy is vastly improved from what it was when Barack Obama was sworn into office as president." Right. Ignore that man behind the curtain; Neville Chamberlain secured peace in our time; scientists don't want drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, and Janet Napolitano says things on the southern border are better than ever! A mind is a terrible thing to waste, Jay.

ITEM: U.S. Taxpayers Take A Bath! Or: "Mr. President! The taxpayers are revolting!" "They certainly are." When Barack Obama took over Chrysler and GM, we owned a Dodge Caliber. It was a decent car, but sensing that Mr. Obama would do as well running the auto industry as everything else he touches, we decided to support the only U.S. manufacturer who did not succumb to the siren song of Socialism and have been happy Ford owners since. But now the Treasury Department has announced that it sold the taxpayer's remaining 98,000 shares of Chrysler stock—at a $1.3 billion dollar loss. Assistant Secretary for Financial Stability Tim Massad said, essentially, well, yeah, but we dumped our investment at a loss six years earlier than we expected, so you know, it's like all good and stuff! What good news! Go here for the entire disaster. I don't know--$1.3 billion still seems like quite a bit of money to me. You?

ITEM: And Now It's Time For—Guess That Date! Yes gentle readers, in what year was this headline featured? "U.S. Budget Deficit Hits Record $438 Billion For Year?" Was it (A) 1934, (B) 1963, (C) 1972, or (D) 1981? It's (E) None of the above. The year was 2008. Isn't it amazing how just over two years of Barack Obama has so devalued the apparent worth of hundreds of billions of dollars that $438 billion doesn't sound like much anymore? Go here for an enlightening bit of perspective, courtesy of the invaluable Mark Steyn.

ITEM: Politically Incorrect: Have you found yourself annoyed by the tired, cowardly character assassination that passes for being brave and politically incorrect when uttered by leftists, leftists such as the distinctly unfunny and just plain mean comedian Bill Maher? Well, Steven Crowder shares your pain and has produced a great little video (here) illustrating just what being politically incorrect means. If you're not familiar with Crowder and his work, you've missed one of the brightest and genuinely funniest comedians extant. Take the time to see this one.

ITEM: God—And Ronald McDonald—Have Delicious Senses of Irony. Go here for the story. What story? With the First Couple doing their best to destroy the economy and turn children into skeletal model-waifs, which company is thriving despite their best efforts? C'mon, I gave you a major hint!

ITEM: "Note That There's A Restaurant Called Hooters But None Called Testicles." So says Advice Goddess Amy Alkon (here). If you haven't read Alkon, this is a good chance to make her acquaintance, so to speak. Direct, rational, funny, smart: what more could you want in a woman, or an advice goddess, for that matter? My favorite English parallel: "If you can be quizzical, why can't you be testicle?"

ITEM: Beauty: Popular music has produced a few truly magnificent singers. Among them are Karen Carpenter—who sadly died far too young—and Alison Krauss, like Carpenter a consummate musician with an achingly expressive, beautiful voice and the ability to find the soul of a song, to truly sing the music instead of the notes and rhythms. July 23rd was her birthday and Powerline (here) has a brief story and a video you really want to see. If you've not heard Krauss, you're missing real beauty. Take the chance to experience it.

ITEM: No One Is That Stupid—Right? Imagine a federal cemetery, a cemetery serving as an official final resting place for our military dead. Imagine that the director of that cemetery is preventing any mention of God from being used in services in that cemetery. Insane, right? Can't be happening, right? Apparently, it is. Go here for the story of one Arleen Ocasio, director of the cemetery in Houston, TX (of all places), and the testimony of state lawmaker John Culberson (you knew he had to be a Republican, didn't you) who went "undercover" to see for himself after Obama Administration officials denied that it was happening. According to Culberson, it is indeed happening. See what you think. Secure breakable objects first.

ITEM: A Cuteness Overdose That Just Keeps On Giving: Go here to Zoo Borns for photos of the cutest beasties--born in zoos all over the place—you've ever seen. This is the kind of site you should bookmark and visit whenever you feel the need for one of those "Awwwwwww!" moments. Winnie-The-Pooh cute.

ITEM: Let’s Go There And Figure Out How They Do It! So say the officials of many states who are sojourning to—Texas! That’s right. The Lone Star State has, from 2001-2010 created 732,000 jobs, more than any other state. Arizona, in second place, had only 92,000. California recently sent a high-level delegation and apparently don't speak Texan, because they're still circling the toilet bowl on the way down. How did these Texans do it? Go here to find out.

ITEM: Mr. Obama gave a speech the other night on the Debt Ceiling debacle. Class warfare, false choices, lies, it's everybody else's fault, all talk, no plan, you know, the usual. Go here, if you care.

ITEM: What? How Is This Possible? And in a related story, the White House Press Corps (that's "core," not "corpse") actually took Obama Press Mouthpiece Jay Carney to task and dared to demand to know why Mr. Obama has no debt ceiling plan! Mr. Carney's response? Mr. Obama don' need no stinkin' plan! He gave a good speech once—or something. Well, as long as you put it that way… Go here to see the most transparent administration in American history in action.

ITEM: Shovel Ready? Yeah. Not so much. Go here to PowerLine for a cute video on the true nature of the Obama stimulus that even Mr. Obama admitted was never shovel ready, although, they did give cocaine to monkeys. I can't think of a better use for taxpayer funds, can you? Perhaps measuring gay penises or something like that. Or maybe gay monkey penises…that would be better! Discuss.

ITEM: We're In The Very Best Of Hands: Go here to see a video of a Congressman questioning ATF higher-ups about Operation Fast and Furious. See the higher-ups pretend to be unable to understand or answer simple questions. See how well our tax dollars are being used to destroy our rights and kill law enforcement officers in two nations. Makes you proud to be a citizen of the world.

ITEM: The Clinton Legacy. Remember those glory years for the Democrats: The Clinton years of amazing economic success driven by Democrat policy? Yeah. Me neither, but a great many Democrats and of course, the Lamestream Media remembers it fondly. But as Mr. Reagan was fond of saying, it's not so much that what the Dems know is wrong, but that so much of what they know just isn't so. And so it is with this myth. Go here for the facts by the invaluable Mona Charen. If you haven't read Charen, this is a fine introduction.

ITEM: The Joys of Austerity: Mr. Obama has announced he has a plan to save $4 trillion dollars! Well, he's announced it, but he actually, sort of, really, has no plan at all, actually. But because he's Barack Obama, his word is reality, except when it isn’t, which is actually all of the time, particularly when it comes to spending. To get a very readable and worthy take on our upcoming fiscal reality, go here to read the mandatory Mark Steyn.

ITEM: Yummy Goodness and Political Philosophy: Our very own Brigid has managed to combine wonderful writing and photography on the most essential of the food groups: bacon--and politics. Go here for a rare treat.

ITEM: Middle East Overview: Take a few minutes to navigate over to The Mellow Jihadist, which is not, by the way, an Islamist Looney site, to read a post with many interesting links. It's sort of a quick recent history of what's up thereabouts written by a former military officer who knows whereof he speaks. Interesting indeed.

ITEM: Be Prepared! Who knew that there were at least five different types—of sluts? Of sluts. Viewer Warning: This short article contains a photograph of an attractive female posterior and of a female making an obscene gesture. Oh yes, and the kind of language you find in such disreputable places as your local cinema, and, well, life. I mention this because I know how sensitive, sheltered and gentile CY readers are. Go here to "the Frisky" for the vital story. Hey, with all of the horrendous stuff we end up reporting, I think we can all use a bit of frippery, or friskiness. Sorry: no extra credit for inventing your own kinds of sluts—or for gay penis jokes.

And with that observation, I must thank you once again for stopping by and urge you to visit us again next Thursday at Quick Takes! May you have such a ridiculously lovely week that your enemies melt down in frustration!

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July 21, 2011

Quick Takes, July 21, 2011

ITEM: Iran Has Already Tested Long Range, Nuclear-Capable Missiles? Oh goody. Go here for the story. Unfortunately, it’s true, and it’s likely that Iran is closer to nuclear capability than our emasculated, politicized intelligence apparatus imagines. They will use nucs against Israel and us when they have them, and Mr. Obama is busy threatening to take away our elder’s social security checks and is focused like a laser on raising taxes. We live in a very dangerous world, a world made more dangerous by the incompetence of our own president who ignores those who represent the most credible threat to our nation.

ITEM: Adventures In Time Travel: Go here for a fascinating but brief story about Cornell scientists who have actually altered time. It was for only 110 nanoseconds, but it's real. The line between reality and science fiction becomes more blurred all the time.

ITEM: Full Faith and Credit: Go here for a brief article by Mark Steyn. An excerpt:

"We are sending a consistent message to the world that the political structures of the United States do not allow for meaningful course correction. That does far more damage to the “full faith and credit” of America than failing to hike the debt ceiling."

Read the entire article to get the full context. It's now clearer than ever that our representatives in DC really do think we're stupid.

ITEM: Miss Me Yet? Joy Nordlinger has a nice essay about Nobels awarded as political weapons (here). He notes, in part:

"These days, you hardly ever hear a good word about Bush 43. The Left has always hated him, of course, and the Right habitually snorts at him. I have a feeling that Bush’s time will come. And that the haters and the snorters will look pretty small."

With Barack Obama in the White House, they already do Mr. Nordlinger, they already do.

ITEM: Perry Is In? It appears, according to Hot Air (go here), that he may enter the Presidential race. We have commented in past QTs about the very obvious shortcomings of Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich. In fact, it will be worth your time to visit an interesting article by Clayton Cramer (here) on why Mr. Romney will almost certainly be a losing nominee. As Mr. Perry is my Governor, a few thoughts: (1) I'm always a little worried about anyone who, if they fall down, is at risk of shattering their hair. (2) He's likely to be the most genuinely conservative (electable) candidate Republicans will have this year. (3) He has a real record of solid governance and economic accomplishment. (4) He's nothing at all like Barack Obama. (5) He actually shot an attacking coyote with a concealed handgun while out running (name any other politician who has actually carried and fired a gun so effectively, and even though Dick Cheney did shoot a lawyer, that doesn't count). (6) This year, all of that is pretty darned important.

ITEM: I Was Wrong. A refreshing thing to hear and a character revealing and building thing to say, particularly when you're Cynthia Tucker, a columnist with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, a black columnist who previously editorialized in favor of racial jerrymandering to further black causes, a liberal columnist. Go here to read her essay embracing democracy. Congratulations to Ms. Tucker, not for being "white," and not for embracing conservative ideals, but democratic ideals that will help Blacks, not consign them to being eternally adolescent wards of the Democrat Party.

ITEM: Well, I Can't Think Of A Better Use For Taxpayer Money! Let's say you're a federal National Institutes of Health bureaucrat with just loads of grant money to hand out for worthy projects (Deficit? We don' got no stinkin' deficit!). You find an intriguing grant proposal, one for research, which if successful, will answer one of mankind's most vexing and pressing public health questions, so of course you funnel $889,769 (in 2006) into the research. What was the research? What effect a gay man's penis size has on his sex life and general well-being. I'm not kidding. Go here for the story. It ought to get a rise out of you. I am soooo ashamed of myself...

ITEM: A Child Molester Facing Years in Jail Walks Into A Bar And Says…There is actually no punch line to this one, except that the child molester gets to view the video he made of his victim as part of his defense. This is an issue outraging many in the Pacific Northwest. Go here to PACNW Righty for the story and comment. If we want the presumption of innocence for ourselves…

ITEM: The Government Love You So Much Your Children Are Ours! Go here to Fox News for an interesting discussion about the proposal in the July American Medical Association Journal by Dr. David Ludwig advocating that obese children be taken from their parents and forced to meet government weight standards. Hey, if they can tell you which light bulbs to buy and force you to buy the insurance they approve, why not? It’s for the good of the children!

ITEM: Everything Old Is New Again! It has often bandied about that Barack Obama is, if anything, even worse than Jimmy Carter, whose photograph you will find if you look in the dictionary under "truly wretched and incompetent president." On the anniversary of Mr. Carter's famous and fatuous "malaise" speech (I actually heard it when he gave it! I'm still recovering; I have these nightmares…) The bright and beautiful Laura Ingraham put together a montage of Mr. Carter's comments interspersed with Mr. Obama's. Talk about separated at birth! Actually, it's rather scary. Mr. Carter's photo in the dictionary is not destined for a long life, I'm afraid. Go here to Michelle Malkin for the audio.

ITEM: Goods Versus Rights: Go here to the Weekly Standard for an intriguing essay by Noemie Emery about the difference between calling having free health care a right, and having the money to pay for that good (as in a consumer good). Her conclusion? The welfare state as we have known it is quite dead. Some people are just refusing to view the body. Good stuff.

ITEM: Hey, Have You Noticed…? Department: Hey have you noticed how much gasoline prices have come down since Mr. Obama saved us all by releasing oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve? Yeah. Me neither. Aren't you glad he had the brilliance and foresight to do that? Yeah. Me neither. Discuss.

ITEM: Louis Renault Award of the Week, Lamestream Media Edition: According to Presidential mouthpiece Jay Carney, the media is being excluded from debt-ceiling meeting because they dared to ask questions of President Obama. Apparently The One was annoyed with their manner of asking questions. Go here for the story. I’m shocked, shocked! Actually, you have to wonder if the mental midgets of the press will ever awaken to the reality that Barack Obama considers them, at best, to be useful idiots. Dear Press: Barack Obama is not America’s friend, and he is certainly not your friend.

ITEM: Don’t Tax You, Don’t Tax Me; Tax That Cat Behind The Tree! That’s the old saying, isn’t it? Well, it certainly is in San Diego which is now proposing a cat “registration” fee, so of course, its not really a tax, except you have to pay it to the government. How would you enforce that sort of thing? Kitty SWAT teams making no-knock raids and shooting citizens whose cats stared menacingly at them? As goes California, so goes the nation? Not unless we all want to descend into economic and moral oblivion. Go here to see our feline future.

ITEM: It’s Official: When his lips are moving, he really is lying. At his call-their-bluff, takin’-it-to-the-people speech on July 15, Mr. Obama said that 80% of the American people are “sold” on his “balanced” approach. That’s right: 80% of the public not only wants higher taxes, they’re virtually begging for them. Go here for the story and video. Funny, I don’t recall getting a polling call on that topic…

ITEM: The Wages of Rhetoric: In the Age of Obama, talk has never been cheaper. Mr. Obama is infamous for saying that he supports X or Y and then either doing nothing at all to support X or Y or doing everything possible to destroy X or Y. Well, now Mr. Obama is absolutely ready to make big cuts in entitlements. Well, except ObamaCare, the biggest entitlement of all time, of course. Go here for an explication of that, and other Obama lunacies by the estimable Charles Krauthammer.

ITEM: I Absolutely Did Not Say That I Did The Auto Company Bailout For The Unions—except maybe I did, but I didn’t really mean it, and it was a sort of joke, if I said it, which I’m not sure I didn’t, and anyway, this is all a distraction. Go here for the story. Last week in QTs we wrote of Ron Bloom, the White House auto company bailout honcho who once said that he did the auto bailouts for the unions, then vehemently denied it in testimony before Congress. Now it seems he’s backpedaling. I’m shocked, shocked! Where’s Louis Renault when you need him?

ITEM: We’re AAA! Maybe not so much. America stands on the precipice of losing its AAA bond rating, which would make it much more expensive for the nation to borrow money and would almost certainly send consumer and bank interest rates into the skyrocketing energy territory so beloved of Mr. Obama and his Socialistic Energy Secretary Chu. Go here for the Wall Street Journal story on exactly why we could lose the favorable rating we’ve enjoyed since 1917. Nobody looks good, but Obama and the Democrats are leading the political lemmings right off the fiscal cliff, band playing and flags flying.

ITEM: But Smart Diplomacy Is So, So…Smart! When your foreign policy consists of billions of cubic feet of noxious rhetoric, serial insults of your allies and base spaniel fawning appeasement of your most deadly and determined enemies, it’s rather hard to apply the adjective “smart” to anything you’ve done. Go here for a brief New Republic piece about the wages of Mr. Obama’s foreign policy fecklessness. We will be lucky to survive him.

ITEM: Blast From The Not So Distant Past: Go here for a great story—in the NYT of all places—from Gretchen Morgenson about GM's blatant public lie about paying off its government loans. Some will remember that it turns out they took money from one government account and used that to pay off the loan about which they crowed. Did you know, by the way, that we still own $2.1 billion of preferred G.M. stock and 61% of its common equity? By all means, read the whole thing.

ITEM: Feel Good Story Of The Week. Go here for the Fox News video of an Iraq War veteran who caught a burglar in his home and held him at gunpoint for police. If you ever wanted to find a poster person for responsible, calm use of firearms by a citizen, this is the guy. Special Bonus: He makes the point that his home state, Illinois, won't allow citizens to protect themselves, but Indiana, where he now lives, does.

ITEM: Thank God For the Police In Midway, GA. Go here for another Fox News video about three young girls in Midway, GA who opened a front yard lemonade stand and were shut down by the police for not having a business license.

Note to The Police in Midway, GA (and elsewhere): You have discretion. Even though you were legitimately enforcing the law, it's hard to imagine anything that would make you look more like dim-witted bullies than symbolically beating up on a few little girls selling lemonade in their front yard. Kicking puppies on the front steps of a church, maybe, but this one should be a no brainer. Way to shoot yourselves in the foot guys!

ITEM: What The Hell Is He Talking About? Department: In his Saturday radio speech, Mr. Obama spoke, as he so often does, about the rich "paying their fair share." Let's see if I have this straight: Nearly 50% of Americans pay no income tax at all, and the top 5% of wage earners pay nearly 60% of all income taxes. Is that right? Why yes, it is. So from whom, exactly, is Mr. Obama going to get an additional "fair share," and at what rate will they have to be taxed? Would 500% do it? Isn't it true that even if we taxed every millionaire and billionaire in the US at 100%, the revenues generated wouldn't come close to covering even one year of the national debt at Obama levels of increase? Why yes, it is. So what the hell is he talking about? Discuss.

ITEM: Run For Your Life! It's Global Warming! Well, not for the last 15 years anyway. Remember one of the Climategate E-mails wherein the deceptive scientists involved were quite annoyed that they had no explanation at all for why there had been no increase in warming in the last 15 years? Remember the hilarity that ensued when they said that this lack of an explanation put at risk the entire AGW racket? Ha ha ha! I certainly do. Go here for the story and re-live the humor.

ITEM: How To Sell Through Sex: Go here to the Daily Mail (love those Brits!) for a fascinating article on how men and women see sexy ads differently. I know you're not surprised that they do see things differently (if you are, we need to have a chat after class; I'm worried about your continuing survival), but you'll be surprised about the specifics. Neat article; neat photographs, neat graphics. Who said all they care about over there are fish and chips?

ITEM: Helping the Troops: Go here for an interesting NIMH video about how to be helpful to our returning combat veterans. It's about five minutes of your time that may make a difference for one of our truly best and brightest (they're not in DC—unless they're in uniform, that is).

ITEM: It'll Replace The Gasoline Engine! Is it the Chevy Volt? The Nissan Leaf? Nah. As a matter of fact, there is no technology that is even close to being as efficient, convenient and affordable as the internal combustion engine. However, one possibility is using a flywheel in a sort of gas/flywheel hybrid. It has some promise, but as with electric cars, there is no free lunch. Read this article to see what I mean. Don't sell your stock in Exxon-Mobile just yet.

ITEM: Arguing For Death Panels: Remember when Sarah Palin talked about government death panels under ObamaCare and was roundly criticized—until it was passed so that Nancy Pelosi could find out what was in it, and there is a death panel under ObamaCare? Remember the apologies Sarah Palin received? Me neither. Remember New York Times token conservative David Brooks? You know, the guy who thought that Barack Obama would be a magnificent president because his pants had spiffy creases? I'm not making that up. Well, Mr. Brooks has an essay in the Times basically arguing that when you get old and sick, why, life just isn't worth living, so you should give the right to kill you to government so that you aren't burdened with your life, because rationing is good because health care is expensive and old people are inconvenient and icky and all. The invaluable Jennifer Rubin (here) opens a can of pants crease remover on Brooks. There is a link to Brooks' article in hers. Should a guy who thinks he can read presidential success in pants creases even be allowed to write in public?

ITEM: Reckless Endangerment: That's the name of a new book by Gretchen Morgenson and Joshua Rosner on why we're in such a financial mess. Go here for a solid article by Rex Murphy of Canada's National Post, which profiles the book and names names. Barney Frank, by the way, is a primary villain. I know: You're shocked, shocked? Where's Louis Renault when you really need him?

ITEM: Here's How You Do It. Any Questions? Go here to Power Line for a great, brief video of Senator Marco Rubio (R-Florida) on Face the Nation. The execrable Robert Schieffer tries to open a can of Democrat talking points on Rubio, who deftly replies with logic and rational thought. Schieffer, of course, has no idea how to respond. I know what you're thinking: Leftist partisanship? Surely not on CBS, the home of Rathergate! Yes, leftist partisanship, and quit calling me Shirley.

ITEM: Louis Renault Award, Global Warming Division: So, Global Warming isn't really science? I'm shocked, shocked! Yeah. Right. Go here for a fascinating explanation of precisely why it fails to be—you know—science and is instead a sort of carnival barker's pseudo-religious something or other. The article contains real science stuff such as you shouldn't ignore contrary data and projections from unverified sources, and untested computer models aren't actual knowledge. I know: crazed right wing thinking, right? Gad, I hope so. It begins with "Philosophical Basis for Challenging the IPCC."

ITEM: Chevy Volt? Forget That: Gimme A Flying Car! Go here for a fascinating story about an actual, practical flying car that may be driving—and flying above—American highways within a year. This is the real thing, gentle readers. Major league cool, but I wouldn't put the family car up for sale just yet.

ITEM: Louis Renault Award Of The Day, MSNBC Division: Rachel Maddow, misleading the public? I'm shocked, shocked! Yeah, not so much. Go here to discover how Ms. Maddow recently misrepresented the Texas Voter ID law while combining the self-evident (to her) evil of actually forcing people who want to vote to identify themselves with the evil of people who hold concealed carry licenses. Is there no evil to which these Republicans will not stoop? Not in Maddow World. Good thing it doesn't actually exist.

ITEM: The Economy: Democrats and Strippers Hardest Hit! Go here for a fascinating interview by Susannah Breslin about the business of stripping and the economy. Did you know that 9/11 hit the stripping industry very hard? The story has links to several other worthwhile Breslin articles.

ITEM: So The Vacation Cottage is up to $50,000 Per Week? Book That Sucker! And you too could say that if you were Barack Obama, who, according to Hot Air (here) ABC, and other news outlets, will be vacationing at pricey Blue Heron Cottage on Martha's Vinyard this coming week. A guy deserves a bit of vacation now and then, but gad, talk about awful timing and choices! I seem to recall a past president who gave up golf because it might look frivolous when the nation was at war, and whose vacations consisted of a bit of infrequent time on his ranch in the international garden spot of Crawford, TX. Can't quite seem to recall his name, but I know he gets blamed for everything…

ITEM: It's The Cops! And this time, they're behaving like pros. What is all the more remarkable is that a citizen openly carrying a gun is involved. I know that some people might get the impression that we here at CY are anti-police. The truth is, we're anti incompetent and abusive police, which are—thank goodness--a small percentage of all officers. Go here to see a video of one of the real good guys.

ITEM: Paco To The Rescue! Go here for a great video about Paco the Chihuahua who chased off two armed robbers, preventing them from taking more than a small amount of cash from his owner. If Paco can do it, how can anyone claim with a straight face that we should submit to criminals and give them what they want?

And with that great little story, I must thank you for stopping by, say a fond farewell and invite you, once again, to return next Thursday for another edition of Quick Takes! Woof! Get 'em Paco! Aiieeeee!

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July 13, 2011

Quick Takes, July 14, 2011

ITEM: Smart Energy Policy? We have experienced the wonders of “Smart Diplomacy” and the world is in turmoil. Now, we have experienced the equal delights of Smart Energy Policy as the results of Mr. Obama’s release and sale of 30 million barrels of oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve are now apparent. The results? Zip, zero, nada, zilch, bupkis, dick, and last but not least, squat. Go here for the whole debacle.

ITEM: Global Warming Isn’t Dead, It’s Pinin’ For The Fjords! So now we know. Go here, where we discover that the more one knows about science and the better informed one is, the more likely they are to see global warming as a figurative dead parrot that wouldn’t “voom” if was shot full of lightning because it’s nailed to the perch! Strange: I have a sudden compulsion to sing about being a lumberjack…

ITEM: Time Wounds All Heels: Apparently, even in the land of the unrestrained liberals—CNN—ratings still matter. I know, I know, but MSNBC is another dimension, literally another dimension. Don’t get me started. Eliot Spitzer’s show has been canceled. Go here for the story. I could construct some elaborate snark about this one, but frankly Scarlett, I just don’t give a damn.

ITEM: Why is the British Media So Much Better Than the LameStream Media? Go here for a Telegraph story on, of all things, a Harvard economics professor who thinks that the nation shouldn’t spend money that it doesn’t have because one day, the bill will come due! Amazing! He also believes that economic stimulus idiocy doesn’t work! Good grief, where has this man been?

