March 12, 2005

NY Times: All the News That's Fit to Hide

Confederate Yankee Reader Rich White sent a letter to the New York Times Public Editor February 25, asking why the Times had refused to cover NY Congressman Maurice Hinchey's unsubstantiated and outrageous claims that Karl Rove was behind the CBS News fake document scandal.

The Times Public Editor Office response on March 10 was this:

Dear Mr. White,

Thanks for writing. I apologize for the delayed response. I noted your concern to Mr. Okrent who noted that it would only make sense to do a story if the charges turn out to be true; otherwise, it's simply scandal-mongering. For all we know, reporters are looking into it, but there's no way for us to know that. We will, however, bring Hinchey's speech to the attention of the editors.

Arthur Bovino
Office of the Public Editor

It is quite interesting that the NY Times, which is so quick to run a story at the hint of a scandal regarding Republicans (later proven false), patently refuses to address Congressman Hinchey's ourburst becuase they don't want to get into "scandal-mongering."

What, exactly, would qualify as truth for the New York Times?

Obviously, the internet-accessible audio and transcript of the actual event, verified by Hinchey himself doesn't qualify. How about the hour-long radio interview heard by millions on Sean Hannity's nationally syndicated radio show, or the prime-time broadcast on Hannity and Colmes, where Hinchey reiterated his unsubstantiated claims and admitted he had no evidence?

Literally millions of people heard these claims from Hinchey at separate times, but the New York Times doesn't want to get into "rumor-mongering."

No, there is no liberal media bias at the New York Times.

"Bias" isn't nearly a strong enough word.

Posted by Confederate Yankee at March 12, 2005 01:26 PM