September 02, 2005

Red Cross Under Seige Because of NBC

See it for yourself.

NBC allowed these ignorant, hateful comments to go on-air, potentially alientating 1/2 of potential donors, just to get a political dig in at the President. I'm livid, not because of West's attack on the President, but becuase this will cost the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

I just spoke to a Red Cross call center supervisor. Call centers have been deluged with complaints. They just released the following statement:

WASHINGTON, Friday, September 02, 2005 — The American Red Cross is incredibly grateful for the support we're receiving in the wake of the catastrophic events caused by Hurricane Katrina. We want to acknowledge the ongoing support of NBC-Universal, which aired a telethon tonight on behalf of the victims of this tragedy.

During the telecast, a controversial comment was made by one of the celebrities. We would like the American public to know that our support is unwavering, regardless of political circumstances. We are a neutral and impartial organization, and support disaster victims across the country regardless of race, class, color or creed. We cannot, and we do not endorse any comments of a political nature.

NBC just hurt poor people. I hope it was worth it to get in a few cheap shots at the president.

Update: Since you asked:

Posted by Confederate Yankee at September 2, 2005 10:44 PM | TrackBack

I avoid all celebrity oriented fundraisers and causes for this reason. Hollywood and the music industry are not conservative or Republican friendly under ANY circumstances. I called the show and let them know that there will be plenty of blame to share after the need is met. In the meantime, I'm donating to the Salvation Army.

Posted by: leah at September 2, 2005 11:45 PM

Leah, may I add that you are doing exactly what people should be doing: calling the show to let them know that their allowance of these comments was offensive, and that you will be donating elsewhere.

I simply fear that some will chose to not donate at all.

Posted by: Confederate Yankee at September 2, 2005 11:48 PM

I think the Red Cross is a great organization, but I hope they think twice before doing any celebrity fundraisers in the future.

Personally, I donated to World Vision. Celebrity free.

Posted by: Slublog at September 2, 2005 11:53 PM

What is the number to call NBC?

Posted by: Ux2 at September 2, 2005 11:55 PM

You guys need to worry about something bigger. Just watch Geraldo on Fox News. The people at the Convention Center are still there. Direct your complaints to the Gov't and FEMA to save people!!

Posted by: Sean John at September 3, 2005 12:15 AM

Hey, Sean. I've made donations to help people.

Have you?

Posted by: Slublog at September 3, 2005 12:20 AM

Sean John, I thought you were going by "Diddy" now.

You've obviously not read the thread above this one (about an auction for hurricane relief), or the the ones below this one (for hurricane relief, Orleans Prison inmate treatment before, during, and after the storm, political treatment of this tragedy, self defense in disasters, area gas price links, hurricane survivial tips, more hurricane relief, etc).

We believe in taking care of things ourselves, not sitting on our cans, waiting for handouts from the government.

Posted by: Confederate Yankee at September 3, 2005 12:28 AM

Bush doesn't care about anything but his oil. Kanye was out of line but it wasn't a lie it was the truth even though it was the wrong time to say it.

Posted by: SHAKYM at September 3, 2005 12:36 AM

At the NBC page, if you use the pull-down menu after this:

Questions not found on FAQ page about NBC Entertainment programming? Email us using the pulldown menu below:

It gives you an e-mail address of:

And yes, I did tell them exactly what I thought of that appalling performance.

Posted by: Toni at September 3, 2005 12:36 AM

Tell me shaky, can you provide something in the way of you know, facts to support your allegations? A link to a reputable source, perhaps? I didn't think so.

Even if you could have provided evidence for your false charges, it would have been irrielevant. The purpose of teh show was to fundraise, and west immediately pissed off roughly half of potential donors.

Dumb. Very dumb.

Posted by: Confederate Yankee at September 3, 2005 12:41 AM

Kayne West is a punk. There was no need to say what he said, even if he believes it. The fundraiser was not a political platform for Bush-bashers to spew their anti-Bush rhetoric.

Posted by: Charles Ray at September 3, 2005 12:47 AM

George W Bush does not care about black people. He'll use them whenever he needs a good photo op, but he doesn't care.

Posted by: JR at September 3, 2005 12:50 AM

It isn't or wasn't about race when the storm was closing in, why is it now?

Posted by: Mike at September 3, 2005 12:51 AM

George W Bush does not care about black people. He'll use them whenever he needs a good photo op, but he doesn't care.

Uh, huh. And what gives you this stunning insight into the mind of our president?

Posted by: Slublog at September 3, 2005 12:52 AM

Yes, I have donated money. And Confederate Yankee - I am sure u don't come from the same background as those in the NO right now. Before you start yapping about waiting on the can and waiting for gov't handouts - I think you need to see how people in poverty life. No one wants to be poor, but if you are born into it, and if u are black, it is tough to get out. Most of the poor African Americans in NO have had family histories of salvery. And hopefully you know - racism still exists in the south. It might be news to you, but it does. It's very ironic that you want the government to be "big" and go into foreign lands and rebuild. But you want the government to be "small" here and leave the poor to live in poor infrastructure and without adaquete health insurance. Povery has rise in every year of the Bush term. Can you, as a Christian if you are, explain why you and many of your republican friends have no gratitude the oppressed.

Posted by: Sean John at September 3, 2005 12:55 AM

The white people that I saw interveiwed in New Orleans did not complain as much as the blacks and where were the hispanics?

Posted by: Mike at September 3, 2005 12:57 AM

I don't think it was entirely pointed toward Bush. All of you are obviously cut off from what it really feels like to be black and poor in this country. Kanye's comments were not malicious nor were they untrue. You guys don't get it because you have never had to deal with it. The big picture here...EVEN bigger than Hurricane Katrina is that in 2005 in this country, we still have situations that do not treat all people equally. Racism is still very alive. I have no doubt in my mind that had these people been wealthy white people, there would be no telethon or fundraisers because the govt. would have reacted like "somebody had stole their oil"

Posted by: I'm just talking at September 3, 2005 12:57 AM

And what gives you this stunning insight into the mind of our president?

Being a black person in America. The president's record speaks for itself.

Posted by: JR at September 3, 2005 12:58 AM

Condoleeza Rice was busy shopping for shoes yesterday in New York while hundreds were dying. It is great to see that Bush and Co. have their priorities straight. No wonder he has such low approval ratings, and they will likely sink more after his actions during the past couple days. Also, where is VP Cheney. It seems like he is MIA again, just like after 9/11. These war presidents, who have never fought in one war, sure act funny.

Posted by: NorCal at September 3, 2005 12:59 AM

So, Kayne West made a statement about the president. And? Last I checked, this is America. The man(rightly or wrongly) is allowed to have an opinion. For people to get all fired up about it and threaten to refuse to donate money or aid to Red Cross is downright stupid. It makes it seem like you never really intended to do anthing anyway. Blaming Kanye is just a crutch. I mean come on people. Wasting phone lines to complain about what one entertainer said is silly. So is thinking that this is some liberal plot by NBC to discredit the president. How does what he said change the fact that people in that area are in dire need of help?

Posted by: LOL at September 3, 2005 01:00 AM

Being a black person in America. The president's record speaks for itself.

Examples, please.

I'm a Hispanic person in America, but I don't believe that gives me any sort of amazing insight into the motivations of our political leaders.

Posted by: Slublog at September 3, 2005 01:01 AM

Isn't Condoleeza Rice black?

Posted by: Mike at September 3, 2005 01:01 AM

So, Kayne West made a statement about the president. And? Last I checked, this is America. The man(rightly or wrongly) is allowed to have an opinion. For people to get all fired up about it and threaten to refuse to donate money or aid to Red Cross is downright stupid. It makes it seem like you never really intended to do anthing anyway. Blaming Kanye is just a crutch. I mean come on people. Wasting phone lines to complain about what one entertainer said is silly. So is thinking that this is some liberal plot by NBC to discredit the president. How does what he said change the fact that people in that area are in dire need of help?

I think his point is that while West is entitled to his opinion, he picked the wrong forum to air those opinions. He showed disrespect to the Red Cross by using their event to air his own views. If he wants to say such things in interviews or in his own concerts - fine. But it's in poor taste to do so at a fundraiser.

Posted by: Slublog at September 3, 2005 01:04 AM

Condeleeza just has on a black mask and makeup

Posted by: I'm just talking at September 3, 2005 01:04 AM

He picked the opportunity that he had. He knew people would be listening that normally don't listen to him. I believe it was the perfect time. F anyone who thinks they shouldn't give money because he told the truth

Posted by: i'm just talking at September 3, 2005 01:05 AM

The vast majority of blacks in America have histories of slavery, as do many whites, for that matter, so our argument is irrelevant.

You can get out by simply using your mind. Condoleeza Rice did, and so did many other people I peronsally know growing up in the rural South. It is called having initiative, and using the talents God gave you.

Posted by: Confederate Yankee at September 3, 2005 01:06 AM

He picked the opportunity that he had. He knew people would be listening that normally don't listen to him. I believe it was the perfect time. F anyone who thinks they shouldn't give money because he told the truth

He's a celebrity. He can make his own opportunities, if he wishes. I've already donated to the Red Cross, so his ill-advised comments didn't stop me from trying to help others.

I think you're allowing your agreement with West to obscure your judgment.

Posted by: Slublog at September 3, 2005 01:09 AM

Condeleeza just has on a black mask and makeup

Wow. How...enlightened of you.

Posted by: Slublog at September 3, 2005 01:10 AM

You can get out by simply using your mind.

You are an ignorant person. I won't waste any more time here.

Posted by: JR at September 3, 2005 01:10 AM

Self-referential racism. Brilliant!

Posted by: Confederate Yankee at September 3, 2005 01:10 AM

You are so misinformed about being in poverty. There are few outlets. Yes there are extreme situations where one or two black people have escaped the blatant traps that the ex-slave owners have set...but honestly, black people are pushed to fail

Posted by: i'm just talking at September 3, 2005 01:11 AM

My family was slaves also but I don't use it as a crutch, must be because I am white.

Posted by: Mike at September 3, 2005 01:12 AM

You are so misinformed about being in poverty. There are few outlets.

Really? I'll have to tell my mother, who grew up poor and Hispanic and ended up attending college and getting a degree through hard work.

Guess she just didn't know her socioeconomic status was supposed to determine her destiny.

Posted by: Slublog at September 3, 2005 01:13 AM

"One or two?"

I'm starting to see why you and those with your mindset might not get very far, but the vast majority of minority folks in my church don't seem to realize they are victims. I'll try to keep it a secret, as I'd hate to ruin it for them.

Posted by: Confederate Yankee at September 3, 2005 01:18 AM

You have good and bad in all races, if you can accept that then you are smart. If not you deserve to be enslaved.

Posted by: Mike at September 3, 2005 01:20 AM

Bush's America

Posted by: Topher at September 3, 2005 01:22 AM

You are an ignorant person. I won't waste any more time here.

And when all else fails...go for the ad hominem.

Why am I not surprised?

Posted by: Slublog at September 3, 2005 01:23 AM

Let's suppose for a moment that the liberals were able to pass the laws they wanted to eliminate poverty... what would happen?

Well they had the opportunity for many years with little opposition from 1930s through the late 1970s... the result of Roosevelt's 12+ years in office, Truman's years, Kennedy's, Johnson's, and Carter's years were a dramatic increase in poverty "prevention" programs and yet the poor are still among us. I believe after all the theories and programs we should have discovered by now two undeniable laws:
1) Government cannot prevent poverty by taking resources from one individual or group and giving them to another.
2) Governent can cause poverty by taking resources from one individual or group and giving them to another.

Perhaps poor people should stop looking to George W. Bush for a handout and start looking to the example of George Washtington Carver for a permanent way out.

It is also interesting that the only minorities liberals seem to care about are the minorities that only look to government for help.

It would be nice to see all these whining, socialist politicians get in their SUVs and pick up those poor, forgotten, black folk from New Orleans and bring them back to their estates in their districts and their condos in D.C.

Posted by: Six Quack at September 3, 2005 01:25 AM

Confederate - How can you say the talk of a slavery past is irrelevant??? Are you saying the status of Blacks and White are equal here in America? Maybe you should go to the housing projects in most urban cities. And white people were hurt during slavery? I can see by your name and your love of the confederate flag - that you and possibly your family benefited from slavery.
Condoleeza Rice didn't grow up in poverty. I am not saying that anyone in poverty doesn't make it out and succeed. But it is just very rare. Most people have to start working in or right after high school to support their families. I know white peoeple are in similar situations too, but there is a higher proportion of black people in poverty.

Why are republicans racist? Why do they hold such bigot perceptions of all minorities?

Posted by: Sean John at September 3, 2005 01:25 AM

Why are republicans racist? Why do they hold such bigot perceptions of all minorities?

Why do you communicate in amazing generalities? And ask loaded questions?

Posted by: Slublog at September 3, 2005 01:27 AM

Slublog - Do you believe Rush Limbaugh is racist?

Posted by: Sean John at September 3, 2005 01:28 AM

Kayne was wrong not because he spoke his message. That he is free to do. He is wrong because he agreed to speak a message asking for help and instead spewed hatred. That's called breaking your word. It's wrong and it harmed the group he agreed to help.

On the other point that has cropped up here .... So the argument that you are putting forth JR is that black people need special help? If a white man said that you would call it racism. I think people are pretty much equally capable independent of skin color. Perhaps it is people with negative messages like yours that cause young black kids to grow up believing the crap that you are spewing.

Posted by: I'm just answering at September 3, 2005 01:29 AM

Actually Topher, it is Bush's America, at least in 2009. But it is Governor Blanco's Louisiana and New Orleans' Mayor Ray Nagin that concerns up most right now.

Nagin completely failed to carry out any sort of evaculation plan, and foolishly lost the majority of his emergency services vehicles. Blanco failed to mobilize the National Guard until well after the storm and then forgot to use them. Bus had goven her cart blanche by declaring a state of emergency while the storm was still far out in the Gulf. Local politicans, Democrats all, screwed this one up from the word "go." Bush has been trying to make up for their mistakes ever since.

Posted by: Confederate Yankee at September 3, 2005 01:30 AM

I am white, was born poor and have done great. My family didn't owne slaves, we were owned. You have to do for yourself and not ask others to do for you.

Posted by: Mike at September 3, 2005 01:30 AM

Slublog - Do you believe Ann Coulter is racist?

Posted by: Sean John at September 3, 2005 01:30 AM

Slublog - Do you believe Rush Limbaugh is racist?

To be honest, I have no idea. I don't listen to him often enough to make a judgment on that. I'm not trying to avoid your question, honestly. I just don't care to make those sorts of judgments based on limited information.

Posted by: Slublog at September 3, 2005 01:32 AM

So Shaky...tell me this...isn't it also the truth then that the very people that are trying to help the victims in New Orleans are being shot at? Isn't it the truth that drugged-up, gun-weiding thugs are raping and killing in the streets? Isn't it the truth that idiots like Kanye West and Al Sharpton are running their mouths for the wrong reasons??? To advance their complaints of racism rather that pleading with Americans of all races and economic status to help in any way they can. All they are doing is instigating hatred among those suffering (and those who are the same skin color and claim to relate) while alienating those who are willing to help with their political/racial slurs. For Mr.West to say that the military has been given permission to "shoot us" is the most ridiculous statement I have EVER heard...if i'm a soldier risking my life to help i'm certainly going to PROTECT myself from thugs roaming the streets! If someone is dumb enough to shoot at their rescuers, then they deserve to recieve the same fate that they are trying to impose.

It IS true that the response of local/state and federal government to this disaster is a horrible mistake. But to say that the neglect stems from racial and economic prejudice is ludicrous!!!! But what about the primarily black local government in New Orleans..what did they do to help evacuate their own people BEFORE the disaster?

Let's point fingers once we've helped these people and stop making this a political and racial issue. There will be a time for that later. I myself made a significant donation tonight anyway, the victims in NOLA shouldn't be further punished by the remarks of idiots.

And by the way...before anyone tries to label me based of these comments...I have had clients in New Orleans for years and travel there dozens of times a I know the city and it's people. As a result of that connection, my company and other local businesses are already discussing with relief agencies how our companies can better use our resources to help those in need...and we are 800 miles away. This isn't about race. This isn't about poverty. Words don't help...only ACTION will help these people.

I ask all of you reading this forum to do one thing. Go back and read all these posts (i did). Look at how stupid comments like those made by Sharpton and West have diverted our little discussion from truly talking about HELPING PEOPLE to instead talking about race and poverty and stirring the pot, getting everyone all worked up about what's fair and unfair in our great country! Get a grip! This is exactly what people like Sharpton want everyone to the meantime (while we're bitching) how are the people in NOLA being helped. Now don't we ALL feel stupid?

Posted by: JustStop at September 3, 2005 01:34 AM

Slublog - Do you believe Ann Coulter is racist?

I think I'm beginning to see what you're trying to do.

Why don't you offer some evidence for why you believe Limbaugh and Coulter are racist?

Posted by: Slublog at September 3, 2005 01:34 AM

The fact of the matter, Confederate, is that you hold a minority (and a misguided) opinion. The tide has turned against Bush. Face it. Everyone realizes he screwed up. It must be hard continually making excuses for such an obviously inept leader.

Posted by: Topher at September 3, 2005 01:36 AM

Blanco is more at fault as far as I see it.

Posted by: Mike at September 3, 2005 01:36 AM

"....Bush is sending the army down here to shoot us!"
K West

So you folks that agree with West believe that the Natl Guard and other LEOs where given permission to shoot people cause they're black? Or perhaps because a select group of armed individuals are creating mayhem (raping and robbing). And if these criminals happen to be black, as is the case, is that 'oppression from the white man' or genocide or racism?
Listen - poor or black -I dont give a shit - if you rob or rape I hope that .223 round gets you in the ass!
Wests' remarks were just ignorant utterings but, unfortunately, common fears amongst blacks.
Blacks tend to feed into conspiracies, especially by gov't. Perhaps its confirms the 'victim identity'...I dont know...
and, starting tonite, no longer care. Make your bed - I'll make mine......

Posted by: docgary at September 3, 2005 01:37 AM

Confederate - I just love how you start blaming others. I actually had some respect for Bush when he admited the gov't wasn't doing enough. But he changed his tone over the day, saying crap like "Fema is doing great." Come On!

You think the city of New Orleans and Nagin could handle this all alone???? You must be on crack like the President. It is expected the federal gov't to back up the cities during natural disaster - Clinton was great at handling natural disasters BTW. And you forgot that FEMA is a FEDERAL agency under the HOMELAND SECURITY. Bush appointed his "buddies" to the head of FEMA during his term, and these are people with no Emergency experience. Bush and his admin should accept full responsibilty. I am not saying that Nagin and Blanco are off the hook. But they have pleaded for national help for a long time now. One state cannot control and rescue itself. It does need the help of the Federal Gov't. Open your eyes to Reality!

Posted by: Sean John at September 3, 2005 01:38 AM

But, Sean...if you do care to offer such evidence, you'll have to wait until tomorrow for my response. It's late, I'm tired and I'm going to bed.

Goodnight all.

Posted by: Slublog at September 3, 2005 01:38 AM

For Mr.West to say that the military has been given permission to "shoot us" is the most ridiculous statement I have EVER heard...if i'm a soldier risking my life to help i'm certainly going to PROTECT myself from thugs roaming the streets!

AHA! Next, are you gonna say that LAPD was protecting themselves from Rodney King? We all know that police figures prey on poor black people. A free liscence to kill? My god! What strapping young 'good ol' boy' wouldn't want to volunteer for that...

Posted by: i'm just talking at September 3, 2005 01:39 AM

The ONLY thing America owes its citizens (including blacks) is a fair shot at opportunity - no more, no less. If you look to the government to provide you with safety and a safety blanket, you are doomed for eventual disappointment.

Racists exists on both sides of the political divide; no one party has cornered the market. That said, the GOP has demonstrated to my satisfaction that opportunities are far greater for blacks than the opposition party.

Will President Bush get credit for his appointments of outstanding citizens to key positions of government who happens to be black? Don't hold your breath anytime soon.

I see a lot of political bigotry here in this comment section. People need to tap the brakes and remain on the planet of rationale discussion.

And as for West? For all practical purposes, he just "Dixie Chicked" himself.

Posted by: itzWicks at September 3, 2005 01:40 AM

The fact of the matter, Confederate, is that you hold a minority (and a misguided) opinion. The tide has turned against Bush. Face it. Everyone realizes he screwed up. It must be hard continually making excuses for such an obviously inept leader.

Excellent work, my minions. Keep up the good work!

