August 23, 2008

Oh, the Gaffes We'll Have...

Posted by Confederate Yankee at August 23, 2008 06:15 AM

I don't think that they are going to get a lift from spite of the hot air he produces.

Posted by: Jack at August 23, 2008 07:19 AM

Is it Obama-Biden, or Dukakis-Bentsen?

Posted by: McGehee at August 23, 2008 07:54 AM

Slow Joe?? Bwahahahaha!!!! Mr hair plugs??? Bwahahahaha!!! As Mark Levin has been saying for years...."The dumbest man in the Senate"

Posted by: Capitalist Infidel at August 23, 2008 08:38 AM

The dumbest man in the Senate heads the Republican ticket. America can handle gaffes by politicians. What we can't handle is innate stupidity exacerbated by early onset dementia.

Sorry, McBush: the presidency is not a Good Conduct Medal to be awarded for meritorious service half a century ago.

Posted by: larrys at August 23, 2008 11:40 AM

Sorry, CI. But my senator-Patty --"mom in sneakers", "experienced day care worker", "Osama mamma"--Murray has it all over (or is it under?) Slow Joe with regards to lack of intelligence.

that's it? Can't you say anything positive about either man at the head of the Dem ticket? wow, that is sad.

Posted by: iconoclast at August 23, 2008 11:46 AM

I too am very happy it's Biden - and relieved he didn't pick Hillary (man, the PUMAs are fuming!)

Now we only have to worry about McCain's choice. Picking Lieberman would be a bad, bad mistake.

The two best choices, in my opinion, are Romney and Palin. And they both have Achilles heels.

Romney - I'm not so worried about the Mormon business. The evangelical I'll-never-vote-for-a -Mormon crowd mainly live in solidly red states. I don't think there are enough of them to flip those states to the Dems.

No, what troubles me is that a McCain/Romney ticket will be painted as Rich and Richer by the Dems, who will play the class warfare card for all it's worth this year to deflect the charge of elitism. From that POV, Biden was a smart choice, because Obama needs to shore up his blue collar creds. When the economy is good, class warfare is a hard sell. Successful businessmen are admired. However, it's a different story when Americans are worried about gas prices, inflation, the housing market, etc. Biden may have a F rating from the NRA but those bitter, gun-toting, bible thumpers might look at a McCain/Romney ticket and think, "Do these guys know what it's like to worry about mortgage payments?"

Palin - She'd certainly spice up the ticket. I like everything I've heard about Palin and was initially very enthusiatic about her. But she's not yet ready for prime time. McCain is 71, that makes his VP choice even more crucial than Obama's. As much as I love the idea of a pro-life, tax-cutting conservative VP who also is pretty and hunts, I can't see her dealing wtih Russia or Iran at this point. Not because Palin is female, but because she just ain't ready.

Both would be better than Lieberman or Huckabee or Ridge. But I'm not breaking out the champagne yet.

Posted by: Donna V. at August 23, 2008 12:04 PM

Don't get me wrong - I'm very happy that the Gasbag Express has left the station.

Posted by: Donna V. at August 23, 2008 12:14 PM

I really hope McCain picks Palin. If not her then Kay Bailey would do. Picking a woman would really stick it to the Dems. It is to bad there is not a obvious choice in Ohio that is a woman.

Posted by: Chuck at August 23, 2008 01:53 PM

Kay Bailey Hutchison (mentioned in at least 2 spots on Fox News this morning) would be an inspired VP pick for McCain. True conservative who would pack in the Hillary supporters.

Posted by: Blutarsky at August 23, 2008 02:03 PM

Yes soccer mom senator is very lacking.

I call the light weight tag team just announced

"Dumbling and Bumbling"

Can you imagine in a crisis "Get Joe on the phone,
Joe, Barack what the hell do we do now?!"

Very scary if these two braniacs were to win.

note for larry's-It appears that you suffer from early onset of lib victim dementia if you are blind to the lack of any substance to Barack!

Posted by: dadinseattle at August 23, 2008 02:14 PM

This is great! An empty suit running for President picks a big mouth empty suit for v.p. And I don't mean to disparage coat hangers.

A community organizer with no experience and another senator that has never done a thing except to blow hot air running for the highest office and most powerful position on earth blows my mind! The libs / demorats have lost their collective minds.

Posted by: Ted at August 23, 2008 02:18 PM

I hadn't thought of Kay Bailey Hutchinson, but yeah, she'd be a good pick. Does she want the position, though?

Posted by: Donna V. at August 23, 2008 02:26 PM

@Donna V: Surely you kid ...

I can't see her dealing with Russia or Iran at this point. Not because Palin is female, but because she just ain't ready.

