January 05, 2006

Pat Robertson: Left Behind

Ever hear of the very popular apocolyptic fiction series Left Behind?

The general plot revolves around the Rapture, an End Times event where all true Christians will be carried up to Heaven and those who are not true Christians will be left behind.

Pat Robertson make be one of the most famous ministers in America, but comments like these makes me think Pat better get ready to wave as others go by:

US evangelical broadcaster Pat Robertson suggested Ariel Sharon's stroke was divine retribution for "dividing God's land" of Israel, igniting his latest trademark controversy.

As the Israeli prime minister battled for life, Robertson seemed to suggest to viewers on his "700 Club" television show that Sharon was being punished for his policies in Gaza and the West Bank.

"The prophet Joel makes it very clear that God has enmity against those who, quote, 'divide my land.' God considers this land to be his.

"You read the Bible, he says, 'This is my land.' And for any prime minister of Israel who decides he's going carve it up and give it away, God says, 'No. This is mine.'"

Robertson, who frequently provokes outrage with his remarks, said he was "sad" to see Sharon fall sick, and that he was a "very likeable person."

"I prayed with him personally. But here he is at the point of death. He was dividing God's land, and I would say woe unto any prime minister of Israel who takes a similar course to appease the EU, the United Nations or the United States of America."

"God said, 'This land belongs to me, you better leave it alone.'"

These comments betray a man who seems to think he personally knows the will of God.

I think about one guy knew that, and he had a family connection. Anybody else claiming knowledge of divine will seems to strike me as a false prophet, and more than a little bit of a joke.

Posted by Confederate Yankee at January 5, 2006 10:33 PM | TrackBack

As a seriously devout evangelical Christian, I find Pat Robertson to be a colossal embarrassment for exactly the reason you state.

Posted by: GradualDazzle at January 6, 2006 01:21 AM

Pat Robertson has marginalized his testimony. Unfortunately he also presents a clear example for nonbelievers to point to as a reason to be suspicious of “Christianity.” Pat could best serve the Lord by retiring and remaining quiet until he leaves this earth.

Posted by: Old Soldier at January 6, 2006 08:14 AM

Pat does have, unfortunately, a following of like minded people.

Posted by: Locomotive Breath at January 6, 2006 08:49 AM
Pat does have, unfortunately, a following of like minded people.

So does Howard Dean... *grin*

Posted by: Elephant Man at January 6, 2006 09:55 AM

Robertson is clueless when it comes to his statements, not just for the reasons stated above.

Factually speaking, Israel might not even exist today but for Sharon's tactical and strategic brilliance in the Yom Kippur War on the Sinai front.

Posted by: lawhawk at January 6, 2006 10:47 AM

Sharon's abandonment of Gaza was just doing what a good general would do: shorten his lines.

That he had the stones to do that in the face of radicals demanding continued occupation is something to be admired.

He's a tough old bastard; and obviously far smarter than Pat Robertson could hope to be.

Posted by: Fat Bastard at January 6, 2006 05:02 PM

Mr. Robertson has been a dufous for years; recall how he prayed a hurricane away from his compound or some such some years ago. Of course, it did then hit a lot of other folks, but I am sure they deserved it.

Posted by: Rickvid in Seattle at January 6, 2006 06:26 PM

Hmmm. How does the Rearend Robertson reconcile God's anger with the fact that elsewhere He promised a lifespan of three-score and ten years, and Sharon has already lived three-score and ten and seven?
Quoting Scripture for false purpose, sounding holy, smiling a lot and being charming (read oily) while leading people down the false path, and pretending to God's Own wisdom. The Rearend Robertson sounds more than a little like what me might expect of the Antichrist? Hmmmmm.

Posted by: Rurik at January 7, 2006 05:57 PM

I belive Pat's comment are right on. I will further at that American is also under judgement to. Look at what has happen to the US since the Jews had to leave Gaze we have had 3 hurricanes, floods in the east, floods in the west, now fire in the plains. God many times use weather as a form of judgement. You may not beleive this, but I think we are about to enter Daniel's 70th week. You can read about it the book of Daniel and Revelation.

Posted by: David at January 9, 2006 08:40 PM

Have any of you confirmed through prayer in the Holy Spirit that Mr. Robertson is not saved and falsely professing Christ?
I'd like to believe somebody as presumptous, self-willed and greedy, as him, and also using an apparent godliness as a means of gain--both political and economic, who fearmongers and pronounces 'woes' upon those children of Abraham that God has blessed, invoking authority he does not have, speaking folly, and misapplying the word of God is not--and thus psuedo-brethren, but rushing to judgement is not wise.
Remember the words of our Lord Jesus Christ--with what measure ye mete it shall be meted unto you.
Be careful how you judge.
A wise son makes his father glad.

Posted by: Sean at February 2, 2006 08:00 PM