Posted by: Howard Dean at September 3, 2005 01:40 AM

Even Fox News' Bush Puppets are critizing the federal gov't. Except Sean Hannity of course. Haha.

Sublog - if you really need me to find racist comments from Coulter or Limbaugh - you must be living in another world.

Posted by: Sean John at September 3, 2005 01:43 AM

Bush's America

Posted by: Topher at September 3, 2005 01:44 AM

It must be hard continually making excuses for such an obviously inept leader.

Lemme see... In Iraq he's freed 25 million people while losing less than 2,000 of our own despite a hostile media and traitorous liberal politicians, and even though terrorists are still killing people there, 80,000 Iraqis less are dying from the insurgency each year than they were under Saddam's "benelovent" dictatorship. The have had the first elections in several lifetimes, and are a decade ahead of where we were when it comes ot writing their constitution. If Afghanistan, we've doing eveb better. Lebanon had a revoltion against Syrian Baathists without a shot being fired, and Lybia turned over their hidden WMD program becuase they saw the writing on the wall.

We've also had our ninth straight quarter of steady economic growth, despite constant efferts by the left to derail it all just to play "gotcha" with the man that has played them for fools for five years.

Explain again that inept thing?

Posted by: Confederate Yankee at September 3, 2005 01:46 AM

Any of you who commented that you won't be donating to the Red Cross bc of one celebrity's comments are CLEARLY misguided...and making as much a political statement as he did.

Go ahead, punish the suffering for a bunch of celebrity move, brilliant! You should go work for the current administration.

Posted by: Anonymous at September 3, 2005 01:47 AM

SEAN-you mentioned "projects" boss gave me a project it had a begining and an may be time to consider the fact that public housing "projects" were a dismal failure and end them.This may have avoided the dependence that created large inner city populations of dependent peoples-throughout american cities. These "projects" founded by great liberal democrat leaders with "good" intentions single handedly isolated and segregated minorities and you think conservative republicans are the racists?? Better check again

Posted by: scooter at September 3, 2005 01:49 AM

Ann Coulter may be a conservative now, but I beleive I still have a video of her on FOX about 13 years ago in a short skirt with no panties.

Posted by: Mike at September 3, 2005 01:50 AM

Freed 25 Million people? We have made it a haven for terrorists. Most people are living in fear, and want us out.

Posted by: Sean John at September 3, 2005 01:50 AM

Any of you who commented that you won't be donating to the Red Cross bc of one celebrity's comments are CLEARLY misguided...and making as much a political statement as he did.

The only poeple I've seen saying that they weren't donating to the Red Cross said they were donating to another charity instead. Night all. Play nice.

Posted by: Confederate Yankee at September 3, 2005 01:51 AM

reed 25 Million people? We have made it a haven for terrorists. Most people are living in fear, and want us out.

One last comment. They want us out alright... just as soon as they are ready. 80% do indeed want us out, but 75% aren't ready for us to go just yet.

I converse with Iraqis and some American soldiers in Iraq pretty regularly. Too bad the life they live is a far cry from the one you see.

Posted by: Confederate Yankee at September 3, 2005 01:55 AM

Here's an example for you...

(watching MSNBC right now)...interview with a young black girl lying in a hospital bed. This girl was scheduled to be airlifted from a NO hospital...but had to wait for another day and a half because THE HELICOPTER WAS SHOT AT!!!!

So let's suppose for a moment that this young black woman had died because she didn't get the medical attention she needed when the rescue was thwarted by the idiots with guns. Should her innocent life be taken or would you rather the military be given the right to return fire on the thugs (who might happen to be black)? Now what do you think about that scenario? Do you still say that the police are preying or poor black people? Or aren't they trying to protect them? ImJustTalkin, get a clue.

Police don't "prey on poor black people"...they try protect people (yes, black people too) from some people who might happen to be poor black people filled with hatred, drugs and automatic weapons.

Posted by: JustStop at September 3, 2005 01:55 AM

Don't give to the Red Cross, the Salvation Army does a better job.

Posted by: Mike at September 3, 2005 01:55 AM

Bush was slow to respond when 9/11 happened. He sat at an elementary school reading a children' book for 7 minutes after being informed that the country was, in fact, under attack. Is it really much of asurprise that he--once again--has taken so long to get things moving in NO? I'm not surprised.

Posted by: John Brown at September 3, 2005 01:58 AM

Oh, and one last thing Confederate. Since anyone can overcome poverty by just using their mind, I take it you are not donating to the hurricane victims? After all, they can get out of a desperate situation by just using their minds.

Posted by: Topher at September 3, 2005 02:01 AM

Actually John, CNN reports that Bush called Governor Blanco Sunday morning when Katrian was still well out in the Gulf of Mexico and urged her order an evacuation. She failed to act.

Oops. More liberal lies hit the fan...

And now I'm really off to bed.

Posted by: Confederate Yankee at September 3, 2005 02:03 AM

A real man does not rely on others to help after a catastrophy. He has already prepared in advance.

Posted by: Mike at September 3, 2005 02:05 AM

I live in Houston and was unable to watch the broadcast because at the time it was aired I was volunteering in the Astrodome. I read what this angry person said on television and was saddened. Here is a person who is angry because he obviously feels that he has been done some injustice and used precious airtime meant to assist people who have literally nothing to further his own political agenda. These people need help, not speculation whether our elected officials are prejudiced. Whether we like the current president or not, he is president.
I support Bush with the same enthusiasm that I supported Clinton and will support the next president regardless of political party. I have my own political convictions, however, once the person elected is put into office, I feel that it is each American's responsibility to support that person to the best of their ability.
New Orleans is accepting volunteers readily to help them evacuate people, fish decaying bodies out of floodwaters, and put out fires. We, here in Houston need volunteers to help process these people, pay for the extra social service expenses that these people will incur to our state, and come up with the resources to feed, clothe and shelter these individuals for several months. Perhaps Mr. West would like to volunteer to do one of those jobs to help speed up the process.
I will return to the stadium after I have had a few hours of sleep. It is probable that this overpaid celebrity will do nothing else regarding this cause at all. It saddens me that he decided to use the time he could have used to help in such a way to alienate further the very group of people his misguided comments were supposedly trying to assist.

Posted by: KSV at September 3, 2005 02:44 AM

"AHA! Next, are you gonna say that LAPD was protecting themselves from Rodney King?"

As a matter of complete fact, yes they were. Prior to the riots here in LA, all you saw night after night on the news was the beating Mr. King received; after the riots started, the media decided to show the whole tape. In it: RK comes out of his car swinging, and will not stay down after being "folded over" a baton THREE TIMES. Each time he gets up off the ground like he's on springs and takes another swing at an officer. I don't think the police officers in that confrontation handled it as well as they could, but they WERE defending themselves, and showed quite a bit of restraint during most of the episode, unlike Mr. King...

Posted by: walkercolt at September 3, 2005 02:47 AM

walkercolt, Rodney King is or sill is piece of C---. He is not a man. Real men take care of their familes.

Posted by: Mike at September 3, 2005 03:00 AM

Uh, Mike, the quote was from "just talking", in his previous post. I certainly don't think Rodney King is an exemplary citizen, and has been in trouble both before and after the incident that was filmed.

Posted by: walkercolt at September 3, 2005 03:08 AM

Most of the poor African Americans in NO have had family histories of salvery.

Second generation West Indian blacks in America have an average income as high or higher than that of whites. You can't blame the "legacy of slavery," since West Indians suffered under an even more brutal form of slavery than American blacks. Whites can't tell the difference between second-gen WIs and other blacks, so that's not it. Can you explain how racist America allows WIs to be even more prosperous than whites? and possibly your family benefited from slavery.

Slavery was an enormous drag on the economy. Every American paid a price for it in some way.

Posted by: Stickwick Stapers at September 3, 2005 03:38 AM

I watched Mr. West's comments live. I have heard the remarks by the head of the Black Congressional Caucus. I have listenen to the remarks of an attorney for the NAACP, and I have read Randall Robertson's blog entry at huffington

And I have read the comnments here.

When I saw and heard West's remarks, I decided to forget about donating to the Red Cross. Instead, I thought I would donate to the Salvation Army.

But when I read the outpouring of racist attacks from black "leaders," claiming that a logistical nightmare is an act of LETHAL and DELIBERATE RACISISM on the part of "White America," that was the last straw.

Screw New Orleans, West, Robertson, the CBC and the NAACP (and you people defending their remarks as "truth"). Any money I send will be earmarked to a Mississippi charity.

I am offended by the remarks made by these so-called black "leaders" accusing America of deliberately setting up blacks in New Orleans to die.

Further, I am unaccustomed to having my generosity turned around into a slap in the face.

I am also offended by the remarks of the Bush haters in this and other forums. Can't you Bush hating loons ever stop your angry barking?

Posted by: Jim at September 3, 2005 03:46 AM

So very well said, Jim. You have captured my feelings precisely.

Posted by: Jan at September 3, 2005 04:37 AM

KSV, I salute you! I wish I was closer, so I could do something.

Before this week, I had no idea that Black people are completely helpless without Whitey telling them what to do and where to go and cooking them dinner. All this time, I'd assumed Black people were individuals, capable of making decisions on their own, working to make their own lives and the lives of their communities better. I'd like to thank the Black "leaders" for setting me straight.

I saw the video of Kayne West's "departure from scripted remarks" and it reminded me of the Bugs Bunny/Daffy Duck cartoon where they go back and forth--Rabbit Season! Duck Season! Rabbit Season! Duck Season!--and Daffy gets tricked into getting himself blown up by Elmer Fudd. Sad. Very sad.

Posted by: Radish at September 3, 2005 04:50 AM

Stickwick - So are you saying that racism does not exist? Do you live or have you been to the South??!! I have not seen any plans put out by the Bush Administration to help the poor and minorities. In your response to your slavery comparison, I would like to see your facts to back up your claims. In addition, West Indian slaves were of the minority compared to African slaves. And the only compassion that you show for slavery is that it was a drag on the economy??? Absolutley ridiculous.

Why is poverty rising under President Bush when our 'economy' is growing so strongly? And it sure looks like the tax cuts are helping poor. I think most Republican are hypocrite Chiristians. If you go to the streets of NO, I'm sure most people would be agreeing with Kanye. Why would Kanye say something like that? If you know anythign about him, he is a genius when it comes to music and business. He would not just blurt something out like this now? If he was a partisan hack, he would have said stuff a long time ago.

When a network like Fox can't prevent its reporters from speaking the truth, you have to know the situation is so much worse than we've been told. Geraldo was crying, Shep Smith looked like he wanted to drive a knife thorough Sean Hannity and Alan Colmes.

Posted by: Sean John at September 3, 2005 05:00 AM

Kayne and stupid people like you are politicizing an issue and polarizing folks who would likely be opening their wallets bigtime... instead of focusing the nation on the suffering, you point fingers and call names the people who have their hand on their wallet... if you've ever done any fund'd know thats not the way to get the job done

so the conservatives are hypocritical christians... 50% of this country in your view are moral backwater? it would be a stupid comment if morons like you weren't getting so much attention and dividing the country ... i've know many liberals and conservatives alike and the true differences between the two are not all that great... but hey.. .i'm sure you know better than i... so much so that you think the people in NOs aren't shouldn't even consider accepting money from a "hypocritical christian"... i'd bet $$$ that they constitute the vast majority of giving at this point in time...

please.... if you really want to help someone down there... jump off a cliff with Kayne

Posted by: Sean Johns a moron at September 3, 2005 05:17 AM

Only someone who has never taken any responsibility for their life would attack those who are donating time, effort, and money to lessen the hardship in NO. The government and many volunteers have mounted an incredible effort under horrible conditions to save as many people as possible, but in many cases, it's like feeding predatory animals through a cage: you have to protect yourself from that which you're trying to take care of. Anyone who has ever taken the trouble to care for others can imagine what a logistical nightmare it must be providing for people on the Gulf coast with the communications and transportation infrastructure gone, but people who have never done anything but live parasitically off of the work of others, making excuses for why they can't carry their own weight (slavery, racism, the Fall of the Roman Empire, the invention of the electric light bulb, etc.), have no respect for this, having lost the ability to see beyond their self-focus. A few days exposure to the real world, outside the fragile shell of civilization that most of us work hard to preserve, produces irrationality and resentment in the worst sort of people, even to the extent of blaming other people for earthquakes and hurricanes.

The mindset that any interruption in comfort is a monstrous injustice is one the typical three-year-old grows out of. The contrast between the behavior of New Yorkers in the days after September 11 and the current mayhem in NO is stunning. My view of New Orleans will henceforth be strongly negative. I donated to the Red Cross before Katrina reached shore, and I'm starting to have pangs of regret. Nothing quenches a charitable impulse faster than ingratitude.

Posted by: Doug at September 3, 2005 05:18 AM

Y'know, you *could* argue that Kanye West hurt poor people. But only because some people are conceited enough to not donate because someone (a celebrity of all people) voiced an opinion that hurt their poor widdle feelings. Boohoo.

And 'Confederate Yankee', you've got the nerve to say "NBC just hurt poor people."? How do you make sense of blaming NBC for something that Kanye West said? I don't agree with everything he said, but Slublog definitely said one thing right. West disrespected the Red Cross. And he disrespected NBC. Both NBC and The Red Cross were trying to help this situation.

So if you really want to pass along phone numbers and email addresses, maybe you should pass along Kanye's, and stop whipping up some kind of reactionary movement to 'save the President from being assaulted by the evil NBC and Red Cross.'

"NBC just hurt poor people. I hope it was worth it to get in a few cheap shots at the president." Man, c'mon.

Posted by: jaybastahd at September 3, 2005 05:40 AM

Check out West's background, then you tell me who is preying on poor blacks.

Posted by: B Moe at September 3, 2005 07:36 AM

to those who call Bush a Racist,

It was Bush who strongly suggested to the mayor and govenor of La. to order a mandatory evacuation... that is wht the order came so late.

it was the black mayor who let his people die. there were buses to get out the poor and helpless, and yet he didn't use them.

does he hate black people too?

as for NBC, does anyone still watch that channel?

Posted by: val at September 3, 2005 07:37 AM

Just someting to think about:

Bush 41 got blamed to the LA/Rodney King riots.

Seems to me that the American Left is trying to do the same thing with New Orleans.

Posted by: lionel at September 3, 2005 08:00 AM

Sean John,

Slavery made a difference over a hundred years ago. Discrimination made a difference for the bulk of the years that followed, but I have little personal sympathy for those who won't put a hand up to help themselves instead of putting a hand-out for help from others. Why? Because I'm Irish. My family came to the US during the 1870s and we suffered discrimination for being Irish. Perhaps your history teacher never mentioned the NINA signs that pervaded the Northeast in the latter half of the 19th century.

Being Irish was considered by many in the Northeast as being worse than being black.

Now, armed with that knowledge realize this: Most of the Americans alive today are the children of immigrants who migrated to the US between 1860 and 1910. You are very likely arguing your idiotic slavery point with individuals whose forebears weren't slave-owners, but immigrants.

And do you know what a vast number of immigrants did the moment they got off the boats in the Northeast? They enlisted. Yes, they did. There were recruiters waiting right there at the docks hoping to catch some bright-eyed FOBs to send to the killing fields of Gettysburg, Antetum, and elsewhere to fight for the Union in the 1860s.

So get off your high horse and think about American History some.

This isn't about race, it's about liberals wanting to blame it on race because they would rather be victims than get off their asses and help themselves out.

Posted by: David Earney at September 3, 2005 08:25 AM

t's been four years since 9/11 and yet we still seem to be struggling to find anyone who is accountable for preparing the country for a disaster. This team has never accepted responsibility for anything and yesterday when Bush said that he was "not denigrating anybody in New Orleans" for the failed response, we have to wonder why not? It has been so painfully obvious to Americans and people of the world that this has been a failed response but Bush is not serious enough to kick some ass and get serious. Where is the leadership? This time there are no 98 pound weakling countries to invade and attack and blame for everything.

Bush likes to sell himself as a leader so let's start demanding to know what happened to all of the spending since 9/11. What happened to all of the Homeland Security planning? What happened to the failure to act on this emergency? How can we mobilize troops for Iraq yet we find it so difficult to mobilize troops to rescue and protect our own people? Why has Bush not sacked the FEMA response team and find someone who can show real leadership?

How about a little transparency and accountability with this administration? Are they not spending our tax dollars? It's our money so let's know where it's been spent and how.

Posted by: Topher at September 3, 2005 08:50 AM

Yes, Jim, go ahead and give your money to the white folks in Mississippi. You are a racist.

Posted by: Topher at September 3, 2005 08:55 AM

Even Republicans were criticizing Bush and his administration for the sluggish relief effort. "I think it puts into question all of the Homeland Security and Northern Command planning for the last four years, because if we can't respond faster than this to an event we saw coming across the Gulf for days, then why do we think we're prepared to respond to a nuclear or biological attack?" said former House Speaker Newt Gingrich.

Posted by: Topher at September 3, 2005 08:57 AM

The level of ignorance from SOME on this board is outstanding. Just keeping pumping out the inflammatory retoric without getting any facts, boy, that's really helping the situation isn't it? How the hell has it come to this, that we are sitting here battling with words on the computer, getting away from real situation at hand. How in the world can you sit here and blame Bush for EVERYTHING? New Orleans has been waiting for this disaster to happen for years. I mean, would you build your house on top of a volcano? Emergency planning and evacuation should have begun at the local city and state levels. Can the crazy Bush haters not see that Nagin and Blanco completely dropped the ball? I am not saying that FEMA and Bush are completely without blame, but let's start with the key players here. For instance, why didn't Nagin start busing people out the day BEFORE? There are many layers of blame here if that is what you want to do, point fingers instead of lifting your hand. Also, FYI, I live and work in an area with MANY middle class and affluent black people in Northern Alabama. I know that most of them came from very humble backgrounds. So I am not buying that we whiteys are holding you down, holding you back. I will judge you on YOUR merits, not the color or your skin. Kayne West can speak what he perceives to be his own truth, but it was not the place to do so, it was disrespectful. I am sickened to see all the hate here in light of this disaster. Let's concentrate on trying to get funds to these people and get them the hell of out New Orleans and start the cleaning, healing and rebuilding process.

Posted by: Vetwife at September 3, 2005 09:33 AM

bush has the most diverse cabinet in american history

Posted by: nuyorker at September 3, 2005 09:36 AM

kayne west, and the rest of the race baiters on tv the past few days, aren't being held accountable for their spew...their comments ARE RACISM, fully supported by CNN, MSNBC, can't say garbage like KW did, and your response is "neutral"...its WRONG, and the Red Cross and NBC did not come out and say that in their responses...

Posted by: rev214 at September 3, 2005 09:36 AM

What people need to realize is that there is enough blame and pointing around. Not one person has been buried yet, and this has gotten into a white and black, red and blue issue. Deal with the situation first then review what was wrong.

What happened was a failiure of Government. Lets stop from the bottom. You had a mayor who knew that a cat5 storm was comming his way 2 days in advance. While he told the cameras for people to evacuate, he did not have a plan for the people living in poverty to move them out. Proof is in the picture of the flooded school buses. Thats on him, no excuses. Then you have a governor who had 2 days in advance to call in the national guard. (For those who think that the all of the guardsmen were in Iraq, wrong. Add to the fact that other stated offered to send some in advance). But for sake of argument, Im let her pass on that one. After the storm hit, she failed to call in the national guard to restore order. I can understand people taking food and water, however plasmas and xboxes are not survivable items. Since the looting escalated it got out of control. THATS on THE GOVERNOR. No excuses. Now I could easily say that the city and state gov dropped the ball and that FEMA is picking up thier mess, or that it is difficult for that type of recovery effort for devastation like this. However, FEMA never had or never implemented a plan of thier own in a situation like this, and for that FEMA and ultimatly Bush are at fault. And as hard as it is to admit, some of the "victims" are at fault too. In times like this you have to put aside your gang affiliations, your thirst for greed and lust and just look out for your fellow man. And some of them simply did not do that.

Posted by: JayRock at September 3, 2005 09:36 AM

Is that the best we are seeing in you? Have you no decency? Have all your higher impulses morphed into petulance and rebuke? Scorn and screed? What has become of your heart, that you replace charity with contempt and condemnation? Be merciful to yourself. It is said, "A thief looks at a Saint and sees only pockets." Do you look at the misery and destruction of this hurricane, the enormous displacement of lives and livelihoods, rub your palms together, seeing another opportunity to affix blame, and then sermonize it into hatred? Will survivors, mourning a grandparent drowned in an attic take greater comfort from compassion or from bile? Blame? Plenty of blame to go around. All have fallen short...Yes. All. Will blame raise the dead? Reverse time? Undo 148 MPH winds? Derail and re-track history? Choose to stand in the place where nothing is ever good enough, no one is ever doing the best they can, even in failure, and you perpetuate and condemn yourself to a down-flowing spiral. Hate lodges in the body. Turn it away! Provide it no rooms. Offer it no encouragement. Choose fear...? Fear is the easier choice. Sweet in the mouth, bitter in the belly. Or choose Love. The Crown of Live. What's it gonna be?

