October 26, 2009

Groups That Forced Banks to Accept Sub-Prime Borrowers Now Protesting Banks for Expecting Sub-Prime Borrowers to Repay Their Loans

You've got to be sickened by the gall of the SEIU, AFL-CIO, and Americans For Financial Reform.

In league with bullying liberal politicians in the House and Senate—and of course, their child sex slavery supporting allies at ACORN—these thugs forced banks to provide mortgages to people with bad credit by extorting them with empty charges of "racism." They are now screaming bloody murder that the banks are engaged in profiteering and preying on these same people.


For actually giving them the loans they extorted, and then having the temerity to expect these loans to be repaid. God forbid that they are treated like adults and expected to meet the financial obligations they made the decision to take on.

You can't fix stupid, apparently, but you sure as Hell can get them bused to a protest.

Posted by Confederate Yankee at October 26, 2009 10:00 AM

I have been following and investing in some of the big banks over the last year. Banks like BAC and WFC were virtually mandated by the government to purchase mortgage houses like Country Wide to prevent massive default. Before that these were the most stable of financial institutions. The Feds clearly made BAC purchase Merrill. Then they turn around and begin accusing the bankers of bad management and forcing bad loans of these "poor" individuals. Something is going on here that smells.

Posted by: David at October 26, 2009 05:47 PM

David, that odor that you smell is the dying and rotting carcases of your "freedoms", "liberties", "capitalism" and the body of your "persuit of happiness," along with that of "taxation without representation." They all are suffering from cardiac arrest and terminal cancer - called Obama!!

SO SAD!!!!! My guess is that the masses of the great unwashed liberal/democrat voting block will be whining and complaining in 10 years, while the Socialist elite leaders eating caviar and lobster, feeling their pain will be watching the lib voting block from their Ivory/Ebony towers and promissing them that if they elect them for another 10 years that they will all be taken care of forever...............

Posted by: slimedog at October 26, 2009 08:36 PM

Wow, visiting a right wing website is like visiting a lunatic asylum. Its one crazy after another.
So let me get this straight: you think that poor people have a lot of political power and forced banks to give out loans to subprime borrowers.
And some banks were "forced" to buy other banks. How? Why? Why didnt we hear any of these banks complaining at the time???
Here on planet earth, our politics are dominated by rich and powerful interests. And banks and financial institutions are among the richest and most powerful. And you think that ACORN, which hires poor people for $10./hr is some unstoppable juggernaut?
The right clearly lives in a fantasy world of their own creation.

Posted by: Aaron at October 30, 2009 02:25 PM