September 01, 2005

Blog Auction for Katrina Victims

My brother Phin of phin's blog and Apothegm Designs is holding a blog auction to raise money for Hurricane Katrina victims. I'll let him tell you about it himself:

On Monday Hugh Hewitt suggested the blogging community band together to raise funds and awareness for the charities helping provide relief to the areas affected by Hurricane Katrina. Glenn Reynolds suggested the date of Thursday, September 1st and offered to provide links. The Truth Laid Bear has setup a tracking page to help keep count.

In trying to do our part we, your friendly Apothegm Designers, are auctioning off a custom blog design (within reason) to the highest bidder. Samples of our work can be seen at the Apothegm Designs Website.

The bidding starts at a bargain of $150 and the funds will be donated to The American Red Cross, or the winning bidder's charity of choice.

Bidding is open in the comments of this post until Midnight September 2nd.

They do good (very good) blog and web design work (here, The Llama Butchers, The Jawa Report, and others), and the money raised goes to the winner's charity of choice.

Besides, your blog looks like crap. ;-)

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