Posted by: Vasily at September 3, 2005 09:45 AM

The Dems have kept the Blacks downtrodden for years. They keep them on welfare, never trying to make them stay in school. They need an education to get a good job. And yes, there are many white poor too, that also need a good shaking, wake up, stay in school!

What will this country become if we allow these kids to just drop out and join gangs?

The Gov. of La, and the New Orleans mayor need to bear the brunt of this situation. They knew in 2004 their evacuation plan sucked. There are school buses under water right now, they could have used to get people out before the storm hit.

And before anyone says white people oppress blacks; I had a dear friend who is deceased now, she was black. She refused to date a man that was very dark...she used the "n" word when she described the very dark. And it shocked me. She laughed and said she could use the "n" word, but not us. Said she would only date "light brown" skinned men.

Posted by: moosetr at September 3, 2005 09:51 AM

Is anyone blaming Gov. Barbour for not acting? The National Guard was slow to arrive there, too.

Posted by: Topher at September 3, 2005 09:55 AM

Once it was a declared National Emergency the Governor didn't have authority over the NG. FEMA under the new DHS had that authority. THAT is what the problem is, neither Chertoff nor Brown have any competence what so ever to handle any kind of emergency situation. And they're the ones Bush put there.

Posted by: Topher at September 3, 2005 09:57 AM

From what I heard on the news, the La Gov. had the La. guard right outside of New Orleans. They were still under her control, and she did not send them in.

Posted by: moosetracks at September 3, 2005 09:59 AM

Bush's America is unraveling

Take a step back for a minute, then take a deep breath, because what we are seeing now is the beginning of the end of America's darkest hour; the end of the Bush Administration.

Bush will never survive this disaster; the tectonic political-plates have shifted too dramatically; the failure too colossal.

Nearly overnight the familiar voices that sang his praises from every media pulpit in America have either been silenced or turned against him. It is truly extraordinary; and a tad suspicious.

The friendly cheerleaders are bailing-out across the spectrum; NBC, CBS, MSNBC and even the "bullish" FOX News have all descended on their prey like feral dogs on a wounded squirrel.

Suddenly the callousness and rustic hauteur of our esteemed leader, the "Fly-over" President, seems to be wearing-thin on leaders and pundits alike. They smell blood in the water and they are preparing to do what they do best; dismember the flailing carcass with gnashing, razor-like teeth...

Posted by: Topher at September 3, 2005 10:00 AM

Hey Topher

Just shut up! I don't know who is worse...

1) Idiots like you who's ONLY concern is to make this nothing but a political witchhunt. Defeated liberals who's primary concern is not for the country they live in, but rather the political party that has brainwashed them into always pointing fingers instead of something productive. ---or----

2) Idiots like Kanye West, Al Sharpton and other bigots who have more concern for their "cause" than for their fellow man.

Only by the grace of God will this situation be resolved...and neither of the 2 camps above are doing jack-squat to truly help.

JUST SHUT UP and do something instead of running your damn mouths!

Posted by: JustStop at September 3, 2005 10:17 AM

That is funny Topher, keep up shouting your hatred of Bush. That is all you have. Democrats need to come up with IDEAS to get elected, they have none. Bush Bashing wont get you elected. Bush declared the area a disaster area two days BEFORE the hurricane. They Mayor and governor just cried help.
As you know the Mayor and Governor did nothing, but they are democrats and they do nothing but blame Bush.

Posted by: Ux2 at September 3, 2005 10:18 AM


Some great points.

After 9/11 there was a terrific outpouring of support for the city of NY, the victims and their families. With the exception of a few Far Left nuts, the nation stood together.

After New Orleans, the nation is divided. Divided among racial lines.

I'm white. I am contributing. But I refuse to contribute of groups and organizations that reject me or call me names. I refuse to give to people who, as you say, want to give me a "slap in the face."

Of course, most of those doing the face slapping are safely out of harms way. Like Randall Robinson, race baiter extraordinaire, living in St. Kitts.

Of most of the last 50 years, people of good will have tried to heal the racial wounds that divide us. But at some point, it is well to realize that some people who hate you will not change. And then your tolerance turns into a mirror image of their hate.

A frien of mine called me this morning asking my opinion on the kind of gun he should buy for his home defense. Thanks to New Orleans, we have a clarification of the lines between the races. It's a tragedy.

Posted by: Moneyrunner at September 3, 2005 10:23 AM

The truth hurts, doesn't it?

Posted by: Topher at September 3, 2005 10:27 AM

All this stupid, childish whining from the blacks posting to this site is pathetic, but typical of people who have come to be totally dependant on "massa" for all their handouts, and who refuse to take responsibility for their own well being and who wish to avoid accountability for their own actions.
The mayor of New Orleans is black, and blacks are the majority in the city. Hurricans have battered the city many times before, so to suddenly blame the president for all this is childish at best, and reprehensible at worst, but childish and reprehensible seem to describe the black attitude pretty well.
As far as the president not caring about black people, well, if black people don't care about themselves, why should he, or any other white person? If you want to be treated like adult human beings, act like adult human beings, and not like aboriginal savages on the warpath.

Posted by: Improbulus Maximus at September 3, 2005 10:34 AM

Actually Topher, the truth never hurts. It's tinfoil hat stupidity that makes me angry.

Posted by: moneyrunner at September 3, 2005 10:40 AM

And Topher, its not really smart to try to kill someone trying to help you.

But smarts are not you strong suit.

Posted by: moneyrunner at September 3, 2005 10:43 AM

Bush must share the blame for the unpreparedness of this disaster

Posted by: howard at September 3, 2005 10:53 AM

Sorry to go off topic. As I watch the live press conference on WWLTV, they are still pulling folks off rooftops and out of attics. They didn't say what color the people were though.

Posted by: craigl at September 3, 2005 10:53 AM

Sorry to go off topic. As I watch the live press conference on WWLTV, they are still pulling folks off rooftops and out of attics. They didn't say what color the people were though.

Posted by: craigl at September 3, 2005 10:54 AM

See? The Republicans harbor blatant racists like Improbulus Maximus.

Posted by: Topher at September 3, 2005 10:58 AM

Topher, I am laughing because the truth hurts? The economy is excellent, home ownership is at an all time high, unemployment is down, people are spending, things look good. What is the lefts answer? "Bush is bad" You got nothing. Keep shouting and screaming you are doing wonders for the Republicans.

Posted by: Ux2 at September 3, 2005 10:59 AM


What should Bush have done to prevent this disaster? If you were in his shoes, what would you do now?

Posted by: moneyrunner at September 3, 2005 11:00 AM

Moneyrunner, when did I try to kill someone who was trying to rescue me? But I guess you think all black people are violent, huh?

Fact of the matter is, this country has turned away from President Bush. Cling to your sinking ship if you must.

Posted by: Topher at September 3, 2005 11:02 AM

Bush is a buffoon

Posted by: Howard at September 3, 2005 11:02 AM

Ux2, you live in a dream world. Look around you. Gas prices? Poverty? Military stretched to it's limits? Wake up.

Posted by: Topher at September 3, 2005 11:04 AM

Bush's numbers are tanking. The American people were willing to give Bush the benefit of the doubt on 8/31, but his rank incompetence has quickly whittled that away. These numbers should only continue to sink.

Posted by: Topher at September 3, 2005 11:08 AM

Perhaps YOU need to take a break here today and get out of your dream world. And Howard needs to put forth something a little more substantial than his zippy one liners. So Maximus is a blatant racist for saying aboriginal savages? How so? Look at the way people in New Orleans have been acting since day one of this hurricane. In these situations, a person's true colors start to come out. No pun intended. Are you condoning the murders and rapes that have occured in New Orleans? I have no problem with taking what you need, food, clothing, etc. That point should be moot. I have seen both black and white looting on tv, switching back and forth between all news media.

Posted by: Vetwife at September 3, 2005 11:17 AM

"I know the government administers AIDS," Kayne West.

West shouldn't be treated as an authority on any subject, to put it charitably.

Posted by: LesLein at September 3, 2005 11:18 AM


First, I have no way of knowing if you are black. I can tell by your comments that you have some deep seated hatred and you grasp on reality is not very firm.

Second, my reference to killing people who try to rescue you was partially directed at those who were sniping at rescue helicopter and ambulances. It was partially aimed at you since you seem to be trying to drive away people who would like to help the victims of the flooding. That will certainly lead to unnecessary deaths.

Third, I assume you this will affect you not at all since you a writing up a storm while the people of New Orleans are busy trying to survive and do not have electricity.

At one time I was sorry for people in your camp, the camp of the haters, the camp of the bigots, the camp of the tin-foil hatters. Now, I really don’t care. But I do hate what you are doing to our society because I have seen what ethnic, religious and racial strife can do. In the US, in the 1860s it led to civil war in which 600,000 people died and half the country was devastated for over half a century. In much of the rest of the world we view seething cauldrons of group hatred bringing death to millions. And that is what people like you are bringing to this country.

It is an example of the fact that human nature is pretty much the same the world over. And evil always pokes its ugly head up unless good men work mightily against it. That’s why I wrote this.

Posted by: moneyrunner at September 3, 2005 11:22 AM


First, I have no way of knowing if you are black. I can tell by your comments that you have some deep seated hatred and your grasp on reality is not very firm.

Second, my reference to killing people who try to rescue you was partially directed at those who were sniping at rescue helicopter and ambulances. It was partially aimed at you since you seem to be trying to drive away people who would like to help the victims of the flooding. That will certainly lead to unnecessary deaths.

Third, I assume you this will affect you not at all since you are writing up a storm while the people of New Orleans are busy trying to survive and do not have electricity.

At one time I was sorry for people in your camp, the camp of the haters, the camp of the bigots, the camp of the tin-foil hatters. Now, I really don’t care. But I do hate what you are doing to our society because I have seen what ethnic, religious and racial strife can do. In the US, in the 1860s it led to civil war in which 600,000 people died and half the country was devastated for over half a century. In much of the rest of the world we view seething cauldrons of group hatred. And that is what people like you are bringing to this country.

It is an example of the fact that human nature is pretty much the same the world over. And evil always pokes its ugly head up unless good men work mightily against it. That’s why I wrote this.

Posted by: moneyrunner at September 3, 2005 11:28 AM

I see. Black people should have remained in slavery to avoid the strife of the Civil War.

What have I said to drive people away from donating? Several people here have mentioned they will not be donating to charities. That is their decision. No one can drive people from charity. Charity comes from the heart.

I continue to see racist views on this board. This is why black people as a whole will never embrace the Republican party.

And don't bother making up any additional excuses. I will not be back. All of you with your sad world view -- you who are now in the minority -- can huddle in here and feed each other lies of comfort.

Posted by: Topher at September 3, 2005 11:34 AM

Does anyone know if Vegas posted odds for someone saying something stupid at the wrong time? That would have been easy money thanks to Kanye.

Posted by: onmiddleground at September 3, 2005 11:36 AM

Personally, I'd love it if the Republican Party were to put the first African-American female President in front of the men and women of America in the form of Condi Rice.

But people like Topher would simply call her an Aunt Jemima or an Uncle Tom and say that she gave up being black years ago.

On the contrary, what she gave up was being a victim.

And I'm not even a Republican. I'm a card-carrying Libertarian who has not fallen in with the party line over a lot of things in the last 4 years.

Posted by: David Earney at September 3, 2005 11:45 AM

You know what David, I would like to know more about the libertarian party.

Posted by: onthemiddle at September 3, 2005 11:47 AM


You see, I said that you don’t have a very firm grasp of reality. Of course I did not say that black people should have remained slaves. What I did say that ethnic, religious and racial strife has lead to millions of deaths. And I reminded you that over 600,000 people died, most of them white, to free the American slaves. No need to thank whites; it was the right thing to do, but a certain level of appreciating would be nice.

You appear to feel dissed? Well, the time has passed when we had to take BS from bigots of the Left, mumble something and turn away. We have grown, and now will not take it silently any more. Sorry if that makes you uncomfortable.

Actually, I’m not sorry. It’s high time.

But you may want to read my blog because it talks of human nature. Not black or white human nature but just plain human nature. And then, for the sake of God, think!

click here.

Posted by: moneyrunner at September 3, 2005 11:53 AM

People like Topher are immature and destructive, and cannot be persuaded by arguments or actions. His denial is impenetrable by logic. He filters all words and deeds through his ideology, so that everyone he disagrees with is part of the Vast Conspiracy Against Topher. As the nuns used to say, he is "invincibly ignorant".

He cannot be helped, so forget him. The Chrsitian and humane thing is to help people anyway, despite their complaints and whining. But after all is said and done, keep such haters out of elective office, gor God's sake.

Posted by: Kevin F at September 3, 2005 11:56 AM

Don't you all know by now that Condi Rice and Colin Powell aren't black because they don't follow the very strict codes of conduct as laid out by Kanye (whatever) West and P. Diddy? You have to talk like a 3rd grader and be constantly asking for what OTHERS can do for you rather than having any accountability for your own life in order to be a REAL black person in America.
Which by the way - is the MOST RACIST way of thinking I have ever heard. More African Americans own their own home now then ever did in the history of America - but don't let the facts get in the way of your irrational hatred. And by all means keep Americans angry and divided for as long as possible. This is why we say that liberals hate America: they prove it constantly by saying whatever they can whenever they can to keep Americans divided and angry. GET OVER YOURSELVES and for once in your life do something! If you don't like the way things are, get off your butt, stop whining and volunteer your time somewhere because your pi$$ing and moaning is working straight into the hands of the Republicans. BTW: I've written 2 checks to the Red Cross for $100 each, and I'm pledging that everytime an ignorant and hate-filled liberal blames Bush for something ridiculous, or calls our military 'idiots" or compares them to Nazis, I'm giving $10 to the RNC. I urge my fellow conservatives to do the same. We could have a banner year in fundraising. I only hope I don't go broke before the year is out.

Posted by: Bu$CausedMyGout at September 3, 2005 11:59 AM

I meant to say everytime a hate-filled liberal blames Bush PUBLICLY etc...
I would otherwise seriously go broke.

Posted by: Bu$hCausedMyGout at September 3, 2005 12:03 PM

Topher, Howard, et al, just what color is the sky in your ugly little world? Or do you even have one? I think it's falling. Oh, and as for Bush and his "ratings" on the decline. You and the MSM who do the polls are equally delusional.

Posted by: Drugstore Cowgirl at September 3, 2005 12:08 PM

I see. Black people should have remained in slavery to avoid the strife of the Civil War.

Wow. Go away for a few hours, and I get to come back to the same victim mindset. You are indeed a slave Topher, Sean John, etc, but the slavery you experience is a cultural decision you have made as a societal group. It is very real, but you made the chains yourself, and they can be unmade.

Hip-hop culture is the same tired "THE MAN is keepin' me down" crap we've been hearing for decades. Watch an hour of BET, and what do we see being promoted?

You glorify a lifestyle of conspicous consumption (it's all about the BLING), objectifying your women (and ignoring the resulting children), the glorify excessive drug and alcohol use, promote gang involvement (look a your current cultural icons), and generally irresponsible "what can someone else do for me?" behavior.

As a culture, you undervalue education, disdain honest hard work and show no resolve to progress as a society. I am of course referring to the hip hop lifestyle, and not all blacks, but the hip hop lifestyle seems to be embraced as the "in" lifestyle of a current generation intent on pissing away everything their grandparents and parents fought for. No wonder Bill Cosby is pissed.

Blacks are born with the same 10 fingers and toes and gray matter as whites, Asians, hispanics, and others. They are given the same legal protections, and in many cases more rights, and entitlements.

You want to be considered seriously? Step up and taken control of a society that value the ability that places more value on the ability to rhyme and act like a thug than get and education and a real job.

Until then, all I hear is a whining, spoiled child, crying, "I want, I want, I WANT."

Don't expect anyone else to take you seriously if you don't.

Posted by: Confederate Yankee at September 3, 2005 12:14 PM

Condi Rice for President??!! Hahaha. Do you know what she was doing on Thrusday, when hundreds of people were dying? She was shopping for expensive shoes in NY. She sure looks presidential. And you guys know that Condi Rice would never get full support from the republican party because she is Black.

Posted by: Sean John at September 3, 2005 12:15 PM


Don't go to Daily KOS, you'll have to file bankruptcy after the first thread.

Posted by: David Earney at September 3, 2005 12:19 PM

I love it when snivelling liberals like Topher, (What kind of silly fag name is that anyway? What's the matter, Chris wasn't feminine enough for you?), can only refute hard, cold truth with whining about conservatives being racist. Well, FYI bitch, I'm voting for Condi, even if I have to write her in, and the color of her skin has absoulutely not one damned thing to do with it, I simply feel she's the best and brightest, which is, coincidentally, why blacks reject her. I guess if she wanted to be accepted by "her people" she should have been a crackhead welfare queen with fourteen kids.

Posted by: Improbulus Maximus at September 3, 2005 12:20 PM

I'll tell you something, if the Republicans do well over the next two months in managing Katrina, not only has the Democratic party lost the election, but you've lost the state of Louisiana.

Posted by: David Earney at September 3, 2005 12:20 PM

Let's argue policy, culture and society, and try to stay away from "fag, bitch, etc," okay?

I'd like to keep this somewhat civil, and that kind of language is juvenile, and does nothing to advance the dialogue.

Posted by: Confederate Yankee at September 3, 2005 12:26 PM

Confederate - Do you even know what Hip Hop culture is??? Maybe you should listen to Kanye West's albums. He even has a song about Jesus called: Jesus Walks. Listen to it and tell me if you think if it is bad for black people. Also tell me, why do you have such love for the Confederate flag when it is a symbol of the institution of slavery which the Confederate government defended.

Posted by: Sean John at September 3, 2005 12:30 PM

David Earney - Where have you been the last couple days. The Republican Government HAS ALREADY failed. Thousands are still going to be in NO until Sunday. Absolutely amazing.

Posted by: Sean John at September 3, 2005 12:33 PM

All levels of government failed the people of New Orleans. ALL LEVELS!

Posted by: ImissBill at September 3, 2005 12:43 PM

Sean John: Kanye West is a race pimp, just like Sharpton and Farrakhan. What West sings about matters very little; his actions and words reveal his true feelings. He. Hates. White. People.

And so do you. It wouldn't matter what sacrifice any one white person made for the NOLA blacks, you would still hate them and call their actions racist. Ideas that are self-reinforcing and impossible to refute are called delusions. Nothing can persuade you, so there is no point dealing with you. I don't hate you, I just pity you for being such a schmuck. It's unlikely you'll ever grow up. God forgive you.

Posted by: Kevin F at September 3, 2005 12:45 PM

Kevin F.- You are as bad as Kanye West. How do you know his mind set? How do you extrapolate his hatred towards white people based on his ill timed comment about Bush? He doesn't sound very smart but neither do you!

Posted by: ImissBill at September 3, 2005 12:53 PM

Kevin F. - I hate white people? Too bad I am white. I think Kanye West is a musician, and most musicians care about what they rap or sing about.

I agree that all levels of the gov't failed NO. But the Federal Gov't knew - before Katrina hit -that the city and state did not have enough resources to handle this alone. We all knew that. FEMA knew that. BTW did you know that the Associated Press reported that the Army Corps of Engineers asked for $105 million for hurricane and flood programs in New Orleans last year. The White House carved it to about $40 million. But President Bush and Congress agreed to a $286.4 billion pork-filled highway bill with 6,000 pet projects, including a $231 million bridge for a small, uninhabited Alaskan island.

Posted by: Sean John at September 3, 2005 12:59 PM

All one needs to know about Sean John's mindset is made clear by his own words. You either missed most of the thread, or you are ignoring his words. As for West, his remarks on AIDS are sufficient to place his ideology. His rant against Bush weren't merely "ill-timed", they were nuts.

One needs to hear just a few notes to recognize the call of a leftist wanker.

Posted by: Kevin F at September 3, 2005 01:00 PM

So you're white, Sean? Big deal. You still Hate White People. It's called 'self-loathing'; look it up. It's the standard liberal position: Whites Ruined the Earth.

As for me, I'm through with ignoring such garbage anymore. Gloves off.

