May 01, 2005

Time for Review?

I like Stephen Bainbridge, and think he's often one of the more thoughtful bloggers out there. I was therefore saddened to see this post from him:
My post on Gov. Schwarzenegger's sudden decision to run to the nativist right on immigration drew the usual hostile emails and trackbacks. Give it up folks; I'm pro-immigration, legal or otherwise. Why? Because I'm a pragmatist on this issue. As long as illegals can make more money here than there, they'll keep coming. So my bottom line message is: Wake up and smell the coffee; California's future is Latino:


The California GOP can either accept the demographic reality and start thinking about how to attract Hispanic voters - many of whom started out as illegals or children of illegals but share our social conservatism - or it can be seen as a party of apartheid. My preference would be for the former; my bet is that the California GOP will opt for the latter and once again deserve its name as the stupid party. And so I'm very sorry to see Schwarzenegger pissing away our best chance in years to turn California from blue to purple.

"Party of apartheid?" "Pro-immigration, legal or otherwise?" Bainbridge also referred to the peaceful Minuteman Project volunteers as "nuts" and "racists."

His comments are both illogical, and in open support illegal activity. His comments about the Minutemen also seem to have been made on a whim, with no supporting evidence. I expect this kind of commentary from others, but not from someone like Professor Bainbridge.

Perhaps Professor Bainbridge should take a step back and review the merits of his position, as it is not pragmatic as he claims, nor even well-reasoned.

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