October 08, 2008

Obama's Constitutional Subversion

A new report (PDF) written by Second Amendment lawyer Dave Hardy of Of Arms and the Law finds that while constitutional law professor Barack Obama was serving on the Joyce Foundation's Board of Directors from 1994-2002, Joyce set out to corrupt the availability of academic scholarship concerning the Second Amendment. The goal was to control published research so that the U.S Supreme Court would be influenced as much as possible by the overwhelming preponderance of recent scholarship favoring the collective rights interpretation favored by gun control advocates and firearm prohibitionists.

Hardy summarizes:

The Joyce Foundation years ago realized that a Supreme Court case on the Second Amendment was likely, and decided to use its millions to buy the case indirectly. It created a supposed academic research center as its wholly-owned subsidiary. It corrupted law reviews, dictating their content, and even trying to dictate who could speak at universities accepting Joyce's money. It laundered its money through its Center and thru a Universityís Foundation.

An attorney named Barak Obama was right in the middle of the plan.

The foundation poured millions of dollars into buying influence in cash-starved law reviews, foundations, and universities, providing that they would only publish the collective rights interpretations approved by Joyce, and that they would refuse to publish scholarship that provided an individualist rights interpretation.

This underhanded attempt by Obama and Joyce to influence the Supreme Court--essentially attempting to "buy" an anti-gun interpretation of the Second amendment by manipulating legal scholarship--flies in the face of the revisionist history recently offered up by Annenberg's FactCheck.Org, which recently and dishonestly portrayed Obama's newly-minted individual rights interpretation as authentic. IT is also a tactic that Joyce continues in Obama's absence, as the list of university and "public heath" grants targeting firearms on the Foundation's own web site reveals.

How far was Joyce willing to go under Obama's leadership to provide the Supreme Court with slanted scholarship?

According to Hardy, Joyce paid Ohio State University to create a Second Amendment Research Center, and used the Center to manufacture scholarship only favorable to the collectivist interpretation. Joyce then used OSU's Center as a shell organization to purchase influence at other law reviews, including Fordham and Stanford. Fordam and Stanford then dedicates review issues to articles advocating the collectivist, anti-gun scholarship. In short, constitutional scholar Obama attempted to undermine the interpretation of the Constitution.

The Hardy report is just the latest in a disturbing trend of information trickling out about Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Obama that suggests he is not only radically aligned, but that he is comfortable with using subterfuge to undermine both the Judicial and Executive in the pursuit of political power and influence.

Stanley Kurtz has done and continues to do yeoman's work in sifting through the available archives trying to uncover exactly what transpired before and while Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Obama was the chairman of the failed Chicago Annenberg Challenge. The Chicago Annenberg Challenge (hereafter, "Challenge" or "CAC") began as a successful grant application from University of Illinois at Chicago education professor Bill Ayers. Outside of Chicago, Ayers is best known as a domestic terrorist who operated in the in the late 1960s and 1970s as one of founders, leaders and reputed bomb builders and designers of the Weather Underground.

The Annenberg Foundation (yes the same parent group that funds and misrepresented Obama's Second Amendment record), provided the Challenge with a charter grant of $49.2 million in 1995, and the Challenge raises and spend more than $100 million in total with Barack Obama as the CAC Chairman. The tens of millions of dollars raised by the foundation was funneled not into proven educational programs, but laundered into grants for radical left wing organizations that spent the money on efforts to agitate and indoctrinate students and their families to use them as cannon fodder in a battle Ayers and his ideological allies were having over the fate of Chicago's public schools with the teachers union and school administrators. By any measure--and most tellingly by the Challenge's own research arm--the challenge was a educational failure.

The failure of Chicago Annenberg Challenge under Barack Obama and it's laundering of funds to further the goals of aging radicals instead improving the Chicago Public Schools as was their promise, has been avoided as much as possible by most media organizations who don't want to jeopardize his candidacy with the inconvenient record of his failure as an executive.