Posted by: Kevin F at September 3, 2005 01:04 PM

Kevin - so you think you know who Kanye West really is from one lyric? Haha. Maybe you should hear his song Hey Mama or Jesus Walks. Or Diamonds from Sierra Leone.

Too bad Kanye's remarks are felt by many people including many people. Even the media has risen the issue. You gotta wake up.

Posted by: Sean John at September 3, 2005 01:10 PM

I don't think white people ruined the earth my friend. I think incompetency ruines the earth. When are leaders are always acting incompetent - it ruins the world. Racism hinders progress. If you don't think racism exists against blacks, muslims, mexicans, etc. here in the year 2005, you are a joke.

Posted by: Sean John at September 3, 2005 01:15 PM

Sean John is a racist.

Posted by: one who knows at September 3, 2005 01:42 PM

Racism hinders people who let it hinder them. People who live in the present are not nurturing their self-pity over the Civil War.

Posted by: Doug at September 3, 2005 02:10 PM

A message to "Topher,"

Two messages, actually.

"Progressives" like you resort to calling your opponents names like "racist" because you are unable to discuss issues ON THEIR MERITS.


Your attitude (and that of West, Robinson, et., al.) has taken people who might have been your friend and turned them into enemies.

Good job!

Posted by: Jim at September 3, 2005 02:18 PM

While Bush has surrounded himself with "competent blacks",Kanye West has surrounded himself several "competent white people" on his current album (which incidentally will debut at #1 on Billboard). To say that Kanye West hates white people is as ridiculous as KAnye's statement about Bush not caring about blacks. They are both just clueless. Look I am not black but I am human. I can understand where both sides are coming from. But who really cares about a statement made by a rapper? You are giving him too much power.

Posted by: ImissBill at September 3, 2005 02:20 PM

And another thing...

For Christ's sake...the Red Cross should not be shunned because of Kanye's comments. The poor people (black, white and whatever else is down there) should not be ignored because of one man's comments. This is a scary time right now for the ENTIRE nation.

Posted by: ImissBill at September 3, 2005 02:28 PM

Re: But who really cares about a statement made by a rapper? You are giving him too much power.
Sorry, it doesn't wash anymore; I no longer buy that tired excuse. West and Sharpton and the like serve as community leaders, and you know it. They spew hate against those who disagree with them. They sow ignorance and avarice. They do have power, yet speak lies and advise disruption. It's beyond clueless, it is an ideology.

And I am tired of people like you apologizing for it. Be an adult, and call it "wrong", with no mitigating factors ("he shouldn't have said it, but..." If you cannot call him on this one, then don't pretend to crticize me. Such people don't just disagree, they're wholly anti-American. And I for one am through accepting it.

Posted by: Kevin F at September 3, 2005 02:31 PM

The Red Cross should not be shunned? Maybe. We'll see how much they wiggle, trying to avoid dissing West's supporters while they tell how much they disagree. Condemn his words, condemn them, or they will in fact see a drop-off in donations.

And that would all be West's fault.

Posted by: Kevin F at September 3, 2005 02:35 PM

When did Kanye West become a black community leader? HE'S A RAPPER.

Posted by: ImissBill at September 3, 2005 02:35 PM

Jim - Does Racism exist today in America?? Does it exist in the South?

Posted by: Sean John at September 3, 2005 02:37 PM

Don't be so obtuse, ImissBill. It is the prime example of the sorry state of some black culture, the hip-hop generation, that their only real functioning community leaders are rappers, and charlatans like Sharpton. It is and should be embarrassing.

Posted by: Kevin F at September 3, 2005 02:40 PM

Red Cross will not see a Drop Off in Donations. Kevin J, people like you are in the minority. Crying over every little thing. OMG We just saw Janet Jackson's nipple for a half a second. Quit crying about Kanye's comments and look at the important issue of race relations in America.

And why has poverty been rising every year of the Bush Admin - especially among African Americans???

Posted by: Sean John at September 3, 2005 02:41 PM

Kevin - So Black Culture is to blame? So you think that 50 Cent is more of a leader to African Americans than a person like Barrack Obama. Wake up. Most of the fans of the "hip hip culture" are white people. And I am sure Al Sharpton has done more for civil rights than you have.

Posted by: Sean John at September 3, 2005 02:44 PM

Sean, please don't tell me you're wearing an overlong team jersey, ballcap and chains. I keep getting an image of Napolean Dynamite's brother. Eeeew.

Anyway Sean, define "racism".

Posted by: Kevin F at September 3, 2005 02:44 PM

I am falling out of my chair laughing at Kanye West being crowned as a "black community leader". The Red Cross and NBC has already made statements in reference to Mr. West's remarks. There is nothing else that needs to be said. HE'S A RAPPER. He's not an elected official. He's not even articulate. Who cares what he thinks! Obviously you do. Maybe you subconsciously agree with him...who knows?

As far as it being Kanye's fault if donations drop off, that's B.S. It would be the heartless people who put more attention on a rapper's comments instead of the real issue at hand...

Posted by: ImissBill at September 3, 2005 02:44 PM

Kevin Federline- When did you become an expert on the black community and black culture? Have you been watching BET again?

Posted by: ImissBill at September 3, 2005 02:47 PM

Oh yeah...tell Britney "hi" for me...

Gotta run!

John McCain for President...NOW, PLEASE!

Posted by: ImissBill at September 3, 2005 02:48 PM

Kevin, its nice that you have to resort to personal attacks when you can't defend your great Bush Admin on anything.

Posted by: Sean John at September 3, 2005 02:49 PM

To BillMisser: You don't seem to understand much about the things that determine culture, regardless of race. To suggest a community's leaders are simply its elected officials is either naive or ignorant. (P.S. Federline? Who's that?)

To Sean: OMG, you are wearing hip hop clothes! Ha!

Posted by: Kevin F at September 3, 2005 02:55 PM

Kevin F represents the typical ingnorant (and probably redneck) conservative that is out of touch with reality. Kevin - why can't you defend your boy Bush and the fact that poverty has increased every year under his watch. Defend his slow response to NO! I challenge you too.

oh my gosh, Hip Hop Culture is ruining America!! The world is coming to an end! you are simply a joke... I think your leaders are ruining America. So you think Pat Robertson is more of a role model than Kanye West. Haha. Or how about drug-poppin Rush Limbaugh?

Posted by: Sean John at September 3, 2005 03:17 PM


Posted by: MOWHAMHEAD at September 3, 2005 03:20 PM

Okay..I'm back!

Kudos to you Sean John. I agree with your last statement to Kevin Federline.

Mr. Federline - As the "resident expert on black people", you sir, sound naive or ignorant. A black person with a microphone does not make him or her a black community leader. Who is community...Pat Robertson...maybe David Duke or Matthew Hale? Rethink your earlier statement about culture. A very broadsweeping staement, don't think?

Posted by: ImissBill at September 3, 2005 03:28 PM

Please refrain from the profanity and namecalling, MOWHAMHEAD. It's very uncivilized.

Posted by: ImissBill at September 3, 2005 03:30 PM

I have just read some of the dumbest comments I have ever seen on the net. Especialy from seanjohn and his cast of supporting Bush haters. These have to be the most Ignorant people I have ever come across in my 56 years.There stupidty is only exceeded by there hate and oh poor me am black and Bush hates me. Which is a total crock. They offer no proff or facts to back up there slander of a good and decent man. You people are pathetic keep on hating till it rots your soul.

Posted by: Jack Hamilton at September 3, 2005 03:42 PM

Stickwick - So are you saying that racism does not exist?

I don't recall saying this, and what does it have to do with my question?

Do you live or have you been to the South??!!

I live in Texas (??!!). My step-mother is black. She has never complained of poor treatment in the South. But she is West Indian, and has a different attitude towards whites.

I have not seen any plans put out by the Bush Administration to help the poor and minorities.

So minorities are incapable of doing anything without the help of whites, is that what you're saying?

In your response to your slavery comparison, I would like to see your facts to back up your claims. In addition, West Indian slaves were of the minority compared to African slaves.

You can check the West Indian vs. native-born income analysis in Andrew Hacker's book Two Nations -- he's on your side, so don't worry about bias. Thomas Sowell (a black economist) also writes about the success of West Indian vs. native-born blacks and provides census data to back up this claim in his book Ethnic America. Well worth a read.

Sowell also covers West Indian slavery in the aforementioned book and elsewhere. Here is an excerpt from a review of American Ethnic Groups:

The West Indians are of particular interest because their rate of progress in the U.S. has been far ahead of that of native-born blacks, indicating that race has not been the key factor. Dr. Sowell writes that slavery in the West Indies differed significantly from that in the U.S. because, “instead of a minority of blacks surrounded by a larger white society, the West Indies has long been a place with an overwhelmingly black population . . . . The West Indian plantation could not draw upon a larger white society for its economic needs, and in fact members of the enslaved black population grew their own food individually, and sold the surplus in the market off the plantation. Unlike slaves in the U.S . . . . slaves in the West Indies were assigned individual plots of land in which each family grew its own food. In short, even during the era of slavery, black West Indians had generations of experience in individual reward for individual effort . . . also, the virtual absence of a white working class meant that ‘free persons of color,’ and later the whole free black population, could not be restricted to the most menial occupations, as in the U.S., or the more skilled and more responsible positions would have gone unfilled . . . . The whole West Indian experience followed a pattern reminiscent of European immigrants rather than the pattern of their native black contemporaries.”

In other words, it ain't race. Have you figured out where I'm going with my question yet?

And the only compassion that you show for slavery is that it was a drag on the economy??? Absolutley ridiculous.

My comment was in response to the claim that whites today are still somehow profiting from slavery, which is false.

There comes a time when it no longer profits anyone to continue milking the legacy of slavery for sympathy or guilt or handouts or whatever it is you want. No reasonable person in America will argue against slavery being the most evil practice the world has ever known, but the fact is that it is a very ancient evil and has existed in virtually every (85%) of the world's cultures since human history began. There is this very narrow-minded perspective that believes American blacks to be unique in all this. (For instance, did you know that Native Americans practiced slavery?). But if you want a clue as to what I'm hinting at with my original question, look at the Jews. They have been the most consistently persecuted and discriminated-against group in history, and yet for some reason they have managed to maintain their identity, survive, and prosper. Any idea why this is? It ties in with my original question: why do West Indian blacks tend to be as successful as whites in America?

Posted by: Stickwick Stapers at September 3, 2005 03:48 PM

Years ago I received help from the Red Cross.I havent forgotten that, and I will continue to provide them with my monthly donation. Some jackass rapper isnt going to dissuade me or those that really want to donate (as evidenced above--people are rechanneling their money, but it will still be donated). The only 2 things he accomplished were making race/color an issue and making an ass of himself. Unfortunately for all of us, Kanye's access to NBC allows him to show off his ignorant and racially-biased opinion.

Posted by: Diverdown at September 3, 2005 03:53 PM

I have a few comments to make:

1. Tell my father about racism..and see if that kept him down. Being an Italian/American wasn't all fun and games in the U.S....even after WW2. He came back from the service and was refused work because "they didn't hire his KIND of people". He told the hiring guy that he had killed better "Japs" than him and he was going to matter what. That guy gave him a job after all. I'm so sick of all the 'excuses' why blacks can't's about stop having so many kids (without fathers) about focusing on education, how about learning to speak properly....the tool are all there to succeed if they really wanted to. I guess it's easier to get a hand out. I have a lot of black friends who I would consider no different than myself...and are doing quite well.

2. I live in South Florida. When I hear the mention of a Cat 5 with winds of 175 miles an hour...I get out of town...even if I have to walk! Those people were ignorant...thinking they could ride out the storm in their wooden shacks! Geez! The mayor should have bused them out in the school buses that are all lined up and under water now!

3. New Orleans was a cesspool even before the flood.....rife with corruption, crime, lawlessness, and apathy. Only a few weeks before the storm, friends were moving from Arizona to South Florida and made the mistake of stopping in Nola along the way. Their ENTIRE rent-a-truck was stolen with their car attached...and all their wordly possessions were taken...even my friend's underwear and shampoo! When they called the police, they NEVER bothered to come and help them...even after anguished cries from my friend. They BARELY were able to get a police report out of that town....and left there totally disgusted with New Orleans and the people who refused to help them there! Now they are also starting from scratch...

4. For those of you who criticize...why aren't you on your way to Nola and volunteering to go into some of these neighborhoods to rescue people? Why isn't Jesse Jackson on a boat physically helping out?

Kanye West's comments were disgusting. People like him are part of the problem regarding racism in America. When they start addressing the issues that are really the cause of their poverty...then maybe the problem can be solved. Denial and blaming others will get you nowhere.

Ranting in West Palm

Posted by: obi at September 3, 2005 03:54 PM

While my brave bros steal tvs, colt 45 and dope from needy hospitals I will defend their right to do so. No wonder the left loves me!

Posted by: Kanye West at September 3, 2005 03:56 PM

you can't blame the red cross for what kayne said. It isn't like he had a prepared speech that he showed the red cross and was like this is what i'm going to say. obviously the red cross would never allow it nor would nbc. you are all hippocriticle because you are blaming the red cross and nbc for something kayne said, but then you admonish people for blaming Bush. Non of your are any better than the bush bashers. but i guess that thought is to complex and mind blowing for you closed minded conservatives.

Posted by: keith at September 3, 2005 04:01 PM

Sean John: Confederate Yankee pretty much nailed the answer to my question. You know, if I were you, I'd be thinking this is pretty good news. Wouldn't you rather believe that there is no racism in America, that a black person can succeed and prosper? In fact, it's true, and that is the point of the studies done with West Indians and other racial minorities in America. The data says race isn't the factor. It's culture. But blacks don't want to hear it, because you want something that is incompatible with the hip-hop culture. That's why you have to keep playing the race/slavery card.

You want to know what the recipe for success is, regardless of whether you're black, white, green, orange, or purple? Education, hard work, family, and modest lifestyle. Look at every successful ethnic group in America, and that's what you'll find.

Posted by: Stickwick Stapers at September 3, 2005 04:04 PM


I agree with everyting you wrote but I do take exception to #3. Yes, NOLA was a cesspool before the flood. What does that have to do with anything? Did you think that NOLA deserved what Mother Nature and the failed levees brought to the city? Vegas is a cesspool. Detroit and Philly are cesspools.NYC is a cesspool. Do they deserve the same fate?

I do agree with everything else you wrote...WHOLE HEARTEDLY!

Ranting in my backyard

Posted by: ImissBill at September 3, 2005 04:04 PM

Jack Hamilton - Do you want some facts. I'll be glad to give you some. From AP last week:

"The number of Americans who fell into poverty rose to 37 million -- up 1.1 million from 2003 -- according to Census Bureau figures released Tuesday. It marks the fourth straight increase in the government's annual poverty measure"..."The four-year increase in poverty under President Bush is the worst since his father was in office. The poverty rate rose for five years from 1989 to 1993, as it had from 1979 to 1983"

Can you explain what the Bush Admin has done about this?

Also, there are still thousands still left at the Superdome and Convention Center, after nearly 6 days. Do you think that is competent?

Posted by: Sean john at September 3, 2005 04:06 PM

ImissBill: The act that NBC & the Red Cross chose West to speak to the nation (rather than sing or rap), asking for donations means at least these two organizations saw him as something other than a mere rapper, but as someone that people might look up to and emulate. It's a common enough advertising device, a fallacious argument called 'appeal to authority'. Whether you choose to recognize it as such is immaterial to the fact.

Keith: Can we blame the Red Cross? Well, West has a bit of a track record in saying outrageous things, so yes, this was not vetted well. Their fault, but surely a lesser one. As for NBC, well, they have a liberal MSM bias so what would you expect? The Red Cross was stupid to trust them.

Posted by: Kevin F at September 3, 2005 04:13 PM

Stickwick - do you or have you lived in poverty? i didn't think so. i believe the issue of class is actually more important than race. but class and race are correlated. you are almost set up to fail with the type of system we have in urban cities (try visiting a housing project). Have you been to some of the schools in poor cities? I don't think all people are racists. But racism does exist - and it is more common among the Right. Look at some of the posters here: such as "Mowhamhead" - Just look at the bigotry that you guys display. And it is most of the Right that is all for Racial Profiling.

Posted by: Sean John at September 3, 2005 04:13 PM

Kevin F - I'm so tired of this liberal MSM BS. Fox News has the highest ratings in Cable News. So that would make them Mainstream right? Are the Liberal. Just b.c. the media questions the president or speaks against the media - it doesn't make them MSM Liberal. Bush was given a pass on the Iraq War/WMDs - was there a liberal agenda too. Or how about when Clinton was questioned about a blowjob daily - was the MSM liberal back than too.

Come to reality!

Posted by: Sean John at September 3, 2005 04:17 PM

Hey ImissBill...the reason I mention the "cesspool" aspect of Nola is this....I am not surprised by the lack of leadership which in turn has caused a lot of grief there. I have a friend who was married to a cop who had worked in New Orleans and he said it was very corrupt and couldn't stand it. The crime rate there (over 330 murders last year)was rampant hence we see the thugs now emerging (they had a drill there last year where they shot off over 700 rounds of ammunition and had "0" people call the police to report it!)I guess nobody wanted to be known as the neighborhood "snitch".....the lack of empathy maybe has something to do with people not helping each other...before AND after the storm. Here in South Florida...after our hurricanes...everyone was helping question. Crime wouldn't be tolerated either...and many of us sacrificed a lot to help our neighbors.
The total breakdown of society has occured there and I think it's a test...maybe something good will come out of this. It's bringing out a lot of issues that need to be addressed.
But then, I'm an optimist...must be in my genes...since my forefathers who endured many hardships coming from Italy had to have had to survive in their new home.

Posted by: obi at September 3, 2005 04:19 PM

Sean, Powerline debunked this meme a few days agao. Look it up, if you are so inclined. But it won't change your mind. That's the nature of a fixed delusion: it is impervious to logic. You don't want to debate the issue, you want to prove a point. Well, you are incorrect, and off topic (and off topic because you cannnot defend yourself otherwise).

Your style is a common one: "well, then what about this? And this? And etc.??" Some shred of data (numbers of poor, devoid of context) plus rant equals Whites are Racist! Feh.

Posted by: Kevin F at September 3, 2005 04:19 PM

So what facts can you show me that racism does not exist? I am not saying all white people are racists BTW; all I am saying is that Racism exists.

Posted by: Sean John at September 3, 2005 04:24 PM

Sean: re: MSM liberal bias.
There are books and web pages devoted to this topic. It was noticed as far back as the early 1960s, according to my research. Further, if one counts the NYTimes (1930s apologists for Stalin).

Sorry son, if you haven't heard all that in these past 15 years, no one can help you. You cannot make someone see what he doesn't want to see.

Posted by: Kevin F at September 3, 2005 04:24 PM

Yah, most of those books and web pages are by the Right. Like that idiot Bernard Goldberg.

Does Fox News have a Bias????

Posted by: Sean John at September 3, 2005 04:28 PM

Does racism exist?
Is it a large cultural force in the US in 2005?
Not among whites, really. Certainly present among some American blacks. Muslims are frequent violators here as well.

The point is, son, racism explains virtually nothing about what happened in NOLA. Nothing. Nada, Zip. Zero.
Except in your fevered imagination.

Posted by: Kevin F at September 3, 2005 04:28 PM

Sean, surely you know that all news reporting is biased to some degree. Until Fox and the blogs, the left controlled the news reporting. Now they don't.

Posted by: Kevin F at September 3, 2005 04:30 PM

So let me get this straight, are you making the claim that Bush Supporters and other Conservatives are now going to punish hurricane victims because of the remarks of one stupid person? What ever happened to "compassionate conservatives?"

IF conservatives cut short their donations simply because of some stupid remarks that some idiot said on television then you will prove the Liberals correct in their worst assumptions about conservatives.

Posted by: Billy The Blogging Poet at September 3, 2005 04:30 PM

As a southerner born and bred I have seen racism first hand. At my local school the majority of those attending were, in fact, black. I remember being 14 when the riots in LA happened and the black kids at my high school beat the snot out of anyone who was white or even just for being non black. I, myself, am half Cherokee and I think as far as suffering goes, nothing compares with the Trail of Tears or Wounded Knee.
Yet, I wake every morning and go to college and then go to work. I can't go everyday hating people whose only fault is that they have the same skin tone of those who hurt my ancestors well over 100 years ago. As for current suffering, let's compare living conditions of Pine Ridge reservation with Compton. Again, I think the Native peoples have far more to gripe about in those terms.
As for New Orleans, I just donated a crate of supplies to a local church group. I don't care who gets it. Be they white, black, hispanic etc. As long as they are used by the needy I feel I've done a small bit of good. It's also an interesting fact, as reported by Shep Smith last night, that Mayor Nagin had the Hyatt Hotel evacuated 2 nights ago. Meanwhile, we see the chaos on the streets. Tell me, is Mayor Nagin a racist? Or the fact that Gov. Blanco is as incompetant as they come. The fact is Bush does not micro manage every single state in the Union. Even when disaster strikes it is up to those who are on the ground and seeing the breaking information to report up. And obviously, the entire state of LA has failed in that task.
Just my two cents. Enjoy the blog, Confed. Keep it up!