ITEM: The 800 Pound Gorilla In The Room: As the deficit talks/non-talks grind relentlessly onward—or don’t—few comment on the 800 pound gorilla in the room: Obamacare. Until Americans know with certainty whether this lunatic abomination is going to be implemented or repealed, it makes little difference to talk about fixing the economy or entitlement reform, for it is the largest single entitlement ever imagined by man. Irrespective of other entitlement spending, it will bankrupt the nation, and Mr. Obama wants to roll back corporate jet tax credits. Say, didn’t he have something to do with Obamacare? I seem to remember something about that a year or so ago… Discuss.

ITEM: He’s Drowning! Quick, Throw Him This Anchor! Go here—if you dare—to discover that California politicians are indisputably, actually trying to bankrupt their state. There is simply no other possible explanation. What’s up? The Loongislature has passed a bill that gives labor unions the power to directly appoint half of city and county civil service commissions. That’s right: unions will appoint half of the people with whom they’ll negotiate for their wages and benefits. Unless Gov. Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown vetoes the law, it will automatically become law. These Californians, they’re really space aliens in disguise, aren’t they?

ITEM: Casey Anthony Was Guilty! We Know It Because The Media Suggested It! Maybe not so much. Did she kill her daughter? Perhaps. Is that among the most vile and heart rending crimes imaginable? Of course. Is the criminal justice system imperfect? No Doubt. As those of us who have actually labored in the criminal justice system know, there is no such thing as perfection. In any case, there are almost always unanswered questions and doubts that will never be fully explained. Life is absolutely not like the CSI shows, and in this case, the prosecution could not prove how Caylee died. They could not prove that she had been murdered. Go here for an article by Alan Dershowitz wherein Prof. Deshowitz suggests, convincingly, that the system worked. I tend to agree. You?

ITEM: Why, He’s Just Like Us! Go here for an interesting statement form Presidential Press Secretary Jay Carney who, speaking for the President, noted that Americans don’t talk about the GDP and unemployment numbers. If the Obama Administration really thinks that, and acts on that lunatic assumption, 2012 may be a historic landslide that will shovel-ready Mr. Obama all the way back to wherever he may or may not have been born. But hey, our self-appointed betters are just like us. They feel our pain and understand our meaningless, pathetic, petty little lives. Makes me feel warm inside. You?

ITEM: Oops! During my law enforcement days, we local cops often dealt with the FBI who have always more or less considered themselves God’s gift to law enforcement. To their occasional chagrin, they are reminded that they too must recruit from the human race, as in the case of the abandoned MP5, a 9mm submachine gun, which an FBI agent left sitting on the top of his unmarked car in the local federal building parking lot. A local skateboarder found it and skateboarded down to the police station to turn it in. Yes, it was loaded. Go here for a charming photo of a Seattle police cruiser illegally parked, and with an apparently loaded police AR-15 rifle sitting on the trunk lid while the officers involved did—who knows what.

The police department was not sure if the gun was loaded. Uh, I believe that’s relatively easy to check, and in fact, after ensuring that the safety is on, proper safety protocol for semi-automatic firearms requires removing the magazine and cycling the bolt/slide to eject any chambered round. Only the professionals should have guns. Oops.

ITEM: It’s Soooooo Unexpected! Go here for a Reuters report about the latest catastrophic economic report released—on a Friday—by the government. Unemployment rose—again—to 9.2% and about all those jobs the government claimed to have created in April and May? Never mind! Subtract 44,000 from whatever those totals were. It’s a good thing Americans don’t care about unemployment and all of that complex economic stuff. It’s all so…unexpected.

ITEM: Ruh-Roh, Shaggy! Let’s say that you were once the largest and most powerful automaker in the world, but you allowed unions to increase your labor costs so much that you went bankrupt. But lo and behold, a savior arose in the land of Chicago and bailed the unions out and let you come along for the ride. And now all is goodness, light and profitability. Yeah. Not so much. Go here to discover General Motor’s newest program: Buy a new GM car and get free auto insurance for a year. Uh, but wouldn’t that kind of thing suggest, you know, like desperation rather than profitability? Good question.

ITEM: Economic Doom? Go here to read a handy compilation of the economic reality of Obamanomics in statistics, provided by Stephen Green of Vodakpundit. In a rational world with a responsible, adult media (I know: oxymoron), the reality reflected in these indisputable numbers would tell any president that it’s time to retire to a life of traitorous betrayal of your nation rather than waste millions on a hopeless second presidential campaign. Any bets on reality? Discuss.

ITEM: Um, Shouldn’t He Be Supporting Jobs If He Says He Supports Jobs? Remember Barack Hussein Obama? You know, The One? The man who will lower sea levels and heal the planet? Remember how he has repeatedly said that creating jobs is “job one” for the white House? So why is he trying to destroy entire industries every time he opens his mouth? Go here for an example.

ITEM: Louis Renault Award, Reality Division: (AKA: So, You Actually Thought He Knew Anything About Defense, The Economy, Or, Well, Anything?!) Go here to "The Hill" for an article on Mr. Obama’s recent comments about raiding the defense budget to finance his domestic priorities. It reveals an amazing lack of understanding of, well, just about everything on the President’s part. I’m shocked, shocked! that a man with no experience at basically anything would have no experience at basically anything.

ITEM: Have You Read Amy Alkon? If not, go here to for a solid ration of common sense. In this particular article, Alkon take to take one Rebecca Watson who suffered the unimaginable horror of being propositioned—by her own admission in a completely polite manner—in an elevator. As Joseph Conrad, channeled by Elmer Fudd said: “Duh howuh.”

ITEM: Steven Chu Cares About You! Our very own Energy Secretary who has said, among other things, that we must figure out some way to get gasoline prices to rise to European levels ($10 per gallon) is once again demonstrating his selfless, boundless concern for the little people. In support of taking away incandescent light bulbs and forcing everyone to buy bulbs that are actually dangerous and cost a great deal more, Chu recently said (here) “We are taking away a choice that continues to let people waste their own money.” Oh rapture! How could any one man possibly care so much about little old me that he is willing, nay, determined to prevent me from making choices that would waste my own money? How, oh how have I been able to avoid bankruptcy, nay, how have I been able to survive without the benevolence of Steven Chu and the rest of the Obama Administration looking out for my welfare until this point in my wretched life? I’m so grateful, so grateful.

ITEM: #49: With the signature of Governor Scott Walker, Wisconsin has become the 49th state that allows concealed carry in some form. Wisconsin is a “shall issue” state, which means that as long as an applicant for a concealed carry license is not by law disqualified from owning a firearm, the state must issue a license. Some other states, which do, in theory, authorize concealed carry, do quite the opposite in practice. Illinois remains the only state where it is entirely prohibited. Go here for the story.

ITEM: OK. I’m Confused. The White House and Congressional Republicans are fighting over a Debt Ceiling deal. They want to spend trillions more—more or less forever—and the Republicans want to cut spending so we don’t entirely bankrupt the nation sooner rather than later. Oh yes, and the White House wants to greatly increase taxes. It is certain than tax increases will seriously worsen an already serious economic situation. It is certain that spending more will seriously worsen an already serous economic situation. The only way to save the nation is to spend less, a great deal less. So what’s the problem? Who is completely crazy here? Discuss.

ITEM: “I Did this All For the Unions”: said Ron Bloom, President Obama’s Assistant for Manufacturing Policy, is reported to have said in talking about the Administration’s role in the takeover of GM and Chrysler. Testifying before Congress, Bloom flatly denied every saying it. However, Bloom associate Steve Rattner, in a 2010 book, said that he did, but characterized it as a joke. And White House spokesmen are also characterizing it as a joke. The comment was made at a celebration dinner at a restaurant. Rep. Daryl Issa has now written a letter to Bloom asking him to clarify or amend his testimony. I don’t know; I kind of lean toward the proposition that this is exactly the kind of thing that an Obama Administration official and former union honcho would say? You? We’ll see. Go here for the story.

ITEM: Debt Ceiling? More Taxes? A Balanced Approach? All of the talk about negotiating an increase of the debt ceiling makes most folk’s eyes cross. But consider this: The debt ceiling is in place to prevent irresponsible, craven politicians whose only life skill is wasting enormous amounts of other people’s money from wasting so much of other people’s money that they actually bankrupt the country. And our representatives are talking about a two trillion dollar increase—two trillion dollars—as though it is inevitable and the rest is just niggling details. And of course, Mr. Obama demand tax increases. What he isn’t telling you is he has already obtained huge tax increases in Obamacare and elsewhere. Go here for a story by Jennifer Rubin that lays out the numbers. Truly frightening.

ITEM: How Can You Tell When Barack Obama Is Lying? His lips are moving. It’s an old joke, I know, but oh so true in this case. Remember Mr. Obama’s tragic story of evil insurance companies denying promised coverage to his cancer-stricken mother during her final months? It turns out that the story is not as he has represented it. I know: You’re shocked, shocked! Where’s Louis Renault when you need him? Go here for the story from Byron York.

ITEM: Do As I Mandate, Not As I Do! Go here for a story about Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (Democrat, of course) who was voted the second meanest person in the House. It seems the Congresswoman hired a staffer with a vision disability and then denied her the accommodations she needed to do her job. Imagine that: A Congresscritter mandating things for the little people and ignoring them herself. Who’da thunk it?

ITEM: Syrian Hopes: One person always worth reading on the Middle East is Claire Berlinski. Not only has she lived in Turkey for many years, she’s a perceptive observer and writer. Syria is one regime that assists Iran in the murder of thousands, and as the Syrian citizenry stands up to demonstrate for freedom, they are being killing by the scores. Mr. Obama, of course, does nothing to assist those who truly seek freedom. Go here for Berlinski’s most recent account. And in the meantime, go here to read about Assad loyalists storming the American Embassy in Damascus. Perhaps if Mr. Obama only reached out with an open hand…?

ITEM: Lights Out! The bill, sponsored by Joe Barton (R-TX) that would have overturned the measure doing away with 100 watt incandescent light bulbs was defeated in the House July 11. For some reason, the vote was held under conditions that would have required a supermajority to pass. The final vote was 233 to 193; 285 were required for passage. Hmm. One might almost be tempted to think that this was nothing but political theater. Go here for the story and remember this whenever you’re forced to buy a CFL bulb or whenever you flip a light switch.

ITEM: I’m Going To Cut Off Grandma! Thus sayeth Barack Obama, threatening to cut off social security checks for seniors if the Republcans don’t give him as much of other people’s money as he wants to spend. Go here for Bob’s and my take on the issue, and go here for the actual figures. As usual, Mr. Obama’s lips were moving again.

ITEM: That Must Have Hurt! Remember when the merry Marxists at NBC produced a montage for the opening of the U.S. Open with children saying the Pledge of Allegiance—with “under God” and “indivisible” edited out? After receiving a letter signed by 108 members of Congress taking them to task, NBC has formally apologized. Apparently having a significant portion of the American public and the Congress ticked at them caused the suits at NBC to hastily rediscover patriotism they didn't know they had. Go here for the story.

ITEM: At the last moment before posting there is news of Mr. Obama’s abrupt and petulant exit from a negotiating session over the Debt Ceiling. Why? Because nothing is more important to him than massive tax increases. Why are they so important? Not so that he can use the revenues to pay down the debt, but to spend even more trillions and put us even more deeply into debt. He knows the House isn’t going to authorize massive tax increases, so this is his only chance to really bring America to its knees, particularly if he isn’t reelected. What’s your opinion? Discuss.

ITEM: Blind Faith: Go here to Fox News for the story of Morgan Trujillo, a 17 year-old Colorado girl thrown from a horse. Morgan suffered a serious head injury that left her unable to help herself. She was rescued by Keith Day, who is blind, who followed her cries for help. This one will restore your faith in humanity.

And on that positive note, I must thank you for stopping by and urge you to return again next Thursday for another edition of Quick Takes!

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July 06, 2011

Quick Takes, July 7, 2011

ITEM: The Muslim—Sisterhood? Imagine that an aide of one of our most important cabinet officials was a member of a family with strong ties to Islamic extremists. Would this concern you? Remember Anthony Weiner? Remember his poor wife, Huma Abedin? She’s the deputy chief of staff for Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and as such, has direct access to all manner of our most important secrets. Go here to Pajamas Media to discover that she has apparently never been vetted, and why, in the Muslim world, guilt by association cannot be routinely dismissed as it would in American society.

ITEM: Just Ignore The Bastards! That’s what’s being discussed in the Obama Administration: just ignore the debt ceiling and spend as much as Mr. Obama wants. After all, he’s “The One” and he won. Why not? Go here to discover what the Constitution—you know, that annoying, outdated, anachronism that stands in the way of true Socialist progress—has to say on the topic. As Boo-Boo Bear would have said: “Mr. Public isn’t gonna like this Baracki!” Neither is the Constitution.

ITEM: Life Is Full of Irony: Last 4th of July, Chris Logan attended a golf tournament and was nailed on the temple by a golf ball. His visit to the emergency room led to the discovery of a cancerous tumor on his thyroid and his eventual cure. A year later, he met the golfer that, in a very ironic way, saved his life. Go here for the story.

ITEM: There’s Nothing Exceptional About America: I know because our President has said so to foreigners, particularly to foreigners. Tell it to Edvard Tchivzchel, who in 1991 was on a tour of the US with the Soviet State Orchestra. Surprisingly, his wife and son were allowed to tour with him. Despite being constantly watched, he was able to defect and his family and he became US citizens in 1999. He now conducts the Greenville Symphony Orchestra. Go here for the story of a man who has no doubt about the exceptional nature of America.

ITEM: And In the Never-Ending Wisconsin Soap Opera: Ann Coulter, in her new book “Demonic,” argues that it is virtually always liberals rather than progressives who are violent, who resort to force and brutality to impose their political views, views that cannot stand on their own merits. Another Ann, Ann Althouse, makes a similar argument here. Should not the courts privately resolve any differences they have, out of public view? Indeed. However, Wisconsin seems an alternate universe these days. Read the whole thing.

ITEM: Who Is Responsible For All The Financial Wreckage? Go here for a Washington Post Column by George Will for a concise explanation of what led—in large part—to our massive mortgage debacle and all of the related consequences.

ITEM: So America Is Not An Exceptional Nation? So says our very own President. Go here to read a gratifying article on our newest citizens. They have no doubt about the value of being Americans and about her place in the world. Rather a shame our President doesn’t share their views. Wasn’t he supposed to be the smartest man who ever lived or something? Be ready to shed a honest tear of pride—for them and for America, not for Mr. Obama.

ITEM: Brain Drain At NASA? With the final space shuttle flight scheduled for Friday, the New York Times (here) tells us that the “A” team of scientists may be heading for the exits and more fulfilling work elsewhere, doing, you know, like actual space and science stuff. Of course, NASA head Charles Bolden tells us “We’re capturing the brainpower,” and “We’re not adrift.” “And the vision is not gone. And we have a plan. We have a very sound plan.” Hmmm. I know this is the NYT, but why isn’t Mr. Bolden’s plan listed in the article? Isn’t this the same head of NASA who not long ago told us that President Obama’s new primary mission for NASA was making Muslims feel good about the scientific accomplishment of their ancient ancestors? Why yes, I believe he is. Read the whole thing.

Our future in space now seems to be in the hands of Burt Rutan. We could do much worse. As a matter of fact, we are doing much worse under Mr. Obama. Take the “Burt Rutan” link; absolutely take this NASA-related Rutan link, and google him too. Rutan is the most important aeronautical and space pioneer/genius about whom you’ve never heard.

Did you know that one of his designs has already flown in space? Three times?

ITEM: British Class: You’re the Prime Minister of England addressing US Marines at Camp Leatherneck in Afghanistan on the Fourth of July. How do you avoid stepping in it up to the knee? How do you actually show some real class without insulting your hosts? Go here to find out.

ITEM: Mitt Romney Steps In It Up To The Knee: Mitt Romney is the presumed front-runner for the Republic Nomination in 2012. Mitt Romney keeps saying things that make Republicans wonder if he actually is a Republican, like essentially agreeing in word and deed with Mr. Obama on some of the biggest issues of our time. Go here for his bizarre confusion on whether Mr. Obama caused our economic crisis, made it worse, didn’t cause it or make it worse, or maybe things were caused or something, but aren’t really worse after all, and possibly, Mr. Romney is a three headed space alien who is here to kidnap women, because Mars needs women! Read the brief article and its conclusion. If the most compelling argument for voting for Mr. Romney is because he’s likely not to be worse than Mr. Obama, the evidence for that proposition is fading more rapidly every time Mr. Romney opens his mouth.

UPDATE: Go here for a brief NYT article. Apparently Mr. Romney now thinks that President Obama has made the recession worse—or something—for the moment anyway. This is the best Republicans can do? Oh well. At least he looks presidential, you know, the tasteful swatches of gray around the temples, the young, vital, open-necked dress shirt look and all...

ITEM: An Unhappy Fourth of July: Go here for a Washington Post article by Robert J. Samuelson. He applies labels to conservatives and liberals that I suspect will find disfavor with most. His analysis is not completely without merit, but see what you think.

ITEM: Nominations For Best Example of Irony For July, 2011 Are Now Officially closed. Man rides his motorcycle without a helmet with 550 others to protest a mandatory helmet law…you can see what’s coming, can’t you? Go here for the story.

ITEM: When You’ve Lost Evan Thomas: Remember Evan Thomas, the Editor of Newsweek, the self described “journal of elite liberal opinion,” which is so elite it was recently sold for an entire dollar? Remember that he called Barack Obama a “god?” Apparently his faith is faltering. Go here for the shocking—to Mr. Obama and those who still regard him a deity—story.

ITEM: It’s All For The Kids, Really! At the NEA convention (here) we learn of a budget shortfall of from $14 to 17 million dollars for the coming year for the teacher’s union. More than 39,000 active members have jumped ship. The NEA has a bold plan to reduce costs by $4.8 million dollars: lay off “about 20” staffers. Uh, that’s $240,000 per staffer. It’s all for the kids. The NEA says so. Be sure to read the article, but take your blood pressure meds first.

ITEM: What The Frack Is Going On In New York State? Did I read this correctly; Democrat Governor Anthony Cuomo is lifting New York State’s ban on hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking,” to expand energy development, in…New York State? Could impending economic doom actually have the effect of whacking some Dems with the reality stick? And perhaps the biggest and most disturbing question is: what is a New York Dem. doing with evangelical hair? Go here for the hair and the story.

ITEM: Mr. Obama Talks: By now, you’ve read many dissertations on Mr. Obama’s recent deficit teleprompter reading (here). Two things to consider: (1) He remains the very Marxist dictionary definition of the class warrior, and (2) he has no intention of trying to stop spending America to destruction. Many don’t realize that the tax break on corporate jet travel he now wants to remove was established in his own stimulus bill! Of course, no one read that either. In a classless society, is it a good thing for the President of The United States to constantly try to stir up class envy and hatred? Once upon a time, being envious of the accomplishments and possessions of others was a sign of poor upbringing and weak character. I submit that among rational Americans, it still is. Discuss.

ITEM: Adventures In Leading From Behind, #10,382: Go here to Hot Air for a story by J.E. Dyer on the dangerous farce that is the latest “Gaza Flotilla.” Particularly damning is Dyer’s spot-on assessment of Mr. Obama’s fecklessness in the defense of Israel, the freedom of the seas, the suppression of pirates, and, well, you name it. Can you say: “let’s all urinate on our faithful, democratic ally Israel, kiddies? I knew that you could!”

ITEM: Claire Berlinski and Common Sense: Go here for a brief essay by the bright and beautiful Claire Berlinski about air travel safety. If you haven’t read Berlinski before, this is a good introduction. Good points. Rational thinking. Not fond of the TSA. CY likes!

ITEM: Who’da Thunk It? In Michigan, more and more women are getting concealed carry permits. What would possess otherwise reasonable, gentle, nurturing people to do such a thing? Urban decay, skyrocketing crime rates, rape, robbery, the usual stuff. I wonder if the Lamestream Media would find this to be “unexpected” too. Discuss. Go here for the story and be sure to take the link to the original article. Women with guns; works for me!

ITEM: Common Discussion Department: You know how you’re often sitting around with the boys, relaxing, talking, and knocking back a few, and that same question, always, I mean always, comes up: “what were the five best inventions of the founding fathers?” Yeah? Happens to me all the time too! Go here to find the answer. A link to information about Nikola Tesla is an added feature.

ITEM: Sunday In The Park With Boobs: I’m not kidding, that’s the URL to this article. Here at Quick Takes, we like to “expose” you to the unusual, the interesting, the “titillating” (I am soooo ashamed of myself. Heh-heh). Did you know that it is apparently legal to go topless in NYC? For women to go topless in NYC? Well, apparently it is, and there are pictures—and an entertaining story written by one Jamie Peck, a "prominent" pioneer in the "forefront" of the NYC “fresh air and sunlight might make them grow bigger” movement. Warning: For some reason, this one took a great deal of time for my browser to load. Sub-warning: Oh yes, there are nekkid breasts. Pretty, well-aired and sunlit natural ones. I can’t imagine why this story would be so popular. Discuss.

ITEM: Louis Renault Award Of the Week, Economic Disaster Division: Jeffrey H. Anderson’s article at the Weekly Standard (here) begins thus:

“When the Obama administration releases a report on the Friday before a long weekend, it’s clearly not trying to draw attention to the report’s contents. Sure enough, the “Seventh Quarterly Report” on the economic impact of the “stimulus,” released on Friday, July 1, provides further evidence that President Obama’s economic “stimulus” did very little, if anything, to stimulate the economy, and a whole lot to stimulate the debt.”

No! I’m shocked, shocked! to hear of this! Surely it can’t be true! Yes it is. Read the whole thing and don’t call me Shirley. Oh yes, and be sure to secure easily breakable items first.

ITEM: Can Congress Mandate Weight Watcher’s Membership For Obese Americans Under the Commerce Clause? On ABC (here), George Will asks this question. Watch liberals be what liberals are and say what liberals say. Our Congressional overlords certainly know the answer. Warning: Christiane Amanpour is in this clip!

ITEM: It’s In The Water, Isn’t It? That Has To Be It! Go here for more news from Wisconsin, the birthplace of progressivism, that superior, peaceful, tolerant and diverse philosophy for superior beings. See the tweet of Graeme Zielinski, Communications Director of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. Zielinski is not the only one. Do these people have any idea how idiotic they look? Discuss.

ITEM: It’s That Easy? How, oh how to be an award-winning blogger? This is a question we often ask ourselves here at CY. OK, OK, so we’ve never actually asked ourselves that question, but the lovely, bright and entertaining Susannah Breslin (here) tells us how to do it. Her first suggestion: Write about sex. It’s that easy? I somehow think most folks would rather have Susannah write about that than me. Probably even my wife. Take the link to her most-read post. Yes, it’s about sex. Maybe I should start reading romance novels for pointers…

Editor’s Note: See “Sunday In The Park With Boobs” above. Who knows? It might boost readership...or something...

Author’s Note: What am I writing? I am my own editor!

Editor’s Note: Shut up.

ITEM: When In the Course of Human Events: Astute readers will recognize this as the beginning of the first paragraph of the Declaration of Independence. Go here to the blog of the stunningly bright and lovely Michelle Malkin for its full text. The point? Substitute “Barack Obama” for “present King of Great Britain” and see how frighteningly well it fits. It will be good for you to read it again anyway. What’s that? You’ve never read it? I rest my case. Everyone needs to read it, and read it again. It’s that important.

ITEM: Has There Ever, Ever Been a More Embarrassing Vice President In American History? No. Dan Quail wasn’t at all what the Media portrayed him to be. Go here for a brief story by Doug Powers at Michelle Malkin. Does the fact that we have become utterly numbed by such foolishness and unwarranted arrogance and bravado worry anyone else? Discuss.

ITEM: Tax Them Darned Corporate Jets! Go here for a concise article by Michael Barone who explains who really cares about corporate jets, and reminds us of the fact that real Americans actually build, maintain, pilot and otherwise earn their living in the private aircraft industry. Yes, if we tax corporate jets, not only will the revenues amount to pocket change over decades, we’ll throw highly trained Americans out of work! It’s a Socialist dream two-fer!

ITEM: Again? Regular readers know of our coverage of the bizarre and unprofessional behavior of the police in the Erik Scott and Jose Guerena cases. Go here for the story of another police-caused death that speaks to a sickness in American law enforcement that has, and will cost lives.

ITEM: He Said WHAT?! Speaking Tuesday about his Thursday invitation for Congressional leaders to meet to work out the looming debt ceiling debacle (here), Mr. Obama said that the required “balanced approach,” would require considering “spending in the tax code.” “Spending(?!) in the tax code?!” Even for a man used to the rhetorical mutilation of reality, that’s a world-class oxymoron. Correct me if I’m wrong, gentle readers, but isn’t the tax code all about vacuuming money up in massive quantities? And isn’t budget legislation, such as the kind the Democrats illegally refuse to produce, about spending? You know, I’m almost convinced that Obama fellow is really talking about tax increases.

ITEM: It’s Lysistrata All Over Again! In Barbacoas, Columbia, the townswomen have decided to withhold their feminine charms from the men folk until they build a road the village needs. The men have responded by staging a hunger strike. A hunger strike?! So now they’ll be starving for food and love? I think the women have the better tactics in this one. Go here for the story.

NOTE: “Lysistrata” is one of the few plays by Aristophanes that survives today. First performed in 411 BC, Lysistrata convinces the women of Greece to join her in withholding sex until the men of Greece stop the Peloponnesian War. It’s a comedy. I suspect the men wouldn’t have been as amused as the women, then and now.

