November 08, 2006

What I will Not Be Doing Today

The following is a short list of things I will not be doing in the wake of the 2006 mid-terms:

  • Blaming Diebold.
  • Staying in bed with massive depression.

  • Creating a new election-based psychological malady.
  • Lamenting that America has down descended into a (fill in the blank) state.
  • Checking out immigration laws to other countries.

Posted by Confederate Yankee at November 8, 2006 11:50 AM | TrackBack

Good ones. Here are some from my list:
- "Take to the Streets"
- Call for revolution
- Consider secession
- Travel to the 9/11 memorial in Arizona and kill myself (what too soon?)
- Blame it on a Carville-ian conspiracy

Posted by: BohicaTwentyTwo at November 8, 2006 12:59 PM

I decided to go into mourning for one minute, but I only lasted 20 seconds. It's a beautiful sunny morning in the greatest nation of all, and it's time to start reminding Republicans of why they wanted political power in the first place. It wasn't to act like the Democrats, it was to fight for ideals of freedom and justice.

Republicans lost the election, and the Democrats won only because they were the only other game in town.

Posted by: Major Mike at November 8, 2006 01:55 PM

I'm just windering if the Dems will continue and finish their investigations into all the charges of voter suppression and election fraud that they were yelling about for the last couple of days. I'd really like to get to the bottom of it this time, but I have a bad feeling that they'll give up and we won't hear about it any more (for a while).

The good news is that the Dems (in the House so far) don't have much to hide behind anymore. The only real thing they will be able to blame on anyone else now is if Bush vetoes some legislation.

I do hope that Bush will not get all mushy with them just to prove he is a "nice guy".

Only time will tell and my time has other things to do....

Posted by: SouthernRoots at November 8, 2006 03:32 PM

Once I heard the news I thought that maybe the Democrats will finally end the War on Poverty declared by LBJ 40+ years ago. Talk about a quagmire.

Posted by: bws53 at November 8, 2006 09:12 PM