Posted by: Have U Seen My Baseball at September 3, 2005 04:33 PM

Billy: calm down, oh poetic one. People will continue to donate and help, because that's the kind of people we are. We pitch in, we aid, we rebuild. We. Don't Whine. (much)
The Red Cross will see donations affected, but the money will just go elswewhere.

Posted by: Kevin F at September 3, 2005 04:36 PM

Why do Bush's opponents waste their time? He's never running for office again.

Posted by: Brett at September 3, 2005 04:44 PM

Kevin F - Do you think it is more important to pour billions of dollars into rebuilding other countries and neglect the poor Americans here? The Bush Admin has done nothing to target poverty. Why do you think the people in NOLA didn't leave? Because a lot of them didn't have cars. I think that is why Kanye West and others are bringing up race. It is a reason why African Americans have never embraced the Republican Party. It is not b/c of slavery. It is because the Republicans and their policies have never been helpful to them.

Posted by: Sean John at September 3, 2005 04:45 PM

Sean John - Racism DOES exist. Everytime a black person calls another black person "n*gger," they are being racist and perpetuating a negative stereotype. If you were as enraged and disgusted with the way black people are treated as you purport to be, perhaps you should suggest that the change comes from within the black community at large.

BTW - Playing the slavery card is about equivalent to playing the Nazi card. It makes you look a lot less informed and more ignorant than you probably think you do. And before you start, no my family didn't own slaves. I'm a 3rd gen American.

Posted by: Josh at September 3, 2005 04:46 PM

Baseball - you don't think FEMA and Homeland Security Failed???? This is absolutely amazing. FEMA is in charge when it comes to natural disasters. Michael Brown, the blithering idiot in charge of FEMA - a job he trained for by running something called the International Arabian Horse Association - admitted he didn't know until Thursday that there were 15,000 desperate, dehydrated, hungry, angry, dying victims of Katrina in the New Orleans Convention Center. You think a Mayor can save a city. Hahah. You must be living in a fantasy world. You think Mayor Villagrosa can save Los Angeles?

Posted by: Sean John at September 3, 2005 04:50 PM

Josh - I hope you know that the Civil Rights Movement happened only 40 years ago. A lot of those people are still alive, and hold their bigot viewpoints. Look at our leaders: Mr. Cheney voted against the Equal Rights Amendment, against a Holiday for MLK Jr., and against the release of Nelson Mendela. And now he is VP. Hahaha. All you guys are talking about the race card. Why don't u talk about the class card?

Posted by: Sean John at September 3, 2005 04:57 PM

A simple question...
Why is everyone continuing to reply to Sean John?

He's using the Troll's 10 Commandments, straight from the "Handbook of Trolldom"...

Speaking to/with him is purely a waste of time.

Posted by: Antonius Block at September 3, 2005 04:58 PM

Antonius - I don't they are wasting their time. What better stuff do they have to do? - Go ranting on blogs about Kanye West. Oh no! Or no, should they go ranting about Cindy Shaheen.....I am just waiting for Mr. Bill O'Reilly to call for a public ban on NBC, and than I will rest in peace.

Posted by: SeanJohn at September 3, 2005 05:05 PM

A fantasy world?'s a nice one. Love the sky.
Anyway, Sean John, the fact is the Mayor is on the ground. If he could evacuate people by bus why did he choose the Hyatt Hotel and not those outside the convention center or in the Superdome? Are you saying a Mayor is totally impotent in times like this? I seem to recall Rudy Guiliani being on the ball in the wake of 9/11. And he didn't have 4 days of warning to make up a plan.
Why didn't FEMA do more before today? Quite simple. They are an unarmed force. You have bands of thugs carrying AK-47s roaming the streets. They're killing and raping innocent people. They could be white or black. It doesn't matter. But, those thugs, ever since the rain stopped on Tuesday, have run rampant through the city. They have killed policemen and shot at rescuers. As a member of FEMA you also have to take into account the safety of your squad. Nagin and Blanco did nothing to help secure the city. As someone else posted, the guard was outside the city. Blanco has the typical deer-in-the-headlight look and appears on the edge of tears at any moment.
Another thing is a simple matter of logistics. If every road in and out of the city is damaged or covered with debris, the streets are flooded, the water ways are also littered with debris, you can't move in a lot of vehicles and equipment. Also, simply think about finding the man power of driving the buses. Who is going to volunteer to drive a bus into an area where someone may shoot you? Meanwhile, you're concerned for your own family.
As someone else stated, Bush asked Blanco to call an emergency evac. and she didn't until it was too late.
You may also want to ask why the state of LA has been submerged in poverty even though it's been firmly in the grasp of democratic control for as long as anyone can remember.
These people who are suffering have my heart and prayers. I feel bad that this catastrophe has boiled down to a game of Gotcha politics.

Posted by: Have U Seen My Baseball at September 3, 2005 05:06 PM

Baseball - Haha. I just love this. So now you have to shift the blame from the Federal Gov't to the mayor is absoultley funny. I love the Right Wing. Since you can't talk about George Bush being heroic, you have to come to blame the mayor. In comparison to New York City, NO had their infrastructure destroyed and flooded. It was anticipated this was gonna happen. When your buddy was on Diane Sawyer saying that "No one anticipated the levees to break" - he was lying. He, like FEMA and the Engineers, knew that the levees could only handle a Cat 3 Hurricane. So when you have a flooded city - how can you set up police stations and shelter sites. They do not have enough resources. NO is a poor city. The Bush Admin knew that the city would need Federal Help. Military Help. FEMA help. And they fell flat on their face. The whole public knows this. Even Fox News and Washington Times have criticized the president. He was at Ground Zero in NYC the following day after 9/11. Where was he this time? A pure failure. The emergancy evacauation was given with enough time in my opinion. But the government - all levels - did not plan for the poor. FEMA did not. Homeland Security is just inefficient.

I hope to see FEMA seperated from Homeland Security soon.

Posted by: Sean John at September 3, 2005 05:17 PM

And about the Hyatt Hotel: The mayor had used the hotel as a base since it is virtually across the street from city hall, and there were reports the hotel was cleared with priority to make room for police, firefighters and other officials.

You don't think Bush and his staff would not be evacuated first? Bush doesn't even have the nerve to meet any of the victims in NO. He goes around with his pre-planned photoshoots in Alabama and Mississippi. Here is the Genius at work yesterday. You can get the clip off CNN:

Bush to women: "There's a Salvation Army center that I went to, that I'll tell you where it is, and they'll get you some help. I'm sorry.... They'll help you.....

Woman 1: "I came here looking for clothes..."

Bush: "They'll get you some clothes, at the Salvation Army center..."

Woman 1: "We don't have anything..."

Bush: "I understand.... Do you know where the center is, that I'm talking to you about?"

Guy with shades: "There's no center there, sir, it's a truck."

Bush: "There's trucks?"

Guy: "There's a school, a school about two miles away....."

Bush: "But isn't there a Salvation center down there?"

Guy: "No that's wiped out...."

Bush: "A temporary center? "

Guy: "No sir they've got a truck there, for food."

Bush: "That's what I'm saying, for food and water."

Bush turns to the sister who's been saying how she needs clothes.

Bush to sister: "You need food and water."

Where is Bill Clinton when you need him, Bush? Hahah.

Posted by: Sean John at September 3, 2005 05:25 PM

Yes, Sean John, I can blame the local officials. Namely, because they've had decades to fix the levees and have not done so. You never answer the question as to why the Hyatt was evacuated and the convention center was not. Mostly, because you're dancing around the subject and refuse to answer any question directed at you and instead retort with another question that's basically the same as the last.
The French Quarter and other areas of the city did not flood. They could have set up stations there. If a city can prepare for the onslaught that is Mardi Gras every year, they can prepare for this as well. The truth is that LA showed a pitiful lack of planning and preparation. Yes, Mayor Nagin did absolutely nothing. Neither did Blanco. Compare them with Gov. Haily Barbour of Miss. It's a stark contrast of decisive action and people who didn't deserve their job.
As for Bush not being at the site, it's a damn if he does, damn if he doesn't scenario. If he's there he's exploiting it for political game. You would say something like, "Yeah, he's there just to help his falling poll numbers" so, that argument is mute.
If you don't believe the states have any power, Sean, why do we have any local elected officials at all? If they're just there as basically window dressing as you seem to believe, let's do away with it. We'll just have the President handle every single minute detail of every county in America.
In your opinion the evac was given with enough time? Don't live around the Gulf Coast do you? I do. The roads, especially I-10 become nearly impassable. There was a chance people would get stuck in the storm, as they did here during Ivan, out on the road. You have to give that order way in advance. Nagin could have used those school buses that are now ruined to bus the poor out. He chose not to. I'm off for a bit. Have fun all.

Posted by: Have U Seen My Baseball at September 3, 2005 05:35 PM

Actually, no, the Mayor had not used the Hyatt as a base. His base was in fact still City Hall. Can't let you get away with a bold faced lie before I go. The people who were evac. from the Hyatt were the wealthy tourists. It seems Nagin wanted to help his chums with cash more than his own people.
Later gator.

Posted by: Have U Seen My Baseball at September 3, 2005 05:38 PM

The Associated Press reported that the Army Corps of Engineers asked for $105 million for hurricane and flood programs in New Orleans last year. The White House carved it to about $40 million. But President Bush and Congress agreed to a $286.4 billion pork-filled highway bill with 6,000 pet projects, including a $231 million bridge for a small, uninhabited Alaskan island. So blame Bush and Co. for not providing enough funding.

700 people were evacuated in buses from the Hyatt Hotel. And as the reports have indicated that the place was going to be used for police and other personnell officials. And if you want to make this a big issue, than parts of your argument support the idea that the government cares more about the affluent (tourists at the Hyatt, probably white-dominated) than the poor African Americans (out on the streets).

You wanna blame local officials? Where was the funding? Bush used 9/11 for political gain. So don't say his actions are never for political gain. Why do you think he finally showed up yesterday.

Posted by: Sean John at September 3, 2005 05:44 PM

Baseball - so the gov't does care more about the wealthy than the poor. Is that what you are trying to say. Man, maybe you should get up there with Kanye since you hold some of the same viewpoints as him.

And chances are that the people in charge of that evacuation was likely FEMA.

Posted by: Sean John at September 3, 2005 05:47 PM

Via NY Times:

"Shea Penland, director of the Pontchartrain Institute for Environmental Studies at the University of New Orleans, said that was particularly surprising because the break was "along a section that was just upgraded."

Via Chicago Tribune:

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers said Thursday that a lack of funding for hurricane-protection projects around New Orleans did not contribute to the disastrous flooding that followed Hurricane Katrina. In a telephone interview with reporters, corps officials said that although portions of the flood-protection levees remain incomplete, the levees near Lake Pontchartrain that gave way--inundating much of the city--were completed and in good condition before the hurricane.

Where is the funding? Simple. Newo Orleans and Louisiana citizens refused to raise enough taxes to pay for their own city's protection. Again, a state and local failure.

Posted by: Confederate Yankee at September 3, 2005 06:07 PM

Here's another gem pulled form Protein Wisdom:

"Anyone who cares about responsible budgeting and the health of America’s rivers and wetlands should pay attention to a bill now before the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works. The bill would shovel $17 billion at the Army Corps of Engineers for flood control and other water-related projects — this at a time when President Bush is asking for major cuts in Medicaid and other important domestic programs. Among these projects is a $2.7 billion boondoggle on the Mississippi River that has twice flunked inspection by the National Academy of Sciences… [...]

This is a bad piece of legislation"

Did the "evil Bush" say this? Nope. Try the ultra-liberal New York Times editorial board, in April of this year.

Posted by: Confederate Yankee at September 3, 2005 06:18 PM

Mr. Yankee - it had been upgraded to withstand a Cat 3 Hurricane not a 4 or 5. So when your boy was on with Diane Sawyer, saying "I don't think anyone anticipated the breach of the levees." He was either lying or didn't do his homework.

And maybe you should do some homework too (from AP:):

Warnings of N. Orleans disaster ignored, funding slashed: Experts

US authorities ignored warnings that New Orleans was vulnerable to a hurricane nightmare and slashed funding that could have saved the city as spending on the war in Iraq soared, experts said.

Four years ago the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) warned a major hurricane or flooding in the Big Easy was among the three catastrophes most likely to hit the United States, along with a terrorist attack on New York.

But instead of boosting funding to the centuries-old city of 1.4 million people that lies below sea level, authorities cut funding for hundreds of millions of dollars of critical work to bolster and repair the levees that keep the waters of the Mississippi River and Lake Pontchartrain at bay.

"This was a disaster waiting to happen," said John Rennie, editor-in-chief of US science and technology bible, Scientific American.

"For years there has been a multitude of warnings that critical work on rebuilding the levees has been lagging and that the city was particularly vulnerable but these warnings effectively went unheeded," he told AFP.

Rennie's magazine warned in 2001 that a degradation of the city's levee and pumping systems, new building developments and inadequate evacuation routes had put New Orleans at serious risk of a human catastrophe in which more than 250,000 people could be stranded and thousands killed.

But federal government funding for US Army Corps of Engineers plans to raise and strengthen the levees of the city -- in which tens of thousands of people are now stranded and thousands feared dead -- dwindled as the United States went to war in Iraq and launched its fight against terrorism, Rennie said.

"Catastrophes are fortunately very rare so we tend to take a false confidence from the fact that we've weathered lots of horrible disasters in the past," he told AFP.

"Because authorities did not see this kind of disaster as a priority, they put off spending to divert the money elsewhere -- especially in the last couple of years when we have had a war to fight and homeland defence to worry about," Rennie added.

The administration of President George W. Bush cut the 27.1 million-dollar budget requested by the Corps of Engineers for improving the levees in 2005 by more than 80 percent to 3.9 million, although Congress finally raised the grant to 5.7 million, compare to 10 million in 2001.

The 100-million-dollar 2005 budget requested by the Southeast Louisiana Flood control project was slashed to 16.5 million dollars by Bush and Congress finally awarded 34 million to the scheme, compared to 69 million in 2001.


Posted by: Sean John at September 3, 2005 06:29 PM

All you americans have your debate controlled by the powers that be.

They make you belive in the american dream with such success that even the homeless believe in it.

No one will believe it anymore after the few couple of last days.

Imperialistic Capitalism has failed. Neither the dems or the reps are enough to the left.

There will be no peace as long as there is no equality of opportunity.

pay 6% more in taxes so everyone can go to college!

Everyone in the world outside the US knows Bush is the most stupid president ever. The guy can't even make a speech without reading the text even in this emergency.

Shame on you all!

Now the people may start realizing they are no better than iraqis in the eyes of the powerful.

I don't care about your good intentions. Hell is full of them. As long as you pay US taxes, and could live in another country, you are guilty.

"Operation American Freedom"!

Posted by: Philippe Laporte at September 3, 2005 06:35 PM

I agree with you and I am black for the posters who seem to think there is a black clone gene going on out there. You can post facts until your fingers fall off but the liberals have many blacks, especially the poor, brain washed. They only care about them one in every three years (to get votes), for the other three they are the governments problem. Mayor Nagin is a complete spineless person (leader he is not) and incapable of leading anyone. He is the first line of responsibility for the citizens of New Orleans. Blanco is the second line and in charge of emergency evacuations for the state. Liberals mentality is that blacks are to stupid to be held accountable when they behave incompetant (we can't hurt their feelings, they can't help it). Kanye West should stick to rap (or go back to college since he titled his able College Dropout...maybe he should have called it NO COMMON SENSE). Al and Jesse are race pimps who's only means of income is by pimping poor blacks and shaking major companies with threats of boycotts (we won't even talk about how Jesse should be shot for treason, that's another story).

They'll argue and blame the levee breaks until the cows come home but the fact remains that there is NO levee built anywhere that is capable to withstand a CAT5 hurricane and there can and will always be the major disaster that was stronger than the last. The fact is the state and local officials are reactive and not proactive (a typical liberal quality).

Posted by: Donna at September 3, 2005 06:42 PM

Just watching evacuations shows how incompetant Lousiana governement is. An evacuation plan means you tell your citizens where to go in the event of an emergency. Telling people go to the Superdome is not an evacation plan. Why did people stop on an overpass? Because the idiots had not plan that they passed along to the citizens prior. Why are there so many people left in the city? Because the idiots have no clue who lived in the city (they only cared about the gambling and tourist money coming into the state).

Stevie Wonder can see the chaos after the initial screw up of Nagin and Blanco was instigated by their total lack of any sort of emergency plan for the city regardless of what type of emergency ensued. Complete Idiots. Other Black Cities better be learning a lesson from this. Disgusting

Posted by: Donna at September 3, 2005 06:49 PM

Donna - are you saying the FEMA? How about George and Co? Didn't the state declare a state of emergancy. And what resources do you think that the mayor really had when his city was destroyed and underwater. You Cons are sure funny. So you think violance (shooting Jesse jackson) is gonna solve anything? Haha. Hilarous. Had Bush done his job, you would have been calling him heroic. But now, after the world has seen him as a lame duck, you have to shift the blame. The NO Mayor said repeatedly he had run out of resources. And is it me, or aren't FEMA and Homeland Security Federal agencies??

And how come no one can defend Bush's record on Poverty during his term. This is just amazing.

Posted by: Sean John at September 3, 2005 06:54 PM

Donna - where would you tell them to go? Would you tell them to get in their imaginary cars and leave. Would you have provided them all buses or cars to get out. I don't think NO or Louisiana is that rich. The gov't still can't get everyone out since they arrived. It's gonna take like 3 more days.
They sent them to the Superdome b/c FEMA and the National Guard were supposed to come and help them afterwards. But that is where your great President failed. And isn't FEMA supposed to be coming up with national emergancy plans, especially for natural disasters. Do your homework. Where is Bill Clinton when you need him, George W.

Posted by: Sean John at September 3, 2005 07:00 PM

Topher has a rich fantasy life.

Posted by: bill912 at September 3, 2005 07:14 PM

Sean John, too.

Posted by: bill912 at September 3, 2005 07:29 PM

Clinton FEMA Appointee Returns!

From AP:
The former head of the FEMA joined the Louisiana government Saturday to help direct the recovery from Hurricane Katrina.

James Lee Witt, who ran FEMA from 1993 to 2001, said he will stay as long as he as needed.Witt has more than 25 years of disaster management experience. He was appointed to head FEMA in 1993, after President Clinton took office. FEMA had been strongly criticized in 1992 for its slow response to Hurricanes Andrew and Hugo; after Witt took over, it won praise for its vigorous reaction to Midwest floods and the 1994 Northridge earthquake in Los Angeles. At the National Hurricane Conference in March, Witt said putting FEMA under the Homeland Security Department hurt its ability to deal with natural disasters.

I guess the Bush family has a bad history of dealing with Natural Disastrs. I give Mike Brown two weeks

Posted by: Sean John at September 3, 2005 07:57 PM

IMPORTANT a project of is offering free housing for Katrina evacuees all over the country. Over a 104,000 Beds have been volunteered from various organizations, churches, families, etc...

Please spread the word!

Posted by: Sean John at September 3, 2005 08:07 PM

Philippe Laporte.... a French name?

Gee... all of the Americans on this site are shocked at your hatred of us. Do you show American tourists the same amount of venom?

Take note readers. Regardless of all our disagreements on this site, as an American, I am sick and tired of the French attacking us.

Hey Philippe... shouldn't you be working on your resume to find a job? After all, the "successful" government that you support provides a 10% unemployment rate? Oh, and what do you pay in taxes?

Posted by: es197 at September 3, 2005 08:11 PM

Sean, nice plagiarism of the AP article, but it is completely irrelevant: the section of the levee that failed was a section that hand been completed.

It was finished, and it failed. Oops.

Posted by: Confederate Yankee at September 3, 2005 08:21 PM

Phillipe, is a fake Frenchman. He's from the part of Canada that othr Canadiens are trying to suceed from, so that shold tell you something right there.

Posted by: Confederate Yankee at September 3, 2005 08:29 PM

I copied and pasted the article for you. I am not trying to "plagiarize." Hahah. Yes, the levees that failed were complete to handle a Cat 3. But Bush and Co. did cut funding for improving the levees and for flood control projects.