And on that “you go girls” note, I must thank for you stopping by, wish you a fond farewell, and once again invite you to return again next Thursday for another edition of Quick Takes!

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June 28, 2011

Quick Takes: June 30, 2011

NOTE: We’re posting Quick Takes a bit early this week as I’ll be away from Internet connections for a few days. QTs will be back, as usual, on Thursday next week. Thanks!

ITEM: What’s Really Going On Under The Radar? Go here to Fox News for a very disturbing story about Progressive uber-donor and manipulator, George Soros. What’s that? Everything about George Soros is very disturbing? Indeed, but now we discover that’s he’s spending mega millions to subvert the process by which judges are seated across the nation. This one is not for the faint-hearted.

ITEM: Prayers Are In Order: for Austin Hatch of Ft. Wayne, Indiana. Austin, a 16 year-old basketball standout, survived a 2003 plane crash that killed his mother and siblings, and has now been involved in a second crash. He is in critical condition. Go here for the story which contains more than its share of tragedy and irony. You know what to do.

ITEM: Human—Rights? Remember Galid Shalit, Israeli army soldier wounded and kidnapped five years ago during a raid into Israel? Shalit has been held, presumably somewhere in the Gaza Strip, since by Palestinian proponents of the Religion of Peace. If you haven’t had your recommended daily allowance of outrage, go here to learn that the international “human rights” community has issued a joint statement to honor that infamous anniversary, a statement that does not, in any way, demand his release. Surprised? Thought not.

ITEM: Louis Renault Award, Egyptian Division: I was shocked, shocked! to learn (here) that pro-democracy activists in Egypt are seeing their chances for democracy slip away as the Muslim Brotherhood gains ever more strength. I’m sure the Obama Administration is equally shocked, except they’re probably actually shocked to learn that Muslim murderers tend to behave like, well, Muslim murderers. Whoda thunk it?

ITEM: I Know That If I Wanted to Broker Democracy and Eternal Peace in Lebanon and Syria, That’s Who I’d Send: Write this one up under the “What The ….?!” category. Rep. Dennis Kuchinich (D-Another Dimension) is apparently on a mission to Syria and Lebanon where he will—well, no one is quite sure what he’ll do or why he’s going, or---Geez. Read the story here and see if you can figure it out. He couldn’t cause any more harm than Jimmy Carter, could he? Discuss.

ITEM: Tales From the People’s Republic, #10,285: If anyone is still interested, go here for the story of the conviction of former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich on 17 of 20 counts in his retrial. Among the counts on which he was convicted was trying to sell Barack Obama’s Senate seat. Blagojevich is the fourth Illinois governor since 1973 convicted of a felony and his predecessor is still in prison. Illinois remains the only American state that does not allow concealed carry in any form. I wonder if there is a connection? Discuss.

ITEM: He’s What?! Go here to learn that Mr. Obama will now operate on instinct rather than on building consensus. Uh, what? Correct me if I’m wrong, gentle readers, but wasn’t Mr. Obama sold as the most carefully deliberative, intellectual president in history, a man whose cerebral cogitations were beyond the understanding of mere mortals? And didn’t he just give the appearance of seeking consensus while doing whatever he wanted anyway? And now he’s throwing all that away and going with his “gut?” The story does pose some potential reasons for this Oval Office sea change. Not that anything Mr. Obama does is likely to be good for America…

ITEM: And Now From the TSA, Who Brought You Serial Child Molestation: Israel is very, very successful in identifying and stopping potential terrorists from boarding their airliners. This is so because Israel isn’t the least bit shy about figuring out precisely who is likely to be a terrorist, and they don’t care about whose feelings might be hurt. America, on the other hand—and this was begun under George W. Bush and the execrable Norman Mineta—has now descended to requiring that 95 year old, dying women in wheelchairs accompanied by their families on a domestic flight remove their adult diapers. Apparently the crack TSA agents involved were suspicious becomes they found something wet in the diaper. I’m not kidding. The TSA has defended their actions as nothing more than following procedure. Perhaps the best procedure would be disbanding the TSA and adopting proven Israeli methods. Go here for the story. Take your blood pressure meds first.

ITEM: TSA Déjà Vu: Go here for a related article on the uselessness and abuses of the TSA. You owe this one to yourself if for no other reason than its accurate explanation of exploding butt cheeks. You’ll see what I mean.

ITEM: Remember the DREAM Act? The lunatic legislation that would have given illegal immigrants money to attend college and on the basis of being college students, essentially legal immigration status? Well, now it seems that Mr. Obama has enacted it by executive order. Who needs a Congress when you can command anything into existence? Go here, but secure easily breakable items first.

ITEM: But Mr. Obama Wants Everybody to Go To College On The Public Dime and Took Over the Student Loan Industry Too! Isn’t college for everybody? Shouldn’t everyone earn a sheepskin? Won’t a college degree lead to the good life? Not so much. Read this report to discover why Obamian utopian idealism really doesn’t apply to the real world. Did it ever? Discuss.

ITEM: So What The %$##*& Is Going On In Wisconsin Now? Quick Background: The story goes that Liberal Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Ann Walsh Bradley has claimed that recently re-elected Justice David Prosser choked her without provocation. However, like Anthony Weiner, she has made no police report of what, if true, would be an clear and easily proved assault. The reason may be that the incident occurred during an informal meeting of some five justices who were discussing the court’s defeat of the union’s lawsuit to stop Gov. Walker’s union legislation. According to at least two of the justices present, Bradley lost it and charged Prosser with fists raised. Prosser merely raised his hands to block her and in so doing, she more or less ran into his hands with her neck. Good grief. Go here for an article that will help you sort it out. Go here for a related article by the invaluable Wisconsin law prof. and blogger, Ann Althouse.

ITEM: They Really Can’t Help Themselves, Can They? Last week in Quick Takes, I brought to your attention evidence that our self-appointed betters who live on the left and right coasts really do view those of us living in flyover country as subhuman, inbred throwbacks to the apes, and probably lesser life forms. I know that even with the incontrovertible evidence I provided, some of you—good folk all, willing to give the benefit of the doubt to those who wouldn’t urinate on you if you were on fire—really couldn’t bring yourself to believe that such self-imagined superior beings could be so heartless and mindlessly cruel. Ok then. Go here for a brief video that will put all doubt to rest. Are you surprised that a NY Times columnist and Bill Maher (who thinks that New Jersey is the epitome of enlightened civilization) are involved? Thought not. Note the delighted, informed, we’re-the-in-group laughter and delight of the entire pencil-necked, pin-headed panel. They really do think this way folks. Go here for Ed Driscoll’s intelligent take on the same video and some other interesting links.

CY Dictionary: Flyover Country. Noun. A term coined by oh-so-sophisticated denizens of the east and west coasts to describe that vast, cultural wasteland between LAX and LaGuardia where the little people lead their uninteresting, petty, uninformed and anti-intellectual meaningless little lives.

ITEM: Somebody Tell Mitt Romney! It’s Global Warming! Global cooling is evidence of Global Warming! Snow in June is evidence of Global Warming! Dennis Kuchinich in Syria is evidence of Global Warming! The absence of Global Warming is evidence of Global Warming! All the hurricanes we are having are evidence of Global Warming! What’s that you say? What hurricanes? Well, you know, the hurricanes that are ravaging…I mean that might ravage…that…you know…aw poopy! Go here to discover that in the six years since Hurricane Katrina—despite the predictions of Global Warming proponents of certain GW-caused hurricane Armageddon to come—we have experienced near-record low levels of such storms.

A Note To Female Readers: You’ll like the picture of the author. Who says scientists have to be geeks?

ITEM: Free Speech and The Schools Update: Go here for the story of the Third Circuit Court of Appeal’s June 13 decision on public school student’s rights on the internet. This is an important decision, gentle readers. In the cases decided, schools punished students for parody Internet publications making, well, juvenile fun of principals. The parodies were apparent not done on school time or with school resources, but by the students involved at home. The court ruled—correctly I believe--that the involved schools exceeded their authority. Some will try to make political hay over this, but it appears to be a narrowly crafted decision well founded on Constitutional law rather than judicial whim.

ITEM: How Much Do We Charge For the Exercise of a Fundamental Civil Right? In NYC (here), to obtain a permit for a gun, it’s more than the cost of many guns. Anyone surprised? Thought not. I spent nearly a week in NYC not long ago. Can’t imagine living there unarmed. Couldn’t be armed if I lived there, not legally, so I’ll never live there. I’m sure Gov. Cuomo will be weeping about that as soon as it is brought to his attention. See: “They Really Can’t Help Themselves, Can They?” above.

ITEM: The Left Coast Sinks—Even More: I’ve mentioned the invaluable Michael Barone in past Quick Takes. Go here for his latest article on the rise of the Gulf Coast (GASP! Flyover Country!) and the continuing decline of California, that oasis of intellect, coolness and all-around human superiority on the Left Coast.

ITEM: I Want That Job! Go here for a fine Forbes article by the charming Susannah Breslin about job interview tactics. You’ll enjoy her wit and style.

ITEM: Dateline—Gillette, WY. The old joke going around Gillete in the 80’s was: “Dear Lord, give us another boom. We promise not to screw it up like the last one.” I’m writing this in Gillette, where I once lived and served as a police officer during a previous boom. Gillette is where I met and married my wife, which is easily the smartest thing I ever did. The town is booming once again with coal and oil development. My brother in law, the owner of a concrete contracting company, can’t get enough good workers, homes are being built, businesses are moving in, and the economy is booming—as much as economies boom these days. Gillette can be a fairly expensive place to live, but if you’re out of work and looking for a good place to find it, Gillette, WY is a pretty good bet these days.

ITEM: The Pulchritude (Not) of Progressive Policies: OK, OK, so it was fun to be alliterative for a moment! Sheesh! Go here for an informative Pajamas Media story by Tom Blumer about what Progressive thinking and policies have done to Ohio, and about what might be done to save it. Parallels to America? You be the judge.

ITEM: White Collar Non-Crime: Go here for the invaluable Mark Steyn’s take on the never-ending Conrad Black case. If you’re not familiar with Steyn, easily one of the most brilliant commentators working today, this will be a good, albeit brief, introduction.

ITEM: Can The NYT Ever Play It Straight: Here, they do. The story: The Obama Administration is hiring stealth poll takers to contact doctors pretending to be patients to see if doctors are accepting new patients, Medicare, etc. As you might imagine, doctors are not amused. Remember: This is the most transparent Administration in American history! Can you imagine how bad things would be if it was not? Discuss.

ITEM: They WANT To Ask About That Stuff?! And in Florida, a group of doctors is going to court to try to overturn a recently passed law that they feel terribly infringes on their practice of medicine. That’s right, they’re referring to the law that prevents doctors from quizzing their patients about---gun ownership absent a clearly definable medical reason to do so! What? Gun ownership? Gun ownership. But what does that have to do with practicing medicine? Good question. Go here to find out.

ITEM: You Don’t Want to Raise Taxes? You Don’t Want to Spend America Into Oblivion? You’re Unpatriotic! So sayeth the former (it always feels sooooo good to write that!) Speaker of the House: Nancy Pelosi. To discover a bit of economic reality, go here.

ITEM: It Doesn’t? The July 4 edition of “Time” magazine will grace its cover with a graphic asking if the Constitution still matters. I’m sure you won’t be able to guess what Time thinks about that one. Go here for the story, and a bit of exposure of faulty liberal thinking and double standards.

ITEM: They’re Doing WHAT?! Go here for Doug Powers at Michelle Malkin where we learn that CNN is now using psychics to figure out economics. Yes, our federal financial officials are baffled. Everything they are doing is an abject failure. They’re following the same path that led European nations to ruin and they can’t figure out why it’s not working and what they should do differently, so CNN is helping out! You can’t make this stuff up, folks.

ITEM: So Barack Obama is Chauncy Gardiner? How many of you remember “Being There?” Apart from his role in the Pink Panther films, this is my favorite Peter Sellers vehicle. Sellers plays a dim-witted gardener named “Chance” (Chance the gardener—get it?) whose vague, pseudo-metaphorical utterances are mistaken for brilliant political commentary. The film is a deft parody of what passes for wisdom inside the Beltway. Go here for Michael Barone’s convincing take on Mr. Obama’s similarity to that character.

ITEM: Do You Like Smart, Witty, Strong Women? Yeah? Me Too! I certainly married one. Go here for Andrew Klavan’s (no slouch as a writer and satirist, he) take on Ann Coulter who is one of the best commentators writing today. As with Sarah Palin, liberals often degenerate to foaming-at-the-mouth incomprehensibility at the mere mention of her name. Quite apart from the fact that she is a stylish, funny and brilliant writer, that’s good enough for me.

ITEM: I’m Sure All They Need Is A Little More Outreach: The head of Iranian missile forces recently claimed that Iran can build missiles—no doubt soon to be tipped with nuclear warheads—with even greater range than current models. The good news? They’re not going to do that because their current missiles can already reach Israeli and American bases in the region. Go here for the story. I’m sure that if Mr. Obama just reaches out to the Iranians again, or maybe sets a new deadline or threatens even more sanctions, they’ll come around.

ITEM: Gun Control and Video Games: Have you heard of the Supreme Court’s Brown v. EMA decision? If not, go here. The Court overturned a California law (boy, that’s a surprise!) that sought to prevent the sale of violent video games to kids under 18. But this decision goes beyond video games and casts major doubt on a long time tactic of the gun banners: the weapons effect. This is the lame idea that mere exposure to firearms can cause people to commit violent acts. Go here to the Volokh Consipiracy for an informative article on what passes for thinking and research in the minds of anti-gun social scientists these days.

ITEM: Oh, How The Mighty Have Fallen! Go here to read the second of two essays by Walter Russell Mead (there’s a link to the first) on the fall from grace of the Goracle, Al Gore. It seems that farcical climate alarmism is not selling terribly well these days. Perhaps Mr. Gore will have to sell his 100 foot, fresh water houseboat. Al Gore has a 100 foot houseboat? Indeed he does. I’m sure it’s completely green, just like the jets he uses to fly around the world to lecture the rest of us about our carbon footprints, when he’s not in one of his mansions that use as much electricity as small towns. You know, I almost feel sorry for poor Al—nah. I don’t.

ITEM: Shooting Yourself In the Foot: Go here for a brief article by the invaluable Victor Davis Hanson about a mostly Latino crowd booing the US soccer team in a recent match against Mexico. As regular readers know, we do not, for a moment, harbor any animus toward those who want to immigrate to the United States. We do, however, expect everyone to obey the law, in this, and every other way. What continues to amaze is that many open-borders types continue to shoot themselves in the foot, as Dr. Hanson concisely explains, by lauding the nations they fled at the expense of America.

ITEM: So What Does He Know? He’s Not Barack Obama! Go here for John Bolton’s lucid explanation of what Mr. Obama has done wrong, and continues to do wrong, regarding the non-hostile hostilities in Libya.

ITEM: The Dangers of Police Work, Episode #2397: Go here for the harrowing story of a drunken Ohio woman who went berserk at a wedding. When the police arrived, she pulled out a potentially deadly weapon: her right breast. According to police reports, she squirted the surprised police with said breast. Fortunately, there were no serious injuries, which is amazing, because, as Steve Martin said: “Breasts make men stupid.” Not only that, those things normally travel in pairs, like a gang or something.

And with that shocking tale of lactose intolerance, I must thank you, once again, for stopping by and say my fond farewells. I encourage you to drop by once again next Thursday for another edition of Quick Takes!

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June 22, 2011

Quick Takes, June 23, 2011

ITEM: You Go Girl! In Houston, TX there resides a “5-foot-nothing, 125 pound woman…” named Monique Lawless. When three punks tried to steal cases of beer from a WalMart, Lawless decided she wasn’t going to let them be, well, lawless, and took matters into her own feet. Go here for the story, and be sure to view the video. If we all did this, particularly if we were armed, I suspect crime rates would decline dramatically.

ITEM: Gunwalker: As regular readers know, Bob has been producing the finest work on this scandal anywhere in the media here at CY and also at Pajamas Media, and I’ve been adding the occasional supporting piece. Reflect, gentle readers, on the fact that if this sort of thing had been done by George W. Bush or any other Republican president, the Democrats and Lamestream media would be satisfied with nothing less than capital punishment followed by impeachment and a criminal trial. The foreign policy implications alone are staggering. It is possible that the President of the United States allowed foreign terroristic killers to be supplied with American weapons in a craven attempt to gin up support for domestic gun control policies. If so, it would be hard to imagine a better case for impeachment. Don’t let this one go down the memory hole, folks. We won’t. Discuss.

ITEM: So That’s What “Economic Recovery” Means! Let’s review: 9.1% unemployment, nearly a million lost construction jobs, about 865,00 manufacturing jobs lost, over six million home foreclosures, more than 3.7 trillion dollars added to the national debt, record high deficits for three straight years, and Dems, in violation of the law, refusing to write a budget for over 780 days. According to DNC chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the economy has “turned around,” and it’s all to the credit of the Dems and Mr. Obama! Go here for the story. Secure breakable items first.

ITEM: Well, That’s A Pisser! There are those who suspect that professors in our universities are nothing more than a bunch of over-paid, under-worked, leftist whiners who don’t have the common sense the good Lord gave an avocado. And if they read this article (here) they’ll have no doubt that they’re right. Sheesh. Oh yes—it’s in California.

ITEM: What do you do if you’re a former Soviet Republic that is a solidly pro-American ally when Barack Obama treats you as he treats all American allies? You tell him that you’ll remain America’ strategic ally, but don’t bother calling back until a real American is in the White House. Go here to read the story of how Mr. Obama continues to stab the Czechs in the back in an idiotically transparent attempt to appease Russia.

ITEM: Don’t These Guys Have Editors? (Sub-title: Maybe that’s OK): Well, the nominations for the best inadvertently (I think) funny headline for the Summer of 2011 are now closed. From John at Powerline (here): “MISS USA CLIMAX APPROACHING.” I suspect the viewership of this particular pageant just might reverse recent trends and reach record levels.

ITEM: They did WHAT?! At the University of Colorado there exists a Sea Level Research Group. And this SLRG decided, beginning in May, to add 0.3 millimeters every year to its actual sea levels measurements because—well, just because. Steve Narem, director of the SLRG, according to Fox News (here) said:

“We have to account for the fact that the ocean basins are actually getting slightly bigger---water volume is expanding.”

However, James Taylor of the Heartland Institute observed:

“We’ve only seen 7 inches of sea level rise in the past century and it hasn’t sped up this century. Compared to that, this would add nearly 20 percent to the sea level rise. That’s not insignificant.”

Read the whole thing and wonder what the heck is going on in Mitt Romney’s mind as he seeks the Republican nomination by supporting global warming.

ITEM: Louis Renault Award, Hollywood Division: Imagine that you’re a 23 year old up-and-coming comedian and social commentator. Imagine that your manager shops your work around Hollywood, including John Stewart’s “Daily Show” on Comedy Central. Imagine that a producer for that show say that you’re “very talented,” but declines to book you because they never book conservatives. You’d be shocked, shocked! wouldn’t you? Not so much. Go here to Klavan on the Culture for the story of how Steven Crowder found himself in that very situation. Surely this sort of thing doesn’t go on in Hollywood? Not in Hollywoood where most folks are liberals and thus are good people, people who are all about tolerance and diversity? It does? I’m shocked, shocked! Be sure to take the link to Crowder’s YouTube video.

ITEM: It is blatantly stereotypical to suggest that liberals think that people who live in flyover country—and particularly the southern portions thereof—are missing toothed, inbred subhumans, and in the interests of fairness and reaching across the aisle, so to speak, we generally avoid that sort of stereotyping. And then a story like this comes along, and we remember that some stereotypes are absolutely true, and proved over and over and over. I suppose that’s why they’re stereotypes.

ITEN: It was, if memory serves, the execrable Tom Daschle (D-SD), who was famous for the South Dakota Two-Step, who said that the only way to professionalize airport security was to federalize it. The South Dakota Two-Step? Saying one, centrist to right thing in SD and being his inner leftist in DC. SD voters finally had enough of Daschle when John Thune came along, but Daschle was instrumental in saddling us with the child molesting Transportation Security Administration. And now the TSA has further distinguished itself by stealing the valuables of airline passengers across the nation. Go here for the story, but be sure your blood pressure meds are close at hand.

ITEM: In the last edition of QTs, we wrote about the Obama Administration’s Clintonian parsing of “hostilities,” as in whatever we’re doing in Libya, it isn’t “hostilities.” You know, those are nice bombs we’re dropping and friendly, diverse and tolerant Hellfire missiles we’re loosing on, well, whomever we’re loosing them on. But now we discover (here) that airmen and sailors in the non-hostile, non-hostilities zone of Libya are receiving “imminent danger pay.” And you’re surprised that Mr. Obama is lying because…?

ITEM: Louis Renault Award, Wisconsin Edition: Go here for this one. The facts: A former county executive e-mailed judicial authorities, including Judge Maryann Sumi who eventually heard the case, announcing her intention to file it—the case opposing Governor Walker’s bill that removed some union negotiating abilities. It gets worse. Do read this one if you had any doubt about the utter corruption of Wisconsin Progressives. Read it anyway if you didn’t.

ITEM: Shameless Male Chauvinism Department: Do you remember “Dances With Wolves?” Well, go here for “Swims Naked With Whales.” It’s actually quite beautiful in a non-erotic, cold-shriveling sort of way. Come to think of it, you might need your blood pressure meds for this one too. Yes, I’m ashamed of myself. Heh, heh.

ITEM: Remember the good old days when science had integrity? You remember, the days when “peer review” meant that actual, unbiased scientists with actual credentials to review the material being reviewed, reviewed the material? Go here to Canada’s National Post for a story about how those days are long gone, at least as “science” relates to climate. I’m beginning to think I ought to buy stock in companies that manufacture blood pressure meds.

ITEM: Louis Renault Award, Fleeing States Hostile to Business and Prosperity Division: Guess which state is now seeing companies, in record numbers, fleeing to states that actually operate under the free enterprise system? C’mon…you can do it! It starts with…what’s that? California? How’d you know? I’m shocked, shocked! Go here for the story. Recall, if you will, that a high level delegation of CA politicians recently traveled to the barbaric wastelands of Texas to fact-find about why all of their businesses are moving to Texas. Apparently they learned nothing from that trip. I’m shocked, shocked!

ITEM: Do these people have the slightest idea how idiotic they sound? How idiotic they are? Go here to find out.

ITEM: At Michelle Malkin (here), Doug Powers informs us of former Obama chief political advisor now turned chief campaign honcho David Axelrod who thinks it’s very cool to be an Obama supporter. Said Axelrod:

“The people who were participating in the campaign in 2008 weren’t involved in some sort of cult of personality. It wasn’t just about Barack Obama, it was the country and they cared deeply about this country…”

Uh, Right. But to be fair, I suppose that’s what years of living on Planet Obama does to you. Google “Obama Halos” to discover just how much people weren’t involved in a cult of personality (have an airsickness bag or its equivalent ready). OK, OK, so I guess the Lamestream Media really don’t qualify as “people,” but you know what I mean…

ITEM: So, Isn’t Music Therapy A Good Thing? Go here to England’s The Sun for a glimpse into that brave, Socialist future of ObamaCare. It seems that staff at a hospital gave some 30 frail, elderly patients a rather unusual means for summoning help: a tambourine. They also provided a set of maracas as a backup. I’m not kidding. I’m reasonably imaginative, but I couldn’t have made that one up. I am definitely going to invest in pharmaceuticals. Read the whole thing.

ITEM: Say What?! Powerline (here) has been following the inane utterances of National Endowment for the Humanities Chairman Jim Leach for some time. Here are his comments on the occasion of National History Day:

“The most critical issue of our times is the capacity and willingness of peoples of the earth to respect and understand each other. If there is mutual respect and understanding, cooperative relations are likely. Conflict can be avoided. If respect is lacking, diplomacy is vastly more difficult. Any and all agreements become temporary at best.

History is important because it is the basis for mutual understanding. Without understanding there can be no meaningful respect, no sustaining diplomacy.
So my charge to you is to learn and to care and then share your learning and your caring with others. The planet will be in a world of problems if every day is not history day. If, on the other hand, peoples treat their neighbors near and far as if it were, the earth will be a better place to live and a safe haven for mankind.”

He’s kidding, right? This really isn’t a Federal official, is it? He can’t possibly be an adult? I’m sure he’d like to buy the world a Coke and teach it to sing in perfect harmony, but some things are just beyond parody. Power to the people, man! Peace and love!

ITEM: Dr. Bill Gray has been a member of the American Meteorological Society for more than 50 years. He is a professor emeritus at Colorado State University. Wouldn’t it be nice to read something about the Anthropogenic Global Warming hypothesis that is actually rational and well reasoned? Now you can. Go here to see what Professor Gray has to say about the AMS and how it has strayed from the path of science.

ITEM: Want to join a union? You don’t? Too bad. In the very near future, you may have very little to say about it, thanks to those merry Marxists on the National Labor Relations Board who are in the process of writing new rules that will make it almost impossible for unions to lose—in just about every way imaginable. Go here for the story. The Obama Administration: Bringing you Socialism and thuggish labor union intimidation whether you, the Congress, the law or the Constitution want it or not.

ITEM: Yup. The World Has Now Officially Gone Crazy. Or at least it has gone crazy in England. Go here for proof from the indispensable Mark Steyn.

