December 03, 2005

Final Landings, First Flights

Two very different stories emerged December 2nd from part of the Iraqi military that most Americans don't even know exists -- The Iraqi Air Force.

The Chicago Tribune released a story about an Iraqi Air Force pilot that made history this past August, as Capt. Ali Hussam Abass became the first Iraqi service member honored with a hero's burial at Arlingon National Cemetery.

Abass saved the life of an American pilot after an emergency landing May 10, and was killed 20 days later a crash on May 30. His remains shared a crypt along with four American airmen that died with him.

He is one of only 63 foreign nationals interred In Arlington.

Baghdad International Airport, Iraq -- An Iraqi C-130E arrives here at New Al Muthana. It was the first solo mission flown by an all Iraqi aircrew.
(U.S. Air Force photo)

Back in Iraq, an all-Iraqi nine-man crew from the 23rd Iraqi Squadron flew a solo mission aboard a C-130E from Ali Air Base to New Al Muthana Nov. 28, it was released. It was the first flight of an all-Iraqi crewed plane in the new Iraqi Air Force.

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Not much but it is a start.

Posted by: Shoprat at December 3, 2005 08:42 AM

I wonder if they helped to arrange their own "kidnappings."

Posted by: Psychotic at December 3, 2005 09:30 AM