January 06, 2009

Sacrificial Wolves

It was only a matter of time—Israeli counter-battery radar isolated Hamas mortar shells as they rose, and a computer algorithm quickly did the geometry and isolated the GPS coordinates of the launch location before the terrorist-fired bombs even began their descent.

Israeli counter-fire aimed at the launch site was likely in the air before the Hamas-fired shells impacted near their target of Israeli civilians.

When the Israeli shells impacted the Hamas launch site—a school—the terrorists got just what they wanted.

Israeli forces fighting Hamas in the Gaza Strip struck a school run by the United Nations, killing at least 30 Palestinians hiding in the compound, a UN official said. Israel said it was returning fire from the school.

Christopher Gunness, a spokesman for the UN Relief and Works Agency in Jerusalem, said in a phone interview he could confirm 30 dead and 55 injured, 15 critically, as the result of three Israel artillery shells hitting the school in northern Gaza.

The Israeli army said in a faxed statement late today that its investigations showed that "among the dead in the school were members of the military wing of the Hamas terror organization and a cell firing rockets and mortars at Israeli forces in the area."

Time and again, Hamas terrorists have fired weapons from schools, residential areas, hospitals, and mosques. Often these same sites have been used to store weaponry as well.

An Isreali drone captured a similar Hamas mortar attack launched from the exact same U.N. school two years ago.

Anti-Israeli hypocrites in the world’s media and Islamo-fascist states constantly cry that Israel is guilty of "war crimes" for returning fire against the aggression of various state-sponsored Islamic terrorist groups along its borders, and no doubt will rally against today’s casualties as an example of such.

What they will not admit—and perhaps ideologically, cannot—is that it is Hamas that is clearly guilty of multiple war crimes by any objective measure, as they continually embed militant forces inside civilian structures, population centers, and fire weaponry from within civilian enclaves that they use as human shields.

Perhaps equally as shameful is that the naked hatred of Palestinian culture towards Isreal is so extreme is that even non-combatants are more than willing to have themselves used as human shields, as they view the deaths of their own population as martyrs in a media war as an acceptable cost of attempting genocide against their Jewish neighbors.

Hamas militants did not have to force themselves into this school that recent reports suggest doubled as a weapons depot and firing position, nor in any of the dozens of residential neighborhoods, schools, mosques, and hospitals they’ve illegally weaponized in decades of terrorism. No, they were accepted willingly by Palestinians equally as bent on the destruction of Israel.

Indoctrinated by terror-loving, Jew-demonizing characters from birth on Palestinian television in a culture that lives to hate, fight, and die, there are no innocents here.

The high number of casualties in this particular incident suggests a similar patterns as in previous conflicts. Adoring Palestinians stood too close for too long after their terrorist heroes fired mortars at Israeli civilians. The Palestinians gathered around the launch site to watch munitions being fired against Israel simply didn’t anticipate the speed and accuracy of the Israeli response, and Israeli counter-battery fire detonating additional Hamas weaponry at the school only made the carnage worse.

There is a simple way out of such constant death and misery in Gaza for the Palestinians, a solution the Israelis had hoped for in 2005 when they pulled out of Gaza, giving the Palestinians a chance to form their own state, with their own government.

Instead of prospering and building a future for their children, they squandered their chance, choosing agony and a futile, constant war against an Israeli state that gave them a clear chance for peace and prosperity.

Hamas responded with violence.

All the dead of this war are on the heads of Hamas and the Palestinians that embrace and support them. There are no innocent lambs being slaughtered in Gaza.

Only the deaths of wolves.

Posted by Confederate Yankee at January 6, 2009 08:12 PM

"All the dead of this war are on the heads of Hamas and the Palestinians that embrace and support them. There are no innocent lambs being slaughtered in Gaza."
Indeed. Israel left them businesses, greenhouses, everything that one would have to build to create a nation, and the ragheads destroyed it all. Just so not to take anything from the Jooooos, not to owe them any gratitude. Then they continued attacking. They need to be destroyed, and the earth salted.

Posted by: cmblake6 at January 6, 2009 08:23 PM

My brother and I used to love tormenting hornets. We would throw rocks, hickory nuts or other stuff at their nests. We would hide and watch them buzz around for a few minutes and they would go back to their nests and buzz for some time there.

Then we decided to pop a big one with a .22 rifle. The hornets zeroed in on us and I got nailed several times until we outran them. My brother got nailed also. Guess what? We went back much later, picked up our rifle, and never messed with hornets again. We survived, and there are as many hornet nests as ever.

You probably guessed the moral of this true story. You do what happened before and on 9/11/01 and you have consequences.

You rocket and mortar attack your neighbor and then increase attacks you get stung big time.

Kill them Israel, and let God sort them out. Palestinians, you really don't want this at home. get your kids out of this.

Posted by: Marc Boyd at January 6, 2009 11:38 PM

BTW I am an old Veteran and speak from many years experience. God bless America and our serving Volunteers. You guys are the Best!

Posted by: Marc Boyd at January 6, 2009 11:43 PM

I sympathize with Israel and also deplore the civilian deaths.

Not to make light of those innocents killed in this, but if your town was under attack, why were you sending your kids to school (especially one where Hamas was hiding). I mean, if my town was being attacked I would grab the kids and head for the basement (if I had a basement that is).

Posted by: Anthony at January 7, 2009 09:25 AM

Looks like the "Baby Milk Factory" gambit has finally run its course. If the whole country is a Baby Milk Factory and yet it errupts rocket and mortar fire regularly, well, then the Baby Milk Factory has got to go, Baby Milk or no Baby Milk. Has anyone noticed that now that the Grads have hit the fan that you never hear how Hamas is the elected representative of her constituents anymore? I seem to remember when the talk was about how Hamas can become a partner for peace since the pullout, being finally a legit gub for the Palis. Its what they always wanted, right? Did Hamas get the Barack treatment? Oh no, there was never any need to hide the true intent of Hamas. Not from the Pals anyhow. Their program of jew extermination was a real winner electorally. Unintended consequences bite even in the dusty stalls of Gaza.

Posted by: megapotamus at January 7, 2009 11:26 AM

For 8 years Hamas has been firing rockets into Israel from civilian positions. For 8 years Israel has been told to wait and talk to them. Israeli patience has ended. And now Hamas is getting back its just deserts.

The teacher at the school who was in charge of rockets was fired by the UN. But that was after years of using the school (with the administration's knowledge) to fire rockets.

Posted by: Katie at January 8, 2009 12:23 AM


Their one of two options in hamas territory, they are either all civilians or they are all muslim fanatics seeking death, the latter is the correct answer in case you don't get it.


Posted by: Evan at January 8, 2009 07:58 PM