ITEM: He Said WHAT?! Attorney General Eric Holder recently spoke to the American Constitution Society, and in that speech, he called America’s civilian courts America’s “Most Effective Terror-fighting Weapon.” I have little doubt that he means it, and that, gentle readers, is absolutely horrifying. As one who worked with the civilian courts and the criminal justice system for much of my young adult life, I can tell you without qualification that the civilian courts are not, in any possible way, capable of dealing with terrorism. While many acts of terrorists will certainly break criminal laws, the system is simply not set up to deal with those kinds of law-breakers who do not play by any of the rules of the criminal justice system and do not abide by our social contract in any way, shape or form. Go here for a brief comment on Holder’s comment. This goes beyond lunacy and steps fully over the line into endangering American and Americans. Our AG is doing that, and he’s proud of it. To what have we come?

ITEM: Yes, It’s the Electric Car That Will Not Die! Actually, when Mr. Obama leaves office, I suspect it will die rather quickly, but for now, the Chevy Volt follies continue apace. Go here for the horror story of a prospective Volt buyer who found a Volt with a price tag just $5 shy of $49,000. Apparently that friendly, local Chevy dealer added a $4,300 “market availability adjustment.” That still makes the Volt price tag $44, 695, which is at least $3695 over the MSRP. Good grief. How long can a company market a car with such awful economics? Discuss.

ITEM: If Al Gore Did It, Why not James Hansen? Did what? Get rich hawking the false AGW hypothesis. Go here to Fox News where you’ll discover that Hansen, the head of NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies, has been not only a leading AGW proponent for years, but has been handsomely profiting thereby. Oh yes, and it appears that he has been doing this in violation of federal ethics rules. What’s that? Why would someone in charge of “Space Studies” be worried about global warming? That’s a good question. What’s that? Why would NASA allow anyone working for it to do anything other than space work? That’s a good question too.

ITEM: What? They rode bicycles naked in San Francisco? No, I mean the people were naked, not the bicycles. Good grief, is this edition of Quick Takes going downhill fast or what? Actually, go here for the coverage (uncoverage?) of the event. There is a censored edition, wherein various naughty bits are covered with the grinning face of—who else?—Anthony Weiner (which is surprisingly horrifying in and of itself), and an uncensored version (which is just run of the mill naughty bits). The police and doctors share one essential bit of knowledge: most people look better with their clothing on. If you have ever felt the need to test that aphorism, here is your chance. San Francisco. Of course. By the way, the overwhelming majority of the riders appear to have been male. What’s that all about? Discuss.

And with the image of scores of nekkid liberals riding bicycles firmly lodged in our minds (It hurts! It hurts! Make it stop!), I must once again thank you for stopping by, bid you adieu, and encourage you to drop by once again next Thursday for another edition of Quick Takes! Oh yes, let us sincerely give thanks that this happened in San Francisco, which, as far as I can tell, is on another planet, or at the least, is in another reality.

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June 16, 2011

Quick Takes, June 16, 2011

ITEM: He Did WHAT?! Remember, gentle readers, the war over the Falkland Islands? You remember that Argentina seized the British Islands in 1982 and the Brits, plucky critters that they are, seized them back? Since taking office, one of the foremost elements of Mr. Obama’s foreign policy has been egregiously insulting our allies, and none more stupidly and regularly than the British. Last June, he backed an Argentinian call for “negotiations” over the islands (read: for forcing the British to give them to Argentina). And now, fresh from his latest diplomatic debacle of insulting the Queen with a clumsy toast, he has again backed a similar resolution. Oh yes, Argentina is more and more allying itself with our declared enemies in the region, so it’s a cinch that Mr. Obama would support them. Go here for the story.

ITEM: And You’re Upset Just Because They Made People Sell Guns To Mexican Drug Cartels? According to Fox News (here), the Department of Justice is panicking at the thought of congressional hearings set to begin June 13 over “Operation Fast and Furious.” In that now infamous “operation,” BATF and DOJ officials talked legitimate American gun dealers into selling large numbers of weapons to Mexican criminals on the fiction that they would not allow them to cross the border. They did, and at least two American agents and countless Mexicans have been killed by those weapons. Many have speculated that this was done as part of a scheme to drum up support for gun control. By all means, read this story and otherwise acquaint yourself with this ugly and entirely avoidable situation.

NOTE: Reading Bob’s Pajamas Media article (here) on the same subject, and his several recent CY posts will be helpful.

ITEM: Louis Renault Award, International Division. I was shocked, shocked! to learn from Fox News (here) that the United Nations Environment Program has no idea how it’s $450 million dollar budget is spent or even who it is dealing with. No! Certainly not the UN! Entrepreneur Alert: It seems all you have to do is contact them, pretend to be a greenie organization and say the right things, and you too may be a recipient of UN largess. By all means, read the whole thing, but take your blood pressure meds first.

ITEM: Louis Renault Award, Smart Diplomacy Division. I was shocked, shocked! when I discovered that Mr. Obama and the State Department were—how should I put it? Naïve? Foolish? Abysmally stupid?—in their approach to Egypt and their assumption that everything would be just fine, because after all, the Muslim Brotherhood are really just a bunch of moderates who long for democracy. Right. Not so much. Go here to the Washington Post, which speaks of the current and ongoing battle for the future of Egyptian culture. Will Egypt continue to be a reasonably secular democracy or an Islamic theocracy with all that implies? “There is going to be a battle between two visions for Egypt,” the article quotes. Indeed. And the Islamists are heavy favorites as they will have no hesitation in murdering anyone who disagrees with them. Smart diplomacy indeed.

ITEM: Are you looking forward to that brave, bright new CFL future, the future that promises unlimited light bulb life, lower electric bills, green paradise? Me neither. Visit Bloomberg News (here) for Virginia Postrel’s informative take on the history and problems of replacing the once ubiquitous and cheap 100 watt incandescent light bulb with much more expensive and actually dangerous CFLs. Next year, you won’t have a choice, thanks to our Congressional masters who do it all for (to?) us.

ITEM: The Glory of High Speed Rail: So the federal Department of Transportation wants to build a high speed rail line from Iowa City to Chicago that would be substantially slower than bus service (only 45 MPH), would cost at least three times more per passenger, in an area with a completely insufficient number of potential passengers, and would cost megabucks to build and maintain. But of course! We must build it immediately! Think of the stimulus, the jobs created and saved! Go here to read Michael Barone’s brief article on this latest lunatic Obama Administration boondoggle.

ITEM: OMG! Ten years of rising greenhouse gas emissions! Ten year of emissions rising faster than predicted by the UN! Run for the hills! The planet is doomed! Nah. Not so much. Despite the truth of the last few statements, there has been no global warming—none—for the last decade. This, gentle readers, is a large part of the reason why the alarmists are now using the term “climate change.” Go here for the story.

ITEM: Remember how Mr. Obama, during the campaign, said that if he got his way, energy prices would “necessarily skyrocket?” Well, that appears to be one of the few promises he has actually kept, or at least he’s trying very hard to keep it. If new regulations the Obama EPA wants to implement actually happen, electric bills could rise up to 60% by 2014. Go here for the good news about the hope and change.

ITEM: We’re Number 1! We’re Number 1! That’s right gentle readers, America once again leads the world. We’re in worse financial shape than Greece, the nation recently rated by Standard and Poors at the absolute bottom for bond security, even lower than Pakistan. Go here for the story.

ITEM: Money Quote: “No President since Jimmy Carter has enacted programs that were so job destroying.” I was old enough to drive during those halcyon days of Jimmy Carter. I remember the horrendous inflation, the gas lines, the lusting in his heart, the insipid speeches. To paraphrase, “I knew Jimmy Carter; Jimmy Carter was a President of mine. Mr. Obama, you’re no Jimmy Carter; you’re worse.” More and more, it appears that the best we can hope for is that Barack Obama will be no worse than Jimmy Carter, but I fear he’s long past that black marker. Go here for the story. Also visit Walter Russell Mead at The American Interest (here) for his thoughts on this topic.

ITEM: Have you seen those clever Nissan ads? You know, the ads where everything—alarm clocks, computers, hair dryers, is gasoline powered? Unfortunately, I fear that Nissan is being a bit too clever. The ads show the ridiculous application of gasoline engines to everyday items, and then go immediately to a Nissan logo with a few cryptic lines of text. Nissan is obviously trying to satirize the pseudo-hybrid Chevy Volt by touting the all-electric purity of their Leaf, but I’m quite sure that most people have no idea of the respective qualities of either car, and a great many have no idea that either vehicle exists. Still, go here to PACNW Righty, where Rob has supplied one of the commercials, which finally makes the connection directly, but with a very brief view of a Volt, which might be easily missed.

ITEM: Go here to Fox News for the story of the Wisconsin Supreme Court, which ruled on June 14 that the law passed by Wisconsin Republicans limiting union power as a partial means of dealing with Wisconsin’s fiscal crisis is lawful. The law will soon be in effect, ending months of Democrat efforts to delay or overturn it. The story notes that the decision was 4-3. The media is fond of quoting such numbers as though they are of great significance. Supreme courts have odd numbers of justices to avoid deadlocks, and a 4-3 decision is no less valid and has no less force than a 7-0 decision. Go here for excerpts from the decision.

UPDATE!: Now the unions have filed a lawsuit in federal court. Apparently they’re asserting that all union workers must be treated exactly alike, or something. This is likely nothing more than another delaying tactic in the hope that recall elections can turn the tide in the legislature in favor of the unlimited enrichment of unions. Go here for the story.

ITEM: Louis Renault Award, Jobs Division! I was shocked, shocked! when Mr. Obama recently made a lame joke about the “shovel-ready jobs” the stimulus was supposed to produce in huge numbers. ”Shovel-ready was not as shovel-ready as we expected.” Surprisingly, Americans were not amused. So I was again shocked, shocked! when, according to Fox News (here):

“On Tuesday the administration said despite the joke, the shovel-ready projects met the administration’s goals.”

Uh, correct me if I’m wrong, gentle readers, but didn’t the Obamites admit—quite some time ago--that there never were any shovel-ready jobs or projects? How then, can those non-existent jobs and projects meet the Obama Administrations goals…oh. Now I get it. They never intended the stimulus to produce jobs in the first place! I’m shocked, shocked!

ITEM: Mr. Obama Explains It All For You! So why aren’t businesses hiring? Why it’s a structural issue! That’s right! Businesses are learning to do more with fewer employees, you know, that’s why they have ATMs! It couldn’t have anything to do with convenience, could it? You know, being able to access accounts after business hours? Nah. ATMs have only been around for two years, right? Remember that Mr. Obama once suggested that energy issues could be in large part addressed by maintaining proper tire inflation. Visit Hot Air (here) for a quick glimpse of the kind of economic, practical cluelessness that is actually quite frightening. Discuss.

ITEM: I’m posting an education series every Tuesday, and in my most recent post (here), I touched on the problem of the culture of self-esteem. There is a bizarre idea out there in education that if children think highly of themselves, that will somehow translate into greater academic achievement. Visit the Atlantic (here) for an interesting story by psychotherapist Lori Gottlieb about the realities of the culture of self-esteem. It’s long, but worth your time.

ITEM: Those Who Will Not Learn From Weiner Are Doomed To Become Weiner!: Go here for a quaint story about a Democrat Wisconsin politician facing a recall election. When his cold call didn’t go as he planned, he revealed a bit more of his views than he intended, all caught by the still recording answering machine of one of his female constituents. No, he wasn’t preaching universal love and bipartisanship.

ITEM: Palin Derangement Syndrome: This Time It’s Personal! With the release of thousands of Palin-era e-mails, the mainstream media descended (ascended?) on Alaska like a swarm of self-righteous locusts, just dying to strip bare all of the idiocy and corruption that just had to be there! The vaunted New York Times even asked for public help! It was a sort of do-it-yourself muckraking in the new digital age! And they found…nothing, nothing but good government, honesty, sincerity, common sense, hard work, and the kind of humble kindness and devotion to God that was once the hallmark of all we considered right about America. Go here to Ann Althouse for her take on the continuing descent of the media into self-parodying madness and irrelevance.

IYEM: While rhetorically pretending to be for nuclear energy development, Barack Obama has done quite the opposite. Yucca Mountain, the nuclear fuel repository for the nation, waylaid by the Obama Administration, is a case in point. Visit here for an article by the excellent Kimberly Strassel on the Obamite battle to ensure a cold, dark, expensive and miserable energy future for America, starting with Yucca Mountain.

ITEM: Do you like America? Do you, on a regular basis, take the time to thank God for being born an American? Do you see what’s right with America and resolve to fix the relatively few things that are wrong? If so, you’ll want to visit this essay (here) by the ever-informative Victor Davis Hanson who writes on America from the perspective of one who has recently experienced the Old World.

ITEM: Hope And Climate Change? Global warming is upon us! We must immediately make energy prices skyrocket and return to a preindustrial age, like the Medieval Warm Period—uh, OK, so that’s not such a great example, but we have to do away with cars and air conditioners, and private jets—OK, so that means Al Gore can’t go anywhere, but Global warming is real and if you don’t listen to me, I’ll make you use compact florescent light bulbs! Maybe not so much. Go here to learn that we just might be seeing the beginning of a mini ice age. Hope. Change. Down jackets.

ITEM: Remember when stereo Magnate Sidney Harmon bought Newsweek not long ago? Remember how huge banks geared up to transfer the funds…what’s that? He paid only one dollar for the company? Oh. Sadly, Mr. Harmon has moved on to that hi-fidelity paradise in the sky, so he won’t be bailing out Newsweek, which now claims to be a journal of “elite liberal opinion” and which recently—and presumably elitely-- announced that it will be publishing even fewer issues this summer than planned. “News-biweek” perhaps? Go here to JammieWearingFool for the tragically elite story.

ITEM: Is Nothing Sacred Anymore? Wisconsin, the birthplace and one of the last bastions of modern liberalism, has had a rough go of it of late. Unions have spent millions and been soundly trounced at the ballot box and in the Legislature and have only succeeded in stupidly disrupting a Special Olympics award ceremony. And now, horror of horrors, it appears that Wisconsin will soon become the 49th state to allow concealed carry of handguns! Only the People’s Republic of Chicago—er, Illinois—remains steadfast in prohibiting self-defense and maintaining a state-sized victim disarmament zone. Go here for the story.

ITEM: Is There an Upper Limit To Over-weaning Government Regulation? Steven Hayward at Powerline (here) suggests that it’s possible, as a number of EPA and other long-promised regulations that would all but destroy the economy just in time for the 2012 elections have apparently been withdrawn “for further study,” and other such likely reasons. The primary lesson we should all take from this is that Mr. Obama understands that Socialism has electoral limits in America and he will abide by them as long as he thinks he has a chance at reelection. Should he be re-elected, we can expect an avalanche of utterly destructive, freedom-stealing regulations such as mankind has never experienced. Think ahead a bit gentle readers; think ahead.

ITEM: Double Standard? We Don' Got No Stinkin’ Double Standard! AT CY we’re not shy about calling attention to the improper antics of any politician. In our recent mentions of Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-Twitter), we have occasionally been accused of picking only on Democrats. As soon as a similar Republican scandal comes up, we’ll be sure to comment. But for now, visit the invaluable Michele Malkin (here) for a story about the realities of Congressional Dems and their reluctant self-oversight.

ITEM: Wait a Minute! Mitt Romney Is A Republican?! It would be hard to think up a more effective Republican campaign killer than having Al Gore congratulate you on your global warming orthodoxy, but that, gentle readers, is just what the Goracle recently did for Mr. Romney, and with good reason. Go here for the story, if your stomach is strong enough.

ITEM: Remember when Bill Clinton was caught up in determining what the meaning of “is” is? This is apparently a semantic malady peculiar to Democrats, as Mr. Obama is now trying to figure out what “hostilities” means, but is quite sure it has nothing to do with our military bombing Libya or our involvement with NATO there, which really isn’t us, because, you know, it’s NATO, even though we, you know, sort of, pretty much run NATO and pay most of the bills and stuff, but it’s not hostilities, that’s for sure! It’s all about Mr. Obama’s attempt to evade the War Powers Act. Go here for the story, and remember: it’s George W. Bush’s fault; everything is George W. Bush’s fault.

ITEM: Many years ago, actor Tom Selleck appeared on the Tonight Show. Johnny Carson was the host, and Carson veered into politics, asking Selleck for his opinion. Selleck responded that his job was to effectively act roles and couldn’t imagine why anyone should or would care about what an actor had to say about politics. He’s shown similar class in the intervening years, and I’ve purchased every one of his films since that Tonight Show appearance, lo, those many years ago. Now comes Conan O’Brien and his graduation speech at Dartmouth University on June 12. For class and humor, it’s very, very good. You owe it to yourself to see (here) what a worthy graduation speech can be.

And on that very satisfying note, I thank you once again for stopping by and I bid you all farewell until next Thursday and another edition of Quick Takes! As Roy Rogers and Dale Evans said: “Happy trails to you, until we meet again!”

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June 08, 2011

Quick Takes, June 09, 2011

ITEM: Is This Cool or What? Department: Yes boys and girls, antimatter, that blow-up-the-universe substance of film and sci-fi fable really does exist, and not only that, scientists at CERN have actually captured it in a magnetic “bottle” for almost 17 minutes. Go here for the amazing story.

ITEM: Those Darned Kids These Days: Go here for a short video about a 9-year old girl who saved her family when her uncle had a seizure while driving on the freeway. Note how calm and matter-of-fact she is in recounting the incident. Real girl power!

ITEM: These Are The Allies Our President Can’t Stop Insulting: Go here to the Daily Mail to read the story about Corporal Dipprasad Pun of the Royal Gurkha Rifles, who, by himself, overwhelmed thirty attacking Taliban in Afghanistan, winning the Conspicuous Gallantry Cross. This guy out-ramboed Rambo. Do we truly want a special relationship with such people? If we have an ounce of brains we do. Mr. Obama, sadly, not so much.

ITEM: The British People Love their National Health Service! Not so much. For a look at what we too can have if only we don’t repeal ObamaCare, read this Telegraph article by Brendan O’Neill about why recent staged protests to “save our NHS” virtually define “Astroturf.” Hint: It has to do with the fact that human beings tend to resent huge, wasteful bureaucracies that become power-mad nannies who actually kill them on a regular basis. Whoda’ thunk it? Who wouldn’t want that?

ITEM: Wind, solar, lizard flatulence, all green technologies that will, absent unimaginable scientific breakthroughs, never produce more energy than say, lizard flatulence. Not only will they never produce useable amounts of energy, they won’t do it at truly astronomical costs. But Shell—that evil oil company—has apparently developed a process to turn natural gas into gasoline, or diesel fuel, or…you get the idea. Go here to the PJ Tatler for Charlie Martin’s story about a process that may just be truly significant. Of course, it will produce gasoline, which is evil, so we’ll probably have to ignore it. Oh well. Spread the wealth.

ITEM: Really? The Pentagon has recently concluded that cyber attacks can be acts of war. Mirable dictu (wonderful to tell)! You mean to say that if a foreign power launches an electronic attack designed to seriously degrade or destroy our ability to defend ourselves, we might actually consider that to be a hostile act? And it took us only a bit more than two years of the Age of Obama to figure that out? Go here to the Volokh Conspiracy for more.

ITEM: LOUIS RENAULT AWARD OF THE MILLENNIA! I was shocked, shocked! to learn that Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) actually has been “sexting” with multiple women for years, before and after his recent marriage. I was shocked, shocked! to learn that he has been lying about it, accusing innocents of hatching nefarious plots against him and using the Dem. media attack machine to distract attention. I mean, who would have thought that a Congressman of any party was capable of such things? But I was particularly shocked, shocked! to learn that he will not resign. Excuse me. I have to take a shower to wash off all this irony and sarcasm…

ITEM: On a segment of the Ed Schultz show on MSNBC (here) Joan Walsh of said:

“JOAN WALSH, SALON.COM: The lying is what disturbs me. He implicated a lot of us. I gave him the benefit of the doubt, let's just say that. And, you know, I look kind of stupid. But on the other hand, this was brought to light for political reasons --

ED SCHULTZ, MSNBC: Why do you look stupid? Why do you say that?

WALSH: Oh, because I, you know, gave him the benefit of the doubt publicly and pointed to the motivations of the people who were bringing this to light which was to destroy him.”

No Joan. You look kind of stupid because you reflexively defended a politician known for arrogance and narcissism because of his political affiliation. Not a bright thing to do with a politician of any political affiliation.

ITEM: But How Will They Express Their Ancient, Richly Unique “Everyone Must Experience My Choice Of Underwear” Culture? Some things are beyond parody. Go here to Fox/Dallas to learn that the Ft. Worth, TX transit authority has a dress code for those who wish to ride city busses. They have to wear a shirt and shoes, and can’t let their pants sag. Finally, a blow struck for civilization! One De’Shawn Miller said:

“This is something we grew up into. That’s why they don’t tell us nothing about sagging. We gonna sag regardless. We ain’t disrespectful. That’s how we were raised.”

See what I mean? There’s more at the link.

ITEM: THEY DID WHAT?! Department: Recall, please, gentle readers when we recently informed you about a campaign in San Francisco against circumcision? Recall that we mocked those pushing the law with a bit of punning? No longer. They’ve published a comic book—and as Dave Barry would say, I am not making this up—depicting an evil Jewish Rabbi menacingly holding a scissors over a naked infant while intoning “Time to make your sacrifice to God, Glick.” Hiding nearby, ready to pounce, is blonde, Nordic superhero “Foreskin Man” (no, I’m not kidding: Foreskin Man). There is no way to interpret this as anything other than base, undisguised anti-Semitism. As the article (here) concludes, these people aren’t just over the top: they’re stupidly evil.

UPDATE: From Fox News (here) we find that the Santa Monica resident who was behind the anti-circumcision ballot initiative, Jena Troutman, has withdrawn the measure, but only for Santa Monica, not San Francisco. Troutman who is apparently a “lactation consultant,” said, “I’m tired of it being about religion.” Troutman also noted “bodily integrity and genital autonomy are human rights.” Ah yes, the 93rd Amendment to the Constitution giving full autonomy and human rights to genitals! I can see it now: Law And Order: Special Genital Unit!

Lawyer: “John Smith, your honor, representing the defendant’s genitals.”

Judge: “You may begin your summation, Mr. Smith.”

Smith: “Thank you your Honor. Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury, as you know, the defendant’s genitals have autonomous human rights. So put him in prison for life if you must, but his genitals must go free…”

Prosecutor: “Objection! Attorney for the genitals is misrepresenting the penile code!” (The courtroom explodes with cries of “bodily integrity,” “genital autonomy,” and keep a stiff upper…”)

Judge: (Pounding gavel) “Order in the court! Order in the court!” Fade to commercial.

Uh, when guys give their genitals autonomy, isn’t that considered, if not a crime, at least bad manners? And what the heck is a “lactation consultant?” What does that pay anyway? Discuss.

ITEM: There are few sharper wits writing today than Mark Steyn. Go here for his most recent column on the dissembling Rep. Weiner. Even though the story is (?) apparently over, you’ll be glad you did.

ITEM: It’s No Fun Protesting When You Can’t Skip Out On Work And Lie About It Later? Visit Ann Althouse (here) to learn about a recently announced protest against Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker. A tent city was to be constructed and maintained to protest, I don’t know, returning Wisconsin to fiscal sanity? The upshot: Nobody showed up. Now that school is out, I guess it’s no fun for teachers when they can’t flashily abandon classrooms full of kids. No fun being self-righteous when there’s no one around to notice, eh?

ITEM: Living Well Is The Best Revenge! Department: Not long ago, we told you about James Tate, a senior and honor student in Shelton, Connecticut who taped 12” letters to the front of his school asking Sonali Rodrigues to go to the prom with him. She, of course, accepted, but school Headmaster Beth Smith banned Tate from the prom, and in so doing, kicked over an international hornet’s nest. She was eventually overruled by the school Superintendent after several state legislators set to work on legislation that would overturn her decision. Not only did James and Sonali attend the prom in style, he was voted king of the prom by his peers who apparently have a well-developed sense of irony. Good for you James and Sonali! Go here for more on the story.

ITEM: Just Desserts Department: When Attorney Alan Gura and his associates won the McDonald v. Chicago case wherein the US Supreme Court applied the 2nd Amendment to the states, Gura applied for a reasonable attorney’s fee” from the losing side, which he is allowed to do under federal law. Chicago, of course, stiffed Gura, but now, the applicable federal appeals court has order Chicago—and Oak Park, IL—to pay up. Go here for the story and the order of the court.

ITEM: What?! He Didn’t Wait For the All-Wise, All-Beneficent Government To Deal With It?! Go here to read the story of Army Staff Sgt. Eddie Peoples, who, while on vacation, single-handedly foiled—and in spectacular style—an armed bank robbery. Go Army!

ITEM: The Chinese are about to go to sea with their first aircraft carrier (here). The ship, purchased unfinished from the Russians several years ago, might seem to be a game-changer, but careful analysis suggests otherwise. Read the entire article to see why our military isn’t very concerned.

ITEM: So, we know that there are at least 500 million barrels of economically recoverable oil in Texas. Recovering that oil would lower gas prices and provide thousands of real—not rhetorical—jobs. It would help the economy... Whoa! Not so fast there Tex! There is a problem, a tiny reptilian problem that, if the Government has its way, will put a cork in the bottle of Texas oil. Go here to read the story, but take your blood pressure meds first.

