December 18, 2004



Let's call them what they are. They don't support the troops, and they never will respect the military, even though they say the opposite. They don't respect minorities, and move quickly to quash any who fail to toe the party line. They don't respect the Constitution, and they don't respect the law of the land.

They don't have to. They're better than us.

The ACLU claims to fight for civil liberties, but was founded by socialists and communists with the express goal of undermining the Constitution. Planned Parenthood claims to be about choice, but was founded by a eugenicist and practices genocide. Fiberals shrilly attack conservatives and moderates of both parties as being "right wing," and then openly embrace a radical religion that admired Adolph Hitler.

Welcome to the Fiberals.

As Fiberals, they have the right to claim that the most inclusive President in history is a racist, when in fact their party founded the Ku Klux Klan and stood in the way of civil rights for over one hundred years. They can confidently call minorities that step out of line "Aunt Jemima" or "Uncle Tom" without reprisals, and certainly no complaints from the NAACP.

They have the right to claim Faux News and the Moonie Times are unbalanced in their news coverage because Maureen Dowd and Lawrence O'Donnell told them so, and Rather and Mapes were just telling the truth by other means, and Halprin was just trying to provide the right perspective.

They have the right to claim the War on Terror has nothing to do with Iraq, even though the World Trade Center bomb-builder came from and returned to Iraq in 1993, and Iraq was home to one, two, three, four terrorist organizations, and Saddam provided money to the families of terrorist bombers.

Fiberals claim the right to say that we acted illegally and without United Nations support in our invasion of Iraq as the corrupt organization of despots quietly pocketed hundreds of millions from Saddam as he continued to murder, rape and kill thousands of his captive people each year.

As Fiberals, they have the right to claim American soldiers are terrorists for killing men who purposefully shoot women and children and build bombs on holy ground, and question the moral fiber of those who fight against criminals who rape, behead, and torture in the name of a God Fiberals claim doesn't even exist.

As Fiberals, they get to register Mary Poppins for crack cocaine and claim voter fraud when the terrorist-meeting war protestor they support is beaten by a dunce from Jesusland.

As Fiberals, they get to believe our 51% of the country is so stupid that we cause mental disorders and flight to more tolerant climes.

As Fiberals they get to be a lot of things...

Just not in charge.

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Posted by Confederate Yankee at December 18, 2004 01:06 PM