February 09, 2010

NPR Drone Hopeful That Bush Billboard is Ironic

I find his attempt at deflection amusing:

At first glance, it would seem to be from some person or group who isn't thrilled by President Barack Obama's performance so far -- unless it's a more ironic message from those who didn't think too much of Bush and want to remind voters about him.

The message he is referring to is a billboard along the side of I-35 that contains the photo of a smiling George W. Bush and the simple question, "Miss me yet?"

The message is long-running internet meme against the perceived incompetencies of Barack Obama's administration, with variations of the saying with the same image of Bush being very simple to find online. Several minutes of Internet research would have should that this message is firmly directed against the Obama Administration.

Apparently, due diligence isn't to be performed if it obstructs your goal of muddying the waters in favor of "your guy."

Posted by Confederate Yankee at February 9, 2010 08:29 AM

YES, we miss W. He was not the best president we ever had, but he was a lot better than the incompetent boob we now have!
Deflection - ha!

Posted by: Warren_Beatty at February 9, 2010 03:19 PM

Memmott was probably too busy servicing obumble to do any research for his screed. Typical lib/prog/socialist behavior in the media arm of the dnc.

Posted by: emdfl at February 9, 2010 09:08 PM

I miss Bush. My cousin met him in Reno a couple of weeks ago and told him the same thing. But the President said he didn't miss the job. Too bad. Obama is leaving a stain on the US that is going to prove indelible.

Posted by: mytralman at February 10, 2010 02:21 PM