April 14, 2005

Inciting Murder

Enough is enough.

Liberals are growing increasingly violent. They've gone from rude and boorish behavoir, to petty assault, to calls for suicide, to subtle calls for murder (read as "end Bush," see note below), to outright calls for politically-motivated homicide. These people are tacitly and sometimes enthusiastically accepted within their reality-based community, but they should not be allowed to function in real reality.

The people behind these examples of hate speech (and make no mistake, that is exactly what these examples are) must be found, investigated, and if necessary, prosecuted before they finally incite some mentally unstable person to commit murder, no doubt in the name of "peace."

These people are going to get people killed, most likely innocent bystanders. It is time for the Secret Service and the FBI to stop being politically correct and put an end to the rising tide of violence from the reality-challenged community.

Note: The owner of the site with the "End Bush" HTML-style code not-so-cleverly tries to call this a "Closing Bush" tag, which in addition to not making grammatical sense, doesn't even follow good HTML form. HTML tags are noted as "start and "end" tags according to the W3C.

Update: Over at Right Thinking Girl's Tom Delay post (linked above), we've come up with quite the comparison of left vs. right violence. I first chimed in with an partial listing of assassinations and assassination attempts by political leftists in the United States:

...Hey, Sara... you're right.

As a matter of fact, the majority of political assassinations in America have come from the left or other variations of the mentally ill (as you will see below, many are both, liberalism and mental illness apparently run hand-in-hand), with the exception of RFK, who was killed by a long-standing lefty friend, the Jew-hating Muslim, in this instance Sirhan Sirhan.

The list goes on: John Wilkes Booth was a cross between Robert Byrd and Alec Baldwin, Charles J. Guiteau was a John Edwards-type lawyer who was told by the great beyond (perhaps channelling?) to murder President Garfield, Leon F. Czolgosz, who shot William McKinley was a lefty anarchist. Guiseppe Zangara who tried to kill FDR was a whacked-out anti-capitalist, and we all know Lee Harvey Oswald was a communist sympathizer.

Wannabe white Black Panther Sam Byck got himself killed trying to take out Nixon, and a year later, loonie lefty cultist Lynette "Squeaky" Fromme tried to take out President Ford, who was the target of lefty counterculture loser Sarah Jane Moore just 17 days later.

The evidence is pretty convincing Sara, that if there is a political assassination attempt in America, that either the left or the mentally ill are behind it (I'm not sure I see the distinction between the two, but some do).

Back to Andrew Mickel, the latest lefty political assassin in the link above. Not surprisingly, this guy was a graduate of Evergreen State College, home to bomb-tunnel speedbump Rachel "St. Pancake" Corrie. He has been convicted of murder, has been recommended for the death penalty, and will be formally sentenced two weeks from now.

Yeah, you guys love peace...

That was followed up by RTG poster "tex" reminding us to:

toss in stalin, lenin, pol pot, castro (including che)...they killed non-politicians until the cows came home, and not just at clinics...
(next post)
kim jong il...whoever the fuck is running china today...and venezuela...
But to be fair, the lefty visitors on RTG did come up with a list of right wingers that are guilty of political assassinations. I'll present it in its entirity (as of the most recent posting at RTG) here:

  1. Eric Rudolph*
  2. Hitler
They forgot Tim McVeigh, but you get the point.

* Rudolph's abortion clinic bombings were based on (bad) religious beliefs, not politics, so I'm not 100% certain he should even be included.

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