April 27, 2009

Barack Obama Hates Brown People

The Nation has always been a bit "off" as a conspiracy-minded forerunner of the Huffington Post, and is roughly as credible.

As if to prove that point, one of their writers, John Nichols, is attempting to preemptively blame swine-flu deaths on Republicans who voted against the bloated $787 billion-dollar "stimulus" bill Democrats in the House and Senate approved with near lock-step conformity without reading.

For all these Democrats knew at the time, David Obey could have inserted a $900 million appropriation for swine flu research in Mexican facilities that went awry and created this never-before-seen avian-swine-human H1N1 hybrid. Democrats would have voted lock-step to approve that as well, but do you think Nichols would have blamed Democrats for it?

Of course not.

It's also a fact that Barack Obama actually shook hands with a noted Mexican archaeologist who died of the flu the next day.

If Obama had been a Republican President instead of a Democrat, you can rest assured Nichols and his fellow conspiracy theorists at The Nation,and the Democratic Underground message boards would have been buzzing about the racist Republican attempt to eradicate Democrat-voting minority cultures with a genetically-targeted virus.

Afterward, Kanye West would find a second-rate awards show to declare "Barack Obama hates brown people," and Naomi Wolf would use the occasion to once again declare that it was evidence of a fascist coup, probably orchestrated by Blackwater and Karl Rove, and no one on the hivemind left would dispute her.

But Barack Obama is a Democrat, and is therefore always blameless, so the leftists who need an outrage-of-the-week have found another (rather creative) way to blame Republicans for a natural event.

I can only imagine next week they'll find a way to blame the GOP for missing sunspots.

No doubt, we'll find out Dick Cheney had them waterboarded.

Posted by Confederate Yankee at April 27, 2009 07:31 AM

Hey, Joe,

Would that be the pandemic funding that Chucky Schumer derided as a porky little amendment?

Would that be the pandemic funding that was the last bit of a larger funding request initiated by the Bush administration?

Or is that the pandemic funding that has since been authorized in other legislation?

Posted by: Stephen Macklin at April 27, 2009 01:33 PM