Please spread the word of - its a good way for people to get housing near families in cities througout the country.

Posted by: Sean John at September 3, 2005 08:32 PM

I am beyond sick of the blacks turning everything, and I do mean everything, into a racial issue. The NAACP is a prime example. They like to categorize themselves in their own litte black niche, but a non-black trying to categorize them in the same or similar niche is deemed offensive. Blacks act like they have every right to be a racist themselves, but demand that others be non-racist. The NAACP and everything about them is a disgraceful joke. And why have "all white" colleges been abolished, yet "all black" colleges (pagents, expos, contests, history month, etc.) been allowed to continue?

In New Orleans, rescue and assistance attempts were met with gun shots and threats. White people have reported being threatened, assaulted, and harrassed simply for being white. Somehow I think that sort of behavior would have been alot less likely had the majority in this situation been of the caucasion persuasion. I understand that desperate times calls for desperate measures, but some of these people (predomianty of the black race) immediately resorted to acting like animals, and no cry of "oppression" can ever excuse that. The glorification of the "thug life" in rap and hip hop music is a contributing factor to the rampant violence amongst blacks as well. Most large American cities have statistics that show a high crime element among the black community, yet if that is voiced, or if blacks are targeted because of it, racism is screamed to the high heavens. The vapid chant of "I'm oppressed because I'm black" became obsolete with the incursion of civil rights and affirmative action. In reality, blacks are quickly losing their "favored minority" status to the Hispanics, and they don't like that one bit. If anything, the entire world has now seen African-Americans' "true colors", and that impression is going to last a very long time. Not everyone is going to walk away thinking sympathetically for them after this.

The responsibility of public safety for New Orleans lies first and foremost with the City and State. Beyond that should be reliance on National assistance. Everyone was well aware that New Orleans was a city at high risk, yet planning was so poor that when the inevitable occurred, the finger pointing and accusations began almost immediately (if an upgrade in the levees was needed, why didn't they ask for State or Federal assistance long before this happened?). New Orleans, with a predominantly black population, a black mayor, and many black officials, is screaming the race card (and, quite frankly, no matter how bad it is, the mayor doesn't need to resort to acting like an unprofessional, foul mouthed jerk). Where was their plan for this disaster in the first place? You should always hope for the best, and plan for the worst. The pre-planning was obviously not in place. We all know that if people had been forced to leave beforehand, even if taken out against their will for their own safety, the extremely vile American Civil Liberties Union would be seeking out these people to file lawsuits galore on their behalf.

My place of employment is matching 50 cents on every dollar for donations to the Red Cross. But after that talentless idiot Kanye West's rant, I seriously doubt if I will contribute to the Red Cross, because that is the charity that was sponsoring the event. I will do research and possibly consider another less biased charity. Puff Diddy and Beyonce's boyfriend (more talentless idiots) actually had the gonads to imply that they were contributing largely because it would mostly help out the black people. Can you imagine the backlash if a white entertainer even mentioned helping out white people? The double standard allowed these days is nauseating. I'm white (Caucasion-American) and proud of it, and I will never in a trillion years make an apology to anyone for that.

Posted by: No apologies at September 3, 2005 08:45 PM

Sean John,

At no point in American history has the government ever approved of building a levee system to handle a category 4 or 5 hurricane. As a matter of fact, no country has. Period.

The improvement projects were proposed to raise older levee systems to Cat-3 standards, and that is all. they were cut back becuase so much of the money was being taken by corrupt Louisiana politicians. That was part of the NY Times reasoning for cutting funding, and Congress, Democrat and Republican, recognized this as well.

Furthermore, no matter how many billions we waste on building levee systems, New Orleans will become the New Atlantis with 50-60 years.

The Mississippi Delta has been steadily withdrawing for 8,000 years, and that process has rapidly accelerated within the past 100 years because--wait for it--levee systems and other human interference have foiled natural soil replentishment that occurs through seasonal flooding and sedimentation. By the time you read this, another football field's worth of protective marshland will sink beneath the waves forever.

We are also, according to geologist and climatologists, coming out of a minor ice age, which is raising sea level, accelerating the inevitable.

Perhaps you will blame these millenia-old geologic processes on Bush as well?

Posted by: Confederate Yankee at September 3, 2005 08:51 PM

Confederate Yankee:

Hello! I live in a city where a new stadium is being built. They have increased certain taxes in certain areas to cover this very large expense. Why couldn't this have been done in New Orleans, if they knew it was needed but funding was not available? People here are debating on the necessity of a new stadium, yet no one could have argued the necessity of improving the levees for the safetly of the population.

As far as I'm concerned, yet another failure by the City and State government. A solution could have easily been found for this problem before it came to this.

Posted by: No apologies at September 3, 2005 09:12 PM

From cradle to grave blacks are leeches on the rest of productive, working people. The poor among them get free housing, food stamps, welfare checks and free medical care, courtesy of liberal programs.
I see hundreds of school buses standing idle that could have been comandeered to transport people out of N.O. before the storm hit. The Black mayor and White governor, democrats both, did nothing.
And you people blame Bush ?

Posted by: McDuff Thoma at September 3, 2005 09:18 PM

Sean John, thanks for the housing link. It is up.

McDuff, guess what you just earned for your blatant David Duke impersonation? a Free lifetime ban! Don't let the door hit you on the way out...

Some of the very best people I've been honored to spend part of my life around have been black. I refuse to let this kind of universal racial tarring happen here.

We can argue the merits of certain parts of cultures and subcultures without tarring entire races. I have no love for MS13 gang members, but I don't blame all Hispanics for it, any more than I blame all white people for the ranting of Fred Phelps.

Lets try to get back on topic, okay?

We can talk about the impact Kanye West's rant might have on Red Cross donations or donations in general, or we can talk about the conditions that led him into that rant, and what the proximate causes of those conditions were.

Any more of this Stormfront/David Duke/Black Panther supremacy crap is going to lead to immediate, permanent bannings.

Posted by: Confederate Yankee at September 3, 2005 09:34 PM

"blacks are leeches on the rest of productive working people." Thanks McDuff for representing the Republican view. I am sure you speak for many conservatives. You are just racist as u call Kanye West to be. What type of person classifies a race as leeches. Let me guess, are you a Christian? Compassionate Conservatives - haha - it seems like a joke. If u are a Christina, you are a pure hypocrite.

And before you blame the State and Local officials, isn't FEMA a FEDERAL AGENCY. Isn't this why FEMA was Created? And if you listen to the Mayor, he said that he did plead to the state and national government for help before and immediatly after the Hurricane. His pleas were ignored, and lack of communication hindered the responses. Before blaming Dems for Large governments - Look what the Bush Admi has been doing. Putting FEMA under Homeland to create more bureacracy. You guys also want "large gov't" in order to invade other countries.

But I guess to McDuff - all blacks deserved this right? They are the leeches. I am so glad that people like you are not the majority here in California and in America. I thank God for that!

Posted by: Sean John at September 3, 2005 09:37 PM

I agree with Confederate - I am sort of tired with the arguing too. We have different viewpoints, and we have to respect each other for that. The governments and its agencies did fail the people of NO - all levels and all parties.

I do not think George Bush is a racist! I do not believe all Republicans are racists! Do I believe that racism exists - yes! I am okay with what Kanye said what he did - not only b/c he has a right to but also it brings up the topic of race and class to the public for reasonable debate. I think the topic of class is more of importance to me. I just find it asthonishing that we are ignoring problems here to fix problems abroad. Poverty has been increasing every year for the past 4 years. The rich, on the other hand, are getting richer or staying stable at the minimum. I will be leaving this forum for a couple days b/c i gotta get back to my law books and start studying.

Confederate - while we disagree, thanks for letting me express some viewpoints here and not banning me. Hopefully - we will continue our discussion of politics in the future.

God Bless.

Posted by: Sean John at September 3, 2005 09:46 PM

Sean John,

you will have a stellar career in law, considering your way of turning everything around to fit your personal definitions, theories, and opinions (anyone who confers with is obviously extremely one sided in their thinking, therefore not a fair minded candidate for the field of law). I'm sure your Liberal professors think you're the poster child for a perfect student. Glad to see the white man hasn't held you down from a lucrative law career. Just wondering, affirmative action involved in any way? I wouldn't believe you if you said it wasn't.

And a mayor is representing a city at all times. Therefore, professionalism at all times is mandatory.

I am all for BASIC EQUAL rights for people of all races. I am against the demanding or rewarding of rights and privileges on the sole basis of race, gender, or sexual orientation.

And I believe McDuff Thoma is simply stating his opinion, which he is completely entitled to, just like a certain Mr. Kanye West. There is no law (yet) which demands opinions be in compliance with political correctness.

Posted by: No apologies at September 3, 2005 10:17 PM

No Apologies - You are a disgrace my friend. I am not conferring to, i am conferring to HELPING PEOPLE! if offering free housing - for up to 6 months at some places for people who need it. Over 107,000 Beds are being offered. It is sad that you are trying to politicize AID for people. Purely sad. And for you to question me on getting into college is purely ignorant. I am not black, and I did not get into college with affirmative action. But what if I was? Colin Powell and Condoleeza Rice benefited from Affirmative Action. Are you saying they are not qualified than? People like you give the Republican party a bad reputation among others.

Posted by: Sean John at September 3, 2005 10:33 PM

Sean-mighty big of you that you concede not all white people are racist.Poverty is Bush's fault?In all of America or just NO? And why didn't all the wards of the state acquire cars, houses and wealth in the fine, honest, robust economy of the Clinton years he must have done wonders for the poor. Honestly sean if you divided up equally all the wealth in America tomorrow, in a year the same people that have money, would acquire it again.And the people broke would be broke in a year. It goes to choice and decision making skills. Success is never an accident.

Posted by: scooter at September 3, 2005 10:50 PM

confederate: you are so ignorant! I've never heard something so stupid about "fake frenchman" what's a fake frenchman? I'm was born and raised in Quebec the only province in Canada which is bilingual (french and english) and you must be an idiot american to say that other canadian are trying to take over the province of Quebec! What are you talking about??? I have some friends from other provinces and we all laughing at you right now. Anyway its very sad to see in 2005 your country is really divided by race. why so? you have a country with so much opportunities especially for black people. I am a canadian frech black woman and honestly I used to look up to this country dreaming that someday I will live there. but I realize how fortunate I am to live in Canada (free medication, health care and many more)because even though is not a perfect country the racism is not as bad as your country is facing. and I hope some of you who have been offended by 1 celebrity comments will donated some money for the people of New Orleans
sorry about my bad english

Posted by: frenchwoman at September 3, 2005 11:33 PM

You have friends in other provinces? Congratulations! As for your reading comprehension in English, I never claimed anyone wanted to take over Quebec (who would?), and in fact the just opposite is true; there is a movement in the western provinces to leave Canada becuase of your corrupt liberal (Quebec-focused) government. I wouldn't worry about it, however. Sharia law will clean it up soon enough.

Posted by: Confederate Yankee at September 3, 2005 11:39 PM

Sean John,

thought you were quitting for the night to hit the law books? Funny how if you're not black, you chose the moniker "sean John". A black wannabe apparently then (how very pathetic). Don't even attempt to lay your liberal guilt trip on me, I guarantee it won't work. A liberal mindset such as yours is what will ruin this country. And you have the absolute gall to accuse me of politicizing aid for people, when you have to make a political mountain out of every conceivable molehill on the planet? Being from California, I'm not surprised to see that you've been fed a massive dose of liberal filth.

People with a certain mindset, such as yours, are absolutely not a good candidate for any kind of law career. You're so ate up with your hatred for Bush, Republicans, and Conservatives in general (deny it all you want) that you can never be deemed a fair representative of the law. Liberals crack me up. They're the biggest hypocrites on the planet. As long as you're saying what they agree with, it's considered free speech. If not, you're a bigoted, homophobic imperialist out to destroy the world and the downtrodden. Free speech works both ways, not just the ways you agree with! Liberals and the ACLU will be the death of this country, not war or Republicans.

For the record, I work for a company that is under government contract and deals with the so called poor and downtrodden, and I (and everyone I work with) can verify that there is massive abuse of the system by frauds and freeloaders which is bankrupting this economy. PUBLIC AID OF ANY KIND, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE, IS A PRIVILEGE, NOT A RIGHT! People of your ilk are the ones who are demanding that taxpayers pay for everyone else, and that is proving to be way too costly. I have an insight that you, "Mr. Save the World", don't have, and that is being a witness to the massive abuse to the system that is going on by so-called "people in need" everyday. Many are truly people in need, but a disturbing number are just flat out lazy or criminal. Hate to bust your bubble, but they're not all the perfect little "poor and downtrodden" that you envision them to be. Bluntly put, if it is not reigned in soon, there will be nothing there for those in the future who are truly downtrodden or have earned it.

And yes, Ann Coulter is a Goddess! Tall, blonde, beautiful, smart, and not afraid to tell a liberal exactly where he/she can slam it. Rock on Ann!

Proud to be a Republican!

Posted by: No apologies at September 3, 2005 11:43 PM

This was not one event. It was 2. If it was just the hurricane, we could have acted sooner. It was not until the storm past that the real catashrophe began. The flood is what made it difficult and the mayor did not stick around himself to help out. The gov had resources avail and the Pres now has stepped in to make up for the failures of local officials. It did not take long for the race card to be thrown. In FLA last year, the hispanic population were displaced as well, but the race card was not played. Of course the majority of people effected would be black since the area is majority black. To blame the president and white people is not the answer and proof positive AGAIN that hollywood and entertainers will use any forum to express there opinion, no matter if it hurts the people they claim they want to help. Ask Kanye how much he will spend on a party, then ask how much he personally sent to the relief effort. Look further to see the amount of white people hurt or killed simply because they are there and lost everything too. Those stories get lost. The lutors if black or white, should be punished sverely. They live in a city with one of the most corrupt cities in the country. Black stars love to talk about how it is Bush's fault, but they are so tight with the help they give. Serena will give $100 for each ACe she hits. THis might total a couple of thousand of dollars, can she spare it. The discrepency between rich black america and poor america is partly because they love to have the money from the poor for the music, but where are they to return to the poor. The outpooring of help that is coming in is from white, black, asian, christian, jew, islamic. So lets focus on the help, blame will come and it may not make the NAACP as happy as they think.

Posted by: mg at September 3, 2005 11:48 PM


Posted by: JOSE at September 4, 2005 12:33 AM

Kanye shouldn't have said what he said on the Red Cross program.
Kanye is right. Bush is wrong, always has been and is going down.
Get over it. Please. I live in Vancouver, BC Canada and this disaster will trickle down and affect me as well. No one in Canada wanted to see Bush in power nor join the US in star wars space programs. We're all going to hell if we don't smarten up as a human race.

Posted by: R3SP3CT™ at September 4, 2005 12:39 AM

Frenchwomen-- I would like to address "free medication health care",sorry no such thing dear.Somebody is paying for medication and healthcare because it is not free. That is a liberal myth example we(the U.S.)have a school lunch program some call free school lunches and I see the delivery trucks make the deliveries and i can assure you there is NO free lunch program. Only a fool would believe otherwis.Someone paying for somebody else's does not equal follow the logic....think about it.

Posted by: scooter at September 4, 2005 12:42 AM

"Freed 25 Million people? We have made it a haven for terrorists. Most people are living in fear, and want us out.
Posted by: Sean John at September 3, 2005 01:50 AM "

It was already a "haven" for terrorists, had been so for over a generation.

Even had terrorist training camps with a jet airliner to practice hijacking on.

Difference now is they are getting shot at, they may BE there, but as a "haven" there is a lot left to be desired. LOL

Posted by: Dan Kauffman at September 4, 2005 01:18 AM

kayne west is a racist bottom line. I challenge Mr. West to research statistics on how much money white people gave versus black people. oh wait that would be considered racist. The whole world is watching these thugs rape little children and murder people. America is suppose to be the elite country. I do not care what color your skin is, this is absurd. If white people were doing these horrible things they would be held accountable. It seems that excuses are being made by many people in the black community.

Posted by: concernedcitizen at September 4, 2005 01:21 AM

"Liberals crack me up. They're the biggest hypocrites on the planet."

You sir crack me up. Conservatives calling liberals hypocrites? Pot calling the kettle black I say. Not sure which mindset disgusts me more.

Posted by: Helix at September 4, 2005 01:24 AM

The more I read, the more dishearted I become over the racial and political arguements. I am a nurse on the list of volunteers to be called to help and my husband who is in the airforce and just returned from Iraq is now leaving tomorrow to Biloxi to assist in aiding the victims there. We believe in saving lives and it doesn't matter what their race is or political party choice, the fact is that I see children's faces on the news and their color is of no consequence and they as well as their family members deserve a chance to live.
Try to look past hatred and help those that are in need. I don't believe that people who have had everything taken from them are asking for a handout, they are asking for things needed for survival. I am a mother of two young children and I can tell you that if those were my children over there, I would swallow my pride and ask for assistance so that we could survive. Yes, some may argue that they could have taken the warning and left but for some that wasen't an option and it really isn't the point now. They need help and whoever can donate time or money should do it because that could be you over there or your children and I don't think that these arguements are helping anyone.
By the grace of God this country will overcome these obstacles.

Posted by: Janae at September 4, 2005 01:33 AM

I saw no problem with Kanye West statements,lots of Americans feel the same way he does. I guess the media doesn't want anyone that speaks about the crisis to veer away from the script and speak there opinion.

The majority of Americans agree that response was to slow,and this made the situation like a "cancer" If you dont catch it in time it will spread. Its expected that tension and problems would grow with 20,000 people stuck in dome for those days;with no air-conditioning,unsanitary conditions,and no proper toliet facilities. Afterwards to come out and have to wait days in the heat for someone to rescue you,with no food or water. Why couldn't they at least dropped the people some food and water that could have helped the situation,and eased tension and frustation.

Posted by: Lee at September 4, 2005 01:45 AM

Just 7 generations removed from slavery...A mere 3 generations removed from the acceptance of civil rights activism...Slavery lasted well over 19 all you bigoted, close minded, limited exposure to cultures beyond middle class white...there are few who sit and wait for handouts...have you ever heard of accomodation? he who rules makes the law, and gets to decide the rules...

Posted by: NewWorldMind at September 4, 2005 02:03 AM

We are entering unprecedented times Americans!!
Let's just think a minute...,Any shortcomings the masses of blacks experience in relation to whites is simply do to the hundreds of years worth of head start slavery provided Europeans...The ability to properly develop and exercise family virtues, financially plan, not to mention draw upon the pride of ancestral knowledge..BLACKS didn't have that stupid!!! Capitalism and the society we now inhabit is the fruit of slave labor!!!
This country is the first in modern history to that afforded great masses of man the leisure to spend his time developing arts and sciences, to develop a surplus of food and other necessities, because slave labor provided that...

Posted by: NewWorldMind at September 4, 2005 02:09 AM

it is late. And i am late to this whole blog thing. But I would value a discussion with confederate yankee at some point...i know your kind...who half heartedly trivialize the hardships of others...rationalizing their misfortunes so they make sense to you..ultimatley your thoughts serve to justify your superiority...that's ethnocentrism at its purest...hmmm...just because people are poor doesn't make them lazy and lethargic...

Posted by: NewWorldMind at September 4, 2005 02:14 AM

Ethnocentrism?! Well, if some black guy says whites are racist and actually wanna shoot the poor blacks and provide aid as sloooowwwwlly as possible.....then I guess if he has the right to speak it, I also have the right to fricken withhold giving any of my money to any organizations that support this spew. To all the bleeding hearts on here, just understand that Bush spoke for total evacuation 2 days before the clamity. Even if you are poor you sure as hell can walk....and if you are disabled you surely can find support to get the hell out of dodge. No one trivializes hardships but its very difficult to support the thought process of helping those who are not willing to help themselves. And if NewWorldMind wants an example, one of the poor ladies in NO spoke on nationwide tv that her food was not warm and was bitterly disappointed. Of course, it was an MRE like those our military eats, and this poor almost starved welfare wannabe was tough enough to bitch that she was not served HOT cuisine. LO I will be with you always.

Posted by: ddee at September 4, 2005 02:47 AM

This is too sad...and sadly I'm not speaking of the hurricane disaster.

This was touched on earlier, but the Red Cross is by far the best organization these people can count on. For people to allow 1 man's comments, right or wrong, to determine whether or not these people will recieve the donations they need, is ridiculous! Are we that simple of a nation? THESE PEOPLE NEED ASSISTANCE! BOTTOM LINE!!!

