March 11, 2010

What Did Pelosi Know About Massa, And When Did She Know It?

The Washington Post is reporting this morning that Speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi's office had been alerted to allegations of predatory behavior by (now former) Democratic Congressman Eric Massa back in October of 2009.

Did Pelosi sit on this information for months before the House Ethics investigation?

Quite frankly there simply isn't enough information in the public eye yet to know who knew what, when, but if Pelosi's office was aware of Massa's predatory behavior towards young gay staffers, she needs to be the focus of her own ethics investigation. If it is found that she was indifferent to Massa's hunting of staffers for sexual assaults, then she should resign her Speakership, and perhaps her seat.

Posted by Confederate Yankee at March 11, 2010 09:25 AM

That line of reasoning would apply to a Republican, but of course there are different rules for a Democrat. About the only way that would happen if it were used as an excuse to get rid of Pelosi, which many Dems would truly like to do. No matter how ideological, they can see she is burning down the House for no gain.

Posted by: Tregonsee at March 11, 2010 09:52 AM

I saw this guy on Glen Beck. Within 5 minutes you know he is nutter than a fruit cake. The people in his district should be fined or put in jail.

Posted by: David at March 11, 2010 04:09 PM