December 21, 2006

Soylent Bean

Did you hear about "American concentration camps for brown people?"

It come from this extended wet fart in an post from Firedoglake's Pachacutec (my bold):

Latina Lista has been doing fantastic work on the story of the truly evil ICE roundup of immigrant children and families, which has in many cases left American citizen children effectively orphaned. Now, we learn of American concentration camps for brown people, holding hundreds of children, just in time for Christmas, here on mainland American soil. As allied forces liberated Europe after defeating Germany, the undesirables of the Nazi regime were set free. Who will liberate these people?

It has to be you.

Nazis? Illegal Aliens? You know what that means... FIRE UP THE OVENS!!!


And be sure to leave some for Santa... con leche.

Does that illustrate just how stupid you sound, Pachy? Good.

The Nazis efficiently murdered between 9-11 million people because of no other reason than they were "undesirables"of the wrong religious, cultural, or social minority, or they were gay, crippled, or mentally handicapped, or prisoners of war.

To compare such a barbaric event to the incarceration of people into undoubtably stressful and uncomfortable but safe and heated facilities for ignoring this nations laws, is beyond the pale. Get a sense of perspective, and perhaps, an education.

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Hitler and the Nazis were bad dudes, but they didn't even come close to matching the horrors perpetrated by Stalin and Mao.

Posted by: Mescalero at December 21, 2006 10:35 PM