June 30, 2008

He Just Can't Help Lying, Can He?

An email fired out to supporters by the Obama Campaign:

Tonight is the crucial financial reporting deadline for June.

Right now is the time to step up and own a piece of this campaign. I need your help to take on John McCain, the Republican National Committee, and the shady so-called 527 groups that are dedicated to attacking this campaign using millions of dollars in unregulated contributions.

Please support this movement by making a donation of $25 by Midnight tonight:

Together we are setting a new standard for how presidential campaigns will be organized and funded.

For the first time in a generation, a presidential campaign is putting staff in every single state for the general election. Our staff and the Obama Organizing Fellows are getting to work right now to build on grassroots energy in all 50 states.

And -- unlike John McCain -- we're going to do it without contributions from Washington lobbyists and special interest PACs that have held too much power for far too long in this country.

By putting our organizational and financial future in your hands, it's clear who will be responsible for our success and who we will be accountable to in the White House: the people.

But in order to match the resources of our opponents, we're going to have to do more and get more people involved than ever before. Your donation of $25 right now will help make that happen:

I'm counting on you to take the lead and build this campaign.

The stakes couldn't be higher, and every American who hopes for something better from their government is counting on us.

Thank you,


We see Obama is still signing his name to an lie so obvious that even NPR is smacking him around for it. The only 527s of note have been those formed to support the election of Hillary Clinton... or Barack Obama. There are no significant Republican 527s in 2008, and none are expected. Obama's fundraising pitch is based upon a lie.

I guess we'll know soon how many of his supporters are willing to accept being lied to time and again.

Posted by Confederate Yankee at June 30, 2008 07:50 AM


Posted by: Rich at June 30, 2008 08:35 AM

Hypocrisy and lying IS the democrat strategy to win the election

Posted by: Capitalist Infidel at June 30, 2008 10:58 AM

To an anti-american democrat a liar is a hero. Hussein tells lie after lie and his 'cult' followers screams for more and more.

Posted by: Scrapiron at June 30, 2008 11:55 AM

Sounds like projection from the Obamamaniacs. "We've got lots of 527s ready to attack McCain, surely he's got some ready to attack Obama!"

Posted by: C-C-G at June 30, 2008 05:05 PM

Does this Kool-Aid taste funny?

Oh no. Now drink up and donate!

Posted by: twolaneflash at June 30, 2008 07:29 PM