July 28, 2005

“He Hates These Cans!”

(h/t: Ace)

Via the Guardian:

A press conference organised by the city council took an unexpected twist when the chairman of Birmingham central mosque, Mohammad Naseem, who is known as a moderate voice, attacked the way the bombings investigation had been carried out. Dr Naseem said the government had given the impression Muslims were to be targeted. "Why do we not have an open mind about this?" he asked. "Terrorists can be anybody."

He had seen no evidence Muslims were responsible for the bombings and attempted attacks. He claimed the four men killed among others on July 7 could have been innocent passengers. [emphasis added]

Um… yeah.

It kind of reminds me of that bit of stupidity in The Jerk:

“He hates these cans!” (get audio clip)

I liked this load better when Larry was flinging it with both hands last week.

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