July 07, 2005

Enter the Asylum

I had hoped not to discuss domestic politics today in the wake of today's terrorist attacks in London. Sadly, paranoia and delusional behavior from some corners has poured forth, showing that they are not capable of leadership in times of crisis, nor of basic humanity.

The sickening "reality-based" community of the Democratic Underground thinks President George W. Bush is behind the attacks:

...I'm praying for those hurt and injured just as hard as I prayed here on 9/11/01. They are truly innocent and undeserving of this.

But I believe Bush and his PNAC pack were involved in 9/11 and I can't help thinking they're in on this as well. [emphasis added -- ed.] Another Pearl Harbor to help the cause.

Michelle Malkin has far more than you will probably be able to stand of this kind of behavior, as does John Hawkins.

This is a day to lend support to those were were injured and killed, and rally around their families. This is a day to rally around a nation, a longtime ally, that was attacked out of hate.

This is not a day for the usual comments from the chronically unserious and unreliable members of the conspiracy brigade. They unmask themselves as sad examples of humanity.


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