November 05, 2009

A Simple Request

The 1,990-page Democratic plot to enable the government-rationing of your family's health care has grown yet again, and now weighs in a bloating and putrid 2,032 pages long. The additional 42 pages recently added give the government even more control over your lives.

Of course, few—if any— of the Democratic Congressmen and women who are pushing this bill have actually read it.

Scratch that.

Not one member of Congress in either party has read the bill in its entirety. Therefore, none understand it fully, and I'd wager that no one member even understands a majority of the bill in any detail.

The Republicans, God bless them, have enough common sense to refuse to vote to give the government life-and-death control over your lives. The last we've heard, not a single one of them will vote in favor of a bill that is so massive and convoluted that no single human being can understand it.

Democrats in the House of Representatives seem to have far less concern about what the bill actually says. On the whole, they are satisfied that it gives the government more of a role in your lives, and reduces your opportunity to make decisions with which they might disagree. That is enough of an enticement for many, if not most of them.

Some of the more moderate Democrats fear for their seats, however, and want to at least pay enough lip service to hot-button social concerns in the bill, such as the funding of abortion and the inclusion of illegal aliens. The attempts at &qout;compromise" you hear so much about are moderates looking for ways to create language to hide funding for those endeavors. They don't actually want those those provisions made an impossibility. They just want them hidden deep enough in the bill, or relocated to a vaguely-worded Trojan horse clause, so that they can claim they "didn't know" these provisions existed when their next re-election campaign arrives.

It is because no one understands this bill, and because Democrats are trying to cover for their more moderate members that they are now pressuring to rush this still-evolving bill to a vote this Saturday, before anyone has time to read and comprehend it.

There is something truly vile if not down right evil about the Democratic attempt to force through a bill without giving Americans (or their congressional representatives) an opportunity to read and understand it.

That refusal to release a "final" final bill, to constantly revise it and then attempt to force a rushed vote is the antithesis of how our Founders wanted Congress to discuss and debate legislation so that it would benefit the American people.

We don't even know if the bill they are attempting to force down our throats is even vaguely constitutional.

And so I have a simple request for those of you who care about America's future.

Write or call your Congressman, and get them to officially commit to delaying a final vote on a health care bill until:

  • the bill is in a finalized, "frozen" form
  • they are willing to to claim that they read and understand the entire bill

The reason to ask for this commitment is simple.

No Congressman should vote on a bill they do not understand, especially one that will drastically impact the lives of their constituents and fundamentally alter the social contract between the American people, private enterprise, and government.

If those we elected to Congress cannot commit to this simple request, then they clearly are not act in the best interests of their constituents or of the United States as a whole.

Where is your commitment, ladies and gentlemen of Congress?

We, the People, have a right to know.

Posted by Confederate Yankee at November 5, 2009 12:24 PM

Let's give them free bus fare to each and every politician with a lousy immigration grading, such as Representative Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) or the whole Sacramento Liberal Marxist assembly, who have sold bona-fide legal Angelino’s into state insolvency? Why not have them live-in at every ACLU office and their communist lawyers so they could feed them. Every pro-illegal immigrant Chamber of Commerce member could open a spare room and settle some family members, until more brothers and sisters could be sponsored and join them. The Catholic Church and other religious groups could welcome them at the church doors and distribute money from the plate? The minority of Evangelicals churches could open up the rectory, accommodating hundreds of cots from the tired and poverty stricken. All the anti-sovereignty lawmakers should have plenty of room in their Virginia mansions, their custom ranches for large numbers of impoverished families. Even the President has that large White structure--could exhibit some kindness to homeless families and FEMA could establish a tent city in the grounds? Any of the House and Senate who compromised illegal immigration enforcement, should announce their address for resettlement of people who just run the gauntlet at the under funded border fence.

Let's face it these people who call us names such as xenophobes bigots and worse, adding ugly cuss words to their vocabulary should also open their doors to anybody who enters America illegally. Microsoft multi-billionaire Bill Gates and the thousands of businesses that don't incur a darn cent should bring these family members together in their giant homes. Corporate owners who have colluded with State governors, Mayors, Judges and other lower echelon officials, should participate with a welcome mat. Perhaps American workers should obtain a hard copy list of every unpatriotic American and give illegal matriarch a page of addresses for their extended illegal families? We have San Francisco’s mayor Galvin Newsom and Los Angeles Antonio R.Villaraigosa and all the other--SANCTUARY CITIES AND STATES who have completely ignore federal laws, can also give refuge in their abodes to incorrigible
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Posted by: Brittancus at November 5, 2009 09:11 PM