June 30, 2006

Tour De Turtle Bay

Isn't it an almost perfect metaphor?

American power dominates for years over European interests, and is then accused of using underhanded nefarious means to achieve the pinnacle of success. We find out later that it was the Americans won because of our unmatched work ethic, while the Europeans who cried that we were cheating, were actually guilty themselves the entire time.

Sounds a bit like the Oil for Food Scandal, doesn"t it? Guess again:

France — Favorites Jan Ullrich, Ivan Basso and other cyclists were barred Friday from the Tour de France in the biggest doping scandal to hit cycling in years. The decision to prevent Ullrich, Basso and others from racing threw the sport's premier race into upheaval the day before it begins.

Tour director Christian Prudhomme said the organizers' determination to fight doping was "total."

"The enemy is not cycling, the enemy is doping," he said.

Doping of course, is what seven-time American Tour De France Winner Lance Armstrong has repeatedly been accused of, and a charge he has repeatedly denied. Every time he has been vindicated, the latest time just four days ago.

Americans win, and continue to win, through unrelenting work, while soft, decadent western Europeans break the rules and still continue to come up short.

Someone please tell me why American liberals (John Kerry would be a prime example) so aspire to be like these people. Is cheating to lose that much fun?

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C-Yank, .."American liberals, (John Kerry would be a prime example)" Scott Armstrong would be another example..from your fellow traveler over at Voluntarilyconservative...

Lance Armstrong beats down the Alps
To no one's surprise, Lance Armstrong claimed the yellow jersey following today's stage, the first in the Alps. Bill Hobbs, who has been following the Tour on a stage-by-stage basis, has today's latest.

Lance is obviously a great story, but he perplexes me. Victories over cancer, the world's toughest bike race, and peers that have sought to disparage his reputation by linking him to drug use should make a man thankful for his wonderful life. Lance is thankful, but only to himself. If any man should recognize the divine intervention in his life, it is Lance Armstrong. Yet he remains to this day an atheist. He believes in "I"dolotry - as in "I can do this," "I am powerful enough to do that," and "I can save myself." It baffles me that one of God's most gifted creatures can't even acknowledge that He exists.

I suppose I shouldn't be so naive. Armstrong is very much anti-Second Amendment, pro-abortion, and against the liberation of Iraq. Heck, he dates someone who is radically to the Left in Sheryl Crow (who once showed remarkable maturity when she told a stunned group of 13-year-old girls, "If you want to turn on your boyfriend, get naked and strap on an accordion"), which is a far cry from his ex-wife (you know, the one who comforted him through cancer, bore his beautiful children, and assisted his return to cycling), who is a devout Catholic. I pray that Lance realizes that the gold crucifix that hangs around his neck isn't just a piece of jewelry, and that the gifts he is blessed with don't come from human sources. BB-Idaho

Posted by: Bob Bjerke at July 4, 2006 10:25 PM