August 29, 2005

Lights, Camera...

Cindy Sheehan Media Whore

(picture swiped from Protein Wisdom, who swiped it from NRO)

Media What?

Posted by Confederate Yankee at August 29, 2005 10:24 PM | TrackBack


I was so looking forward to August 31...thinking, no hoping, that with the end of President Bush's vacation would also come an end to pointless photo ops that do nothing but degrade the memory of fallen Soldiers, Marines, Airmen and Sailors.

Unfortunately, Ms. Sheehan is planning on taking her "act" on the road with a bus tour coming soon to a city near you....

Posted by: Jen at August 29, 2005 11:10 PM

Thanks for this photo to better explain the whole "event" nature of the Sheehan thing. I had carried the press photo but linked to this one today in case someone thought this whole thing is not some kind of a production.

Posted by: Scott Pierce at August 30, 2005 01:42 PM

A picture is worth a thousand words...

Posted by: Josh at August 30, 2005 03:05 PM

Yeah, I heard that Cindy Sheehan and Jane Fonda are going to have competing anti-war protests in D.C, on the same day, next month. They are just making them selves look bad.

Posted by: J. Wright at August 31, 2005 02:15 AM

Clearly you are an anti-Catholic bigot for mocking Cindy Sheehan's faith.

Posted by: Hesiod at August 31, 2005 10:58 AM

Clearly, this is about a photo op.

I need more intelligent trolls...

Posted by: Confederaet Yankee at August 31, 2005 11:12 AM