September 27, 2006

Legacy of Lies

The Clintons, the Media, and the WMD Attack On America They Refused to Tell You About

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich has jumped into the controversy over Bill Clinton's hissy fit this past Sunday, stating that Clinton likely went into the interview predetermined to pick a fight:

"I think that as the most experienced professional in the Democratic Party, he didn't walk onto that set and suddenly get upset," Gingrich said. "He probably decided in advance he was going to pick a fight with Chris Wallace."

This, Gingrich said, may have been a good strategy.

"I think as a calculated political decision, it's reasonably smart," he said.

Perhaps Clinton did calculate his response, but I don't know that by casting a light on the common post-/9/11 perception that Clinton obviously didn't do enough to deter terrorism—a perception shared by Osama bin Laden himself—that he calculated wisely.

Senator Clinton attempted to defend her husband yesterday, saying that:

"I'm certain that if my husband and his national security team had been shown a classified report entitled 'Bin Laden Determined to Attack Inside the United States,' he would have taken it more seriously than history suggests it was taken by our current president and his national security team."

This is a categorical lie, easily disproven.

The 1993 World Trade Center bombing, financed by al Qaeda's Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, was the first—and to date only—WMD attack in America by al Qaeda and Iraq-affiliated terrorists.

If you have never heard this before, it is because the Clinton Administration downplayed the facts of the case, and a compliant and overwhelmingly liberal mainstream media still refuses to deliver the facts to the America people.

Ramzi Yousef, a Kuwaiti-born al Qaeda terrorist using an Iraqi passport, concocted a plan to detonate a large ammonium nitrate bomb in the basement-level parking decks of WTC 1. The primary intent was to have the foundation of Tower 1 compromised, toppling it into WTC 2, bringing both buildings down and killing as many as possible of the 50,000 people who worked there.

Abdul Rahman Yasin, the Iraqi bomb builder who retreated to Iraq after the attack and lived under Saddam Hussein's protection and with his financial support until the 2003 invasion (just ignore the explicit al Qaeda-Iraq link), created a massive 1,310 lb bomb. has the details about this bomb, which was not a conventional car bomb as we have often been led to believe, but a complex IED and chemical weapon (my bold):

Yousef was assisted by Iraqi bomb maker Abdul Rahman Yasin [1] . Yasin's complex 1310 lb (600 kg) bomb was made of urea pellets, nitroglycerin, sulfuric acid, aluminum azide, magnesium azide, and bottled hydrogen. He added sodium cyanide to the mix as the vapors could go through the ventilation shafts and elevators of the towers. The van that Yousef used had four 20 ft (6 m) long fuses, all covered in surgical tubing. Yasin calculated that the fuse would trigger the bomb in twelve minutes after he had used a cigarette lighter to light the fuse. Yousef wanted the smoke to remain in the tower, therefore catching the public eye by smothering people inside. He anticipated Tower One collapsing onto Tower Two after the blast. The materials to build the bomb cost approximately US$300.

Wikipedia, FAS, and many other sources confirm both the use and the intent of this cyanide-laced weapon.

As any fan of spy movies and novels knows, cyanide salts are extremely lethal even in small doses of 100-200 milligrams. Wikipedia provides the effects:

Once more than 100–200 mg of sodium cyanide is consumed, consciousness is lost within one minute, sometimes within 10 seconds, depending on the strength of the body's immunity and the amount of food present in the stomach. After a span of about 45 minutes, the body goes into a state of coma or deep sleep and the person may die within two hours if not treated medically. During this period, convulsions may occur. Death occurs mainly by cardiac arrest.

Yasin's bomb was designed to use both conventional blast mechanisms to attempt to topple the buildings and create a poisonous cyanide cloud to kill anyone inside Tower 1.

As we know, Yasin's bomb failed in both of its goals.

The World Trade Center Towers still stood despite the al Qaeda attack, and the cyanide, instead of being released as a gas as Yasin had designed, was instead vaporized by the explosion. The first chemical weapons attack by al Qaeda on the United States was a dud.

And so when I hear Hillary Clinton state that her husband would have taken the threat of an al Qaeda attack inside the United States "more seriously than history suggests," than the current President did, I have to laugh. Bill Clinton was President of the United States when lower Manhattan was the victim of an al Qaeda plot executed by an Iraqi bomb-builder who detonated a chemical/conventional weapon under tens of thousands of Americans. President Clinton later knew what the bomb was composed of, knew how it was intended to be used, and what threat al Qaeda posed.

Bill Clinton was President for another 7 years, 10 months, 25 days after this attack.

His record of "fighting" terrorism during that time period speaks for itself.

Posted by Confederate Yankee at September 27, 2006 09:53 AM | TrackBack

As someone who lives in North Louisiana and thus watches the activites in Arkansas, I can assure you that Clinton did not "lose it". Nothing comes out of his mouth that is not calculated and will advance him or his wife or the party.

Posted by: David Caskey at September 27, 2006 12:09 PM

sodium cyanide + sulphuric acid == cyanide gas

I've handled sodium and potassium cyanides by the drum in the electroplating business. First thing, and most important thing, you learn in any plating shop is that cyanides stay at one end of the building, acids at the other end, and you don't let'em get near each other.

BTW, I wasn't aware the WTC bomb had cyanide in it, so the media/Clinton coverup must have been pretty good.

Posted by: Purple Avenger at September 27, 2006 09:09 PM