June 09, 2005

Take Back The Memorial

I look at the pictures again in my mind, and I cannot find the words, not matter how long and hard I try. A walk outside is meant to help me clear my head, and the sticky Carolina June night embraces me like a steambath. Fireflies and stars fill an ink-dark sky. I am not accustomed to this. My fingers shake with a chill that comes from inside, and a cold fire smolders within.

The images will not stop.

Freeze-frames of bodies cartwheeling down from upon high--what were they thinking in those last terrifying seconds, when they made that terrible choice between burning and hurtling themselves into space? They knew. They knew their lives were over, that they had been robbed of all their tomorrows, of everything they could have been, or have ever wanted to be.

They would never hold their children again, delighting in the wonder in their faces Christmas morning. They would never grow old and gray beside the one they loved; they would never delight in watching their grandchildren be born, crawl, laugh, and learn to run.

I close my eyes and put my head in my hands, and see the second plane barrel in, full of disbelief once more, and I shudder as the towers buckle and fall again in my mind. Tears well up and I choke back a sob. It is a side I show to no one, full of anger at my own impotence, and a shame I can neither understand nor explain.

And the anger grows, and I seek to channel it, hoping I can convey the wrongness of it all to those who would defile the hallowed ground where so many perished that bright blue September morning.

I hear the call.

Burlingame. Myers. Willis. Jarvis. Johnson.

I cannot believe some Americans are so shallow and so spiteful that they would slander the dead on hallowed ground. I cannot find the words to express my shock, anger and dismay.

Perhaps you can.

I rarely ask anything of my readers, but this is one of those times. Go to Take Back the Memorial and take advantage of the contact information provided there to let those who would murder the memory of the 9/11 dead that you will not stand for this treason to their memories. Please write. Please call. Be polite, be firm, make your will known.

Please, don't let another tragedy happen at Ground Zero.

Posted by Confederate Yankee at June 9, 2005 12:26 AM