December 01, 2005

Which President Were They Protesting?

This is CNN:

The caption claims that, "a protestor watches a presidential helicopter fly overhead," but I have a simple question for CNN and the Associated Press... president of what?

The helicopter pictured above is a CH-46 Sea Knight, which doesn't even remotely look like the Sikorsky VH-3D flown by Marine Helicopter Squadron One and used to transport President Bush, pictured here:

The helicopter in the CNN/AP photo has twin main rotors. Marine One, the helicopter used in presidential transport, has one main rotor, with a much smaller tail rotor.

While dramtic license certainly makes for a dramatic photo, I have ask again: Which president were they protesting? It certainly wasn't ours.

Posted by Confederate Yankee at December 1, 2005 09:16 PM | TrackBack


The caption is right -- the protester was protesting President Bush. The AP photographer blew it and photographed the wrong helo.

I saw President Bush's helicopter last fall, when he was enroute to a nearby campaign appearance. Actually I saw two helicopters: one was Marine One, the other was a CH-46 Sea Knight. I thought at the time that the Sea Knight was carrying either presidential aides or reporters or both. It's not much of a sample, but I'd guess that this CH-46 accompanies Marine One on any flight to a public appearance, and it was that helo that's pictured.

Posted by: wolfwalker at December 1, 2005 10:28 PM

The President also uses UH-60 (VH-60?) Blackhawk helos for short range transport, but most definitely not Sea Knights, as shown in that photo.

Posted by: Nathan Fortner at December 2, 2005 08:02 AM

Oh, does this fall into the new journalistic category of "false but accurate"? Marine Helicopter Squadron One may have CH-46 aircraft for support, but the president does not fly aboard them. So, to say the CH-46 is a "presdiential helicopter" falls in the false and inaccurate category.

Posted by: Old Soldier at December 2, 2005 08:09 AM

Yes, MHSO has VH-60 aircraft, which are primarily used for staff and lesser dignitaries. The CINC may climb aboard a VH-60 if his VH-3 breaks and an immediate replacement VH-3 is not available.

Posted by: Old Soldier at December 2, 2005 08:14 AM

HMX-1 flies the following aircraft, VH-3, CH-46, CH-53, & VH-60. The President flies in the VH-3 most of the time (when I was in this squadron, there were 9 of these). He will fly in the VH-60 when the mission profile (size, range, speed, altitude, manouverability, transportabilty to remote locations) is applicable. The CH-46's & CH-53's are used as support aircraft and carry maintenance and security personel. They also carry some reporters (got to sit beside Cronkite one time, whoop-te-doo). Ignorant protestors do not who flies on what. They are just hamming for the press and the press is ignorant (they cover the President and should know the facts) and above thier head in BDS.

Posted by: Mike at December 2, 2005 08:28 PM

I was at the event in Baltimore on Wednesday. We passed a little posse of about 5 scruffy protestors on our way to the parking lot. We watched the President arrive from his event at the Naval Academy. There were a total of 5 helicopters, one landed a press gaggle. It was great fun to stand at the windows of the club level of the (Ravens) Stadium and watch the arrival process. An abbreviated motorcade brought the president from Marine One into the stadium.

Posted by: Maica at December 4, 2005 12:13 PM