To answer my previous qwery, I chose the answer,...YES. Yes we are that simple. This can easily be proven by the post made here. It's amazing how quickly the focus was lost and rediricted. To what? RACE! If anything people's concerns and comments are doing nothing more than supporting Kanye's decision that suggested the lack of support was relative to this issue. I say that becuase it seems the very post made here initially had a hidden agenda. Everyone has their own opinions they want to subject the world to, and are just waiting to leak them at the 1st given opportunity. As did be careful to criticize.

I think it was brave of him to speak his mind in this forum,....STUPID, but brave. Daily we let the media dictate our way of thinking. We constantly let them implant garbage in our subconcience. Prime example, we've let them mislead America into thinking if you vote for democrats you support blacks and you support whites if you vote republican. This does nothing more than blanket the real issues.....but I digress.(that was MY opportunity)

Bottom line,... I can appreciate a good debate, but in this case there shouldn't be any. These people need help! So who said what, and who didn't do what, should be saved for ANOTHER date and time.

Posted by: Marshall at September 4, 2005 02:51 AM

Hey ddee. I don't remember him saying anything about white've been implanted.

Posted by: Marshall at September 4, 2005 03:00 AM

This "Them vs. Us" mentallity is OUR down fall as a nation. Racism is so subliminal now, we don't even realize when WE'RE being racist. Just becuase 50 yrs ago everyone was to be made "equal", does not mean individual's scales aren't still tipped.

Posted by: Marshall at September 4, 2005 03:06 AM

It is interesting, NWM, how hardships and misfortunes develop, among certain populations, isn't it?

The more active the nanny-state socialists - national socialists, if you will - try to interject themselves into "saving" minorities, the more fragmented those societies become. Both abortion and out-of-wedlock pregnancy have sky-rocketed since Johnson created the "Great Society," to the point 3 of 5 black babies are aborted, and the vast majority of black children will not know what life in a two family home is like. Interestingly enough, minorities that have not recieved the same amont of "help" from "progressives" have far outstripped blacks culturally and economically, even though they also came over poor, and initially faced the same prejudices as any new minority.

The "progressive" political movement has created a self-genocidal subculture with the black community, and black leaders have so wrapped theemselves up within the Democratic Party as to become such a known "lock" as a voting block, that neither their Democratic masters nor the Republicans that have been fighting to free them since the 1860s feel that they can be changed.

Black sycophant leaders, a large segment of "black victim" culture and the nanny-state socialists Democratic Party have all but destroyed black America. While the party that created the Ku Klux Klan has traded in their hoods, they've been no less effective in their murder.

I do not think myself innately superior to anyone, NWM. That is why I find black Americans being led into the slavery of professional victimhood by their own leaders, and the continued failures of Democrat-led socialism, to be so abhorent.

Posted by: Confederate Yankee at September 4, 2005 03:07 AM

Well let me refresh that liberal memory....''see a black family they are looting, see a white family and they are looking for food''.....his inference is white when he says 'they've given them permission to come down and shoot us'' there, now go implant that big foot into your liberal pie hole. West was going to call his business manager to find out what the most amount was that he could give....last I heard it was around $3.....''George Bush doesn't care about black people''.....are you then saying our Pres is not white?

Posted by: ddee at September 4, 2005 03:08 AM

ddee: can you deny that poor suffering is less important to this country than middle-class or rich suffering? Don't write as if conservatives understand what it means to be impartial.
The concerns of those who don't share your life experiences and ideologies are unimportant, period.
I thought the headline to this sight was intriguing and hilarious: Because liberalism is a persistent vegetative state!!!!
I and others like myself are 'liberal' in the essence we see a necessity for change. Kanye West, though trembling and unsure, spoke his mind...and like it or not, the young man struck a chord with millions (black/white and every other color) who happen to agree with him.
The poor and disadvantageous will always have amongst their ranks people who 'make it'. But there will always be poor...otherwise there could be no rich...but a people's shortcoming should never be an indictment on their character, or drive...there are far too many factors that contribute.

Posted by: NewWorldMind at September 4, 2005 03:19 AM

Marshall, just so you know, the race issue was brought into the equation by liberals on the web far in advance of anything Kanye West had to say. They are trying to create a racial issue for political gain in what should be purely a rescue effort. Sadly, Mr.West, who is rumored to be a reader of far left political web sites, bought these lies and propogated them. Unfortunately, they forced this debate upon all of it, and we now have to refight the race issues of 30 years ago again when we would all rather do other things.

Want easy proof? Here you go.

That post was made well before Mr. West's speech, and what does it show? It shows a direct comparison of the content of top liberal blogs and top conservatives blogs.

ALL of the top liberal blogs were busy bashing the President of members of his adminstration, and many of them were saying that a kind of racist genocide was in the works.

By comparison, all of the top conservative blogs were soliciting donations for hurricane victims.

Oh, there is certainly racism at play. It just isn't coming from where you think, and we sure as hell aren't going to let the race-baiters of the left get away with their lies again.

Posted by: Confederate Yankee at September 4, 2005 03:23 AM

Confederete Yankee--What you said is impressive to the point I somewhat agree with you regarding the cancerous 'black victim' culture...however, the importance you overlook through the gap in your political analyses, is that the section of the lower classes that are able to overcome hereditary disadvantages are always slighted, shafted, ignored, unwelcomed...simply looked at as seperate...
For example, i dropped out of high school, grew up in a hard poor 'hood. Turned that around into a master's degree. Do you know how I see myself?
just like you do when you look in the mirror. AS AN INTELLIGENT, HARD WORKING, WARM BLOODED AMERICAN!!!

Posted by: NewWorldMind at September 4, 2005 03:33 AM

One last though from liberal California’s Joseph Cannon:

My original reaction to the Katrina catastrophe was going to be: “NOT ONE DIME."

For an hour or so, I contemplated the idea of turning it into a crusade: No-one in the blue states (where the money is) should give one dime of aid to the victims of this hurricane, which devastated Bush-friendly regions ...

So why was I thinking of starting a movement against giving aid to the stricken areas?

Because these are red states. They voted for Bush. These ninnies obviously wanted these policies, and they deserve to live with the consequences of their votes.

A large part of me still believes that many of these W-worshipping numbskulls deserve to suffer and to die. They brought it on themselves. Let them look to Jayzuss for aid: It’s time they stopped leeching off the more productive blue staters ...

So, at least, I started to write. But then (to paraphrase the old song) I thought I’d better think it out again.

Many of the victims, the ones who have suffered the most, are poor. The hardest hit were the blue state folk living among the red state maniacs. New Orleans, we should note, went heavily for Kerry.

In other words, New Orleans, if you had voted for Bush, your liberal "allies" would have sat back and watched you drown with complete indifference.

Think about that the next time Reverend Sharpton and his buddy Michael Moore come pandering by...

Posted by: Confederate Yankee at September 4, 2005 03:37 AM

Liberal in the essence for necessary change huh. You got kids? How bout showing some of your hero's lyrics to your girls... ha ha Kanye will be a big hit i'm sure........

"I'm so shy that you thought it was bashfull but this
bastard's flow will bash a skull
And I will, cut your girl like Pastor Troy
And I don't, usually smoke but pass the 'dro
And I won't, give you that money that you askin fo'
Why you think, me and Dame cool, we assholes
That's why we here your music in fast fo'
Cuz we don't wanna here that weak shit no mo'

[Chorus: Kanye West]
N-now, th-th-through ya motherfuckin hands"

There is far worse but I guess only blacks can call 'all' people nigga's and ho's. And you will support the 'essence' for the change they would like to see....raping, doping, and blaming the man!

Posted by: ddee at September 4, 2005 03:39 AM

Kanye West said what he said because he and millions of others believe Bush doesn't care about blacks...i agree...but not because Bush is a racist, simply because he has yet to grasp the concept that blacks are his brethren in the same vein as a white conservative with six digits stashed away in a retirement fund, who hunts and plays golf in his leisure...

Posted by: NewWorldMind at September 4, 2005 03:40 AM

I'm with Jim on this one, being that I live in Texas, the state that has bent over backwards to help these victums, only to be crapped on by liberals in their disgusting use of a disaster to promote their political agenda, I too will NOT send one f-ing dime of my money to Red Cross, there are too many other avenues for help. I have already driven to Texas Stadium to donote a bunch of stuff. If the Red Cross can get Kanye West to make a public apology, I might reconsider giving them a few bucks too, but I'm not holding my breath on that one.

Posted by: RG at September 4, 2005 03:43 AM

Wow. Wow wow wow. I started looking on the internet tonight for an answer to the question of why it seems (at least in popular media) that so many black Americans chose not to leave New Orleans and the surrounding area previous to the Hurricane’s hit. Though I have not fully answered that question for myself yet, reading these posts has left me with a more pressing question. Why does the black population as a whole in the US choose to remain in that country and not move somewhere where they will actually be respected as human beings and not have to deal with the condescending and inhumane racism that has been demonstrated on this site. And its not like it would have to be a permanent exodus. They could just wait till the rest of the country descended into chaos fighting over who would have to do all the dirty work that had been previously done by the black population, and perform a magnificent coup on their return :D

Posted by: Bronwyn at September 4, 2005 03:46 AM

To cite lyrics used in the context of entertainment aimed at an audience you obviously have no direct experience with, nullifies any point you just tried to make...I have three children, two of them daughters, all very obviously don't understand that there are varying ideas of what constitutes masculinty...hip-hop is an expression of hyper-masculinty, so it is harsh, profane...not for or by people like you...Raping, doping and blaming the man?! What world do you live in? Is that what you think those lyrics espouse?
I honestly believe you are ridiculous, isolated and if the space in your mind has no more room for new things!!

Posted by: NewWorldMind at September 4, 2005 03:55 AM

Bronwyn, since your island nation made it a common practice to effectively hunt the native blacks, I don't see where you've got a whole lot to crow about, Quigley.

Posted by: Confederate Yankee at September 4, 2005 04:01 AM

ddee: Liberal? My oppinion being different from yours does not make me a liberal. But Honestly, your 5yr old "so there" comment is a red flag to not indulge in OBJECTIVE banter with you any futher.

C.Y.: Thanks for the info., but I rarley waist my time and energy on the MILLIONS of different oppinions that fly across the web...but I believe you. I really don't think that Kanye's comments had any affiliation with those of whom you speak off. If you've ever seen any of his inter-views you know that plain and simple this dude is a nut. He really needs no reason to spew ignorance, so this instance should not be overlooked as anything different. I believe he seen an opportunity to subject the world to a bad idea, and went with it.

But like I said before, the media, AND political buffs will take any and every opportunity to spin this thing in every-which-way possible.

BTW- I did want to add that although I don't agree with Kanye's methods, I do feel and understand his anger overe the media. I turned on the news, FOX, the day after the hurricane to see what all happend and got....
Anchorman: This woman(black) has water up to her chest,(camera cuts to a boat) the camera man says she's on her way to lute a supermarket!
(the boat scene)
Anchorman: This man(white) is helping with rescue efforts(he lifts the old white lady onto the boat)
(next scene)
Anchorman: Police are dealing with luting...(minorities walking away with various items.

I mean come on!

Stealing in wrong....But Food?!?!
And furthermore the media's coverage is hurting relief aids way more than Kanye's efforts. It's putting out an image that these people are not really in need if they have time to steal. It's irresponsible, and detrimental to the masses of those who NEED help.

Posted by: Marshall at September 4, 2005 04:01 AM

I think the debate in this blog can be defined in another way. Since this is basically a blame game here. I am asking politely that everyone look at themselves and the position they are advocating right now. Some elements in almost every post here are accurate. All levels of government deserve some blame. They dropped the ball horrificly. The federal government is responsible for the defense of our nation, foreign and domestic. But, those in NOLA who could have evacuated and didn't share some blame, but regrettably, they had/have to pay the worst price for it. They are primarily black. Is there an element of institutionalized racism in our society. I have to say yes solely based on the fact that blacks seem to pay a much deeper price for their failings. That isn't right. Is the black community in general somewhat to blame for this, yes. Self-destructive behavior is, by definition, self-destructive. That doesn't mean that those who have made more productive choices in their lives are absent of responsibility. It is an obligation for ethical behavior. Just ask Jesus. Argue all you want, but those who fulfill their obligation know it in their heart. Those that don't, will never get it. Kanye West's message was emotional and horribly timed. I don't know whether or not W cares about black people, but I know he represents many succesful people and there seems to be an absence of fulfillment of obligation. Kanye might be right or I am just not seeing the love. But if you learn about Kanye West, and his heartfelt and honest songs about Jesus and the problem of low self-esteem, you will learn this he is truely a good guy. A good guy with some flaws. Just like all of us. Instead of advocating how absolutely right we are, realize that we are flawed people with a tremendous capacity for good that far outweighs the flaws. And then prove it, give everthing you can to help these poor people. It is Our obligation, and it feels really good to do it.

Posted by: Jeremy at September 4, 2005 04:07 AM

jeremy--Kanye West...heartfelt and honest...A good guy with some flaws. Just like all of us.

I like that. It's not about being right for the sake of being right. Liberal, conservative, black white...whatever. Compassion and genuine care for your brethren are what makes this country unique.

Posted by: NewWorldMind at September 4, 2005 04:14 AM

Hey Jeremy...this is a blog site called "Confederate Yankee"....but I hear you.

Hey I have a question. Who has actually been to NO before the hurricanes. 1 word.....Projects!

These people did not have the luxary of taking an unplanned vacation. So to just get up and leave was not an option, but I'm almost certain it crossed their mind.

Posted by: Marshall at September 4, 2005 04:21 AM

Marshall, I have to be honest here, I just jumped on here about an hour ago and have never been here before.....what does confederate yankee mean?

Posted by: Jeremy at September 4, 2005 04:23 AM

LOL. You gotta love the innocent.
Harder to debate with those types.
My first time too champ. You have to ask him for an exact definnition....But he's a right-winger.

Posted by: Marshall at September 4, 2005 04:27 AM

um, actually i'm not australian, if that's what you were going for. what's a quigely? really i'm curious.

Posted by: Bronwyn at September 4, 2005 04:32 AM


Yeah, I just looked up at the top. I don't know if you would be wise to call me innocent though. I am an MA in political theory and a three time published author on International Relations. I currently volunteer for a non-partisan civil intelligence organization with a former justice department insider. I meant what I said, we all have more good in us than evil, regardless of political affiliation. But, I guess you could could call me "a greenie" when it comes to this blog. But when it comes to debate, I will return every fireball of hate sent to me with a reponse that is both accurate and positive.

Posted by: Jeremy at September 4, 2005 04:34 AM


BTW I wasn't referring to you as sending me fireballs of hate.....sorry if I kinda made it sound that way, I am talking about anyone who wants to. It's kinda fun though.

Posted by: Jeremy at September 4, 2005 04:36 AM

Confederate Yankee doesn't care about black people. We are them...Numbers and statistics...that's all we can be to those whose TIME, RHYTHM, ORIENTATION or LOCATION dictates they never have to physically/mentally/emotionally cross paths with non-whites. We will forever (at least till the end of our lifetime) be them.
Always have, always will be. God bless all the victims of the horrific hurricane. They'll get help. And Kanye West will skyrocket to superstardom and continue to be a groundbreaking artist, and right wingers will find more issues help them feel disgruntled!!! LOL!!

Posted by: NewWorldMind at September 4, 2005 04:39 AM

It's fine Jeremy. I said innocent for the very reason you just stated. Innocent by-stander, not caught up in the politics of this subject.

Posted by: Marshall at September 4, 2005 04:43 AM


I subtly disagree with you. It is true that all of us have a life cycle where we tend to attract like kinds, whether color, social class, occupation and the like. Shoot, I find myself passing the freaking commuters every single day. So that is true there. But everybody meets a minority somewhere, (or for a minority, they will meet a white person somewhere) whether in a "significant" moment or not, the manner someone reacts to the moment is the measure of character. I am not going to say that "right wingers" don't and will never care about black people, I am saying it is your obligation, especially if you have the ability to have a good life, to care about those that don't. It is the staple of christianity. You may not be worthy of God's love, but God loves you anyway. And you are obligated to love your neighbor. And like I said before, it feels really good when you do.

Posted by: Jeremy at September 4, 2005 04:48 AM

Half Yankee, Dang! here I am just a middle class citizen of the US, family of four living in South Carolina, with an Internet connection who will not be giving any money to anybody. This one post by you the bad boy Confederate Yankee has blown the comments out of the water and there's not much to add. Actually, I feel more compassion for the folks in Mississippi and elsewhere than for the folks remaining in New Orleans. They got hit just as bad by a natural disaster than the N. O. folks who should have known better than to let their city die in a flood that just maybe could have been prevented. But I hope that they make it ok.

Posted by: Southern(USA)whiteboy at September 4, 2005 05:00 AM


It is not simply crossing paths that connects us, it is those emotional/mental experiences which we collectively share that connects us.
Broadly stated, there is a disconnection that allows for the authors of some earlier blogs to turn their attention to all blacks (they) in response to an unfavorable comment made by Kanye West.
No different than when all liberals are attributed when Michael Moore and Cindy Sheehan surface.
As white people, the rules of decorum and propriety you hold regarding such sensibilites as style of dress, manner of speech etc, also extend to patterns of thought...and herein lies the disconnect b/w American races.
with the white race being dominant, blacks have to accomodate their sensibilites to make whites comfortable.
This is actually fine. We are all Americans.
My wife is white.
However, in those instances when no accomodation is present, it is then blacks are considered inferior, illegitimate or 'they'.,,and whites don't connect...
non-whites need to play by those rules of the dominant culture, to accomadate, to connect in order to be successful. Get it?
You don't have to accomodate other races to be successful. it isn't even necessary to be conscious of our existence, less you find a personal reason to...
By the way, I am polynesian/native American/black/peurto rican...with both of my parents providing half

Posted by: NewWorldMind at September 4, 2005 05:03 AM

this site made the top of google for kayne west red ccross? Confederate yankee? Am I hallucinating?
West spoke from the heart... and
"confederate yankee" complains...
"confederate yankee"?
lol some of the comments above too are just plain
racist so go figure.. I wish google had a
crap filter

Posted by: sane yankee at September 4, 2005 05:12 AM


I have to disagree with you somewhat, and I can use myself as an example. I am white, whiter than white can be. Most of my friends are white, a few of my friends are of other races. I have degrees and do professional work with mostly white people. If you passed me on the street I am afraid by your response that if you met me in a random encounter on the street you would not see me for who I truely am. I already posted my political credentials earlier, but what I failed to mention is that I gave up a consulting job to produce rap records for people I knew in my hometown, much like Kanye. It never amounted to much except a chance to showcase local talent who didn't have the technical knowhow to produce. You may be inclined to think that I am limited by what I appear to be. Many, many white people are like that, look who buys rap records, suburbanites. The whites can connect.....if you will let them. It might come across in an uncomfortable way at first. And sometimes it can be insensitive and insincere, but it's a start. And it's better to try than to not understand. People fear what they can't understand. It's human nature man.

Posted by: Jeremy at September 4, 2005 05:16 AM


Posted by: Marshall at September 4, 2005 05:16 AM

As i wrote earlier,
it is those emotional/mental experiences which we collectively share that connects us.
It would seem you and I in our experiences are capable of connecting.

Posted by: NewWorldMind at September 4, 2005 05:26 AM

NMW & Jeremy, you two debating are like trying to get two magnets of the same polarization to connect....but you're trying. But Jeremy a connection or encounter doesn't constitute an understanding.

...and NWM the disconect of american races stems from the lack of knowledge of America's TRUE demographic make-up, economics, and HISTORY of all the cultures that have LANDED here from the beginning. America is sheltered due to television, environment, and up-bringing.

Posted by: Marshall at September 4, 2005 05:27 AM

Last thing...

The point behind anything I've blogged is that many folks do not want, or have not had these connections...thus the feelings of seperatism and callousness...
Kanye West undoubtedly believes our president has not had these connections...
I've never been to any blog site before this morning, It was interesting.

Posted by: NewWorldMind at September 4, 2005 05:30 AM


But would you connect with someone who lobbed a racial slur at you?

Of course it hurts, I am a skinny dude, been short and skinny all my life. I was picked on real bad as a kid because of it. 10 years of "Jeremy Germs".

By High School, many of my former bullies were among my best friends. Because you can only bully for so long. Then they look silly and you look stronger then them. Every injustice you endure that is handled with dignity only makes you look more dignified and respectable. That's why rappers have credibility. The Bitches and 40's and Bling only attract the undignified. It'll look stupid too after a while. Dignity and respect is what lasts.

You gain dignity by challenging those that bear you injustice.

