January 23, 2007

Neigh Means Neigh

From Robert Redford's upcoming film, The Horse Whisperer: Saddled by Love*


TOM: You see how he keeps pointing his hindquarters in at me? Well, I'd guess the reason he seems reluctant to move out is because when he does, he gets in trouble for it.

THE WOMAN: He's not good at transitions, you know? When I want him to move from a trot to a lope, say...

TOM: (smiles) Well, I'm sure that's what you think but that's not what I'm seeing. You may think you're asking for a lope, but your body may be saying something else altogether. You might be putting too many conditions on him. For instance, you might be saying "GO, but, hey, don't go too fast." He can tell that from the way you feel. Your body can't lie.You ever give him a kick to make him move out?

THE WOMAN: He won't go unless I do.

TOM: And then he goes and you feel like he's going too fast, so you yank him back? (she nods) And next thing you know, he's bucking. (she nods again) Well, if someone told you to go, stop, go, stop -- you'd buck too.

The people laugh. The Woman smiles self-consciously.

TOM: It's a dance, see... Somebody has to lead and somebody has to follow.

TOM: Oh, Baby...somebody's gotta lead. Now bring me that bag of fermented oats, and leave us alone for a while.

* From the script of The Horse Whisperer (1998), with the addition of the line Oh, Baby... implied from this.

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