ITEM: So, There Is A Jobs Renaissance--in Detroit?! According to Turbo-Tax Timothy Geithner, our serial tax-evading Secretary of the Treasury, the Obama Administration’s manipulations of 2/3 of the American auto industry have sparked a veritable renaissance in jobs in Detroit! Detroit? That rusting urban wasteland? That future movie set for a post-apocalyptic Mad Max sequel? The very one. The problem, however, according to Ed Morrissey at Hot Air (here) is that like so much of the rhetoric emanating from DC these days, it’s not remotely true. Read the story, please.

ITEM: It Cost What?! Remember when a billion dollars was real money? According to the Obama Administration, the federal bailout of Mortgage giants Fannie and Freddie cost $130 billion. It’s bad enough that in the current Obamanomics climate, that doesn’t sound like very much money at all. What’s worse is that, according to the Congressional Budget Office, the actual cost is at least $317 billion and rising. Great. Go here for the whole story. Take deep, regular breaths.

ITEM: That Stupid Sarah Palin! Remember when Sarah Palin said that she could see Russia from her House? Boy, wasn’t that stupid—except that she didn’t say it. It was Tina Fey parodying her on Saturday Night Live. Well, now Palin has done it again. Speaking off the cuff to reporters, Palin claimed that Paul Revere warned the British during his historic ride in 1775. What an idiot! She didn't even go to the right college! The media, as usual where Palin is involved, gleefully piled on. Except, according to actual, noted historians, Palin was exactly right. Go here to see who is and isn’t dumb.

ITEM: Don’t Touch MY Social Security! What’s the old saw? “Don’t tax you, don’t tax me, tax that fellow behind the tree.” The same goes for Social Security, which everyone agrees must be reformed, but only reform that doesn’t, you know, actually reform anything. Sorry campers; it’s already happening. Go here to find out how.

ITEM: The Obligatory Weiner Item Of The Week: Author Andrew Klavan is one of finest wits writing today. His “Klavan On The Culture” videos for Pajamas TV are brief masterworks of satire. He has returned to blog on Pajamas Media with a post on the unfortunate Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) here. By all means, acquaint yourself with Mr. Klavan.

ITEM: Is He Actually Trying To Blow Himself Up? Mitt Romney, on the campaign trail in New Hampshire, professed his belief in Global Warming and in the necessity of wasting trillions we don’t have to cause no change whatsoever in the global climate. Go here to read the whole thing. Apart for departing from one of the fundamental conservative platforms in an appallingly unnecessary way, Mr. Romney apparently hasn’t heard of Climategate or read any of the most recent literature. And this is the Republican “Front Runner?” Could he play into Mr. Obama’s hands any more effectively if he tried? By the time they’re done agreeing with each other on ObamaCare and Global Warming, will there be anything they can actually debate, in a debate?

ITEM: Louis Renault Award of the Week: From Ed Morrissey at Hot Air (here) we are shocked, shocked! to learn that if ObamaCare is not repealed, enormous numbers of Americans—far more than have previously been predicted—will see their insurance decreased, will see it cost far more, or will lose their insurance entirely. Read the whole thing. Secure breakable items first.

ITEM: “What we found is one of the most misleading collections of assertions we have seen in a short presidential speech. Virtually every claim by the president regarding the auto industry needs an asterisk, just like the fine print in that too-good-to-be-true car loan.”

So reads an article from Ed Morrissey at Hot Air (here), which explains that virtually everything Mr. Obama recently said in justifying his auto industry takeover is, to put it kindly, fanciful. Read the whole thing and take the link to Glenn Kessler’s Washington Post (a newspaper not known for a uniformly Conservative outlook) article (here). Kessler sums it up nicely:

“If the auto industry bailout is really a success, there should be no need to resort to trumped-up rhetoric and phony accounting to make your case.”


ITEM: They Did What? By all means, go here to discover that the Department of Health and Human Services really is making it up as they go along. Remember all of those ObamaCare waivers HHS Secretary Kathleen Sibelius has been granting to unions, cronies and the occasional state? The ObamaCare law did not give her the authority to do that. Where did she get it? HHS made up a regulation giving itself the power! Well OK then. I hereby give myself the power to never again pay income taxes and to run out of office any federal weasel I choose! So there! Discuss.

ITEM: Those Awful Machineguns Are Everywhere! Go here to National Review Online where Kevin Williamson has written a concise article in response to recent Media Matters lies (do they do anything else?) about the availability of machinegun parts and the ease with which a semiautomatic rifle may be converted to fully automatic fire. Williams debunks this never-ending tripe convincingly. Fully automatic weapons are available on the market, but can be sold only by dealers specifically licensed to sell them, they require major local, state and federal paperwork including fingerprinting, records checks, and a $200 fee. The process commonly takes up to six months before one can take possession of the weapon, and there are substantial regulations thereafter. Federal law treats mere conversion parts as an actual gun, and no commonly available rifle, such as the AR-15 can be converted without highly specific knowledge and specific and expensive machining tools. By all means, read the article for future reference the next time someone brings up this sort of silliness within earshot.

ITEM: He Said What?! Department: And now a question for all of the bonus points and the championship: Who said that the federal gasoline tax should be raised by as much as $1 per gallon to force people to buy more fuel-efficient cars? Ding, ding ding! That’s right, it was the CEO of General Motors. He also thinks that maybe GM will get rid of the government’s remaining 26% share of the company, you know, like soon or something. Go here to Hot Air for the whole story. Hey, you know, he sounds very much like Mr. Obama and his bureaucrats, doesn’t he? How do you suppose that happened? Could it be that he’s trying to force people to buy Chevy Volts? Speaking of which, you may wish to visit my most recent article on that very topic (here). Perhaps there’s a reason some call it “Government Motors” after all. Discuss.

ITEM: Go here to Michelle Malkin where Doug Powers writes about the Obama Administration’s “Green Ribbon Schools” program, whereby selected schools will be honored for “creating healthy and sustainable learning environments” and for “teaching environmental literacy.” According to EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson “…Green Ribbon Schools will prepare our children to win the future by leading our global green energy economy.” Read the story. Powers concludes: “If the Department of Labor’s stimulus-driven Green Jobs Training Program’ results are any indication, there’s a good chance that the only thing ‘Green Ribbons Schools’ will prepare students for is the unemployment line.” Just so.

ITEM: What’s going on with our national energy policy? Nothing good. Go here to read a brief but informative article by the invaluable Michael Barone.

ITEM: Massive federal spending cuts are going to have to happen, but congress critters, particularly the Democrat species, can’t accept that necessity just now. So what would they prefer? How about cutting pay and benefits for our military? Isn’t that a great idea? Cut the pay and benefits for the people who risk their lives to ensure that, as Abraham Lincoln said it in the Gettysburg Address: “government of the people, by the people, for the people shall not perish from the Earth.”
Go here to read the story by Rob at PACNW Righty.

ITEM: They Did What?! Let’s say you’re a Wisconsin Liberal and you want to get good publicity in your continuing protests against the evil Republican Governor, Scott Walker, who is cruelly and irrationally trying to keep Wisconsin from going bankrupt. You’re sitting around the union hall brainstorming about the best place to stage a protest. What’s the first thing that would come to mind? That’s right! A Special Olympics Event! Go here for the story. Be glad you don’t think like those people.

ITEM: Feel Good Story of the Week: Go here for the heart-warming story of a Florida couple served a foreclosure notice by a bank. Not only was the bank wrong—the couple paid cash for the home in the first place; there was never a mortgage to foreclose—but the bank drug them into court anyway. The judge threw out the case and ordered the bank to reimburse them for their considerable legal costs. For months, the bank drug its feet and did nothing, until the couple’s attorney showed up with the Sheriff and foreclosed—on the bank! Talk about guilty pleasure!

And with that warm and fuzzy feeling in our respective hearts, I must thank you, once again, for stopping by and bid you return next Thursday for another edition of Quick Takes.

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June 01, 2011

Quick Takes, June 02, 2011

ITEM: Don’t These Guys Have Copy Editors? Department: An AP headline (here): “French Minister Probed on Sex Allegations Resigns.” Well no wonder he resigned if they did THAT to him!

ITEM: Is This Cool Or What?! Department: A team at the University of Maryland recently succeeded in actually flying a human powered helicopter for ten seconds. So what? The pilot was a woman: Judy Wexler, a biology graduate student. Go here for the story and video. You’ll see why Judy could pull it off. You go, girl!

ITEM: Is it possible that conjoined twins could actually share not only certain brain structures, but a mind as well. Can they feel each other’s sensations? Know each other’s thoughts? Research on Krista and Tatiana Hogan raises those—and more--fascinating possibilities. Do read this story (here).

ITEM: Well, it’s official; the Senate voted 97-0 against Barack Obama’s Fiscal Year 2012 budget. Not a single Democrat supported it. But on the other hand, not a single Democrat has actually proposed a budget either, proving conclusively that something is not better than nothing, particularly when it’s dreamed up by Mr. Obama. Visit The Hill (here) for the entire mess.

ITEM: AG Eric Holder continues to investigate CIA personnel, who, acting on the specific advise of the Department of Justice, protected American lives during the Bush Administration. John Hindearaker at PowerLine (here) suggests that the only reasonable conclusion is that Mr. Obama is at war with America’s intelligence community. I agree. See if you do.

ITEM: Even while pretending to support full energy development, including nuclear power, Mr. Obama’s actions reveal him to be at war with American energy producers and workers. John Hinderaker provides revealing video here. Once again, I agree. You?

ITEM: Louis Renault Award, Illinois Division: Does anyone remember Rod Blagojevich? You remember? Former, disgraced governor of Illinois, currently on trial for corruption? I didn’t think so. He’s been very much out of sight and out of mind, likely because his trial could be very, very embarrassing to Mr. Obama who ran in the same circles and used at least some of the same money men, such as Tony Rezko, who, strangely, has not been put on the stand by prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald. Visit Newsalert (here) which surmises that this state of affairs is an attempt by Mr. Fitzpatrick to protect Mr. Obama and various Chicago cronies. I’m shocked, shocked! to even contemplate such a thing. How could this be true, in Chicago, of all places?!

ITEM: One of the Obama Administrations tactics in delaying and denying oil exploration and drilling has been hysteria about alleged danger to groundwater by the hydraulic “fraccing” process, which makes recovering previously unobtainable oil economical and safe. Visit Hot Air (here) for one of those “oops!” moments when Lisa Jackson, EPA Administrator admits under Congressional questioning that there is no evidence whatever to indicate any such groundwater contamination through fraccing. Well, at least Mr. Obama has put science back in its proper place: to be used in furthering environmentalist hyperbole and the destruction of the American economy.

PS: There is some debate among grammarians on precisely how to spell “fraccing.” As “frack” has entered the popular lexicon as a euphemism for the shorter slang version of “fornicate,” I’ll stick with “frac” and “fraccing.”

Bonus: One of the fastest ways to end any conversation is to suddenly and excitedly observe “You know, what you just said has fascinating grammatical possibilities!”

ITEM: He’s Out! Leftist Berkely law professor Goodwin Liu, nominated by President Obama for a position on the most leftist appeals court in the nation, the 9th Circuit, recently saw his nomination fail in the Senate. Liu has now formally withdrawn. Despite having none of the qualifications the American Bar Association requires, such as experience as a judge or having actually practiced law—Liu has done neither—he received its highest rating. This is a small, but decisive victory for the rule of law and the Constitution. See Fox News (here) for the story.

ITEM: So That’s The Problem! House Assistant Democratic leader James Clyburn, who happens to be black, on Mr. Obama’s problems:

“And I can tell you; people don’t like to deal with it, but the fact of the matter is, the president’s problems are in large measure because of the color of his skin…”

Uh, sorry Rep. Clyburn, but the problem is that many people consider him to be an incompetent Marxist. The overwhelming majority of Americans are proud that a black man could be elected president. They want their presidents, of any color and gender, to be successful, to be someone they and their children can respect. Unfortunately, Mr. Obama, by race-baiting, narcissism, arrogance, refusal to listen to the people and sheer lack of ability and insight has manufactured his own problems. Go here for the whole story.

ITEM: Well, At Least He’s Consistent! Barack Obama, the President who has made something of a career of insulting the British, fresh from his latest diplomatic debacle of badly botching a toast to the Queen, has once again behaved like, well, like himself. Rather than attend a Royal Society banquet in his honor where England’s most eminent scientists planned to honor him with a prestigious medal, Mr. Obama, the man who swore he would restore science to its rightful place in government—by, for instance, changing scientist’s views 180° to support his anti-oil policies in the gulf of Mexico—couldn’t be bothered. Go here for the story of our continuing “special relationship” with the British. One can’t help be suspect that Mr. Obama has a rather different definition of “special” than the British, or any of our other allies, for that matter.

ITEM: Snit Fits To Remember: I can just imagine the snit fit AG Eric Holder is having today. The US Supreme Court (story here) affirmed Arizona’s law that imposes sanctions on businesses that hire illegal immigrants. While this decision does not have a direct bearing on the ongoing suit brought against Arizona by the DOJ, it does suggest that the Supreme Court recognizes that immigration enforcement is not the exclusive province of the Federal Government. Take a stress pill Mr. Holder. Perhaps a change of career would be more relaxing?

ITEM: Female SEALS? It seems that in the aftermath of the takedown of Osama Bin Laden, some feminists believe that the Navy is discriminating against women because there are no female SEALs, except Demi Moore, of course, but I’m still harboring a vague suspicion that was only a movie and not a documentary. It’s so hard to tell these days. Visit the always interesting Heather McDonald at City Journal (here) for a story of Yale women who cannot be successful in college because some college boys were behaving, like, well, like college boys. McDonald suggests that this kind of whining hypersensitivity demonstrates that women—particularly of the feminist bent—may not, in fact, have the psychological wherewithal to function as SEALs. Indeed.

ITEM: Cass Sunstein to the Rescue! Sounds like a Jewish cowboy hero from the 50s, doesn’t it? Not quite. Sunstein is a leftist academic attorney who accepted a position as the czar of the “Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs.” The brilliant Mark Steyn (here) exposes Sunstein and government regulatory excess generally. It has to do with the fact that the federal government has classified spilled cow’s milk as oil to be treated as any petroleum spill. I’m not kidding. Read the whole article. Git along little doggies!

ITEM: How much does the average family spend on gasoline per month? Last month it was $369, compared with $201 in April, 2009. And gentle readers it’s not Mr. Obama’s fault and he can’t do anything about it, but he really, really supports drilling and exploration and nuclear power. Really. He said so. Go here for more discouraging details. Question: Why haven’t Americans already run every Washington Democrat and environmental weenie out of DC? How high will gas prices have to rise to get a rise out of them? $5.00? $10.00? Discuss.

ITEM: Uh, Doesn’t That Actually Mean “illegal?” Go to Michelle Malkin (here) where Doug Powers comments on a recent talk by DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Wasserman Schultz is apparently upset that those nasty Republicans actually want to enforce federal immigration laws, you know, the kind that apply to “undocumented immigrants?”

ITEM: Basic Economics 101: Let’s review, gentle readers. If you make $5000 per month, and spend $100,000 per month, you are in…? Economic deep doo-doo! That’s right! Good job! Would it be a surprise that you would be in economic trouble now and well into the future? According to Michael Barone in the Washington Examiner (here) this sort of utterly predictable consequence of lunatic spending and destructive economic policies is a continual source of amazement to Mr. Obama’s base, the Lamestream Media. Do read the article for a glimpse into campaign 2012 where Mr. Obama’s base will leave no ethical wall standing in an attempt to ensure his reelection.

ITEM: Remember when GM announced that it had paid off its government loans? Remember that it turned out that GM actually used money from a government line of credit—another loan-- to “pay off” the first loan? Remember how you realized that GM was engaging in what is commonly called “lying” because they did not actually reduce their debt to the taxpayers at all? Well, now it’s Chrysler’s turn. Hot Air (here) sums up their loan pay-off shenanigans:

“So, to recap, the Obama Energy Department is loaning a foreign car company [Fiat, Chrysler’s partner] $3.5 billion so that it can pay the Treasury Department $7.6 billion even though American taxpayers spent $13 billion to save an American car company [Chrysler] that is currently only worth $5 billion.”

Read the whole thing—if you have the stomach for it.

ITEM: Payback Comes in Unexpected Ways: Remember that shortly after becoming President, Mr. Obama reneged on our agreement to provide an anti-missile shield that would have protected Poland, among other Eastern European nations. Remember that he pulled the rug out from under the Poles on the anniversary of the very day that the Poles were invaded and conquered by the Russians? Unsurprisingly, the Poles were not impressed and inexplicably came to feel that America under Obama would be, at best, an unreliable ally. Enter Lech Walesa (here), Nobel Prize winner and George Washington-like figure in Polish history, who given the opportunity to meet with Mr. Obama, declined, noting that he really didn’t want to be used as a prop in a photo op. That’s statesmanship and common sense. Such are the results of alienating your allies while trying to appease your enemies. Desperately trying to be liked should be reserved for adolescents. It has no place in a dangerous world. Be sure you visit Chris Muir’s excellent Day By Day cartoon on this issue (here).

ITEM: Via Fox News (here) Mr. Obama has announced his new pick to lead the Commerce Department: John Bryson, former CEO of Edison International, which is billed as “a California-based energy company.” Bryson co-founded the Natural Resources Defense Council and “served on a United Nations advisory group on energy and climate change.” Uh, right. Correct me if I’m missing something, but isn’t promoting climate change—on behalf of the UN, for Pete’s sake!-- and co-founding a rabid environmental group pretty much diametrically opposed to promoting commerce in every way? Would we expect anything else from Mr. Obama? The more we hope for change, the more things stay the same.

ITEM: Continuing News From The Religion of Peace: Iranian Ayatollah Mohammed Taghi Mesbah has issued a Fatwa—religious edict—authorizing the killing of enemies of Islam, particularly Israelis of all ages. Go here for the peaceful, diverse and tolerant story.

ITEM: Even More News From The Religion of Peace: An Egyptian General has admitted (here) that during recent democracy demonstrations in Egypt, women were beaten, tortured and subjected to “virginity tests,” ostensibly so that they couldn’t claim they were raped. Apparently worried about claims of beatings and torture weren’t considered as important. Remember, gentle readers, these, and people like them, are reflexively supported by our current President and his administration.

ITEM: More News From the Religion of Peace. It is difficult for Americans to realize that in Islam, there is no separation of Church and State. Many Muslims, regardless of where they live, identify, first last and always, as Muslims. They may or may not claim any national identity, but even if they do, it will be at best a distant second to their status as a Muslim. For such people, there is no such thing as secular law or religious tolerance. An example is the tragic tale of Katya Koren, a 19 year old Muslim living in the Ukraine who dared to enter a beauty contest. It cost her life; she was stoned to death. Go here to read the entire story.

ITEM: Wisconsin’s Long, National Nightmare Is Finally Over…whoops! I was thinking about Nixon. Periodic flashbacks, you know. “I am not a crook!” Horrifying! Sorry. What has actually happened is that JoAnn Kloppenburg has finally conceded the Wisconsin Supreme Court election to Incumbent Justice David Prosser. After the recount netted her only an additional 300 votes, still leaving Prosser with a margin of more than 7000 votes, Kloppenberg still had the option of filing an additional legal challenge, but finally bowed out. Presumably, a slam- dunk Wisconsin Supreme Court decision against Governor Walker’s union reforms is no longer in the cards, but the union war continues (here).

ITEM: Could the Dems who run California actually do anything fiscally responsible? Well, sort of. Maybe. At Hot Air (here) we learn that CA authorities petitioned the Obama Department of transportation for some flexibility in the way that they implement a HS rail project beloved by the Obamites. Is anyone surprised that the answer was not only no, but hell no? It seems that the CA Dems might actually be realizing that the project might stick them with untold billions in continuing debt into eternity. Hmm. Does this mean they might actually do something affirmative to avoid running off the the bankruptcy cliff? I doubt it, but…Discuss.

ITEM: Nominations For the Most Ironic Use of The Suffix “Gate” for 2011 Are Officially Closed! WEINERGATE, WEINERGATE, WEINERGATE! Go here for the latest. You know, some bloggers would use this prominent scandal to get a cheap rise out of their readers. Yes, they’d whip a flaccid story into something of real prominence, filled with turgid, throbbing prose and gratuitous references to flag poles, obelisks and sausages. And that’s not the wurst, no! Some bloggers, bulging with self-righteousness, would erect virtual Washington Monuments to the rigid symbolism inherent in this flagging tale, or, the other side, as it may be. They’d mix metaphors and throw their organs into the ring before the fat lady sings and breaks the camel’s back. But not here at CY, no sir! Still, I can’t seem to get the Oscar Meyer Wiener Song out of my mind…

And on that spine and other part-stiffening note, I must, once again, thank you for stopping by and urge you, yet again, to visit us next Thursday for another edition of Quick Takes, where we leave no wiener unsung!

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May 25, 2011

Quick Takes, May 26, 2011

ITEM: Is This Cool or What? Department: From the Wall Street Journal (here) comes the story of a man mostly paralyzed from the waist down, who, with an electrostimulation device implanted along the spine, and intensive therapy, is now able to stand and has substantially improved feeling and muscular response in his lower body. It’s not a complete cure, but it’s amazing progress that offers hope for many others. Only in America--for now.

ITEM: Well, those merry leftists in San Francisco are up to it again! They’ve approved a new ballot initiative for the next election on an issue of overwhelming public concern and importance: A ban on circumcision for infants. No, this is not a parody; they actually mean it. The group backing the measure calls if the “San Francisco Male Genital Mutilation Bill.” May I suggest an alternate title: “The San Francisco Rationality Obliteration and Lunatic Nanny State Intrusion Bill.” San Francisco’s Jewish community is not amused and would like to cut those proposing the bill off short. Sorry. Couldn’t help myself. Go here for the truncated story. Sorry. Couldn’t help myself. No need to get snippish! Sorry…I’ve got to cut that out! Sorry...

ITEM: But He’s Not Really That Bad Of An Utterly Depraved, Murderous, Genocidal Terrorist! Department. From the good folks at Hot Air (here) we learn that the Holder Justice Department is apparently showing signs of prosecuting another terrorist—one Ali Musa Daqduq—in civilian courts, so much so that five Senators including Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) have sent Holder a letter demanding answers and demanding that he be prosecuted at Gitmo under a military commission. The Senators observe that he trained Iraqis in the use of IEDS and executed five US soldiers in Iraq. Holder supporters have their usual, inane ideas. Read the whole thing.

ITEM: So, they’re poisonous, if they break require an EPA Superfund cleanup, cause cancer, cost too much and explode in flames too? I’ll take 100! I speak, of course, about Compact Florescent Light bulbs, or CFLs, the magic green technology our Congressional masters have decided must replace cheap, safe incandescent light bulbs. Visit the American Thinker (here) for the story about just how dangerous these greenie wonders actually are. If you’re not aware of the very real dangers of CFLs, this article will certainly be an eye-opener.

ITEM: What to make of Mr. Obama’s bizarre anti-Israel speech of the past week, and his rapid backpedaling at the AIPAC conference (and thereafter) where he claimed to have been misquoted and declared himself a firm and unshakeable defender of Israel? It’s pretty simple, really.

The problem--for Mr. Obama--is that he was accurately quoted. Mr. Obama’s default position is to attack America and her allies and to fawn over and kowtow to her enemies. When political reality dictates that he do something about some foreign crisis, he gives a teleprompter reading and maybe threatens sanctions. And when they don’t work and the despot of the week hacks another spitwad into America’s eye, he threatens even more meaningful sanctions and gives another TP reading.

Mr. Obama is no friend of Israel, and the Israelis, made practical by facing obliteration on a daily basis, know it. However, Mr. Obama wants the campaign donations and votes of American Jews, who, considering they are Jewish, have remarkably short memories. His problem, and America’s, is that he doesn’t like America and doesn’t represent American’s interests, only what he perceives his interests to be at a given moment. His rhetoric is among the cheapest substances on the planet, action in support of American interests and those of our allies, rare.

Oh yes, he’s no fonder of Israel or American Jews either, but he does like their money and votes enough to pretend to like and support them.

Go here to read Scott Hinderaker’s take on the sordid mess at Powerline.

ITEM: Speaking Of Libya...: So what’s going on over there anyway? Has Libya dropped off the planet? Mr. Obama didn’t spend any real time on Libya during his second world-changing, historic, make-the-Muslims-like-him speech, and we’re more or less at war with Libya, or at least engaged in a kinetic military action, or whatever the latest Obamite euphemism for war is at the moment. So what’s going on? Go here for an article by Nick Gillespie at Reason that fills in at least a few of the many blanks.

ITEM: Go here for an interesting article about a Pima County Sheriff’s SWAT team shooting a former Marine, who served two tours in the War on Terror, 60 times (out of 71 rounds fired) during a drug raid on his home that turned up not so much as a marijuana seed. Among the features was the claim that the Marine shot first, later retracted by the police. Oh yes, they also kept paramedics waiting for more than an hour until the former Marine was dead.

If there is a genuine, imminent threat of serious bodily injury or death, officers may shoot as many times as necessary to end the threat, but 71 rounds, inside a house, apparently in a hallway, at very close range? This sounds like two or three cops with automatic weapons engaging in panicky “me too” shooting and more or less emptying their magazines. It’s amazing anyone in the neighborhood survived. The Marine’s wife and two small children were hiding in a closet, at the Marine's insistence, during the artillery barrage. This one, at least on the surface, seems very, very smelly.

