April 15, 2005

Only A Matter of Time: Gov't Goes After Minutemen

It took longer than many thought it might, but the government has finally found a way to inconvenience the overwhelmingly successful Minuteman Project.

USMC_Vet of Blue State Conservatives scoops darn near everyone with this breaking story. Read the whole thing, and be sure to make use of the contact numbers to ask what laws or ordinances are being violated.

Update: Curiouser and curiouser. Cochise County Planning Director James Vlahovich told Dr. Melvin E. Harter, President, Miracle Valley Bible College that he would not issue special use permits (in front of witnesses) before Harter filed for permits, and now Vlahovich is basing his fines on a lack of permits that he categorically rejected in advance of their submittal.

Read the official letter to Miracle Valley Bible College from Cochise County here.

Cochise County is well within their legal rights to levy a fine for non-compliance for zoning violations in most instances, but might be in a bit more dubious position in this particular case if they did, in fact, reject the application before it was even submitted as multiple witnesses alledge. A Catch 22, anyone?

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