July 14, 2005

If you Commit Treason in a Forest ...

...and the major news media doesn't deem to report it, does the importance of the conviction still matter?

Ali Al-Timimi was given a life sentence for treason-related charges yesterday, but you probably won't find that on the front page of your favorite news web site. We've just had a major terrorist attack on one of our allies.

We have growing concerns about terrorist sleeper cells that may be operating in this country. You might think that the conviction of a man calling for holy war against the United States from just outside our nation's capitol might merit some discussion. If you think that, you'd be wrong, judging by leading U.S. news web sites.

Here is a simple table showing a quick survey of major U.S. news Web sites and how they handled the story of Al-Timimi's conviction on their front pages:

Web News Source Home Page Coverage

Web News SourceHome Page Coverage
ABC Newsnothing
Fox Newsnothing
Google News nothing
NY Postnothing
Washington Timesnothing
Washington Postin the Metro section
New York Timesmain page, below the fold
CBS Newsmain page, below the fold

Of course, I'm sure that there is a logical explanation for the major news media either not reporting or under-reporting one of the few (less than 40) treason-related cases in our nations history, especially in a time of war. My guess is that it might mess up Oliver Stone's narrative, but I could be wrong.

Posted by Confederate Yankee at July 14, 2005 11:41 AM | TrackBack

Nice blog. Keep it up ...

Sorry for posting an off topic question here but I think this particular one has a profound impact on our society.

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La Bona

Posted by: la bona at July 14, 2005 12:42 PM

Can't have the press ignoring important issues like that Aruba thing now, for real stuff, can we?

Posted by: William Teach at July 14, 2005 01:13 PM

Great observation, CY.

Try this:

Google News Search: Ali Al-Timimi sentenced

There are a few more running...but not many.

Relegating this to the Metro Section (WaPo) is nearly as agregious as silence.

Simply stated, nothing is treason in the eyes of Liberals. Nothing.

Treason is soooooooo archaic, you know.

Posted by: USMC_Vet at July 14, 2005 01:32 PM

UGH. The trackback showed up already--I've got it set to publish in the morning! You'll see the post at 6am CST, but it's not much but a link to your post. Thanks for pointing this out; it IS sick that this isn't bigger news. Of course, God forbid it might actually detract from "real news" like the crap we usually are fed, like the Plame Game. zzzzzzzz

Posted by: Beth at July 15, 2005 03:59 AM

Your maxim that "liberalism is a persistent, vegitative state" rings true with this analysis and review of the reporting on this matter. Proof once again that the media do not want ANYTHING positive to come of the war on terror thus aligning themselves by association with the horrendous acts we are witnessing on the news daily.

Well stated. Thanks also for the research.

Posted by: Jim Pfaff at July 18, 2005 04:07 PM