Be sure to read Bob’s article on the shooting at Pajamas Media (here) too.

ITEM: How Dare Those Provincial Americans Arrest An Important Frenchman! Yeah, well, get over it. Mark Steyn (here) wittily--as always--sizes up the arrest of Dominique Strauss-Kahn for the alleged rape of a maid at the Sofitel Hotel in Manhattan.

ITEM. So. Unless we’re actually dead--or at least in some sort of post-life state--and experiencing a group delusion of living, the world did not, in fact, end as predicted over the weekend. Freedom of religion, gentle readers, is a wonderful, though sometimes bizarre, thing, isn’t it. Discuss.

UPDATE: Ooops! May 21 wasn’t actually Judgment Day, according to doomsday minister Harold Camping, but was instead a sort of “spiritual judgment day.” The real end of times will be October 21, so there is still time to rent those videos you’ve always been wanting to see, wash the dog, finish your pushups, and perhaps even paint the chicken coop. Go here for the spiritual lowdown.

ITEM: They Did WHAT?! Department: Go here to Fox News for a GAO report that reveals that at least 3700 government contractors and nonprofits received more than $24 billion (billion with a “B”) from the Obama stimulus. You remember the whole “spending equals stimulus” thing? C’mon, you remember! The nearly trillion dollar spending spree during Mr. Obama’s first year in office that turned the economy around? Summer of Recovery? Happy days are here again? Yeah. Neither do I. But that’s not the best part, not at all! The best part is that those 3700 lucky and much enriched entities simultaneously owned 757 million in back taxes! If I cheat on my taxes, can I get more than I owe for free from the government too? By all means, read the whole thing, but take your blood pressure meds first.

ITEM: It is becoming apparent that British newshounds are often writing far more insightful analyses of American politics and politicians than their American brethren and sisteren (OK, OK, I know that’s not a proper word. Can’t an author have a little fun with the language? I mean, if Shakespeare could make up words, why can’t I? Sheesh!). Such is the case with a fine article by Gary Younge at the Guardian (here). Younge coins a new term--Obamaphilia--to illustrate the drooling fealty of some Euro-weenies to Mr. Obama. I dunno. Sounds like a particularly nasty and debilitating disease that shouldn't be mentioned in polite company to me:

Doctor: I think you’d better sit down Mr. Snerdly.

Snerdly: Sit down? What it is?

Doctor: That’s where you plant your posterior in a chair, but that’s not important now. I’m afraid you have...Obamaphilia!

Snerdly: Oh no! Obamaphilia? Not Obamaphilia!

Doctor: I’m afraid so Mr. Snerdly, and it’s stage three...

Snerdly: Stage three? Stage three?! What can I do?

Doctor: Avoid even the mention of the name “Barack Obama”...uh-oh...

Snerdly: (Begins drooling uncontrollably and falls into a rapturous coma, mutters as he sinks to the floor) MM--MM—MM, Barack Hussein O-ba…

Doctor: Nurse! Code blue! Bring me adrenaline and a bucket and mop!

ITEM: Remember when Bill Clinton, post-presidency, went on the lecture circuit, sucking up money like a Dyson vacuum sucks dust bunnies? Remember how the media went berserk, accusing him of hypocrisy and greed? Yeah. I don’t remember that either. So why is the Lamestream Media now going after George W. Bush for speech making, accusing him of being a hypocrite for claiming to keep a low profile even while admitting that his speeches are behind closed doors and not open to the general public or press? Isn’t that keeping a low profile? Can you say “liberal bias” children? I knew that you could! Visit Rob at PacNRighty (here) for the story and commentary.

ITEM: So, How’s That Socialism Workin’ Out For Ya? Spain’s nearly decade-long experiment in socialism continues to be a disaster in every possible way. Its green jobs program killed at least two jobs for every job it created, and now, the bill for socialistic excess is coming due. Read Michelle Malkin (here) for the cautionary tale. Of course our own socialists in the White House won’t learn anything from it. Socialists always believe that they alone can perfect socialism where everyone else has failed. Margaret Thatcher was right: “The trouble with Socialism is that you always run out of other people’s money.”

ITEM: For those who aren’t familiar with the Jerusalem Post’s Caroline Glick, let this article (here) be your introduction. For insightful analysis into what’s actually happening in the Middle East and in America’s relationship to Israel, there is none better.

ITEM: Let’s see: the law requires that Congress produce an annual budget, but the Dems haven’t done one in 755 days…no problem!
“There’s no need to have a Democratic budget, in my opinion. It would be foolish for us to do a budget at this stage,” said Senate Majority leader, Harry Reid (D-Nevada). But of course! Why reveal the depth of your economic depravity? Go here for the entire story. Be sure you’re sitting down as you read it. Secure all breakable items within easy reach. Ear muffs for the kids. Probably wouldn’t hurt to put them on the dog too.

ITEM: Louis Renault Award of the Week: The Louis Renault Award, mass shooter division, goes to Gerald Loughner, the vermin who shot Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and 18 others in Tucson on January 8 killing six. I was shocked, shocked! to learn from Fox News (here) that Loughner was found mentally incompetent to stand trial. It is entirely possible that Loughner will never face justice for his alleged crime. It is also entirely possible that he could, eventually, be released. Words fail…

ITEM: Michael Barone is one of America’s premier political analysts, and by this, I don’t mean he’s a network talking head. When Barone speaks, it’s always wise to listen carefully. Go here to read Barone’s latest article on how the Obama Administration has abandoned the rule of law to reward political cronies. While you do, take deep, regular breaths…

ITEM: God Annoy The Queen! Department: Normally, I wouldn’t bother to bring something like this to your attention. After all, everybody makes mistakes. But Mr. Obama’s record of insulting the British in every possible way has, as they say in court, opened the door. Go here to see how Mr. Obama blew a toast to the Queen and didn't have the good sense to just shut up until it was the proper time. Think this sounds petty? Presidents of the United States have protocol people to ensure that this sort of thing doesn’t happen. Does Mr. Obama simply not listen to them, or has he dismissed them all, considering his intellect to be incompatible with advice from lower beings? Remember gentle readers, he’s ostensibly representing you, except he really doesn’t represent America, does he? Discuss.

ITEM: The women who is to be the head of Mr. Obama’s newly conceived (deceived?) Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (she’s a current White House Advisor), Elizabeth Warren, appeared before a House hearing recently, and demonstrated her Obama-like temperament and abiding respect for the co-equal branch of the government by demanding that the Committee before which she was appearing limit her appearance to only one hour. According to Ms. Warren, she had important meetings to attend. Well, of course! I mean, if she had meetings, why, that’s much more important that answering questions from the Congress of the United States. Go here for the story. Hope. Change. Lunatic self—importance and delusion.

ITEM: Good News/Bad News Department: From Fox (here) comes the news that researchers at the University of Alabama at Birmingham have found seventeen previously unknown pyramids and thousands of tombs and settlements in Egypt using space-based infrared scanning. The bad news? When the Muslim Brotherhood takes over, any involvement with infidels and Egypt’s pre-Muslim history may vanish, and if the experience of Afghanistan is any indicator, even the destruction of Egypt’s most famous monuments is a possibility.

ITEM: On Shelter Island, Long Island, NY a funeral took place for US Army 1st Lt. Joseph Theinert, killed in Afghanistan. The American Legion raised $8000 to line the funeral route with American flags. So far so good. Where things went wrong---you knew that was coming, didn’t you?—was when someone from the state utility, the Long Island Power Authority, saw a newspaper article about the funeral and realized that the flags were flown from utility poles and that a state law allowed them to charge $5.00 per pole for the privilege of flying the flag. A bill quickly followed. Shelter Island Councilman Peter Reich said “Getting that money out of us is going to be like getting blood out of a stone.” Good for them. What’s wrong with those people? Go here for the story.

ITEM: Louis Renault Award, Little Watched Broadcast Division: I was shocked, shocked! to learn though Hot Air (here) that Ed Schultz of MSNBC, on the air, called popular conservative radio host and pundit Laura Ingraham a “slut.” Schultz has apparently agreed to a one week unpaid suspension. First class temperament and decorum, these Leftists. In truth, that’s what I found really shocking, that MSNBC would pretend to have broadcast standards. The brilliant and classy Laura Ingraham had the last, best, shot, however:

“I was surprised to learn that Ed Schultz actually hosted a radio show. Is it only available online?”

And on that deliciously witty bit of accurate return fire, I must bid you all a fond farewell for this week, and look forward to seeing you again next Thursday!

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May 18, 2011

Quick Takes, May 19, 2011

ITEM: Writing in USA Today on health care, former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney promised, if elected president, to immediately issue an executive order to grant waivers to all 50 states for ObamaCare and to call on Congress to repeal it. Unfortunately, for Romney and the nation, he not only refuses to repudiate his RomneyCare Massachusetts version of ObamaCare, but actually defended it. This is a fundamental and foolish mistake that could, if Romney wins the 2012 Republican nomination, hand the election to Barack Obama. A great many Republicans will not forgive Romney his ObamaCare clone, and will simply not support him regardless. They’ll stay home on election day. Pray, gentle readers, for a better nominee and do all that you can to make it happen. Go here for the story.

ITEM: Regularly, public school officials (here), by stubbornly over-reacting to unremarkable, predictable, sometimes constitutionally protected student behavior, give ammunition to those who irrationally hate the public schools. Imagine that: Teenagers actually behaving like teenagers! Such a situation recently occurred in Shelton, Connecticut where senior honor student James Tate asked a girl to the prom by means of a message taped to an exterior wall of the school in 12” high letters. She accepted. School authorities have punished Tate by refusing to allow him to attend the prom, and despite public outrage, have not relented, causing several Connecticut legislators to draft a bill that would allow Tate to attend. So we have an honor student who thinks up a creative way to do something that harms no one, that did not in any way damage public property or disrupt school, and school authorities respond with petty vindictiveness. The citizens of Shelton have reason to question their judgment, particularly at the next school board election.

UPDATE: Tate will we allowed to go to the prom after all. The school’s Headmaster, Beth Smith changed her mind. Superintendent Freeman Burr explained: "James Tate has set for us a new standard for romanticism. Principals have to make difficult decisions every day. No one could have anticipated this kind of response." So let’s review: School officials did the right thing, but only because of mounting national outrage, the community and its mayor turning against them, and the threats of legislators to write legislation that would overturn their decision. Hmm. Sounds more like cowardice than moral reasoning, doesn’t it? Congratulation to James and to the lucky young lady who will accompany him to a prom neither of them will ever forget. Who says there are no happy endings?

ITEM: So GM is profitable—for the moment. This is not, by any means, a vindication of government involvement in spending tens of billions of dollars of taxpayer money to pick winners and losers, and losers there were, like the shareholders who, legally first in line, were completely stiffed in favor of the unions. Go here to The Atlantic for Megan McArdle’s comprehensive analysis of the reality of such “profitability.”

ITEM: And I Thought I Had Some Really Bad Ideas! Department: From the good folks at Hot Air (here) comes news that the Pentagon is considering family visits for the detainees at Gitmo. Gitmo?! Gitmo. Gee, I wonder who is putting the military up to that? Here is a brief--and partial--list of why this is an incredibly bad idea:

(1) There is no historical precedent for giving prisoners of war such privileges and establishing such a precedent would be sheer lunacy.

(2) It would be a propaganda bonanza for jihadists who are taught to always lie about their treatment. Imagine the airtime useful idiots in the media would give to Muslim women and children weeping about the horrible treatment afforded their innocent, saintly menfolk.

(3) It would be a security nightmare. American soldiers patting down Muslim women in hijabs and burkas? Oh, that’ll play well on the news.

(4) The subhuman murderers in Gitmo should be thankful merely to be alive. Remember that these “people” would be delighted to dance on the bleeding corpses of any American man, woman or child they could slaughter, all the while invoking their deranged vision of god. American ethics require humane treatment--which they already get, in spades--nothing more.

ITEM: From Jim Geraghty at National Review Online (here) we discover that President Obama, at a town hall meeting on May 12 blamed the high unemployment rate on “huge layoffs of government workers at federal, state and local levels.” I’ve often marveled at Mr. Obama’s propensity to blatantly lie about things that are ridiculously easy to disprove. No doubt he is so used to the press covering for him that he thinks he can get away with anything. Not this time. The Facts: We are eight million below the most recent peak private sector employment, and not only has federal, state and local public sector employment not declined, it has actually increased. Visit the article for specific statistics. I suppose that one who leads from behind might be expected to deal from under the deck as well. Discuss.

ITEM: We Are Not Amused. At his El Paso immigration address, Mr. Obama adopted a mocking, condescending tone in attempting to ridicule Republicans. The residents of the border region, suffering daily from all of the problems associated with the influx of illegal aliens and drug criminals, which have recently included major fires set by aliens, were not in the least amused and have written to Mr. Obama to express their displeasure at his idea of humor. Visit Fox News (here) for the whole story. There has been speculation in the Lamestream media that Mr. Obama has a real chance to win Texas, in 2012 hence his visit. Right. You do that by denying a disaster declaration for helping with catastrophic wildfires in Texas, which of course, he has done. This is just another example of Mr. Obama’s utter cluelessness about the reality of the lives of the God and gun clingers in flyover country/red America, and of his utter lack of caring about those lives, particularly when they conflict with his Socialistic desires. But hey, the border is more secure than ever! Just ask Janet Napolitano--or Mr. Obama.

ITEM: Oh Goody! Department: The National Journal reports that Medicare will run out of cash in 2024, five years earlier than was expected, and Social Security will run out in 2036, a year earlier than expected. Go here for the entire story. But not to worry; I have no doubt that this is at the top of Mr. Obama’s “to ignore/make worse” list.

ITEM: So what’s the trouble with America anyway? Is it that Americans are rustic boobs, unsophisticated, superstitious idiots who bitterly cling to God and guns, who have no nuance, who are racist, sexist, and every other kind of “ist?” Or is our current difficulty that we are ruled by a self-imagined “elite” class of effete intellectual snobs whose stratospheric self-regard is woefully misplaced? Is it that our elite leaders actually have no common sense, believe America to be the problem in the world, and in reality, have no leadership skills at all? Go here to read an interesting essay on the topic by Walter Russell Mead.

ITEM: So Newt Gingrich is running for President? He is indeed. Boy oh boy, we finally have a genuine conservative in the race! Not so much. In an appearance on Meet The Press over the weekend, Gingrich opposed Rep. Raul Ryan’s (R-WI) proposed Medicare reforms and said that he supports a “variation” of the individual mandate. In other words, he believes the Federal Government has the power to force you to buy whatever health insurance policy it prefers. Uh, so which party’s nomination is Gingrich seeking? Go here to Hot Air for the story.

GINGRICH UPDATE: From Hot Air (here), bad news from Iowa for Newt Gingrich:

“As he was getting ready to leave a speaking engagement Dubuque resident Russell Fuhrman approached him in the lobby of the Holiday Inn:

‘Get out now before you make a bigger fool of yourself,’ Fuhrman said directly to Gingrich.

Gingrich, visibly stunned, quickly moved forward to talk with other guests…

‘I’m a strong Republican but he’s an embarrassment to our party,’ Fuhrman said.”

Well, yeah.

ITEM: THEY DID WHAT?! Department: Via Hot Air (here) the Indiana Supreme Court has recently ruled that citizens have no right to resist an unlawful police entry into their homes. It is a long established principle of law that citizens may resist an unlawful arrest and unlawful entry onto their property, so what is the Indiana SC talking about?

““We believe … a right to resist an unlawful police entry into a home is against public policy and is incompatible with modern Fourth Amendment jurisprudence,” David said. “We also find that allowing resistance unnecessarily escalates the level of violence and therefore the risk of injuries to all parties involved without preventing the arrest.”

David said a person arrested following an unlawful entry by police still can be released on bail and has plenty of opportunities to protest the illegal entry through the court system.”

Great. In the name of preventing violence, the Bill of Rights is out the window. It would be hard to imagine what leftist public policy goal could not be implemented under that standard. Oh, and after they’ve been arrested, paid tens of thousands in bail, their homes are trashed, their property illegally seized, they pay tens, even hundreds of thousands to attorneys, after many years, citizens might receive justice. Ah gentle readers, it’s the bold new age of Obamian hope and change.

ITEM: Brief, Shining Moment of Political Clarity Department: From PowerLine (here) comes a bit of enlightenment by Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah):

“They [Democrats] want to intimidate all of the corporations in this country and other businesses from giving money that might help Republicans. And they know it's unconstitutional what they're doing, they know it's wrong, but they're going to go do it anyway, because it's political time to them. And frankly, it's been political time from Day One with this president. They play politics very, very tough, they play it well, and they don't give a damn about what's right and what's wrong.”
Just so.

ITEM: Imagine a government policy so brilliant, so useful, so full of cost savings and yummy goodness that the very government that rammed it down the collective throats of the public has to grant 1372 waivers (to date) to that very policy. From The Hill (here) we discover that the Obama Administration has granted another 204 ObamaCare waivers, bringing the grand total to 1372. Many of the recipients? Labor unions. Some people might consider this to be ironic, idiotic, or just plainly wrong, but they’d likely cling to God and guns too.

ITEM: What if they came to talk about flag burning, but nobody came? A LSU student recently announced plans to burn an American flag in the name of due process, peace, justice, no bacon on hamburgers or something, but was apparently surprised to find that those God and gun clingers who happen to live and attend school in Louisana were not, as the British monarcy might put it, amused. So he showed up to speak about his ideals and was met with jeers and water balloons and had to be escorted away by the police for his own safety. Go here to Hot Air for the story, video and commentary.

Indeed, this amounts to a heckler’s veto, and did deny the flag burner an opportunity to express his views. Not a good thing. A better thing would have been to ignore him entirely, or in the face of bad speech, to provide good speech. Let’s not adopt the tactics of the Left.

ITEM: The Scales Fell From His Eyes! Department: Global warming is a fraud. Who says so? David Evans, a scientist who was in the very heart of the international global warming machine for many years. Go to Hot Air (here) for the story of a scientist whose integrity wouldn’t allow him to continue to perpetrate an expensive, manipulative fraud on the public. An example:

“The debate about global warming has reached ridiculous proportions and is full of micro-thin half-truths and misunderstandings. I am a scientist who was on the carbon gravy train, understands the evidence, was once an alarmist, but am now a skeptic.”
An article worth reading.

ITEM: Go here for an interesting—possibly annoying—article that essentially postulates that women don’t lie about serious matters such as rape allegations. Right. Tell that to the Duke LaCrosse players. In reality, during my police service, I discovered that about 50% of rape allegations were false, and not false because the police—including me—are misogynistic cavemen who think all women are prostitutes and deserve what they get, but because the evidence—virtually always including their confessions of falsehood—proved it. Human beings don’t lie (women are human beings, right?)? Really?

ITEM: The union is your friend; admit it or we’ll kill you! Go here for an interesting—and infuriating--story about how the Communications Workers of America treats its members who don’t appreciate union bosses looting union coffers. Beatings and death threats sound familiar? We must unionize all of America! All praise the NLRB! These are the President's allies and strongest supporters, gentle readers.

ITEM: Louis Renault Award of the Week: John Kerry thinks Syria’s dictator is “obviously not a reformer now.” I was shocked, shocked! to learn this from Jeff Jacoby (here). And to think, all Assad had to do was kill at least 1000 of his own people (to date) to change the slow-learning Massachusetts senator’s mind. It’s rather a shame that Mr. Obama has come to no similar conclusion, preferring instead his default position on foreign affairs: interminable dithering and paralyzing indecision. Read Jacoby’s short essay for more.

ITEM: Where Do I Go To Get My Reputation Back? These days, accusations of unprofessional teacher behavior are common. As a high school teacher, I am very much aware that I have a large, glowing target on my back, more so, in many ways, than when I was a police officer. Go to the Washington Post (here) to read a cautionary article on a teacher falsely accused, eventually exonerated, but never made whole.

ITEM: By the way, I hear many Republican presidential candidates saying that they want to “reform” education. Why is that the business of the Federal Government, and why should Republicans think that way? Aren’t conservatives supposed to be for small government without saying “I absolutely support small government, but X, Y and Z are so important we just have to big government them to death?” Discuss.

ITEM: Occasionally, the police screw up so obviously and badly that they confirm the generally unwarranted suspicions of their worst critics. Such a case is reported by John Stossel (here). Philadelphia stopped and badly mistreated 25 year old Mark Fiorino who was openly and legally carrying a handgun. After discovering that what Fiorino was doing was completely legal, they let him go, only to lodge charges of reckless endangerment and disorderly conduct after Fiorino posted an audiotape he recorded of the incident on youtube. Why did they file the charges? It’s their opinion that because he told the officers he was behaving legally--and he was--he was somehow violating the law. Some people just don’t know how to quit when they’re behind.

ITEM: Is anyone else as horrified to see Sen. John Kerry (D-N. Vietnam) conducting smart diplomacy with Paahkeestaahn as I am? You know, John Kerry, the traitor who stabbed his fellow soldiers in the back, soldiers who were still on the battlefield? Kerry who attended a meeting planning the murder of Congressmen? Kerry who faked his medal citations? Kerry whose photo hung in the North Vietnamese war museum as a great hero of the glorious revolution? Kerry who repeatedly met with Communist enemies of America without government permission during the Vietnam War? Can anyone actually imagine him bargaining for American interests? Can anyone imagine him not denigrating America? Discuss.

ITEM: Louis Renault Award, Congressional Edition: From Hot Air (here) we learn that 20% of the most recent 204 ObamaCare waivers went to very toney businesses in Nancy Pelosi’s Congressional district. Imagine that! Yes, upscale eateries that charge $59 for a steak received waivers. I’m shocked, shocked! that the Obama Administration, the most transparent in history, would be involved in anything that smacks of political pay offs! Shocked!

ITEM: On a Fox News broadcast on May 16, Charles Krauthammer noted that Newt Gingrich committed a “capital offense against the 11th commandment.” Krauthammer was referring to Ronald Reagan’s commandant that thou shalt not speak ill of another Republican. In the estimation of Mr. Krauthammer, Mr. Gingrich has irreparably damaged his presidential chances. I suspect he’s correct. Discuss.

ITEM: Doesn’t This Woman Ever Think Before She Opens Her Mouth? DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano recently claimed that “very, very, very few people get a [TSA] patdown.” Uh, what? On my most recent trip through the wonderful world of TSA-controlled airports, I was patted down once in four passes through checkpoints, making it a 25% matter for me. I, a 6’ tall, 57 year old, really white guy with a military-style haircut and no back-country beard or mustache, certainly observed a sufficient number of pat downs on those occasions—none of which appeared to be of people who looked even remotely like young, Muslim males about to scream “Allahu Akbar!’’—to convince me that “very, very, very few…” is a very, very very big misapprehension foisted by a woman who apparently has never been burdened by an acquaintance with reality. Visit Hot Air (here) to find additional statistical evidence of Ms. Napolitano’s residence in an alternative universe or on another planet.

ITEM: First there was Rambo, now, Rambama! A toymaker (here) has capitalized on the successful SEAL takedown of Osama Bin Laden by making a muscular, GI Joe-like version of Obama with an M1-A4. That’s rather like casting Don Knots as The Terminator, isn’t it? Some things you just can’t parody. Irony factor: Real SF operators don’t need action figures; they are action figures. "Action figures? We don' need no stinkin' action figures!" Make your Christmas gift orders now!

And on that pseudo-manly, faux-warrior-like note, I must bid all a fond farewell until next Thursday. Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll see you then!

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May 11, 2011

Quick Takes, May 12, 2011

ITEM: Mr. Obama has now refused to release post-mortem photos of Osama Bin Ladin, worried about how Muslims will react. May I be so bold as to suggest that one of the reasons we continue to have to fight a war for the future of civilization is that our leader from behind, our commander-in-chief from the rear, doesn’t understand that the way to win a war is to make our enemies worried--very, very worried--about what we think about their actions, not the opposite. With such fundamental errors is the future lost. You don’t like what we say or do, Mr. Jihadist? Well, let me introduce you to Mr. Hellfire missile! Perhaps we’ll invite a few of the SEALs over to have a little chat with you!

ITEM: It’s Baaaacckk! Department: From Fox News (here) comes the news of Mr. Obama’s speech in El Paso on May 10. The topic? Immigration reform, of course. Mr. Obama was, as usual, vague, pushing only the failed DREAM Act. Republicans were not impressed. Speaker of the House Boehner (R-Ohio) noted that the Congress has no plans to take up immigration issues and that if Mr. Obama was serious, he should have contacted Mr. Boehner (he hasn’t). Of course, one of Mr. Obama’s main themes was the immediate need for “reform.” Translation: Doing whatever Mr. Obama wants. Sure, why not? I mean, what could go wrong?

ITEM: Also from Fox (here) comes the news that the Texas House has passed a bill that would empower police officers in “sanctuary cities” to question detained suspects about their immigration status whether their bosses like it or not. It is expected to pass the Senate and be signed by Governor Rick Perry. The usual suspects erected the usual racial straw men. Think about it: Being in the country illegally is a violation of the law. Police officers are charged with investigating violations of the law. Hmm. Seems simple enough to me...