Palin grew up in, and was elected to office (repeatedly) in what is one of the most testosterone-drenched states in the USofA. I'm sure she's had plenty of experience dealing with alpha males. She's certainly bright enough to gain command of the issues involved, so I wouldn't expect Vlad and Mahmoud to be much of a problem for a woman who won the votes and respect of oil-field workers!

McCain / Palin 08!

Palin Bio:

Posted by: InfoGeek at August 23, 2008 02:30 PM

After the last 8 years, you would think that Bush voters would stay away from Hindenburg imagery...

Posted by: Jenna at August 23, 2008 04:22 PM

Obama/Biden "Gaffes, we can"

Posted by: LH at August 23, 2008 05:41 PM

That poster is spectacular!! I laughed for a good five minutes. Thanks!

Posted by: Rick at August 23, 2008 06:35 PM

Infogeek: Hey, I think Palin's great. But she's been gov. of a sparsely populated (even if it is testosterone-drenched) state for 2 years. Before that she was mayor of a small town. I'm sorry, but the GOP can't hammer Obama for his lack of experience and then put Palin on the ticket. The same is true of Jindal. I think they're both promising, exciting young pols who need to govern well in their own states (if Jindal manages to clean up Louisiana, I'll be ready to elect him president of the universe). The GOP doesn't have a lot of shining stars right now - that's the problem and why it's tempting to rush Palin and Jindal to the gates before they're ready. But that would be making the same mistake the Dems did.

Posted by: Donna V. at August 23, 2008 07:02 PM

Jenna, I have no doubt the last 8 years were dreadful for you and Daily Kos and HuffPo. They've been just hell for al Queda too. The Taliban undoubtably looks back longingly to the salad days of the '90's when they could execute brazen women in stadiums without anybody bothering them.

Posted by: Donna V. at August 23, 2008 07:11 PM

Well, it's already begun. At their first joint appearance, Obama introduced Biden as the next president, and Biden called The One, "Barack America."

Dear, oh dear.

Posted by: Mike at August 23, 2008 07:50 PM

From AP: "Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama is calling his running mate, Joe Biden, "a leader who is ready to step in and be president."

So does this mean that he, The Obamamessiah Himself, (PBUH) ISN'T really ready to be the prez? Sounds like a freudian slip if you ask me...

Posted by: Big Country at August 23, 2008 08:15 PM

I guess Captain America was already taken...

Posted by: Smokin' at August 23, 2008 09:21 PM

What, Donna V.? Palin can't deal with Russia? Have you ever looked at a map?!?

Posted by: Bering Strait at August 23, 2008 09:51 PM

What happens on Attu stays on Attu.

Posted by: Purple Avenger at August 23, 2008 11:19 PM

I'm no political junkie but I thought a long time ago that Hutchinson would be a good VP choice and was surprised she wasn't at least mentioned more often.

Posted by: Gary Rosen at August 24, 2008 04:51 AM

"the presidency is not a Good Conduct Medal to be awarded for meritorious service half a century ago."

It ain't a Rookie of the Year award either.

Posted by: Gary Rosen at August 24, 2008 04:53 AM

Yes, I know where Alaska is, thank you very much.I still think Palin is not ready to be a heart beat away from the presidency. (I'd still vote for a McCain/Palin ticket, but I think the Dems would happily seize on her inexperience as a way of taking the focus off of Obama's inexperience.)

It is a shame though, because it would be nice to have a gov. on the ticket.

Pretty ironic, isn't it? Congress has a 9% approval rating and yet both nominees are Senators and Obambi just put one of the biggest Congressional gasbags ever on his ticket.

Posted by: Donna V. at August 24, 2008 09:36 AM

Attu?! Not Attu Hitu? Leave my island alone! You can have Fatu Hiva.

If McPain chooses a lefty, I'm voting for down-ticket conservatives and I'll leave it up to McCain's attorneys to figure out whether my non-vote for president can be construed as a vote for him.

McCain is probably tight with Lanny Davis - he can litigate.

Posted by: Jack in the Woods at August 24, 2008 10:22 AM

The great thing Palin would bring to the ticket is blue collar creds which would certainly match those of a guy who has been a Senator since Moses was a baby. And I love thinking about how bunny hugger heads would explode at the sight of Palin's bear skin rugs and trophy pictures.

Although it's also fun to think of Biden facing Bobby (Does not work in a Dunkin' Donuts) Jindal in a debate.

Posted by: Donna V. at August 24, 2008 10:47 AM

Oh, the humanity . . . :-)

Posted by: Sissy Willis at August 24, 2008 07:39 PM