May 31, 2008

Bitter and Clingy Bleg [Bumped]

Bumped to the top.

The M&P Compact isn't the only handgun I've got out on loan. Here's a stock picture of the very nice J-frame 637 CT (Crimson Trace Laser) I've been carrying. That little capsule-shaped bump at the top of the grip is the laser aiming module.

I've had some very nice items loaned to me in recent weeks for a long-term story I'm developing, including this one.

Nice, isn't it?

The only downside of this project is that while I've found the shooting industry to be very gracious and giving, there are still some out-of-pocket expenses involved, and finances are a bit tight right now as we adjust to the new baby, as you might expect.

If you can chip in a couple of bucks, I'd greatly appreciate it, and if you can't that's cool, too.

Posted by Confederate Yankee at May 31, 2008 10:09 AM

I prefer a good ole chunk of American or Brazilian steel myself, but I've heard good things about the M&P. Did they give you money to feed it too? Seems the price of ammo goes up just about every day...

Posted by: the pistolero at May 30, 2008 09:22 AM

S&W didn't give me money to feed them, but ATK and Winchester have me taken care of, ammo wise.

It's the "other stuff" that will start piling up quickly--range fees, targets, training (I'd love to get at least one more formal class in), etc.

Posted by: Confederate Yankee at May 30, 2008 09:32 AM

I see a removable (drop clip) in the weapon so if Obambi is elected you can expect the Peeeloshi/Obambi weapon confication police to be at your door. That is the first, (anything with a removable clip) weapons they have planned for removal from the hands of the 'American citizens'. Think they need a constitutional amendment to violate your rights. Forget it, they are the American Communist Party, aka democrats, and the constitution is simply a yellowed piece of paper.

Posted by: Scrapiron at May 30, 2008 06:11 PM