September 04, 2009

Truther. Liar. Speed Bump.

Admitted communist community organizer and Obama "Green Jobs Czar" Van Jones has tried to spin his way out of signing his name on document that claims the Bush Administration played a role in allowing thousands of Americans to die during the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Jones tries to claim he didn't know what he was signing. This would mark him as either an idiot, or a liar... or more than likely both.

Unfortunately for Jones and the White House, Gateway Pundit has evidence pointing to Jones being part of the Truther movement from its inception, with documentation showing his involvement in January of 2002, just months after the attack. Being on the ground floor of this conspiracy theorizing, this marks Jones as something of a "Truther birther."

Jones has been proven to be both a liar and an idiot.

That someone with Jones' radical background could be seen as a fit for this President's objectives should be seen as a wake-up call for all Americans. The fact that Jones is clearly a Truther from the beginning of the movement shows that the White House is incompetent when it comes to vetting personnel.

Then again, many of his appoints are tax cheats and ideologues, so I guess that was proven long ago.

Jones, however, has too much baggage, and is too far &qout;out there" to be kept on Obama's team. He'll likely be thrown under the proverbial bus this weekend to join the other radicals, racists, and domestic terrorists that share and shape our neophyte President's radical past.


Goodbye, Van.

Posted by Confederate Yankee at September 4, 2009 01:33 PM

According to the JAWA report, on Sept 11,'02, well known CommunistVan Jones and a bunch of his nitwit friends were in San Fransicko, having a little peace-in.
Pass the peace pipe brothers and sisters.

Posted by: Joseph Brown at September 4, 2009 02:51 PM

Not just Van Jones, Valerie Jarrett but when will Hussein Obama be asked to step down from his office? It's obvious, by worldview, he is unfit to be the American President.

He has un-American, alien (foreign) views. Gee, that's a surprise.

Posted by: rssg at September 4, 2009 03:51 PM

The wheels on the bus go round 'n round...

Man, that's a big bus...

Posted by: diogenes online at September 4, 2009 04:23 PM

What everyone is overlooking is just who in the WH is signing off on these people.
Someone high up has to be giving the OK for even access to enter the WH.

Posted by: 1sttofight at September 4, 2009 04:51 PM

"or more than likely both."

Good conclusion. I frequently find myself trying to choose and there's really no reason when it's probably both.

Posted by: hudson duster at September 4, 2009 08:01 PM

Jones tries to claim he didn't know what he was signing.

Qualified for congress!

Posted by: Jim at September 4, 2009 08:09 PM

I just co wrote a fantastic song about how badly the Government is putting our country on its knees, you will all love it. go to you tube and type in Free Straight and True!
I have alot of passion about what is happening as I ran last year as an independent write in candidate and as a direct result was put into a looney bin. I wish I was making that up. I might write a book now about it titled, "You gotta be crazy to run for President".

Posted by: Denise at September 4, 2009 08:53 PM

That bozo WAS vetted. He fits perfectly.

Posted by: dad29 at September 4, 2009 09:38 PM

Jones is a nut job. However, currently at least, the White House is standing by their man.

Posted by: CitizenofManassas at September 4, 2009 10:49 PM

If he's a Truther, he's an idiot, however well educated and however brilliant he may be in any particular field.

Having immersed himself in Trutherism and now claiming, no, he wasn't paying attention to those nutty things those crazy people were saying (despite that he was one of the people saying those things) then he's a liar.

All in all, a good fit for this administration.

Posted by: Steve Skubinna at September 5, 2009 05:38 AM

"Jones has been proven to be both a liar and an idiot."

Same can be said about Nancy Pelosi when confronted with her knowledge of waterboarding. That also was glossed over by the media. Come to think about it, that is true with many of the leadership in Congress.

Posted by: David at September 5, 2009 06:57 AM

This isn't an administration; it's a bowel movement.

Posted by: Mockingbird at September 5, 2009 02:12 PM

You will find David Sirota has penned the Lefty line on this in Salon. He echoes the line on lies and distortions but cannot produce any of either. Doesn't mention Communism etc. Odd. Of he has a hard time defending Jones from the Truthers though. They feel betrayed by his "What petitions?" response. Shouldn't Commies be recruited into gub like anyone else? What ever happend to Affirmative Action?

Posted by: megapotamus at September 7, 2009 07:02 AM