ITEM: Have you ever heard of the Dunes Sagebrush Lizard? No? It’s a 3” lizard that lives in Texas and New Mexico. The Center For Biological Diversity wants it placed on the endangered species list. The immediate effect would be to shut down at least 1000 drilling locations in the Permian Basin of Texas, one of America’s most productive oil and natural gas fields. This, gentle readers, is political cover for Mr. Obama who can claim to be all about increasing oil production, but whose bureaucrats throughout the government will do all that they can to obstruct development and production. And should they fail, environmental groups will use the all-too-willing courts to further obstruct. Only a tiny fraction of the species that have existed on this planet are still alive, and virtually all of those became extinct through the processes of--gasp!--nature, long before the dawn of Man. Go here for the story, but take your blood pressure medication first.

ITEM: He WHAT?! Department: From Hot Air (here) we learn that rabid environmentalist Dr. James Hansen, director of NASA’s Goddard Center is behind a lawsuit that is using teenagers as a front to sue the Federal Government for failing to protect the atmosphere. This is no doubt a part of a recent push by such environmental luminaries as self-described Communist Van Jones to give nature “human rights,” so that enviros can sue on nature’s behalf. What’s that? What the hell is a NASA honcho doing playing environmentalist on NASA time? Now now, don’t be so intolerant! His boss, NASA Head Charles Bolden thinks NASA’s main mission is to make Muslims feel good about the scientific accomplishments of long- dead ancestors. Why shouldn’t NASA underlings play environmentalist? What’s that? Who is handling space exploration? Hahahahahahaaaaaaa! You must be a Republican!

ITEM: They WHAT?! Department: From the Guardian (here) we learn of a report by British Secretary of State For The Environment Caroline Spelman that concludes that unless we utterly bankrupt the civilized world to prevent global warming, Wi-fi internet access and other means of communication will be obliterated by global warming. And the Brits used to think that Americans were slightly quaint and daft.

ITEM: Aw! Isn’t that Nice? Department: Our good friends in the war on terror, Pakistan, are now threatening to show the remaining fragments of the helicopter we destroyed in the raid on Bin Laden to their best pals, the Chinese. You know, the superpower of supermen who have to steal their technological advancements from lesser beings? Go here for the story. Remind me again why we’re giving these people billions? Remind me why we owe the farm to china?

ITEM: We Are Own Your Cell Phonz! Department: Your federal government at work, gentle readers. That’s right! In the near future, the Federal government will mandate that all new cell phones come installed with government chips that will enable to the feds to send you “emergency” messages at will. And the best part is that you won’t be able to stop them, particularly “presidential messages,” though they’re not saying just what such “presidential messages” will be. Surely Mr. Obama would never misuse such a system for political purposes? Surely such a thing has never crossed his mind. Go here for the story. Orwell didn’t go nearly far enough.

ITEM: So Mr. Obama won’t release death photos of Osama Bin Laden for all the usual, touchy-feely, we’re better than that reasons? Hmm. Recall, please, how liberals salivated over Abu Graib porn and could not fling that into the far reaches of the Internet fast enough. They didn’t seem to worry about inflaming the perpetually outraged and ready to take offense Muslim world then. One might be tempted to think that our liberal friends actually like to harm America, but won’t lift a finger to demonstrate American capability and superiority. And now we learn from our good friends at Hot Air (here) that Mr. Obama is making the Bin Laden photos available for viewing by our congresspersons. Isn’t that special! Oh well. I’m sure that 7th century homicidal barbarians will entirely change their world view in recognition of Mr. Obama’s cultural sensitivity. Isn’t that what smart diplomacy is all about?

ITEM: Transparency for Me But not for Thee Department: Another milestone from the most transparent administration in history is served up by Hot Air (here). Yes, Mr. Obama is about to sign an executive order that would force any company doing business with the government to fully disclose all political donations for the past two years, including contributions of individual officers of those companies. Even for a man whose first inclination seems to be to make ethically corrupt power grabs whenever the temperature changes, this is absolutely amazing. It is hard to imagine a more blatant attempt at political intimidation and dim-witted thuggery. Read the story, but lock up the dog. You’ll want to kick something. For the Analogy-Challenged: NO, I am not actually advocating dog-kicking. Kicking the nether regions of certain politicians, absolutely (figuratively, of course. No need for the Secret Service to call. Got that guys? Guys?) but doggies? Never! We love doggies here at CY. And kitties too.

ITEM: Airplane Rugby! From the delightful Michelle Malkin (here) comes the story of a Yemeni Muslim who charged the cockpit door of American Airlines Flight 1561 and began pounding on the door while yelling “Allahu Akbar!” That’s “God is great” in Arabic, and just happens to be what Jihadist bombers and assorted other killers routinely scream just before they slaughter innocents. Reactionary and anti-Muslim passengers and cabin crew, obviously misinterpreting his peaceful outreach to the flight crew quickly leapt upon and subdued him. DHS Chief Janet Napolitano has not commented, but if she had, I’m sure she’d observe that the system worked perfectly, you know, just like when the underwear bomber came within a few molecules of blowing a plane out of the sky? We’re in the very best of hands, but only when we rely on each other instead of waiting for witless, clueless bureaucrats to protect us.

ITEM: Campus Carry Department: Visit the Atlantic (here) for insight into the throbbing recesses of the anti-gun brain. More and more states are considering concealed carry bills for college campuses. Good on them. With the Bin Laden removal, Jihadists will be more likely to attack larger numbers of smaller, less spectacular, softer targets, like schools, and not just colleges. Capable, responsible adults are capable responsible adults on or off school property. Self- righteous anti-gunners are--to killers--easy targets, on or off school property. Asking and answering this simple question might provide a bit of clarity: An armed killer is on his way down the hallway to your child’s classroom. Do you want their teacher to be unarmed and unable to protect your child? If you honestly, truly believe your child would be better off at the mercy of a madman, I’d like a copy of video of you explaining to your child why you find subjecting them to the mercy of a homicidal madman is a good idea. Hey, live your convictions, right?

ITEM: I knew Mr. Obama was factually challenged and basically clueless about, well, just about everything, but this one takes the cake. In a May 9 speech in El Paso, Mr. Obama claimed that the border fence on our southern border was “basically complete.” Hmm. Under his administration we’ve completed a haphazard, non-standard, ineffective 670 miles out of 2000 miles. I guess that qualifies as “nearly complete,” doesn’t it? He also asked the audience if he needed to build a moat at the border to make Republicans happy. Apparently he has not heard of the Rio Grande, which has, for its entire history, been a large ditch with water in it. Visit Katie Pavlich at Townhall (here) for more.

ITEM: Well, Duh! Department: Sears, the fourth largest business in the Chicago area is courting several states in anticipation of fleeing that particular version of a people’s paradise. Illinois officials have taken some torpid notice, but it now appears likely that a major producer of the tax revenues so beloved by liberals will soon be relocating. Go here for the story. This notice follows on the heels of a recent trip to Texas by California officials to try to figure out why business are fleeing the Golden state like passengers on a sinking cruise liner. Could it be—just maybe—that socialism doesn’t work? Nah!

ITEM: John Hinderaker at Powerline (here) conducts a fine takedown of the whining of Osama Bin Laden’s male children who are upset at the mean treatment afforded dear old dad. In a just, rational world, the President of the United States would be pointing out that such people are fortunate indeed that we don’t immediately wipe them and all like them from the face of the planet. In a just, rational world. For now, rational people will have to explain, very patiently to small, liberal and Jihadist minds, why Bin Laden is not a sympathetic figure and why most Americans are disappointed that he was treated so nicely.

ITEM: At Pajamas Media, Barry Rubin (here) reports on Amr Moussa, who will almost certainly be Egypt’s next president. Moussa is certain that the Parliament, which will write Egypt’s constitution and laws, will be dominated by the Muslim Brotherhood and worse. Worse? Worse indeed. Alarming, but not surprising, is his recitation of Hillary Clinton’s lack of rational thinking in correctly categorizing the MB and its allies. As a public service, CY offers the following:

Dear Secretary of State Clinton:

The Muslim Brotherhood and all of its allies are fanatical Muslims. Islam is fundamentally incompatible with Democracy and with Christianity, Judiasim--come to think of it, Muslims routinely kill each other too. Each and every one of the people you seem unable to understand would be more than delighted to kill you because you are American, you have a high position in our government, and you are female. Each and every one of them wants to destroy America (and Israel, of course) and they won’t be mollified by your moral confusion and Muslim outreach. Got that?

We are soon to see the wages of fecklessness and dithering. Mr. Obama is a rank neophyte and far less informed and capable than his acolytes claim. The price, for all of us and for the world, will be high.

ITEM: One of the primary objections to the ObamaCare individual mandate—the requirement that all Americans buy government mandated and approved insurance policies—is that such a mandate, in effect, regulates inactivity. In simple terms, if I choose not to buy insurance, I am engaging--at most--only in thought. The government has no power to regulate thought, which is essentially inactivity. If, on the other hand, I actually enter into the process of buying insurance, then I am engaging in activity, and the government may have a more plausible claim to the power to regulate that activity. Easy to understand, right? Not so much for a three judge panel of the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals which is hearing that very case. Go here for a rational article about why you are right and the judges are wrong.

ITEM: Have you wondered why California is self-combusting? Why hundreds of thousands of people and businesses by the score are fleeing that conflagration of regulation, taxation, nanny-statism and liberal lunacy? Wonder no more. Go here for a concise explanation of the horrendous and likely irreparable problems of a state that will, in the very near future, be demanding a federal bailout, a bailout Mr. Obama will move heaven and Earth to give them.

And in a related story, go here to discover the weighty issue the California Legislature is now pondering: mandating whether the sheets used on hotel beds throughout the state must be flat or fitted. And these people wonder why California is in such trouble. The legislators involved couldn’t say “this isn’t the state’s business?” I could easily add many more examples of similar idiocy, but at CY, we look out for your mental health and voluntarily impose a weekly outrage limit. Consider, gentle readers, that this is the mindset that now occupies the Executive Branch.

ITEM: Louis Renault Award of the Week: From Hot Air (here) comes the news that the General Accounting Office (GAO) is accusing the Obama Administration of ignoring science and playing environmental politics in shutting down the Yucca Mountain Nuclear Waste Depository in Nevada last year. Even if the process to begin a new depository elsewhere was begun today, it would cost untold billions and take a minimum of 20 years to navigate the red tape. I don’t know about you, but I was shocked, shocked! at the notion that Mr. Obama would not put science back in its rightful place in government. Surely this cannot be true! Yeah, it is--and don’t call me Shirley.

ITEM: First Lady Michelle Obama has invited Rapper “Common” to the White House for a “poetry event,” sparking a bit of controversy (here). Common, it seems, is a good pal of the Reverend Jeremiah Wright, of “God Damn America,” and thrown under the Obama bus after Mr. Obama said he could not more abandon him than his own white grandmother. Kerthump! Oh yes, and his raps celebrate killers and radicals, and denigrate women, you know, the usual. I’m inclined to cut the White House some slack on this one. After all, considering the Socialists, Communists, racists, corruptocrats and other flora and fauna that inhabit the White House on a daily basis, this guy is a neophyte at best.

ITEM: Louis Renault Award, Housing Industry Division: I was shocked, shocked! to learn from Hot Air (here) that the homebuyer tax credits thrown wildly about to compound the problems the Democrats created by forcing banks to issue home loans to people who couldn’t afford them have actually been an enormous failure, not only to the homebuyers, but to the taxpayers. Who’da thunk it? Actually, just about anyone who knows anything about economics and/or real estate.

ITEM: You are, I’m sure, up to speed on the NLRB/Boeing case wherein Boeing has already spent billions to open a new plant for its advanced 787 Dreamliner in South Carolina, and the NLRB, dominated by union minions, has filed a complaint against Boeing to prevent the opening of the plant in the non-union state. Go here to read Jennifer Rubin’s informative article in The Washington Post. This is an important issue that provides a small peek into America’s future if Mr. Obama gets a second term. It’s not pretty. If the Republican’s don’t exploit this for 2012, they’re well, Republicans.

ITEM: In a past edition of QTs, we reported on the frisking of a six-year-old by alert and professional child molesters employed by the TSA. Go here for additional photographs of another frisk of another 6-year-old, an 8-year-old and of the diaper--I am not making this up--of a toddler. The TSA is, of course, defending these blue-suited pederasts. It is also most annoying that the story does not appear in American media, but in the Daily Mail of England. I'm more security minded than most and can usually suggest why security personnel might have done a given thing that seems, to the uninitiated, outrageous. Here, I'm drawing a blank. Look at the photos and tell me if you can do any better. If the Republicans don’t make an issue of this for 2012, they’re doubly Republicans.

ITEM: Go here to Commentary for a great--but lengthy--article by George Russell that outlines the cases of several domestic terrorists, pals of William Ayers, good friend and political crony of Barack Obama. Russell explores several inexplicable Clinton pardons and provides an interesting look into one of the more despicable undercurrents of the Left. This, gentle readers, is one of the fetid pools in which Mr. Obama learned his political craft.

ITEM: I knew it! If the Republicans took back the House, all manner of chaos would erupt: Global warming going berserk, people coming to expect affordable gasoline and food, terrorist heros being captured and killed, but this, this is just too much. Yes, the Michigan cops have arrested Batman! Go here for the shocking story and a sweat-stained bat-costume. Holy Five-Day Deodorant-Pads, Batman!

And with that, I must, once again, thank you for dropping by and urge you to come back next week, same bat-time, same bat-channel!

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May 04, 2011

Quick Takes, May 05, 2011

ITEM: At the top of our list today is the death of Osama Bin Laden in a CIA/SEAL raid on April 30. You’ve read the details elsewhere by now, but let’s make three simple predictions and see how they pan out:

(1) Mr. Obama will claim credit, even calling it a triumph of leading from behind (his spokesmen will surely do the latter).
(2) Worldwide jihadist activity will increase, particularly against Americans, in retaliation.
(3) Because this is not backed up by a consistent show of American strength, it will not suppress jihadist power in those nations currently embroiled in turmoil, but will embolden them and make it more likely that they will establish anti-American governments.
(4) George W. Bush and global warning had something to do with it.

ITEM: Birthergate Department: The birther issue has, apparently, been retired, yet the entire affair has left a bad taste in the mouths of far too many Americans. Who among us, if necessary, could not quickly produce a certified copy of our birth certificate? Most American’s parents keep such copies in their homes. Let us assume that the certificate released by Mr. Obama on April 27 is the genuine article, for there is no compelling, current reason to believe otherwise, yet the matter is not completely dead. Far too many questions remain unanswered, questions that could and should have been answered long ago, questions raised not about Mr. Obama’s place of birth, but of his obstinate refusal to convincingly confirm it. That the most transparent administration in history has been anything but transparent in this matter, and and so much else, has allowed this controversy to grow and flourish, and to whatever degree it persists, Mr. Obama bears considerable responsibility. A large part of this issue is simply trust. Having spent a reported one million dollars to kept his birth certificate--which appears to be completely innocuous--hidden, one may reasonably ask if Mr. Obama is worthy of the public’s trust.

ITEM: Blast From The Past! Remember those doctors in Wisconsin who handed out fake medical excuses to union teachers protesting Gov. Walker? Apparently some 1000 teachers used them, and many may find themselves in trouble, but what about the doctors? From Fox News (here) we learn that the University of Wisconsin--which apparently employs many of those involved--and the State Medical Examining and Departments of Licensing and Regulation are also investigating the doctors. Speaking of trust, what’s a doctor’s integrity and honesty worth? In Wisconsin, apparently not much. Wrist slaps anyone?

ITEM: NOMINATIONS FOR THE WORST EX-PRESIDENT ARE NOW OFFICIALLY CLOSED. From Hot Air (here) we discover that the execrable Jimmy Carter recently traveled to North Korea with a delegation self-styled as “the Elders.” Success? Only if you count denigrating America as success. Mr. Carter, in his own insipid style, accused America of violating the human rights of North Koreans by not showering them with food. Let me see if I understand this: The Norks are one of the last fanatical, crazy communist regimes on the planet. They torture, starve and murder their own citizens in wholesale lots. Their entire population suffers from stunted growth and people actually eat tree bark and any vegetation they can find. Any aid we send there does not go to the starving people, but to Kim Jong Il--who would not, by the way, meet with “the Elders”-- and the Army and Politboro. The Norks export terrorism, kidnap foreign nationals, randomly attack South Korea and threaten everyone in range with nuclear attack. Well of course they have the moral high ground and we must do whatever they want! Thanks for clarifying that Mr. Carter!

ITEM: Louis Renault Award of the New Century (Thus Far)! Department: San Francisco Chronicle Reporter Carla Marinucci recently recorded and posted video of protestors at an Obama fundraiser while she was serving as a White House “pool” reporter. The White House, obviously angered, notified her that she would be banned in the future. Amazingly, the SFC pushed back, publishing the story, and now the White House is claiming that Marinucci was never banned--although she still is. A card-carrying member of the Mainstream Media is now shocked, shocked! to learn that Mr. Obama and his minions are hypocrites and liars, and hypocrites and liars who don’t particularly like reporters! Go here for the story.

UPDATE: At SFGate (here) comes more on Carla Marinucci. There can be, of course, no discord! The One is universally loved and adored. Long live The One! Aren’t you glad we have the most transparent presidential administration in American history? Yeah. Me too.

ITEM: Have you wondered about the realities of health care, more specifically, Medicare? Go here for a great article by Daniel Mitchell on why Mr. Obama’s Medicare guru, recess appointed Dr. Donald Berwick, hasn’t a clue about economics or Medicare. Dr. Berwick, you may recall, is the man who think Britain’s National Health Care system is absolutely brilliant. You know the British system, interminable waits, shortages, filthy hospitals, surly, uncaring providers, dead patients who just couldn’t wait? Yeah, that one. Ah, the fierce moral urgency of change! Discuss.

ITEM: Will Barack Obama become a one-term president? Peter Wehner at Commentary (here) thinks so. I think it’s possible if the Republicans, as they are so often prone to do, do not snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Read and make up your own mind.

ITEM: Go here to see a stark before/after satellite image of Tuscaloosa, Alabama pre and post tornado. It might serve to remind us that thinking we can effect the course of nature in any meaningful way--global warming?--is utter foolishness.

ITEM: Have you heard about the King & Spaulding controversy? Go here to Le-gal In-sur-rec-tion for a sharp exposition. In Brief: K & S was hired by the US House of Representatives to defend the Defend of Marriage Act (DOMA). Under pressure by unspecified gay groups, K & S dropped the House as a client. The first backlash has been the State of Virginia under Republican AG Ken Cuccinelli. Virginia has now dropped K & S because it’s rather hard to work with lawyers who bow to outside pressures on the spur of the moment. It’s an interesting, important article worth your time.

ITEM: Tales of Smart Diplomacy, #2842: Diplomatically, things in Syria just couldn’t be going any better for the US. The regime, threatened, is engaging in the routine slaughter of its citizens, likely with help from Iran. What’s that you say? They’d never dare harass Americans? Consider Elliott Abrams (here), former diplomat/national security figure in the Bush White House, who tells us that an American diplomat in Damascas was detained, hooded and roughed up by Syrian security agents before being released. By way of comparison, such things come close to an act of war. Read Jennifer Rubin’s full account to see how Smart Diplomacy continues to make America seem so feckless that Jimmy Carter looks like a lion of international strength by comparison.

ITEM: It was May day again, time to reflect on all that it means, most particularly a celebration of communism. It is disgusting to know that a great many, including our fellow citizens, still celebrate this despicable “holiday.” It’s equally despicable that Mr. Obama hired Van Jones, a self described communist, and that Mr. Obama has spent much of his life in similar company. How many have the communists murdered? Glad you asked. Go here to the Volokh Conspiracy to find out.

ITEM: Remember astroturfing? When Nancy Pelosi suggested that the Tea Party movement was not really a grass roots movement, but an artificial contrivance of the Republican Party, hence “astroturf?” Yeah. That didn’t work out so well for the Dems in November of 2010, did it? But now the Dems have been actually astroturfing on their own, sending political operatives into Town Hall meetings by Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.) and others to harass them and to try to make it appear that there is no support for an actually responsibly budget. It hasn’t been working out so well. Go here for the story, and a great photoshop of a classic Norman Rockwell painting. There may be hope after all. Discuss.

ITEM: Remember Ezra Klein, the reporter responsible for the Journolist debacle? For those who weren’t aware of it, the Journolist was an on line-chat room of sorts where liberal journalists (there’s an oxymoron!) actually discussed their strategy for damaging President Bush, and lo and behold, across the nation, their talking points would crop up, identically, like particularly aggressive and noxious weeds. With its exposure, Journolist became defunct, but I thought you’d like to have a preview of what the press has in store for us in the eternal campaign culminating in 2012. Here’s what Klien wrote back in 2008:

“Obama’s finest speeches do not excite. They do not inform. They don’t even really inspire. They elevate. They enmesh you in a grander moment, as if history has stopped flowing passively by, and, just for an instant, contracted around you, made you aware of its presence, and your role in it. He is not the Word made flesh, but the triumph of word over flesh, over color, over despair. The other great leaders I’ve heard guide us towards a better politics, but Obama is, at his best, able to call us back to our highest selves, to the place where America exists as a glittering ideal, and where we, its honored inhabitants, seem capable of achieving it, and thus of sharing in its meaning and transcendence.”

There just aren’t words to describe such delusion, such pathology...

ITEM: From Hot Air (here) comes the news of the governmental genital fondling of Susie Castillo, former Miss USA, at the Dallas/Ft. Worth Airport. Ms. Castillo was, understandably upset. I suppose it’s more fun to fondle beauty queens than six year old girls, but considering some of those the government apparently hires for the TSA, you never know. “You can’t professionalize unless you federalize,” said then Senate Majority Leader John Daschel (D-SD). I believe that sort of professionalism is available at any penitentiary near you.

ITEM: What Would Machiavelli Do? Go here for a short piece by the indispensable Michael Barone. Niccolo Machiavelli (1469-1527), Italian Renaissance political philosopher, wrote “The Prince,” a manual on how to get and keep power. I often explain to my students that the book is, even now, read and studied around the world by politicians and human beings. Machiavelli asks whether it is better to be loved or feared. He concludes that it’s best to be both loved and feared, but if you have to settle for one, it’s better to be feared. If Mr. Obama ever read “The Prince,” he apparently learned nothing from it, for particularly in foreign affairs, he’s managed to become hated and mocked, but that’s smart diplomacy for you. Discuss.

ITEM: Visit the New York Times (here) for an interesting story about Representative Alan West (R-FL). Some of Col’ West’s comments: Barack Obama is a “low-level socialist agitator.” “I don’t drink my own tub water or read my own press.” “I tell the truth and I stand on convictions and you know what you’re getting.” That’s the kind of change one could hope for.

ITEM: There was a recent raid by crack government operatives that received little airplay. Highly trained undercover FDA (Food and Drug Administration?!) operatives made a group of sinister criminals do the perp walk for foisting dangerous agricultural products on a witting public. Yes, your federal tax dollars hard at work! The FDA arrested some Amish (?!) farmers for selling raw milk to people who knew it was raw milk. No doubt AG Holder will demand terror trials in NYC. Go here for the entire, bizarre story. These guys ought to team up with the TSA.

ITEM: Have you wondered about “quantative easing?” Do you think the Secretary of the Treasury, the tax evading Timothy Geithner, isn’t exactly playing with a full deck? Well so does the invaluable Mark Steyn. Go here for the article, and if you haven’t yet read “America Alone,” please do. It’s easily one of the most important books of the last decade.

ITEM: Today (Thursday, May 5) Mr. Obama will be visiting Ground Zero and meeting with 9-11 families. This is billed as an opportunity to unify the nation behind Mr. Obama as he continues, like Sir Robin, to bravely lead from behind, run away, whatever. Remember please, gentle readers, that Mr. Obama did meet with 9-11 families once before. They left that meeting with a very bad taste in their mouths and it is unlikely that the passage of time will sweeten it, nor will they be anxious to serve as political props for Mr. Obama. Likewise please recall that Mr. Obama has, several times, called for unity and civility, and before the echo of his teleprompter-inspired words has died, done and said just the opposite. I’ll leave it to you to decide if this trip is the act of an American President or a cheap politician playing events for all they’re worth, hoping for personal benefit.

ITEM: In a related story, we learn from Fox News (here) Mr. Obama invited Mr. Bush to be present at Ground Zero on May 5. Bush reportedly appreciated the invitation, but “has chosen in his post-presidency to remain largely out of the spotlight,” David Sherzer, a Bush spokesman, said. Even in office, Mr. Bush acted with restraint and class, none of which he has lost in retirement. But it’s also a smart move in that he knows that Mr. Obama’s last meeting with 9-11 families was a disaster. Better not to be a part of that. In addition, Mr. Bush has seen how Mr. Obama treats his invited guests, such as Paul Ryan, who he recently savaged at an economic speech. Mr. Ryan is only the latest in a long line of luminaries insulted by Mr. Obama, beginning most notably with the Surpreme Court during his first State of the Union address. While in office and after, Mr. Bush has continued, without publicity and without praising himself, to meet with our military members and their families. Even if he actually cared for our military rather than photo ops for his own glorification, Mr. Obama can never hope to catch up to the good Mr. Bush has done in that arena. Good for you Mr. Bush!

