May 25, 2006

Ignoring the Rule of Holes

You've got to hand it to House Speaker Denny Hastert: he's all about novel interpretations:

House Speaker Dennis Hastert accused the Justice Department Thursday of trying to intimidate him in retaliation for criticizing the FBI's weekend raid on a congressman's office, escalating a searing battle between the executive and legislative branches of government.

"This is one of the leaks that come out to try to, you know, intimidate people," Hastert said on WGN radio Thursday morning. "We're just not going to be intimidated on it."

Asked later Thursday whether he thought he Justice Department retaliated against him with the leak, Hastert replied: "All I'm saying is, here are the dots. People can connect any dots they want to."


Within minutes of that report late Wednesday, the department issued the first of two denials that it was investigating Hastert. The speaker demanded a retraction from ABC News, which stood by its story. Hastert on Thursday threatened to sue the network and reporters and executives for libel and defamation.

So Hastert believes that the Justice Department is trying to "you know, intimidate people," by first leaking false information about him to an ABC reporter, and then almost immediately and officially contradicting the false information in the strongest of terms. One would think if the Department of Justice was truly out to stain the Speaker as he maintains, they'd let the stain "set," and not issue a near immediate denial of the charge against him.

Of course, logic hasn't factored into much of what the Speaker of the House has uttered in the past week, so perhaps we shouldn't be too surprised at his foolish consistency.

Posted by Confederate Yankee at May 25, 2006 02:20 PM | TrackBack

Even though I do not agree with Hastert's about the constitutionality of the FBI doing a search of a Congressperson's offices, I suspect that what we have here is ABC run amok. We have seen a lot of this over the past few years - MSM trying to site anonymous sources to make government officials look bad. Same old story.....

Posted by: Specter at May 25, 2006 07:17 PM

If the FBI can't investigate corrupt politicians, we are well and truly lost.

Me doth thinketh Hastert protesteth too much.

Posted by: Purple Avenger at May 25, 2006 10:48 PM

The good thing PA is that the FBI went ahead and did it anyways. Good for them. But the article about the investigation into Hastert, blowhard that he is over the whole "constitutionality" thing, is just smear. Something MSM made up. Again.

Posted by: Specter at May 26, 2006 07:47 AM