January 27, 2006

The Freedom to be Offended

Per haps if they didn't act like cattle – Holocaust-denying, occasionally explosive cattle - then an "Annual Stampede Report" wouldn't be necessary:

The Council on American-Islamic Relations asked for an apology from KFI-AM 640 host Bill Handel, who allegedly made fun of the deaths the same day they happened during a segment he called the "Annual Stampede Report."

A spokeswoman for KFI, which is owned by Clear Channel Communications, did not immediately return a message left Thursday. Handel's producer, Michelle Kube, also did not return calls for comment. Handel had left work for the day and attempts to reach him were unsuccessful.

At least 363 pilgrims were killed and hundreds injured in a stampede Jan. 12 in Mecca, where thousands of people were rushing to carry out a symbolic ritual of stoning the devil.

According to the civil liberties group, Handel imitated the people screaming and then joked that the Muslims at the pilgrimage should use a helicopter to monitor pilgrimage traffic, as is done in Los Angeles with the freeways.

CAIR, which has alleged ties to Hezbollah, Hamas, and the ACLU, needs to develop a sense of humor. If they can't, I'm sure Michael Jackson has room of them in his abaya in Bahrain. (If you click the link, Michael is the woman on the left side of the picture).

Posted by Confederate Yankee at January 27, 2006 07:31 AM | TrackBack

Mr. Handel hit the nail right on the head....The CAIR, ACLU, and anybody else that don't like it can get the hell out of my country....LIBERALISM IS A MENTAL DISORDER..!!!!

Posted by: Lyn Dyer at January 27, 2006 04:41 PM

I will begin to take them seriously when they ask Hamas to apologize for being terrorists, and ask them every day until Hamas aspologizes.

Posted by: Kevin at January 27, 2006 11:11 PM