June 18, 2008

Gore Shame

The worlds greatest environmental hypocrite wastes so much energy that his consumption would power 232 normal homes.

Sadly not content with even that level of wastefulness, the Goracle has now taken to directly belching balls of energy into the atmosphere.

Update: Steve Strum notes (correctly) that Gore's annual usage would power 232 normal homes for a month. Not quite as bad as originally thought, but still horrific.

Posted by Confederate Yankee at June 18, 2008 08:44 AM

Bob: you're mixing apples and oranges, 232 refers to the number of homes that could be powered for a MONTH by Gore's ANNUAL energy usage.

Posted by: steve sturm at June 18, 2008 08:59 AM

True Steve but that still leaves him with about a 12 to 1 ratio for annual consumption.

Now do you want to break it down by sq ft or cubic foot volume since his house is larger than the 'average' house.

Don't bother because no matter how you cut it he is sucking up a lot more power than others no matter how you cut it.

Posted by: JustADude at June 18, 2008 09:33 AM

Horrific is right.

The link states that Al uses 213,210 kWh per year while the average home uses 11,040 kWh. If my math is correct (and it rarely is so someone needs to check me)then Al uses 202,170 more kWh's than the average household per year. This equates to a 1831.25% increase in kWh over the average home.

That's quite a lot ...

Posted by: Dan Irving at June 18, 2008 09:39 AM

Irony= George Bush's Western White House is much more energy efficient than the Goracles.

Manbearpig is just another power-hungry and greedy "reformer" who sees no problem with living well while imposing hardship upon everyone else. Reminds me of the communist party apparatchiks in the old USSR who lived on western delicacies while the proles eked out a living.

Posted by: iconoclast at June 18, 2008 09:47 AM

213,210/(232 x 12) = 72.5 kWh/month = a $4.35 monthly electricity bill where I live. Thanks for the good news! Yippie!

Posted by: erik at June 19, 2008 01:51 AM

Oh, goody, someone mentioned offsets!

Did you know, Iggy, that Algore "purchases" his offsets from a company called Generation Investment Management?

Did you also know, Iggy, that Algore is, according to the company's own website, Chairman of GIM?

In other words, he is purchasing the offsets... FROM HIMSELF!

To put it in terms even a lefty can understand... all he is doing to "purchase" these offsets is taking money from his right pocket and putting it in his left pocket.

Gee, ain't that grand?

You might also read up on how "offsets" really work--or don't.

Posted by: C-C-G at June 19, 2008 06:51 PM