ITEM: According to the Lamestream Media, at the momentous meeting that would decide the go/no go status of the mission to take out Bin Laden, before any of his startled minions could speak, Mr. Obama masterfully slammed his fist onto the tabletop and solemnly intoned “it’s a go!” What is emerging, what the Lamestream Media is not saying, is that Mr. Obama dithered for 16 hours before making the decision. Sixteen hours during which Bin Laden could have escaped. Sixteen hours during which our military assets were poised and ready. Sixteen hours of witless dithering. Sixteen hours during which it was entirely possible that Mr. Obama would have passed on taking out Bin Laden. Sixteen hours that put the earlier jump off point on Saturday, which caused a further delay of a day due to weather. Remember gentle readers that when Mr. Bush waited seven minutes—seven minutes for his helicopter to be warmed up and preparations for departure to be made—he was castigated by the same media vermin. I’ll have more to say on this in greater detail in the near future, but for now, let’s reserve awarding Mr. Obama the nation’s highest award for swift and decisive military leadership until all of the facts are known. This much we do know: General Patton he’s not.

ITEM: “Well, Duh!” Headline of the Millennium: “Soldiers With Mental Illness More Often Get PTSD.” Ya think? Story here.

ITEM: There was once a time when a great many Americans in Congress and in every walk of life were veterans. Even movie stars like Jimmy Stewart, Clark Gable, Lee Marvin and Charles Bronson served honorably. Senator Scott Brown (R-Mass) is a Lt. Colonel in the Mass. National Guard. He is asking to do his yearly service in Afghanistan. Brown is a military lawyer, so he’ll be unlikely to be in combat, but good on him!

ITEM: Remember Cindy Sheehan, you know, the woman who had “absolute moral authority” during the Bush Administration? Remember the constant press coverage of her unhinged rants in Crawford, TX and elsewhere? Remember too how when Mr. Obama was elected, she dropped off the edge of the media Earth? Well, she’s still around. Stop by the invaluable PowerLine (here) for a brief reminder.

ITEM: Louis Renault Award, Politicial Division: I was shocked, shocked! to discover politicians behaving like, well, politicians!

Nancy Pelosi, press conference, September 7, 2006:

[E]ven if [Osama bin Laden] is caught tomorrow, it is five years too late. He has done more damage the longer he has been out there. But, in fact, the damage that he has done ... is done. And even to capture him now I don't think makes us any safer.

Nancy Pelosi, earlier today (05-02-11):
The death of Osama bin Laden marks the most significant development in our fight against al-Qaida. ... I salute President Obama, his national security team, Director Panetta, our men and women in the intelligence community and military, and other nations who supported this effort for their leadership in achieving this major accomplishment. ... [T]he death of Osama bin Laden is historic....

Oh well, it’s good to know that like death, taxes and the narcissism of Barack Obama, some things, such as the political opportunism and witlessness of Nancy Pelosi, are faultlessly reliable. Go here for the story.

ITEM: Greenie Intellectual Bankruptcy Department: Via Walter Russell Mead (here) we find a fascinating article about George Monbiot, one of the greenie left’s intellectual big guns bemoaning the intellectual bankruptcy and idiocy of his own movement. Rational people have known this for many years, but some of the greenies are just beginning to wake up. Must reading.

Item: Louis Renault Award, First Lady Edition: The world was shocked, shocked! to learn (here) that the White House put pressure on a small local newspaper to remove a true but unflattering reference to the First Lady. The Pleasanton Weekly of Pleasanton, CA was pressured to remove a sentence in which the reporter observed that Mr. Obama would not speak to the Marine pilots of her aircraft apart from making eye contact with them. I am shocked, shocked to hear anyone suggest that either of the Obamas could behave in such an imperious, high-handed, superior, entitled manner. What’s that? If she didn’t, why did the White House demand the sentence be killed? Well, uh, uh…

ITEM: Continuing Tales of The Religion of Peace: It has been long known by those who do not get their news from the Lamestream Media that Arab/Muslim “leaders” routinely say one thing in English to the West, but quite another in Arabic (or other languages) to their own people. And so it goes with the death of Osama Bin Laden. Visit Powerline (here) to see how the Muslim Brotherhood—you know, those pro-American “reformers” in Egypt?—is double dealing.

ITEM: Oh Goody! Department: On May 4, the Army tested a new 5.56mm cartridge designed to replace the standard cartridge now in use for decades. According to Fox News (here) the new cartridge is supposed to be faster and deadlier, but the best part is it’s green! That’s right gentle readers, it’s lead free! I don’t know about you, but the mere fact that the Army would even think about greenie idiocy in the design of munitions is uniquely disturbing. Discuss.

ITEM: Go here for a good article by Rep. Doc Hastings (R-WA) that catalogs many of the insane steps Mr. Obama has taken to wreck our economy by means of hindering and shutting down our energy industries. I’m sure most of you know, at least in general, what he has done, but this is a fine reminder. Mr. Obama claims he can do nothing to help (apart from building the Brazilian and Columbian energy industries), but we can do something about it in 2012.

ITEM: Are you still suspicious about Mr. Obama’s “Birth Certificate?” Me too. Bruce Bawer at the PJ Tatler (here) has produced a list of ten things that would tend to raise reasonable suspicions.

And on that conspiracy-mongering note, it's time to thank you, once again, for stopping by, and to say I'm looking forward to seeing you all again next Thursday! America is the greatest nation in human history. Accept no substitutes.

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April 27, 2011

Quick Takes, April 28, 2011

ITEM: Is This Cool Or What? Department: Go here for an article about a successful test of quantum teleportation. Remember the transporter of the Star Trek series, or the Asgaard “beaming” device of the later episodes of the Stargate SG1 series? That’s essentially what’s happening. Quantum information, in the form of light, has been essentially in two places at once, destroyed in the first, and rematerialized—intact—in the second. Unbelievably cool. The immediate potential application is for unimaginably fast and powerful computers, possibly powerful enough to be capable of finding Barack Obama’s college grades.

ITEM: Is This Cool Or What II? Department: Scientists at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN have announced (here) the possibility of finding “The God Particle,” the Higgs Boson. If so, this will be one of those truly revolutionary moments in science with profound effects for mankind. We live in interesting times indeed.

ITEM: We recently received a cookbook from Dinner With Warriors, an organization selling the cookbook to benefit members of our military who have been wounded in action, and the survivors of those who have fallen. The cookbook, of the same name, contains 96 recipes of all kinds, each accompanied by a photograph and story of our servicemen and women. The cookbook is well made and the recipes varied and interesting indeed. Go here for more information.

ITEM: Louis Renault Award, Union Edition: In last week’s QTs, we reported on the certified victory of incumbent Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice David Prosser over the union-backed candidate JoAnne Kloppenberg by a 7000+ vote margin. Unfortunately, that total was barely within the margin that requires Wisconsin voters to pay for a recount. I’m shocked, shocked! to learn that Kloppenberg has indeed demanded a recount. The chance of finding sufficient votes to overturn the result is virtually nil. Kloppenberg and her union backers must know this, so their goal must surely be political rather than electoral. But stay tuned. Who knows how many of the voting dead may cross the border from Illinois? Go here for the story. For a legal take on the issue, go here.

ITEM: Mr. Obama’s mean, petulant streak is never far from the surface, and surface it did (here) in a brief interview with a local Texas newsman. Not only did he demonstrate his continuing, debilitating lack of knowledge about history by claiming that Texas has always been Republican(?!)--That certainly would have been news to LBJ and Texas Dems until the election of George W. Bush--but he chastised the reporter for not being appropriately obsequious. Mr. President, it’s never smart to mess with Texas and while “petulant” and “presidential” are alliterative, they don’t go well together.

ITEM: The title of Ann Coulter’s new book, due out in early June, is “Demonic: How The Liberal Mob is Endangering America.” You gotta love her, but I wish she’d be more forthright in telling us how she really feels. By the way, she publishes a new article every Thursday. It might be a good idea to visit there at after visiting here first, of course. Smart, witty, beautiful conservative women! Sounds like a winning party plank to me. Hell, I’d even be willing to allow the government to subsidize that instead of the Chevy Volt!

ITEM: By Their Fruits Shall Ye Know Them Department: Liberal blogger Wonkette has often contributed to the lack of civility so common in our social discourse. You know, the kind progressives live to criticize and stamp out? What’s that? It was all a lie? They never really meant it? Notify the Louis Renault Prize Committee! So why are we mentioning her? She has achieved the near-impossible, and has now descended even lower than the floor of the Marianas Trench (extra credit for depth and location--at the end of the QT. No fair peeking!) by crudely ridiculing Sarah Palin’s Down’s Syndrome-afflicted son on the occasion of his third birthday. Yes, there’s nothing quite like picking on people like Trig Palin to establish one’s humanity and progressive street cred. Go here for the story, but take your blood pressure medication first.

UPDATE: Wonkette has apparently made a sort of “apology.” Go here to see it. If you don’t currently take blood pressure medication, this will likely provoke it. Is it possible to actually reason with--to say nothing about negotiating with--such people? Such is the result of long-term exposure to Progressivism. Discuss.

ITEM: When You Look Into The Abyss, The Abyss Looks Into You! Department: From Fox News (here) comes the sad tale of DHS Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs Sean Smith who threatened to decapitate members of his own organization. That’s right, one of the Department of Homeland Security’s top public relations officials threatened to cut off the heads of coworkers. Isn’t that what Jihadists are supposed to do? Oh well. At least he’s leaving the DHS. He’s apparently been staring into the abyss too long. Janet Napolitano could not be reached for comment, but if she could, I’m sure she’d say that things were better than ever in the DHS, apart from a few decapitations, of course. I wonder if the Jihadist’s union knows that DHS management is trying to take over their jobs? Notify the NLRB!

ITEM: Also from Fox News (here) comes the news that the Holder Justice Department intends to seek the death penalty for Abd Al-Rahim Al-Nishiri, charged for the bombing of the USS Cole which wounded 40 sailors and killed 17. Reflect, gentle readers, on the fact that, under the Obama Administration, such a routine charging decision in the case of a mass murderer and terrorist has become so remarkable. Discuss.

ITEM: Oh Goody! Department: From CNBC (here) we learn that the possibility that gasoline prices could increase to as much as $6.00 per gallon by this summer is real indeed. Of course, none of this is Mr. Obama’s fault, nor does he have any power to do anything about it. Just ask him; he’ll tell you. As a matter of fact, he’s constantly telling you even if you haven’t asked. George W. Bush did it! That’s the ticket!

ITEM: Unintended (?) Consequences! Department: Go here for what you’ve known was coming. That’s right! Compact fluorescent light bulbs, you know, the miracle energy saving bulbs that contain Mercury, one of the most poisonous substances known to man? And you know how you have to call out the EPA for a Super Fund clean up if one breaks? Well, now we know that they emit cancer-causing chemicals too! Could our green future be any brighter--or more carcinogenic?!

ITEM: Art Imitates Life! Department: Remember that delightful scene in the Austin Powers film when Dr. Evil is annoyed because his associates cannot provide “sharks with fricking laser beams on their heads,” providing only ill-tempered Sea Bass instead? Consider this recent comment from Barack Obama: "You know the Oval Office always thought I was going to have like real cool phones and stuff. I'm like 'come on guys, I'm the president of the United States.' Where's the fancy buttons and stuff, and the big screen comes up? It doesn't happen." He’s an evil president!

ITEM: You’re a stockholder in a company that has seen a 57.6% drop in income in the first quarter, to $5.4 million from $12.8 million during the same quarter a year ago. What do you do? Well, if you’re the New York Times (here), you keep cranking out the same tripe that put you in that position in the first place. Not to worry though, shareholders! I’m sure the NYT can be sold, like Newsweek before it, for at least a dollar. What’s that? Sidney Harmon, the stereo magnate who bought Newsweek for a buck recently died? Uh-oh...

ITEM: Self-Delusion On A Mass Scale! Department. Go here for an article in The New Republic that seeks to explain why the Green Movement has been such a failure. There is much hand-wringing and angst over why Cap and Trade and other green initiatives have failed. It’s fascinating in that they cannot bring themselves to consider that “Climate Change” is essentially a crock. Such thinking is not possible for them. It’s an interesting, if slightly disturbing, look into the Progressive mind.

ITEM: Can’t See The Forest For The Trees! Department: A group of California politicians, including Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom, recently traveled to Texas (here). To try the BBQ? Attend a rodeo? Attend a Cowboy’s or Ranger’s game? Nope. To try to figure out why all of their businesses are leaving California and moving to Texas. Hmm. This is a tough one. Could it be because in California, businesses are constantly harassed by bizarre regulations, exorbitant taxes, insane zoning regulations, constant lawsuits from a plethora of looney-toon lobbying groups, and a skyrocketing cost of living for their employees? Why yes, I do believe the answer is “E:” All Of The Above. And they had to go to Texas to figure that out?

Actually, none of this is surprising. Many self-styled “elite” West and East coastal dwellers really do believe that everything between is a vast cultural wasteland where the “little people,” most of whom are Republicans who cling to God and guns, live their pathetic, racist, sexist, you-name-it-ist little lives. For the California pols it was probably akin to a safari to an exotic land. Speaking as a Texan, I was going to say that I hope they never figure it out, but I’m reasonably certain they’re not capable of finding anything they do to be erroneous. I wonder of any of them defected and requested asylum?

ITEM: A Palmetto Florida woman (here) came home to find a 6-foot alligator in one of her bedrooms. Wildlife officers eventually captured the beastie in a bathroom and released it into the wild. I don’t know about you, but I’m sick of all of this speciesist discrimination! Whatever a consenting adult wants to do with a consenting alligator in the privacy of their own bedroom, or swamp, or bathroom, or whatever should be their business, unless they want to get married, then it’s everybody’s business. Strike a blow for biological diversity and inter-species equality! I think.

ITEM: More Tales From The Religion of Peace Department: One Israeli was killed and four other wounded as they prayed at Joseph’s Tomb during Passover. Their killers, the murderers who kept firing at their vehicles even as they fled? Uniformed Palestinian police officers. Yes, the very same peace-loving humanitarians the Obama Administration has been arming and training. Go here for the whole sordid story. Remember, gentle readers, that these are the people our President reflexively supports and wants to negotiate with against our allies, the Israelis. Hope Change. Outreach. Smart diplomacy. Terrorist murder.

ITEM: From the good folks at Powerline (here): “A year ago, the conventional wisdom about Barack Obama was: a nice guy but a weak president. That has been evolving, I think. The emerging conventional wisdom is: an awful president, and not that nice a guy either. Not a great position from which to run for re-election next year.”

Hmm. I would suggest that there are a great many Americans, your correspondent included, who have said from the beginning: A cheap, thuggish hustler, a terrible, willfully destructive president, a nasty, vengeful piece of work, and a narcissistic socialist. Still, it’s good to see people catching up and catching on. I believe that it was Lilly Tomlin who said: “No matter how cynical you get, you just can’t keep up.”

ITEM: Also from Powerline (here) comes the story of Mr. Obama who has launched a Justice Department investigation into those evil oil companies and speculators, and rich people and Republicans and people mean to democrats, and everyone who didn’t vote for Obama, etc. to protect the people from high gas prices. What’s that? Produce more American oil? HAHAHAHAHAHA! You obviously lack Mr. Obama’s brilliant grasp of the realities of economics and oil production. When your own nation isn’t producing oil, when gas prices are rising, when you’re in a recession and nearly bankrupt, all truly brilliant, Nobel Prize-winning economists know that the only smart thing to to is to help Brazil produce their oil so you can buy it from them! Do visit the story for a very informative graph.

ITEM: Finally! A story about a high speed rail system-get this--in China! The Washington Post (here) has the story about the efficiency and brilliant fiscal planning that went into the system, a system routinely full of happy, satisfied...what’s that? They’re not happy? It’s not full? It’s hopelessly corrupt and losing money at an incredible rate? It’s not a story about Amtrack? Are you sure about that? You are? Darn. Oh well. Read the WaPo story anyway to see the bright future of American high speed rail. All aboard!

ITEM: Man, Am I Glad We Got Rid Of That Guy! Department: From Fox News (here) comes a story about Van Jones, the avowed communist who was Mr. Obama’s pick for “green jobs czar.” Mr. Jones is now pushing for a movement to give “Mother Nature” the same rights as human beings, enforceable by--of course--international law. It doesn’t take much imagination to envision the lunacy that would run rampant under such a regime, nor does it take much imagination to envision the Obama’s administration’s underhanded support for such insanity. Read the entire article, if you have the stomach for it.

ITEM: Well, It’s About Time! Department. From the beautiful and brilliant Michelle Malkin (here) comes news that the Obama Administration is planning to make a $2.84 billion dollar loan to upgrade a petroleum refinery. I know what you’re thinking: It’s about time! Finally, the Obamites are getting with the program to help out Americans! Not so much. The refinery is in Columbia, but that makes a kind of deranged sense. Mr. Obama is helping the Brazilians drill for oil, why shouldn’t he help the Columbians refine it so we can owe them billions that we have to borrow from the Chinese too?

ITEM: From the Microsoft Network (here) comes an apparently earnest essay about why $5.00 a gallon gas is actually good for you and America. It has to be a parody, right? Right? The next thing you know, they’ll be publishing essays about why premature death eases pressures on overburdened medical providers. What? The Obamites are already doing that? Arrgggghh!

ITEM: More Wisdom From The One! Department: So what’s the cause of high gas prices? Greedy oil companies? Evil speculators? George W. Bush? From Doug Powers at (here) comes the answer: It’s climate-change denying Republicans who won’t go along with bankrupting the nation to solve the global warming problem that is our real national security threat! Who’da thunk it? No wonder we made him president!

ITEM: From Fox News (here) we learn that after spending almost $4 billion in the preparation and permit processes to begin drilling off the northern coast of Alaska, the EPA has turned down Shell’s application, likely forcing Shell to cancel its summer drilling plans. Why? The EPA said Shell failed to include the possible emissions from an ice-breaking ship in its overall environmental impact statement. Don’t read this story unless you’re prepared for an abrupt and dangerous rise in your blood pressure and anger levels. If this kind of thing doesn’t unseat Mr. Obama in 2012, America may very well be relegated to the status of European welfare states. The problem, of course, is that there will be no one to bail us out. Rosetta Stone has a Chinese language course, don’t they?

ITEM: Honey, The Landlord Is Threatening To Evict Us! Department: From Hot Air (here) we discover that China is making very real economic threats, such as hinting that they may start retreating from the dollar and dumping their US investments. Why is this a bad thing? It will make it much harder for us to sell our bonds. After all, Japan is the next buyer in line, and they won’t be buying any for a long time to come. The Democrat high speed gravy train to oblivion is entering the gorge of doom with the washed out bridge of death, and we’re all about to face the enchilada of bankruptcy. OK, so I have no idea what an enchilada has to do with bankruptcy, but things are not looking good, sort of like a spoiled enchilada, or something.

ITEM: So That Explains It! Department. From Forbes (here) comes news that Botox may interfere with the ability to empathize. OK. So that explains Nancy Pelosi and John Kerry. Yet to be explained by science is exactly how hair plugs cause the brain to be disconnected from the mouth in people like Vice President Biden, or how smoking, golf, spending other people’s money and excessive socialism causes the sense of shame to be removed in people like Mr. Obama.

ITEM: The National Labor Relations Board is attempting to tell Boeing where it may, and may not, build airplanes. The NLRB, recently fortified by recess appointments of SEIU cronies by President Obama, is trying to keep Boeing, which has already spent billions, from opening a plant in South Carolina to build its new 787 Dreamliner. South Carolina, you see, is a right-to-work state, so no one may be forced to join a union there. SC Governor Nikki Haley is vowing to put Mr. Obama’s political feet to the fire. More here.

So let’s see if I understand this: Businesses aren’t allowed to build plants where they want if unions object? Businesses are run entirely for the benefit of labor unions, and the government, acting on behalf of unions, gets to decide? Wait a minute! Isn’t that Socialism? But Mr. Obama isn’t a socialist! He said so!

ITEM: We’re Number One! We’re Number One! Once again Forbe’s (here) has announced its “Worst Cars On The Road” list for 2011, and of the bottom eleven cars, GM and Chrysler hold nine of the not-coveted spots! No Fords were given the dubious honor. When Mr. Obama took over GM, I bought a Ford Escape and this year, a Ford Fiesta, and I’m not looking back (Dear Ford: Please feel free to provide service and repairs gratis for life. I’m in your database. Thanks!). It seems almost like precognition now. Hope. Change. Is this the part where the world respects us more?

ITEM: I’ve Seen The Future, And It’s: “Leading From Behind.” That’s an Obama advisor’s assessment of Mr. Obama’s method of leadership in foreign policy, as so ably demonstrated in Libya. Go here for John Podhoretz’s brief explication of the issue. I’m reminded of the venerable Alaskan saying: “If you’re the last dog in line, the view never changes.” The tragedy, gentle readers, is that Mr. Obama and his advisors almost certainly consider such a pithy saying to be revealed wisdom and they are determined to see that America is the last dog. Oh well. At least it’ll make a great Republican sound bite and bumper sticker in the next election.

ITEM: Tales of Smart Diplomacy! Department: It has been known for some time that it was Barack Obama who imposed the settlement freeze issue on the Palestinians, who didn’t want it in the first place, thus dooming any hope for peace. Of course, when the Palestinians raise their children on the mantra of “eat your vegetables, kill Jews, death to America,” peace tends to be a rather elusive pursuit. Visit Hot Air (here) for the whole story of how the Obama Administration has utterly botched relations not only with the Israelis, but with the Palestinians—the side they favor. The world has long ago concluded that America under Mr. Obama is an erratic and treacherous ally and a toothless enemy.

ITEM: Visit the Atlantic (here) for an interesting article on another Democrat-sponsored attempt to run roughshod over freedom in the name of political correctness. I speak of the SaVE Act, which would establish new reporting requirements for alleged acts of sexual violence on college campuses. Among the troubling provision is the establishment of a “preponderance of the evidence” standard for charges of sexual misconduct in college disciplinary proceedings. Such a lowered standard of proof is inherently un-American. Yet another Progressive “improvement” about which to be aware—and to oppose. It seems like there is a great deal of that sort of thing abroad these days, doesn’t it? Discuss.

ITEM: Q: How can you tell when President Obama is lying? A: His lips are moving. Am I being mean to Mr. Obama? He has taken, of late, to claiming that there is nothing he can do about skyrocketing gas prices, nothing except telling us to buy $41,000 electric wondermobiles and building high speed rail. Read this piece by Will Collier at Pajamas Media and decide for yourself if I’m being unfair to the President. It seems that there may be something he can do after all. A quick trip to the indispensable PowerLine (here) will add a bit more useful information.

ITEM: Have you noticed that Mr. Obama seems to obsequiously grovel to our enemies and spit on our allies, particularly Israel? Me too. Go here for an essay by Israeli Ambassador to the US, Michael Oren, which well explains why that sort of foolishness, is, well, foolishness.

ITEM: Imagine that the party in power practiced gangster government, threatening and bullying its political opponents and innocent businesses, extorting money from them, forcing out their CEOs on whims, and implicitly demanding contributions for its political campaigns. You don’t have to imagine. The Obama administration has been doing it since day one. Go here for just one of the most recent examples. The Obama Administration is giving thugs a bad name.

ITEM: Unexpected Good News! Department: Yet another state (here) has curtailed the bargaining rights of public employee unions, and expects to save $100 million in the bargain. Amazingly, the state is Massachusetts, which is wholly Democrat controlled, and it was the Democrats that passed the bill! Hmm. Perhaps imminent financial Armageddon can have the proper effect even on Dems. Who’da thunk it? A shame it doesn’t work on the socialists in DC.

ITEM: Moral Degeneracy Department: Israel builds dwellings (Washington Post editorial here) and the Obama administration goes berserk with moral outrage, forcing our best ally in the region to stop building homes for its own citizens on its own land. Syrian regime thugs massacre unarmed civilians marching in a funeral procession and the Obama Administration says and does…nothing. Tragically, this—as well as a great many other telling acts and/or omissions—says all we need to know about Mr. Obama and the moral degenerates he has hired to rule us. These people must be run out of office at the earliest possible opportunity and prosecuted where appropriate.

And speaking of moral degeneracy, Syria will soon be seated on the UN Human Rights Council (here). The UN, of course, will do nothing to derail Syria’s elevation to the pinnacle of Human Rights glory. I am, of course, engaging in world-class irony and sarcasm. After all, it’s the UN we’re talking about!

ITEM: From Hot Air (here) comes the news that our tax dollars have been spent for—wait for it—a climate change rap! I know! And they're serious too! That’s right you hippers and hoppers, now you can rap along with da feds! As a public service, Confederate Yankee provides, absolutely free of charge to the taxpayers (maybe we can get a subsidy?), our own little climate rap:

Yo! You say you wanna clean da ‘vironment, make ever’body walk?
Well, you make da energy prices skyrocket, not just talk the talk!
Obama make gas prices reach five bucks without fail,
An’ he be sayin’ “we gonna build da high-speed rail!”
And the UN be squawkin’ ‘bout meltin’ glaciers and such,
But the scientists be talkin’, sayin’ “not so much.”
And 50 mil climate refugees ‘sposed to be walkin’,
But they ain’t nowhere at all, da UN jive talkin’.
Now the CFCs be poisoning da folks,
Da bold green future, it don’t be no joke!
Chorus: Obama green! Yo! Obama Green! Yo! Da ‘bama machine, it be obscene! Obama green! Yo!
(repeat and fade)

And on that get down funky note, it’s time to thank you for stopping by and to look forward to seeing you again next Thursday!

EXTRA CREDIT: The Marianas Trench is the lowest point on the planet at 36,201 feet below the surface of the Pacific Ocean. It is near Japan.

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