June 06, 2006

A Rather Dim View on Atrocity Reporting

Former CBS Evening News anchor Dan Rather apparently advocates the killing of newsmen who report on suspected war crimes.

In "Lone Star," an unauthorized bio of Rather out this September, Alan Weisman writes that [Morley] Safer "has not been a friend of Rather's for years, since their days in Vietnam." The final straw came when Rather took over for Safer not long after Safer's jolting report about the burning of a Vietnam village by a platoon of U.S. Marines.

"When Rather replaced me . . . he went to a group of Marines and said, 'If I were you guys, I would have shot him.' Or words to that effect," Safer tells Weisman. "And that my report should never have gone on the air." Asked whether Rather had ripped his fellow newsman to cozy up with the troops, Safer bristles, "Who the hell knows why? Have I ever confronted him about it? No. Now we just have a polite relationship."

Of course, this might not mean that Gunga Dan would support shooting today's reporters.

He might just have a different perspective on this war entirely.

Praise be to AllahPundit for the link.

Posted by Confederate Yankee at June 6, 2006 10:29 AM | TrackBack

Remember this: there have been atrocities, small or large, in EVERY WAR. IF the Haditha accusations prove more or less true, IT DOES NOT CHANGE the legitimacy of pursuing the war AND the peace in Iraq!

It is STILL a courageous, righteous and just decision, and STILL appreciated by most of the people of Iraq!

Posted by: Karridine at June 6, 2006 10:03 PM