December 02, 2004

A Worthy Cause

Election got you down? Are you suffering from Post Election Selection Trauma? You are not alone, little liberal.

I know several liberals that packed up their Volvos on November Third and headed north, only to be incredulously turned away just shy of the Canuckistani border. Let me tell you, it really soured their frappacinos to find out they'd have to face at least another year of BusHitler before being accepted to Paul Martin's Promised Land.

Surely, there was something that could be done.

Something that should be done.

But after almost a month of incessant whining from the high-minded-but-functionally-useless libs milling around aimlessly, it was once again up to the conservatives to actually do it.

Looking deep into our collective past, we hit upon just the solution.

Back prior to the War of Northern Aggression, courageous early Republicans often outsmarted early pre-Klan Democrats and helped those held in servitude escape to the North. It seemed only fitting to resurrect this idea to assist our "friends" in their quest to reach their socialist Nirvana.

And so, it became necessary to create the:

Yes, the Democratic Underground Railroad will help ferry the disenfranchised and downtrodden out of the land of Christian ayatollahs and non-stop Toby Keith, to the land of polar bear milk and honey.

Please make a donation or two to your favorite conservative bloggers who are doing this noble and dangerous humanitarian work.

It is, after all, for a worthy cause.

NOTE: I just added Haloscan for comments and trackback. Previous comments were unfortunately deleted in the changeover. Sorry, but it was necessary to be able to block Hate-Filled Lefties. Granted, I haven't had any to speak of just yet, but you know how we conservatives favor preemption.

Posted by Confederate Yankee at December 2, 2004 01:01 AM