July 14, 2009

Angel in Iraq

I don't have the words.

Posted by Confederate Yankee at July 14, 2009 09:07 AM

That article is powerfully written. I sent it to others.

Posted by: brando at July 14, 2009 12:37 PM

This is the virtual definition of a human interest story, but of course, it will not see the light of day in the MSM. This soldier is America. Her mere existence puts the lie to everything leftists are and think.

Angels do, indeed, exist, and an unusual number of them have always been Americans.

Posted by: Mike McDaniel at July 14, 2009 01:07 PM

This woman is a credit to humanity. God Bless her and those whom she befriends and comforts.

Posted by: Dude at July 14, 2009 01:52 PM

A ray of hope in a dark world. Thanks, man.

Posted by: Billiam at July 14, 2009 03:46 PM

America's finest. I'd say God bless her, but He already has.

Posted by: Pablo at July 14, 2009 06:20 PM

"America's finest. I'd say God bless her, but He already has."

And in the process He has also blessed the rest of us.

Posted by: Tim at July 14, 2009 06:23 PM

The Most compelling story of compassion I have read. God Bless Her.
The absence of this outside of Military channels shows the lack respect the msm has for the Military. Dispicable ...

Posted by: JerseyGeorge at July 15, 2009 08:52 PM

Shared, thanks. I guess at one time there would have been a person of the cloth available ...

Posted by: DoorHold at July 19, 2009 03:11 PM