August 09, 2006


As I hoped they would, Democratic primary voters in Connecticut unleashed "nedrenaline" on an unsuspecting American public last night, as the single-issue candidate Ned Lamont beat long-time Democratic Senator Joe Liebermann by four percentage points.

Liberals are of course loving this, one even dropping in a taunting comment in my last post on the primary race,"Scared to death, aren't you?"

Err, not quite.

The Lamont victory, which may be known in years to come as the "Lamonticide" of the Democratic Party, is precisely what conservatives would have hope for if we were voting (and judging by the number of new voters and voters who switched parties prior ot the election, we may have) in Connecticut last night. Lamont's vicotry speech chant of "troops out now!" with Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton over either shoulder couldn't have been scripted better if it had been written by Ann Coulter and filmed by Rush Limbaugh. It was the perfect re-introduction of a McGovernite Democratic party as it would occur in Karl Rove's dreams.

Shlock waves rippled across the country almost immediately. A giddy Kos immediately said Senator Joe Lieberman is not a real Democrat, and proclaimed he should to be stripped of his committee appointments.

New York Times editorial this morning fatally misunderestimated the average American's intelligence as it tried to label the Daily Kos/Code Pink/Cindy Sheehan fringe "moderates," while fellow "moderate" Michael Moore, in all of his bloated myopia, issued a threat to all Democratic congressmen and senators that they better play by the rules of the radical left, or else.

Ned Lamont's win has galvanized the netroots and encouraged the progressive movement's most partisan fringe to bring forth their most barbaric yawps.

It is, in short, a disaster in the making. Moderate voters to retch as the netroot's most vile proponents are thrust on stage. By the time November rolls around and moderate Democrats and independents flee the now-radicalized left that has run roughshod over the exclusionist Democratic Party, the radicals will too late learn that the active ingredient in "nedrenaline" is syrup of ipecac.

Posted by Confederate Yankee at August 9, 2006 12:49 PM | TrackBack

Speaking of the two stoogies, why were Jesse and Al there in the first place? Neither of them live in Connecticut. I know why - "we help you now, you help u$ later" If elected, Lamont will help fund some of their causes for their support in the primary. Connecticutians will not only see more money disappear before it reaches their wallets but it will be going out of state as well. If this happens, I'll be laughing my *ss off. I hope Neddy gives all the taxpayers' money to Al and Jesse. LOL.

Posted by: bws at August 9, 2006 08:15 PM

I'm sure you're just about to write the same story about Rep Schwarz who lost a primary to his hard-right opponent, right?

Oh, and I'm sure that since this is such a "disaster" for the Democrats, the Republicans should have no trouble holding on to their majorities in both houses come November.

I mean if they lose seats, how, exactly is this a disaster? I await your (cribbed from some of the more intelligent conservative blogs) answers.

Posted by: beedlebaum at August 10, 2006 04:27 PM