September 06, 2008

Meet One Of Barack's Bosses

Sorry, Michelle. It isn't you. Who is it?

Here are some clues:

  • Official member of Barack Obama's campaign. You know, one of those folks eligible for something Obama calls "firing" should they attack a candidate's family --- properly or otherwise.
  • Only one of 35 bundlers to raise over $500,000 for Obama, on par with Hollywood moguls Daivd Geffen and Jeffrey Katzenberg
  • Not only a registered lobbyist, but Lobbyist of the Year (2006)
  • Not only Lobbyist of the Year, but he played a lobbyist (himself) on HBO's K Street

You'll have th click over to Perfunction to get the details.

This goon is such a a powerful lobbyist and Obama campaign figure that he can go directly against Barack Obama's explicit public promise to fire anyone who attacks Sarah Palin's family during the same week Obama made the promise (and it's still fresh in everyone's minds), and walk away without a scratch.

Barack Obama isn't in charge of his campaign, and Obama's puppeteers such as this man are arrogant enough to show that in public, without fear of Obama living up to his promise.

Posted by Confederate Yankee at September 6, 2008 11:34 AM

One of Obama's bosses? Pfft! These people do Obama's bidding precisely, no matter what he says in public.

Posted by: Don, the Rebel without a Blog at September 6, 2008 01:12 PM

Waiting for Obama's patented, "This is not the man I know" nonsense...

Posted by: Conservative CBU at September 6, 2008 02:44 PM

Howard Gutman was the lawyer for Susan Rosenberg, a member of the Weather Underground was charged in the Brink’s case, but not tried because she had received a 58 year sentence in a weapons case involving 740 pounds of dynamite intended for bombings. Trying her on the Brink’s matter therefore seemed unnecessary to prosecutors. She served 16 years before Bill Clinton pardoned Rosenberg at the end of his Presidency.

Yet another connection between the Democrats and the Weather Underground terrorists.

Posted by: Neo at September 6, 2008 04:44 PM

Now we'll find out what happens when Obama tries to throw the driver under the bus.

Let us pray said vehicle is on an overpass over a very deep gorge at the time.

Posted by: mrkwong at September 6, 2008 05:25 PM

The connection between the terrorists and the Dems is quite troubling - no wonder they scoff over the war on terror. Wasn't there any vetting of Obama? Why isn't the MSM asking him these questions? And they say they are not biased. I remember the Clinton years and his war on the militias, his "bravery" in having a child at gun point to be sent back to Cuba and the other murders of US citizens.

Posted by: Krystal at September 6, 2008 07:34 PM