January 07, 2010

St. Louis Workplace Violence: Five Workers Shot, Shooter Commits Suicide

A disgruntled employee of more than 20 years entered the St. Louis branch of ABB Power and shot five others this morning before turning the gun on himself. The shooter, identified as Timothy Hendron, killed at least one of his co-workers. Several others are in serious-to-critical condition.

There is still a lot of confusion/misinformation over what precisely occurred and why, but several accounts indicate that Hendron was part of a class-action benefits lawsuit against his company, though it is unknown if that had any direct impact on today's events.

If anger over the court case is found out to be the proximate cause of the shooting, then it will be the second shooting this week with such a cause.

Please say a prayer for those affected.

Update: According to police, the suspect killed three ABB workers and wounded 5 others before taking his own life. There is still no word on a motive. The class-action lawsuit of which Hendron was a part was just getting underway this week.

Posted by Confederate Yankee at January 7, 2010 12:20 PM