October 05, 2009

The Obama Residency

In well-written post on Saturday, Donald Sensing (via Instapundit) refers to our current disaster at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue as the "Maye West presidency."

He explores other opinions about Barack Obama, and builds a compelling argument that we are presently saddled with a POTUS that is a narcissist that has risen well beyond his level of competency.

We have a President that loves campaigning and making speeches, but who is in far over his head, and who does not have the leadership skills or experience to do the job. Barack Obama has had only one previous executive role in his life. He was the titular figurehead of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, which failed in its mission and was shut down.

So far as President, he has no notable successes, and in matters of real importance, he has either stood on the sidelines as a junior varsity punter (health care, the failed "stimulus," cap-and-tax), or has refused to suit up at all (war in Afghanistan, Iranian nuclear program).

Notes Sensing:

As others have exhaustively pointed out, there is nothing at all in Obama's resume that shows he ever made highly difficult decisions that depended, at the end, on his own personal reservoir of wisdom and experience. So he does not tackle the inbox because its contents are above his competence. (One is reminded of Obama telling Rick Warren that when an unborn child gets human rights is "above my pay grade.") He tends instead to lesser matters that match his lower level of competence and gratifyingly feed the ego. And so he flies to Copenhagen to deliver a speech of no significance on a matter of no consequence. Why? Because he can do that - simply standing in front of a crowd reading eloquently from a teleprompter he can handle quite well.

We have a President who cannot do his job, and what's worse, a Vice President that has to be reminded not to eat paint chips giving his boss advice.

As his action—and inactions—slowly but surely separate the hype from the substance of the man, it becomes ever more apparent that the ever-present stylized "O" logo and the on-going campaign slogan of "Hope and Change" are being replaced in the minds of those who soberly assess the compounding failures of this President, and find an old image and slogan far more accurate, and ominous.

Duck and Cover
Posted by Confederate Yankee at October 5, 2009 01:08 PM

Actually, Donald Sensing spelled it correctly: Mae West.

Posted by: Pat at October 5, 2009 07:31 PM

Good post BUT this is not news to anyone, is it? These same analyses have been running around since he announced his candidacy and nothing has changed in the intervening three years except that more people are now aware of it than ever.

Posted by: ECM at October 5, 2009 07:36 PM

what is now becoming apparent is what a beta male he is.

latest example today of madam president being a beta male roll over and show he's no threat kinda dog.

Posted by: rumcrook® at October 6, 2009 01:31 PM