November 16, 2009

Militia Stories

A constant theme of the political left since the election of Barack Obama has been that militias are forming, and gosh-dern it, they're going to lynch somebody or blow something up, just you wait and see. These stories are almost always canned, trotted out and rehashed to rally Obama supporters after he has done something particularly stupid, with the most recent incident caused by Obama subserviently bowing to a foreign head of state.

CNN is running such a canned story as their top story right now on, and left wing Raw Story predictably parrots their claim, recalling a dubious report from Mark Potok, the official source for reports on radical hate groups according to the left wing intelligensia. That Potok has to make such claims to justify his paycheck is never questioned.

And yet despite all the fear-mongering led by Potok's need for fundraising and the media's desire to buck-up their floundering President, the various militias have consistently disappointed the media. They've welcomed the press with open arms as they did the CNN crew and have been unwilling to bomb buildings or rob banks or engage in any of the other behavior so many left-wing extremist groups did from the late 1960s through the 1980s and up until the recent activities of left wing radicals.

And perhaps it is with a certain degree of irony that the other militia story in the news today comes from the NY Times own Times Traveler Blog, recalling a story from a century ago where militiamen saved the life of an African-American that an Illinois mob had decided to lynch:

The guile of police and deputy sheriffs, and then the arrival of the militia forces, prevented the Cairo, Ill., mob yesterday from seizing a second African-American, Arthur Alexander, after it lynched Will James a day earlier. Alexander "was clothed in a policeman's uniform and was thus taken safely through the city to the county jail. Word had gone ahead that he had been captured, and members of the mob were looking for the officers who had him in charge, but the disguise was not penetrated. It was well along in the morning before the knowledge spread that Alexander was in the jail. A crowd gathered then, and might have taken the negro out, but by this time the call had gone out for Company K, the local militia body, and the rioters were awed. Before they could get up the courage to act the guardsmen had gathered and a squad was sent to the jail. Part of the company also guarded the homes of Major Parsons and Sheriff Davis, who had been threatened with violence. These men seemed determined to do their duty and the mob took no chances. Meanwhile special trains were hurrying to the city the troops ordered out by Gov. Deneen. The Carbondale company arrived at daybreak, and others came in rapidly, so that by early afternoon eleven companies, comprising 800 men, were on duty at points where they might be needed. Saloons, which had kept open all night in defiance of the Mayor and the police, were closed tight and kept closed, and crowds were kept moving. It was decided late in the afternoon that Alexander should be taken to some point where there was no mob feeling. He was escorted from the jail to a special train on the Illinois Central Railroad by seven companies of militia."

The Times article is unclear of the nature of the militia, and whether it was comprised of the National Guard or the state militias that were still common during that era. But you can rest assured the current Times wouldn't cover that eventuality if it occurred today.

It doesn't fit the narrative.

Posted by Confederate Yankee at November 16, 2009 12:44 PM

The difference between right-wing and left-wing "militias" is that the right wing ones usually want the gov't, and most everybody else, to leave them alone.

Left wing "militias" spend most of their time trying to be the gov't.

Posted by: Veeshir at November 17, 2009 04:03 PM

A few comments.

1) I am a member of the military, and, full disclosure, am a conservative.

2) If there were wide spread, or even occasional militia violence we'd hear all about it in the news. We don't. Hmmmmmm

3) Most people in various militias have been conservatives, who love guns, don't want big gov't, teach survivalism, and want to simply be left alone.

IMO, what the left hates about them is that they are :
1) Gun lovers - and responsible ones at that.
2) Don't like big gov't - which the liberal media is in love with
3) They are the epitome of what the left sees as red-neck, gun-toting, tobacco chewing, burly men and women who don't allow themselves to be spoon fed revisionist history or news.

Ever notice, for example how when the Minutemen stood up to patrol the border, how the press was just SALIVATING at the opportunity to point to them as racist, or violent, or [what-ever] - but instead the MM caught 2 ACLU types smoking dope on film?

And the left called them vigillante's - while, if memory serves, we used to call them Neighborhood Watch.

Some days after years and years of misinformation I just get sick to death of the "spin" (lies) that I see in most news outlets.

On a side note - we in the military often call CNN the Communist News Network (or Pravda).


Posted by: L. Steven Beene II at November 17, 2009 04:17 PM