Posted by: Jeremy at September 4, 2005 05:33 AM

Marshall--good point

I think we're all sheltered in our own little groups to an extent. But could there be any other way. I wrote earlier...
A genration is 15 years OK?
19 generations of slavery or slave like relations. (1619-1865)

Another 7 generations of blatant racism, lynching etc. (1865-1965)
Do the math: We're less than 3 full generations deep in being cordial (1965-2005)!
I'm only 25!!

I think we're doing OK considering things from a historical perspective!

Posted by: NewWorldMind at September 4, 2005 05:39 AM


And what I am saying that instead of saying that these people, for this example, need to be challenged through principles that they understand...more or less, to locate the connection instead of bashing someone for having no connection. You and I both know that we are all connected in some manner. Use your gifts to find the connection. And I challenge anybody on all sides who disagree with me. Sure, all the "right wingers" have stopped writing, but someone is gonna read this. It helps to drive the message home if I am not criticizing who they are.

Posted by: Jeremy at September 4, 2005 05:40 AM


Yours and my sentiments seem to stem from introspective analysis. I don't know if most people do that with regard to their relations with others. At least not Confederate Yankee.

Posted by: NewWorldMind at September 4, 2005 05:43 AM


Then we are here for a reason. Look, I'm sorry to bust you out here, but I gotta be honest, the cheap shots at Confederate Yankee isn't helping. You seem to want to chastise him, I am asking him to reply. It's a lot easier to dissmis your messages when it's negative. He can ignore this right now if he wants to..but it's on his blog. Someone out there will read this. Now I think generally, your heart is in the right place, and the oppression that you are talking about exists and has existed. It doesn't have to exist forever. People do learn subtly whether they like it or not.

Posted by: Jeremy at September 4, 2005 05:49 AM


Sorry for the improper heading, Rush was in my head for some reason. But what I am getting at is that me and you are fisherman, and fisherman don't catch one everytime we cast. But that doesn't mean we stop being fisherman

Posted by: Jeremy at September 4, 2005 05:51 AM

I've been to many countries, some 3rd world. In the poor countries I've been in, I've seen one common factor that minorities of the US share. PRIDE! When you have nothing and are oppressed it's hard to maintain diginity, and even harder to challenge those who are oppressing you. But pride is share throughout a culture, and in most cases is to the detriment of that culture. When you have NOTHING all you can do is be proud of who you are, so being "skinny" doesn't quite relate to being called the "n" word. Bad comparison. Now blacks are to proud; so proud they scoff at opportunities availible to them for the sake of that connection with that of their peers. I THINK(?)that's the connection NWM was speaking of.

Posted by: Marshall at September 4, 2005 06:01 AM


i don't mean to be negative, but I do, even in this small space of a site, want to be visible. It's just not as simple as people would like it to be. Kanye is not just a nut (When does TIME put nuts on the cover?)
The poor aren't simply welfare recipients,
and conservatives aren't just racist.
I don't like to debate for the sake of vanity, just so i can win.
i just happen to believe: What's right is right.
I am not political or religious. But i beleive in God and I beleive he orchestrates our movements as he does the shifting of the tides.

And remember this, God loves those who mourn. Those are his people. Not the lazy, the boisterous, or the hateful, or the bigoted, or the closed-minded, or the entitlement laden...
Those who mourn...

Posted by: NewWorldMind at September 4, 2005 06:01 AM


You raise a good point about pride, but pride is a fuel, it must be well aimed. And the tide is turning toward steering that pride. I still find anger to be more destructive than pride. But I was thinking NWM was talking about white people not connecting with blacks. But it works both ways. But it works alike for all colors. White and Black folks need to chill with the "Mean Muggin" A lot of people in this world wear their anger on their faces. Once again, doing good things for others makes anger go away.....The question do you get people to help others.....a big freaking hurricane will help.

Posted by: Jeremy at September 4, 2005 06:08 AM

In terms of connections Marshall...

To give a deeper insight, many blacks who have been transgenerationally poor have developed a value system in which success in life does not necessarily correspond with mainstream society.
You've heard of hood rich?
It's gotten to the point, at least in my generation, where millions don't even bother attempting to join the workforce. There are so many other profitable (though often dangerous or unacceptable) avenues, that some would rather forego attempts at accomodation; and never aim to assimilate.
Do you follow me? It is isolation on a profound psychological level, often beyond the realm preceding generations of blacks understanding.
When I say illegitimate, I mean, does not count, does not matter. That is the way many have felt for generations...

Posted by: newWorldMind at September 4, 2005 06:11 AM


I would bet that 3/4ths of the drug dealers left in NOLA were civil and helpful. The angry ones were violent. The MO of JayZ, Biggie, Pac, and countless others is to get rich through hustling and then give back to your community.

Posted by: Jeremy at September 4, 2005 06:15 AM

i don't wanna get carried away, I think this country is OK really in terms of race relations overall. It's just not perfect, I don't think that's hard to disagree with.
People get emotional in times of distress... conversations like this b/w strangers is a positive and reassuring sign.

Posted by: NewWorldMind at September 4, 2005 06:17 AM

I feel ignored. NWM I briefly stated what you just said in the demographics, economics, & history comment...and yes 'hood rich is a term I'm familiar with, I'm amoungst it everyday. And I don't believe anything is past someone's understanding. It all depends on the patients of those willing to teach.

Last time I checked America's Black youth were as about as "well aimed" as TEK-9. You would be angry too if you were lost and had no clue how to escape the rut you're in.

Posted by: Marshall at September 4, 2005 06:22 AM

I couldn't agree with you more. We need more convos like this and a lot of the divisive talk would go away. That's the message I want to send home here. But you don't have to have this conversation just in a blog. You can have it anywhere. Maybe not with everyone, but with someone. That's why things will get better. But I think a lot of people lose their better nature and start taking snipes at divisions. It's easier to do. But if that's the conversation en vogue, people will jump in. It's like a snowball.

Posted by: Jeremy at September 4, 2005 06:23 AM


You can get out of the hood if you ask to. But, like you said, pride gets in the way. There are a lot of middle class blacks out there. The "hood" is a mindset, not a place. Now what do you do to get out of the mental hood. Self-evident. You have to realize that you are in the hood and you don't want to be. Simple enough. Unless pride gets in the way. But if you realize that this is not the attitude I want carry for my life. The reason kids in the hood think there is no future is because they are constantly bombarded with images that portray them as having no future.

Posted by: Jeremy at September 4, 2005 06:30 AM

Black youth is terribly misplaced, and consistently encourage to be moreso within and outside the hood.
I'm signing off now, but conversations like this are powerful because there is an honesty and candidness that goes beyond--the same old who did what, you don't know shit convo.
Things will get better, I'd like to see this sort of topical rapport spill into a Bill Maher/Rush Limbaugh type format.
That's when change will come.

Posted by: NewWorldMind at September 4, 2005 06:33 AM

But the truth is there is a future. With humility. Not self-loathing, but humility. The humility in knowing that they exist for a reason. with that humility comes the want for knowledge. Like I have been saying. The most important piece of knowledge is that when you help others, you feel better about yourself. The better you feel about yourself, the more you rise above the hood mentality. It is kinda a catch-22. The more you think things are hopless, the more hopless things will be. The more you think you are worth something, the more worthy you will become.

Posted by: Jeremy at September 4, 2005 06:34 AM


Thank you for your thoughtful comments too. It is needed and important. I ask you to do me a favor though. Help a white person tommorow. I am not being smart, I'm being serious. Come back on here and e-mail me about it.

One love brother,

Posted by: Jeremy at September 4, 2005 06:36 AM

With all due respect, Getting out of the hood is far from simple.

It's more recognizing that there is a hood and you are in it, you have to have first hand exposure with the 'middle class' to where you feel there is a place for you beyond its realm.
And that is where the importance of this whole disconnect comes in...This is where right-wingers fond of talking about a 'victim mentality'have a field day...
What doesn't get fed dies. there comes a point where exposure and a sense of belonging become critical. (by the way, not all blacks come from the slums, some are born quite well off :)

Posted by: NewWorldMind at September 4, 2005 06:41 AM


First of all you are right with that last comment and I was specifically referring to less fortunate blacks for sure and I apoligize for the misstep. I didn't say it was easy. Especially adjusting to the middle class. Once again though, with humility is the ability to learn. There is one thing about the middle class, especially lower middle class....they appreciate effort, and they give people second chances. Like I said before, the conversation may not come out right, but it will start. We all get used to someone the more we are around them.

As far as what doesn't get fed, if you are all alone in the world, God is still walking with you. The best way to get to know someone, ask them a question. You win twice: You gain knowledge and you make a connection. It's hard, especially for the shy, but you get used to it.

Posted by: Jeremy at September 4, 2005 06:48 AM

Well fellas it was nice conversing. I'm doing my part to have these conversation in my book that's due out in the fall. For more info, contact me on my email address. It really pains me to exit such stimulating convo........but I got to go.

Posted by: marshall at September 4, 2005 06:48 AM

What's your book, I know major publishers

Posted by: Jeremy at September 4, 2005 06:51 AM

If you are making a book of timely blog conversations and it was done right, I think you are on to something.

Posted by: Jeremy at September 4, 2005 06:52 AM

I too am a day past my bedtime so night yall, I'll check back on here later....You guys realize that we hijacked a right-wing blog with logic. It can happen.....I'm not a democrat, and I am not a republican either. But, I think we just nixed the misguided notion that there are not good ideas out there.

Posted by: Jeremy at September 4, 2005 06:55 AM

NWM: "Confederate Yankee...I know your kind." Prejudice comes shining through!

Posted by: bill912 at September 4, 2005 09:13 AM

Sean Jean
You have obivously never been to a trailer park! Deep within these dwellings lay WHITE people believe it or not, who are just as repressed, just as looked down, and just as poor as the black people you so deperately try to defend.
I was vraised a young poor, shy white girl who grew up in the projects in the very ghetto southern state of Georgia. I was relentlessly black balled and I got jumped on an almost daily bases for no other reason than just because I happened to be 1 out of the maybe 8 white people in thw whole neighborhood. My mother was a crack head and my father died when I was very small. That was the only family I had until I was taken by childeren's services and moved areound form place to place. Statistically I should have 3 kids by now by 3 different men,living it up in the projects on welfare just like good ol' mom, and hit the crack pipe.
I, on the other hand, went into the army when I was barely 17, got my self out of that enviroment. Now I am 23, I own my own house, drive a brand new car, have a college degree, and have a career in real estate. With that said, I think it is very ignorant of you to assume that just because you are white, you have money. The reality is trash is trash regardless of what color you are, and nobody likes poor white trash, just like no one likes ghetto blacks. All those poor helpless blacks that you keep talking about can get off their asses, and get jobs as well as ample grants from the govenment for education, and get their shit together just like I did. There is no excuse for laziness!!!! So stop making them. The only people repressing black people, are other black people making rap songs about how cool it is and actualling giving "street cred" fo those who get welfare checks, and how pimp you are if you have 5 girls knocked up, and how big of a thug you are if broke the law and landed yourself in jail, prison, or on probation.

Posted by: Brandy at September 4, 2005 09:20 AM

Kayne Wests protest against the Federal, State, and Local governments preparation for and response to the Hurricane is a legitimate complaint. It did not orginate with West nor did it come from the Left wing blowhorns, but rather from the street, from the refugees. Mr. West took advantage of the situation to give air to a grievance screamed from the center of the destruction. Mr. West took advantage of the networks airing the telethon.

The media is dominated by private companies that speak for their owners and shareholders. It is non democratic, and largely non consensual. All the governments in our country may speak a good speak about freedom of the press, but that is all it amounts to. It is an illusion. Freedom for a select few to voice their views and commands. It takes what some would deem unscrupulous tactics at times to get a view heard. Everyone from the 'right', the 'middle', and the 'left' can attest to that! Or it takes a hurricane to rip away the facade to expose the ugly truth about great poverty and inequality. We all live under the same boot.

One cannot use the internet as the great savior and proof of freedom of the press. If that were the case putting a note in a bottle and tossing it into the vast sea could be considered proof of freedom of the press.

George Bush is the frontman. He sits at the top, the most visible, the one that History watches. He, with the help of his handlers, molded an image of a no nonsense can-do person. Whether that was fact or fantasy is not for me to say. Basically I guess its all part of the game.

In the end Mr. West was expressing a view held by many in the South.

What would any of you do? Sit by, swallow your beliefs? Smile for the cameras? Smile!

Posted by: Bryan at September 4, 2005 09:40 AM

Here's a portion of a Washington Post story I found on another blog. And, here is its link.

Behind the scenes, a power struggle emerged, as federal officials tried to wrest authority from Louisiana Gov. Kathleen Babineaux Blanco (D). Shortly before midnight Friday, the Bush administration sent her a proposed legal memorandum asking her to request a federal takeover of the evacuation of New Orleans, a source within the state's emergency operations center said Saturday.

The administration sought unified control over all local police and state National Guard units reporting to the governor. Louisiana officials rejected the request after talks throughout the night, concerned that such a move would be comparable to a federal declaration of martial law. Some officials in the state suspected a political motive behind the request. "Quite frankly, if they'd been able to pull off taking it away from the locals, they then could have blamed everything on the locals," said the source, who does not have the authority to speak publicly.

A senior administration official said that Bush has clear legal authority to federalize National Guard units to quell civil disturbances under the Insurrection Act and will continue to try to unify the chains of command that are split among the president, the Louisiana governor and the New Orleans mayor.

Louisiana did not reach out to a multi-state mutual aid compact for assistance until Wednesday, three state and federal officials said. As of Saturday, Blanco still had not declared a state of emergency, the senior Bush official said.

"The federal government stands ready to work with state and local officials to secure New Orleans and the state of Louisiana," White House spokesman Dan Bartlett said. "The president will not let any form of bureaucracy get in the way of protecting the citizens of Louisiana."

Blanco made two moves Saturday that protected her independence from the federal government: She created a philanthropic fund for the state's victims and hired James Lee Witt, Federal Emergency Management Agency director in the Clinton administration, to advise her on the relief effort.

Nothing about this disaster or the relief efforts is about racism. And to claim so, by any "entertainer" or any political leader is completely abhorrent. I'm originally from New York and was so proud of the response from my home state and the country after 9/11. This is a time for our political leaders to pull Americans together (as Guiliani did). Any leader who causes diviseness and stirs the pot during this trying time is pathetic, but dangerous.

Posted by: es197 at September 4, 2005 09:41 AM

Hasnt anyone taken a political science course? If you had you would know that EVERYTHING is political. Bush hugging and kissing two survivors is political. Its all apart of the system.

Posted by: Bryan at September 4, 2005 09:43 AM

Bryan is another with a rich fantasy life.

Posted by: bill912 at September 4, 2005 10:20 AM

In the end Mr. West was expressing a view held by many in the South."

Would that be the belief that "George Bush doesn't like black people", or some of his eariler statements, such as that man (meaning of course, The MAN) created AIDs to kill blacks in Africa?

Or how about that crack was create to destroy the Black Panther Party?

West is a not only a racist in his own right, but an idiot. Sorry, but I don't know many people who would hold with his hysterical views.

Posted by: Confederate Yankee at September 4, 2005 10:45 AM

This is to all the white people posting on this board, and all the other whites for that matter. Why do you even try to debate with these racist blacks? There is NOTHING that will ever change the black mindset because the liberals had too much mind control over their generation. The only sad part is that the very blacks that are brainwashed are passing it on to their next generations. Whites and blacks will NEVER get along. We whites and blacks were made different from each other, we came from different lands and and we do not even THINK alike.

What we saw in New Orleans is basically this: we saw what happens to the blacks when you take away the white man from propping them up. IT IS THAT SIMPLE.

Posted by: WhiteyTheMan at September 4, 2005 10:46 AM

To state the obvious... an analysis of America's response to this disaster is absolutely critical and of course, politics will play a role in that analysis. But, accusing America of not responding fast enough due to racism? And to state that our President hates black people? There is no defense of such a statement. You can disagree with everything Bush is doing politically but that kind of accusation which is coming from Kayne West AND OTHERS is just plain wrong. Wrong!

This country, just like every other country, has its share of racists and other problems. So, Canada, don't look down your nose at us! The majority of Americans are good people, not racists. And these good Americans are donating time, money and supplies to people of every color. From everything I have read, the blame for the delayed response can be shared at every local, state & federal level. However, to say we didn't respond fast enough because of race is not only embarrassing our nation but it is embarrassing us based on a lie. Some of our leaders seem to enjoy fueling resentment and bitterness. We have to turn our backs to them and shut our ears. Look at what you see today and the response from our American citizens... especially those Texans. My hat is off to you!

Posted by: es197 at September 4, 2005 10:56 AM

To Whiteytheman: about my last comment that every country has its "share of racists"... I think we just found one of them. Go away you slime. Take your hate speech somewhere else.

Posted by: es197 at September 4, 2005 11:02 AM

I do believe that Kanye West also stated on a radio interview that he believes black people are more racist than white people because they feel they have the right to be.

Posted by: 201en at September 4, 2005 11:45 AM

Confederate Yankee doesn't care about black people!
Any statements whites make about blacks (and vice versa) not aimed at an understanding is just bashing, it's pointless and counterproductive.
And since i know that, my takes are worthless here....
Kanye was right...George Bush doesn't care about black people, not because he is racist, simply because I don't think he has a connection, feel true empathy, with others of varying culturual/economic backgrounds....
He's not racist, he simply doesn't care.

Posted by: NewWorldMind at September 4, 2005 12:27 PM

It seems to me that the only thing that wasn't racist in this whole horrible event was the Hurricane.Let me prove it.It killed Blacks,Whites,Animals,Plant life and everything else that had the missfortune to be in it's path.Grow up all of you and HELP OUT

Posted by: kenupnorth at September 4, 2005 12:28 PM


Back already?

Posted by: Jeremy at September 4, 2005 01:17 PM

And once again, to those of you who are calling Kanye a racist and ignorant again, don't know his full story. He has become very emotional given the circumstances. He comes from a black activist party, so his views may lean that way. BUT, if you learn about him and his music, you will learn that he is truely a good person. A good person with some flaws. Anybody who would rather blast someone than try to find the good in someone and build on that has the same flaw.

Posted by: Jeremy at September 4, 2005 01:22 PM

As for WhiteytheMan, you are simply incorrect and falsely pessimistic. There is a human connection that transcends race. For elaboration, please ask Jesus Christ to guide you to the truth. Unless he is too liberal for your political spectrum. White and black people can and do get along on many fronts, even down here in the south. Once you jump on that bandwagon too and see past the anger and hatred from all sides, you will see a shift in perspective that will allow you to see how important you really are and your capacity to help solve problems instead of blaming others for their flaws.

Posted by: Jeremy at September 4, 2005 01:43 PM

Brandy congratulations you have overcome much and i applaud you. Someone above mentioned its tough to get out of the "hood", yes it takes hard work and a strong desire to change your lot in life whatever that may be. When they rebuild NO people of any race who move back into "projects" dominated by violence and inhabited by failures they doom themselves to the same fate.Life is full of choices and we live with are decisions daily.

It may be tough to get out of the "hood" but for smart people that witnessed the bad behaviour in NO it would be tougher to go back to the "hood" and cohabitate with the murderers and rapists (few though they are) that will surely return to those haunts they know best. NO victims of Katrina save yourselfs and relocate to a calm suburban or rural community and not to the cesspool that is public housing.

Posted by: scooter at September 4, 2005 02:14 PM

As this comment thread has completely devolved, it is being locked.

Help the victims of Hurricane Katrina, whether they are white, black, pink, brown or yellow. The original intent of this thread was to point out that Kanye West, long-time conspiracy theorist, dropout, and general idiot, made appalled people turn away from those in need with comments he made during a telethon.

Kanye West cost the Red Cross money with his racist conspiracy theories, and that is a fact that I gathered from talking to Red Cross call center supervisors, personally. It is not up for debate.

All that is water under the bridge. If you are pissed at the Red Cross (you should not be), donate to another worthy charity like Mercy Corps or Samaritan' Purse.

If you are pissed at NBC for not dumping West's comments before they hit the airwaves (you should be, because they could have), call or write NBC to voice your displeasure for their role in needless politicizing this telethon.

But above all, take care of those in need.

Once that is done, there will be a debate on culture, but that can wait for now.

Perhaps a tectonic shift in the understanding of the expectation of failure being built into certain cultures (not races, but cultures) by the policies of "handout liberalism" might make the unwilling sacrifices of Hurricane Katrina worthwhile in decades to come.

Posted by: Confederate Yankee at September 4, 2005 02:44 PM