January 12, 2010

Pro-Terrorist Obama Ally Invites Muslim Brotherhood to "Join Us in Cleansing Our Country."

You remember Jodie Evans, don't you?

She's a co-founder of Code Pink, an apologist for Osama bin Laden, and bundler for Barack Obama that gets direct access to the White House.

She now inviting the group that spawned some of the most dangerous terrorists in the world to join Code Pink in &quut;cleansing our country.&quut;

In a more sane time in American history, Jodie Evans, Medea Benjamin, and other leaders of Code Pink would be viewed with the same scorn as the copperheads, but now they are instead embraced and consulted by the President himself.

We shouldn't be surprised that Barack Obama embraces radicals that hate America, as he has done that consistently his entire life. We retain the right, however, to be utterly appalled.

Posted by Confederate Yankee at January 12, 2010 10:11 AM

Whats wrong with being Muslim? Heck, I'm a Muslim but nobody would ever guess it!

Posted by: Barack Obama at January 12, 2010 10:56 AM

"We retain the right, however, to be utterly appalled."

We also retain the right to totally reject this political circle-jerk with sworn enemies. Much more of this and the "sedition - treason" cry will be heard throughout the land.

The "cleaning out" we need to do could easily start with HER.

Posted by: Dell at January 12, 2010 07:05 PM

Wow. That vid pretty much nails it. That's what Libs think.

Posted by: brando at January 13, 2010 01:49 AM