January 05, 2006

The Problem of Parenting Pancakes

This is simply too surreal (via Captain Ed):

PALESTINIAN society disintegrated further yesterday as gunmen from the ruling Fatah movement tried to kidnap the parents of an American activist who died trying to halt the demolition of Gaza homes, while other militants destroyed part of Gaza's border wall with Egypt - killing two guards...

...Yesterday's rampages began at about 2am, when six gunmen, angered over al-Hams's arrest, attempted to abduct charity workers Craig and Cindy Corrie, whose daughter Rachel was killed three years ago by an Israeli bulldozer.

Rachel Corrie AKA Saint Pancake, for those of you unexposed to her before, was an idealistic, clueless, and quite possibly accidental American terrorist supporter accidentally killed by an Israeli bulldozer while trying to protect a home covering the opening to a Palestinian weapons-smuggling tunnel.

Rachel Corrie burns a hand-drawn American flag

What. Freaking. Idiots.

As Captain Ed says, the most destructive thing Israel ever did to the Palestinians was set them free to murder and rob themselves into oblivion. That they would attack their own allies (Egyptians and/or the Corries, take your pick), just shows them even more incapable of governing themselves than we ever thought possible.

I wonder if the idealistic Corrie family will wise up before they, too, are killed for a Palestinian state that is nothing less than a self-perpetuating wasteland.

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Just found ya love the sub title on the blog can we pull the feeding tube.
Redneck Granny Rides Again

Posted by: Patty Aka Redneck Granny at January 5, 2006 09:55 PM

Corrie was a student at Evergreen State College near Olympia, Washington. Well noted for its academic torpor and laid atmoshpere, I mean laid back atmosphere, Evergreen actually gave Corrie life-credits for her excellent work helping terrorists smuggle weapons into Israel to blow up buses full of children, market places, commuters and restaurants.

In another instance, a young Evergreen student who joined the army and served in Iraq protecting people from the terrorists was denied life-credit for his work. Hmmmmm.

Posted by: Rickvid in Seattle at January 6, 2006 06:31 PM