Barack Obama's willingness to scheme in an attempt to corrupt scholarship and deceive the Supreme Court, his role in laundering money to aging terrorists (while stealing the education promised to a generation of schoolchildren), and current bid impose totalitarian free speech restrictions (more here) indicates that Barack Obama is precisely the kind of deceptive authoritarian thug liberals claim to see and hate in President George W. Bush.

Barack Obama has thus far spent nearly unimaginable amounts of money in an attempt to wrest control of the First and Second Amendments. If he becomes President in November, will any of the Constitution be safe?

Posted by Confederate Yankee at October 8, 2008 06:26 AM

I read this the other day. I knew about the Joyce people that funded the John Hopkins anti- gun study. I am not surprised of this attempt.

What is so scary is how close they came to succeeding in a SC 5-4 decision. Thank God that Heller was funded and decided favorably on 2nd Amendment rights.

I do think that the CCW push since 1995 were the most effective political events that pushed the self-defense rational that has been accepted by so many states. Without the successes in the states in the last 10 years we would have lost the case.

We need to build on the success of the Heller case and I hope that the SF case goes well and adds the incorporation argument to our 2 nd Amendment.

The anti gun people tried to set the argument with law reviews by Reynolds, Volokh and others helped with better research to balance that field.

Cramerís destruction of Michael B. book of shoddy and fraudulent research and Lottís research has been inestimable help.

Those of us in the gun rights community have not been deluded in believing Obama supports the 2nd Amendment.

He accepted the Chicago doctrine that no one has a right to keep and bear arms. City or rural does not matter in a civil rights.

Chicago will amend the laws to the bare minimum to allow handguns in Chicago. But look out for restrictions on ammo and number of guns allowed to be bought to be. There is more than one way to restrict the exercise of a right.

Posted by: RAH at October 8, 2008 07:42 AM

Great material - I've added it as a reference to an analysis I've done of what we know of Barack's life, and the very interesting narrative it suggests when it's all put together end-to-end.

Lengthy piece - but it is here -

Posted by: Wind Rider at October 8, 2008 08:14 AM

Thanks for getting the Joyce stuff out there. The more people know the 'real' Obama, the better the chance of mitigating his impact on America.

Posted by: Gus Bailey at October 8, 2008 10:14 AM

The failure of Chicago Annenberg Challenge under Barack Obama and it's laundering of funds to further the goals of aging radicals instead improving the Chicago Public Schools as was their promise, has been avoided as much as possible by most media organizations who don't want to jeopardize his candidacy with the inconvenient record of his failure as an executive.

Actually, on the other side of the dividing line, that's the "triumphant record of his success as an executive in fraudulently diverting the Annenberg funds into supporting partisan indoctrination and street agitation, at the expense of the kids it was supposed to benefit".

Don't think the lefties aren't gloating. Just because the MSM has blacked it out for the public doesn't mean that Ayers, Obama & Co. aren't trumpeting this triumph.

Posted by: Micropotamus at October 8, 2008 10:56 AM

Even though itís been fully documented, and they sat on boards together, Obama didnít know about Ayers past radical life.

Even though he attended the church for 20+ years, Obama didnít know about Wrights anti-United States rhetoric and racism

Even though heís known Pfleger for more than 20 years, Obama didnít know he was anti-Jew and anti-American.

Even though he sat on the Joyce Foundationís board of directors, Obama will claim he didnít know about their attempt to buy Supreme Court decisions.

Even though fully supported by ACORN, Obama didnít know the thing they are most known for is voter fraud.

Even though he associates with Rezko, Obama doesnít know anything about that either.

Klonsky, Blagojevich, Goolsby, Power, etc.

Doesnít know when life begins.

Just out of curiosityÖ what DOES he know?

Posted by: scott at October 8, 2008 11:26 PM

I heard that John McCain and Sarah Palin are members of a radical extremist organization known as the Republican Party. This is one of the most corrupt, dangerous, and destructive cults in the world.

Posted by: jasperjava at October 8, 2008 11:50 PM

This only confirms my opinion of the dietary habits of the Fordham University mascot.

Posted by: Fox2! at October 9, 2008 07:33 PM