December 12, 2006


When is news not news?

How about when the subject matter is a decades old story that just happens to be the subject of a new Hollywood blockbuster produced by a sister media company?

The article on CNN is called Blood diamonds: Miners risk lives for chance at riches.

Deep into the body of the article, we see this:

Sierra Leone is the setting for the new movie "Blood Diamond." Leonardo DiCaprio plays a crooked Zimbabwean ex-mercenary who searches for a rare pink diamond. (The film was produced by Warner Bros. Pictures, which like is owned by Time Warner.)

It's a movie that should stir controversy about just how careful the precious gem industry has been in making sure diamonds are bought and sold legally., CBS News (check the sidebars), and many other newsie stories just happen to be coming out in conjunction with Le Dicaprio's new movie.

Using the news to promote fiction.

Shocking, I know.

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