December 05, 2005

I Do Believe He's Got You Covered

Operation Enduring Service blogger and Beauchamp Tower CEO Ward Brewer is about to become the ultimate "gun blogger" on December 7, 2005 when he takes possession of the last serving Fletcher-class destroyer from World War II.

The USS John Rodgers (DD-574) under sail in an undated photo.

Armed with 5 5 in (127 mm) guns, 10 40 mm AA guns, 7 20 mm AA guns, 10 21 in (533 mm) torpedo tubes, 6 depth charge projectors, and 2 depth charge tracks, the USS John Rodgers (DD-574) was a last serving Fletcher-class destroyer. The 5.5 inch gun could hurl a 54 lb. shell at a surface target over 10 miles away, and the John Rodgers fired 3,600 such rounds at targets on Guam alone during WWII.

The USS John Rodgers (DD-574) will become a floating WWII museum. Read more about the Rodgers' history at Wikipedia. Read more about Operation Enduring Service on its home page or blog.

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Just a small grammar note: You shouldn't use "the" in front of the name. It's simply "USS John Rodgers" or "John Rodgers", etc. Most non-webfeet wouldn't catch that bit, but it's the correct useage when referring to ships by their names.



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